Heavy Metal Band Mastodon Scoring DC's Jonah Hex Movie?

September 3, 2009
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Jonah Hex

Normally when I write about news related to who's scoring what, it's composers we're all familiar with, or the occasional anomally like Daft Punk scoring Tron Legacy. However, this is just plain odd, and I'm not sure I'm down with it? AICN is reporting that the heavy metal band Mastodon (take a listen to their song "Oblivion" on YouTube) has been "quietly scoring" the DC Comics adaptationg of Jonah Hex. A heavy metal band scoring an action western? When asked what it was sounding like, the response was simply: "Needless to say, pretty heavy!" Well, so is anyone that excited to hear a heavy metal score on Jonah Hex?

I'm actually quite excited for Jonah Hex - its got a great cast headlined by Josh Brolin and Megan Fox, a promising director, and all the right elements to be an awesome comic book movie. The footage I saw at Comic-Con only made me more excited - it looked frickin' fantastic and very unique (e.g. not your typical western). However, I just can't see any of these Mastodon tracks playing in it. Then again, they could be doing something different, which I'd love to hear, or just providing some songs that will be used sparingly (like how Linkin Park ended up in Transformers 2). Either way, this is some interesting news. Thoughts?

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Sancho on Sep 3, 2009


I must say I haven't been impressed with any DC movies other than Batman/Dark Knight, but we shall see. I'll wait for a trailer till I decide how i feel about this.

Cyrus the internet virus on Sep 3, 2009


I listen to metal on the reg and Mastodon is DEFINITELY NOT metal. After listening to that song they barely qualify as hard rock by today's standards. I've vaguely heard of them. Their music sounds like a ton of other over-played commercial shit that is out there. That being said I don't think they'll be able to produce a decent score. Won't be going to see the movie if this is true. Total shit band.

Clokwrk on Sep 3, 2009


Mastodon is one of the more progressive and creative hard rock bands going around. I guarantee they'll surprise you with their score. I remember all the doubts over a member of Radiohead doing the score for "There Will Be Blood" and we all know how that turned out!

Steve on Sep 3, 2009


#3 Wow, looks like we got ourselves a hater! I've only recently been listening to Mastodon and it has been steadily rising to the top of my favourite bands. And it most certainly is metal, albeit progressive metal, but definitely not commercial, you would know if you had listened to the entire Crack the Skye album. I'm looking forward to seeing what they will make of the score.

Maarten on Sep 3, 2009


#3 how can you listen to "metal on the reg" and not know Mastodon?? I'm an indie kid, don't even listen to metal at all and even I know Mastodon. Those guys are frickin huge and massively respected amongst the industry and music fans. I even remember there album Blood Mountain getting massive praise and it finished at the top of many music critics list.

Ben on Sep 3, 2009


Wait.... someone doubted Jonny Greenwood? Blasphemy! And I really couldn't give a fuck about this news.

crumb on Sep 3, 2009


Mastodon has been straying more towards ethereal lately and away from the heavy shit, so this makes sense. They're massively talented musicians and their albums are very cinematic anyway. As long as its not nu-metal playing over the background, how bad can it really suck?

Fuelbot on Sep 3, 2009


#4 - That's exactly what I was thinking of when I was writing this... Almost mentioned that score, but decided not to, but I'm hoping I'm surprised by it because the movie actually looks pretty awesome, I really want to enjoy it, not be distracted by a heavy metal score.

Alex Billington on Sep 3, 2009


Mastodon is to metal what Dream Theater is to rock. They bend the genre to almost unrecognizable, but they're still good. Still, I think I would prefer them to score Guy Ritchie's Lobo over Hex, but I'm not a fan of Megan Fox, because I'm still convinced she's CG.

Cody on Sep 3, 2009


@Alex, when do you think we'll get a teaser trailer? From what you saw of Michael Fassbender, what did you think?

yes on Sep 3, 2009


I'm with you on this one #3. I am familiar with Mastadon and I can't stand them. Bunch of whiners. Its an attempt at fast "hard" music with really lame vocals. They hail from Georgia, if my memory is correct, and they are hated here by many people into that scene. I wouldn't say I hate them, but I don't like them and they aren't heavy metal. Their music might be, but their entire sound is not. Not sure what you would classify them as, but not heavy metal (not your fault Alex, they say they are heavy metal). I'd rather see someone like Trivium, Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster or even Metallica do this score then these lame guys.

Nate on Sep 3, 2009


My youngest Son's favorite band.....this fits this film. # 3....go back to sleep!

Clover on Sep 3, 2009


Wow. A metal soundtrack. How boring. It is already an overused trick in most sci-fi/horror films. Nothing will date a film faster than a blaring, noisy hard rock soundtrack. How about returning to a more classical sound? Metal is used up and dull. Meh.

Hallospaceboy on Sep 3, 2009


Mastadon is metal with progressive elements. They will do a good job. Should add some uniqueness to this movie making it stand apart from the usual rap garbage featured in many of todays action movies. Also it should be noted that Metal is a fast growing trend, not a fading one.

Vold on Sep 3, 2009


Just use Rush, Rush all the time

siesta chair on Sep 3, 2009


Hearing this news actually made me excited for this movie. Megan Fox is pretty worthless as an actress, and I did not have high hopes for this film. However, the fact that an amazingly talented band like Mastodon would be willing to put there name on it gives the whole project a little more merit in my book. Mastodon's last two albums have been amazing and I am sure they will have no problem tackling a project like this. Anyone not familiar with how talented these guys are will surely be surprised to hear how original and amazing this could be. Prepare to be surprised by this.

Joe on Sep 3, 2009


Mastodon is an interesting choice indeed. I have a good feeling about this. As for other soundtracks/scores that used 'metal' you can't really compare the idea of the two. Most examples were compilations of the accessible stuff you hear about, to draw a crowd. Mastodon on the other hand are one of those rising stars that not only have the talent, but the imagination to pull a creative and fresh score to a film of this sort. Fingers crossed they don't fumble the ball, I would like to see more direction like this for film.

Impietas on Sep 3, 2009


I can't believe so many people are saying that Mastodon aren't metal, then I read on, and they say 'it should be Metallica', so it starts to make sense. Their opinion of what metal is, is limited, as is their intellect. Do you also hear Meshuggah and thing the track is skipping?? Mastodon are one of the most intelligent bands out there, heavy or not, they are most definatley TRUE artists, and they will be doing this out of nerdom, rather than the desire to make more cash.

Tippy Cup on Sep 3, 2009


Actual if they are scoring which of course means no lyrics then I can totally see them scoring Jonah Hex. I haven't heard a lot of their music but for some I see it fitting this movie. Not a huge fan of Hex anyway but I'm pretty interested in this film and can't wait to see some footage of it.

The_Kid on Sep 3, 2009


I feel like this is just going to be cheap and hollywood-ish

-Peter- on Sep 3, 2009


Go and take a listen to bands like Lamb of God, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Emmure, Thine Eyes Bleed, Winds of Plague, The Acacia Strain... Those are metal bands as I see them. Yes metal has various sects like most genres of music. Not saying that Mastodon's music is crap, but it is not metal as I know it. A lot of the stuff I listen to is pretty hard so I suppose my opinion is biased. That being said after listening to their music I think if they score this movie (western/modern western what have you) they need to do it right. And that will involve taking a step in a completely different direction. Their music as it is won't play well with the whole Jonah Hex story line in my opinion...

Clokwrk on Sep 3, 2009


@12 Thanks for helping a brother out haha

Clokwrk on Sep 3, 2009


Mastodon is one of the best new metal bands out today. I have been listening to Metal since Venom and Celtic Frost...and Metallica back when Dave Mustaine was in the total Slayer fan..back to Haunting the Chapel. However being a guitar player I learned to play Guitar listening to AC/DC, Van Halen (1-Fair Warning), Iron Maiden, Judas Priests, and Rush. I took my teenager to see the Unholy Alliance tour which included Mastodon on the ticket. All I can say is wow. They are not the normal "Cookie Monster" "We Make Holes In Teeth" vocal'd Metal Bands...and yes I love Lamb of God, Cannibal Corpse, Children of Bodom, and White Chapel. Anyway I view Mastodon as an innovative Metal Band, much like Rush was with Concept style music. Mastodon is a technical band with very artistic layers and innovation. The overlapping guitar styles and vocals are great..not to mention the drummer who plays on a relatively small Jazz Looking kit...especially when compared to how big some of these drummer's kits are to try and look like they are good...when all they are doing is cheating with overused double bass..vs....having the ability to really do complex fills. The drummer reminds me of a Nicko McBrain meets Dave Lombardo style. Anyway I think the song that they will use is, "the wolf is loose" or "blood and thunder" those are great metal songs that are action packed and could be used in movie.

Shinobi'sZ on Sep 3, 2009


#12: Trivium? Maylene? Wow. If that's your opinion of good Just wow. Mastodon may be popular, but that doesn't mean that can't play circles around those guys. They keep trying different things; seriously every album they do has a different sound. They are true artists in every sense of the word, and have managed not to sell out despite being on a major label. Bring on the soundtrack, because I'm sure they can come up with something crazy and cool.

Mike on Sep 3, 2009


@24 Everyone has their own definition of "metal". Mastodon doesn't really fit into mine. Children of Bodom and Whitechapel are also a few of my top bands. Glad you can see both sides of the spectrum.

Clokwrk on Sep 3, 2009


I must say, clokwrk posts are hilarious, I'm amazed no one has seen through them. Tho you would deserve a punch in the gut if you're serious. Emmure and Lamb of God in the same sentence? bad form.

Hell on Sep 3, 2009


Maston not metal? Seriously someone needs to grow up. Stop listening to clips off of itunes and go buy a freaking album. Listen to it START TO FINISH. Just like a classic Black Sabbath album you don't judge it by a minute or two of one song. You can't judge the whole band and their abilities. Mastodon is simply astounding in concert. They are amazing. And as far as their ability to create a mood go listen to Leviathon. They wrote an entire album based on Moby Dick. After that, scoring Jonah Hex? I think they can take it.

harm on Sep 3, 2009


Whats next Emperors Ishan to compose a soundtrack to a fantasy horror flick? SWEET!!!!! But yeah as for metal music, Mastodon is not my cup of tea. Tried getting into them many times but just couldnt. But they are definitely metal and Im sure they wont do just something plain, something that could be another album with 10 songs. Im sure they will compose a real score but with the vibe of their own, which actually intrigues me quite a bit. #14 what a doosh u are!! Metal is used up?? Obviously someone has no clue what they are talking about!! Granted there is a lot of crap out there, there has also been a huge explosion of good bands in the last 15 years from all corners of the world. So go back to your Lady Gaga album and leave the metal opinions to the rest of us who know what they are talking about!!

Tomi on Sep 3, 2009


I might actually pay attention to this movie now. Good choice of bands to do it. Reminds me of Nick Cave scoring The Proposition.

cre2done on Sep 3, 2009


in response to the 3rd comment, what are you Talking about!? Mastodon a) are clearly heavy by metal standards and b) How on earth haven't you heard of them, they're literally one of the most popular new metal bands, and even heard of Very often here in England by any music fans. this will be a good move, just like the Russian Circles music was in 300 (Not a great film but the music use is great)

Alex on Sep 3, 2009


Too bad it's Mastodon scoring this and not Dethklok...

Rorschach90 on Sep 3, 2009


LOL have just heard Dethklok a couple of months ago. My kid was in playing some COD4 and I heard this music blasting from his room...and thought...who the hell is that? Asked him and he looked at me funny and said, "it's Dethklok" like I should have known. I said look I'm the one that got you into Metal..I can't pay attention to every band that has cookie monster vocals and a drummer that has good double bass skills and the ability to use his crash, ride, and china well.....I mean come on I got stuff to do. BTW Mastodon is very good live....most bands aren't...and being able to play live is what separates the boys from the men IMO....granted every band has an off night.

Shinobi'sZ on Sep 3, 2009


Well, calling Gene Hoglan a drummer with good double bass skills is kinda the understatement of this thread. I wonder when they will do a Metalocalypse movie. It's the next logical step.

Hell on Sep 3, 2009


This was even cooler when it was an exclusive report by someone other than AICN a month ago

Dave on Sep 3, 2009


Sounds interesting Im so glad you brought that up #4...Maaan that was a good soundtrack. I actually have that on my Ipod I listen to past time now and then.

Cody on Sep 3, 2009


Good to see there are people that actually listen to music unlike Alex. "I'm not down with it?" Are you hip now Alex? Seriously... Don't talk about a band you have no idea about it. Never the less, aside form the typical bad reporting, Mastodon is not bad. I like them, I have them in a playlist but I don't often select to just listen to any of their songs. Whoever sad Metallica...go to hell. lol j/p

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 3, 2009


Mastodon fucking sucks

DoomCanoe on Sep 3, 2009


So Alex, mmm, obviously if you are a movie fan, Mastodon's music, and I think so, it's not going to distract you from the movie, THAT IS GOING TO BE A MOVIE, not a hard rock or a heavy metal CD, so you will going to enjoy the movie with the music, not the music or Mastodon, so... Come On!!! Don't attack the band!!! You don't even know Mastodon!!! Watch movies and don't disrespect the great band of 21st Century!!! In better words, just talk about movies, leave the good stuff to the experts!!!

Chalvit on Sep 4, 2009


Mastadon? Really? Get a real action-adventure band for an action flick like ArnoCorps.

Mike on Sep 4, 2009


wow listen to call of the mastodon or remission or leviathan and tell me "thats not metal" bleh ignorant ppl like clokwrk.these guys are raw and real. brann the drummer doesnt even use bass pedal switches

brendan on Sep 8, 2009


brendan on Sep 8, 2009


To all you dicks like 'clokwrk', Mastodon is one of the most talented progressive metal bands out there. And yes, they are defintely METAL. Don't anyone dare challenge this notion because i've been listening to metal for the past 18 years and I know how it should sound like. That said, it's great to hear that Mastodon will be flexing their creative muscle. It's bound to be awesome. Oh, and by the way, 'crumb' and 'DoomCanoe'? Why don't you take your pansy walnut sized brain crap somewhere else. This is for 'intelligent' people.

Joey on Sep 12, 2009


whoever wrote this is obviously a dipshit and doesnt know anything about mastodon, i dont even know if you could classify their new CD as "heavy metal", im gonna say that this may be the ONLY movie soundtrack i will be buying

Zack on Oct 23, 2009


You guys are fucking crazy. Who cares what sub-genre of music they, mastodon is one of the best fucking bands ive ever heard. that douche bag up there that called the a shit band is just a waste of flesh. If you actually understand their music (melodically not vocally) and absorb it you will find out how effin amazing this band is. Each one of their albums besides LIfes Blood is a concept album and brent hinds plays some of the sickest most creative guitar ive ever heard, brann dailor is the most badass drummer you will ever witness in your life time. if you havnt heard of them you should definatley check them out if your into metal or not, just be into music. Trying to find a better band than mastodon is hard than counting all the fish piss in the ocean....bitches

jim on Nov 25, 2009


Dude that's a wicked opportunity for mastodon! Way to go for them! 🙂

codeman on Dec 1, 2009


I came across this looking for fresh news about the score, and I just couldn't believe some of what I read here. Not to say I was surprised, but still in disbelief none the less. To those that think Mastodon isn't metal. You are young, and it's not your fault. One day you will learn that 256th notes, through a 5150, on a slant cab with green backs, isn't what makes something metal (not to say it doesn't help). Listen to the album Leviathan (Based entirely around the book Moby Dick), or Remission. Those are certainly metal. Not to count out Blood Mountain as it is a great culmination of every thing before. Crack the Skye is by far much more progressive than the three before, but it still hangs in there beautifully while also being a great album on it's own as well. To those who don't know Mastodon. This is how I describe them to people who have never heard of them, and have since I found them in 2003. Imagine Metallica, and Megadeth went to battle at sea... and Rush wrote the soundtrack. They may have written some pretty heavy music, but they never compensate for a lack of musical originality, or skill with speed. Their composition is also very reminiscent of what you would find in most classical/orchestral scores. As well you can hear much of the progressive music that was famous for concept albums in their works. In the end they have proven that they know, and understand there craft very well. I know nothign of Johna Hex, but look forward to hearing what they produce for a score. I doubt this will be just another movie with a heavy metal soundtrack as a gimmick. But, yet another reason why heavy metal musicians deserve more credit than they normally receive. Call me fan boy I don't care. As a musician I respect what they do, and how well they do it.

Bill on Dec 29, 2009


in the movie there is a train scene that i was in on the back of the train with is the drummer for that band he really was a cool ass guy.he met the director in a bar a few nights before and agreed to be in the scene i just try made some other deals lol

gerald on Feb 22, 2010

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