He's Back Again: Bob Stencil's Comic-Con 2009 Teaser!

July 6, 2009

Bob Stencil's Comic-Con 2009 Teaser

The King of Comic-Con returns again! We're proud to announce that Bob $tencil himself will be back this year to provide more coverage of the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con. If you don't know who Bob $tencil is, you can catch some of his old videos from Comic-Con 2008 and Sundance 2009 right here on Bob sent over a special teaser video in anticipation of this year's Comic-Con to give us a glimpse of what's coming and also take a quick look back at some of his memories from Comic-Con's past. Whether you've never seen any Bob $tencil before or just want to revisit some of his greatest moments, then fire this up!

Bob $tencil will be providing daily video updates live from Comic-Con this year. Those videos can be found at: starting in just a few weeks. Bob has been attending Comic-Con for the last five years straight. He prefers the warmer climate of San Diego over snowy Park City where Sundance is located. We're excited to be exclusively bringing you yet another year of some of the very best coverage from the King of Comic-Con himself. You can expect more interviews with both celebrities and fans, more Hall H shenanigans, more Whiskey drinkin' mayhem, and much more mustache love. See everyone in San Diego!

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BOB $TENCIL POWERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sho on Jul 6, 2009


Damn - there go my chances at scoring free interviews, booze, and cooze by dressing up and pretending to be Bob Stencil this year. Oh well, maybe I can get a refund on my moustache rental.

Pete the Geek on Jul 6, 2009


Oh, my, God! This is the first time I've heard of Bob $tencil, but I already love this guy! I'll be sure to follow his reports during Comic-Con. That's one thing for sure!

Yonix on Jul 6, 2009


Why? Get rid of this guy!!!

crabby on Jul 6, 2009


SUCCESS!!!! Bob Stencil is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Necrothug on Jul 6, 2009


Glad that decided to bring bob back, hes amazing!

tw on Jul 6, 2009


hes pushes the boat out on some people, why not. dennis pennis all over again

muggins on Jul 6, 2009


Damn, and I was hoping you guys might have decent coverage this year. There's always next year right.

miguel on Jul 6, 2009


Yea Bob is the man

Dan W on Jul 6, 2009


"You glommed on to him like AIDS gloms on to your fuckin T-cells."

You Know Who on Jul 6, 2009


Bob is the Man! Can't wait for his antics this year!

Nick Sears on Jul 6, 2009


#8 - This is entirely separate from our normal coverage. I have my own staff and will be doing 100% full-on coverage of everything at Comic-Con unrelated to Bob Stencil.

Alex Billington on Jul 6, 2009


I can't wait to see the Bob panel interviews, those look funny as hell

Ken on Jul 6, 2009


didn't like this until the spider man joke. "So now that you're a black spiderman do you find it harder to catch a cab?" lmao

jim on Jul 6, 2009


He may be imitating someone else, I dunno. But he's fucking hilarious and won't ever be stopped!

Tyler Hayes on Jul 6, 2009


''There's a character?'' Fuckin' hilarious guy, that Bob, but he tries to imitate Raoul Duke a little to much... correct me if i'm wrong 🙂 But very nice vid, enjoyed it.

Jack on Jul 6, 2009


What makes Bob $tencil so special? But to be honest, this stuff is just a little too run of the mill for me.

adam on Jul 6, 2009


#8: You will understand just what class and decent coverage is once you become a man.

adam on Jul 6, 2009


What happens in costumes on ComicCon stays in costumes on ComicCon!

Felix on Jul 6, 2009


Looking forward to Bob $tencil upping the ante this year, for another hilarious day-by-day take on the C & C Geekdom Factory. Either that or more of the same, which is perfectly fine by me as well. Bob $tencil Powerrsss!!!

Django on Jul 6, 2009


I think Bob $tencil is a pretty cool guy. eh goes to Comic Con and doesnt afraid of anything.

Bill Bruford on Jul 6, 2009


I had no idea he was with FS. I saw him at the LOST panel last year and cracked up at what he was saying to the guys there. I can't wait to see his coverage.

Jesse Gouldsbury on Jul 6, 2009


#21 He is afraid of herpes. Or crabs. You should look to him as inspiration.

#1 lucky best bob $tencil fan on Jul 6, 2009


CORRECTION. HE ISN'T AFRAID OF. Maybe I've been visiting with my uncle, Jim Bean.

#1 lucky best bob $tencil fan on Jul 6, 2009


I heart Bob $tencil!!! This video was a really nice recap of the last 5 years. That anime porn booth clip gets me every time! The lead-ins to all of the clip montages were really great too, there were some brilliant one liners! Hooray for B$, go deflower some comic con virgins!!

Smeeuff on Jul 6, 2009


I loved the Jin gag.

Corey on Jul 6, 2009


that's the first time i've seen or heard of bob stencil i thought it was funny & the woman were fucking awesome keep those comic con reports coming in.

zetsu on Jul 7, 2009


Frankly, I'm impressed by the antics of Bob $tencil and all he does for this wonderful internet venue. The world should be appreciative of the high-brow humor that only Bob $tencil and can shell out. And, to be completely honest, the ONLY reason I go to comic-con these days is for the hopes of one day meeting Mr. $tencil and learning how to be so debonair, suave, and down right sexy as the man himself. BOB $TENCIL POWEERRRR!!

Stud Manlington on Jul 7, 2009


Nicely done, Stud Manlington!

Smeeuff on Jul 7, 2009


hahaha Bob Stencil!!! Im guilty of very eagerly anticipating his return i saw his first coverage last year by looks of some comments here he has done more i am going to have to hunt that down... I love his call and the Anime booth was awesome man i know i am going to get flak for this but i would seriously watch a movie of this guy at Comic Con if Bruno and Borat can do it bring on BOB STENCIL the man deserves a go!

werdnafaz on Jul 9, 2009


Bob Stencil is brilliant, best videos, and as Sam L Jackson said "One bad mother f*cker" I am devastated not to be making it to Comic-Con this year, i flew over from the UK last year especially for it, but i am coming back in 2010 spending the summer in the states, so see you then!

Dr. Manhatten on Jul 12, 2009


Comic Con won't be complete until Bob $tencil wins another pop and lock battle.

Jimmy Jingles on Jul 22, 2009

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