Holy Crap, Daft Punk is Scoring Disney's Tron 2.0!

March 4, 2009
Source: Upcoming Film Scores

Daft Punk

Even though Tron 2.0 isn't slated to hit theaters until 2011, we keep hearing big updates on the project, surrounding everything from the plot to CGI cloning of Jeff Bridges. But here's an announcement that I am truly giddy about reporting. The always reliable Upcoming Film Scores blog is claiming that Daft Punk has signed on to do the score for Tron 2.0! They say that Disney has actually confirmed this with them, which means I'm also going to say that it's accurate until proven otherwise. And let me be the first to say, this could be absolutely unbelievably phenomenal, but that may be because I'm such a big fan of Daft Punk.

While their songs have been used in plenty of movies, Daft Punk has never actually scored an entire movie before. They did provide almost all of the music for the Interstella 5555 anime, and they did also direct a movie called Electroma, but that didn't feature any of their music. I have no clue how this will turn out, but that doesn't matter, because this could be the greatest Tron 2.0 news I've ever heard. If there was anyone that I could've dreamed about being involved with the music for Tron, it would've been Daft Punk, that is for sure! And lo and behold, they're actually scoring the movie. Damnit, 2011 can't get here soon enough!

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Daft punk are ace

Jimbo on Mar 4, 2009


This would, indeed, be awesome. A futuristic virtual movie scored by two of the greatest makers of electronica ever

Timothy on Mar 4, 2009


I love them too but scoring for a movie. Maybe it'll be good. Heck, I thought Muse was going to score for Twilight and it'd be the only reason I'd get the album but instead they dd one song and it had already been released!!! Still, I always look foward to new stuff from them.

wassssssuuuuuupppppppp on Mar 4, 2009


Daft Punk was born for that job Best news all day

Nick Sears on Mar 4, 2009


Daft punk has made a career out of I am very interested in seeing what they can come up with on their own.

JEFFREY on Mar 4, 2009


Summed up with one word: AWESOME!

Robert on Mar 4, 2009


This won't be the first time they've done this so I'm definitely looking forward to this. Their previous endeavor into film scoring was the fantastic French film Irreversible and that soundtrack was flawless in every way. I've listened to Daft Punk since I first heard them as a kid and they are the only band that I've never grown tired of. I didn't really care for the first Tron movie and this second one looks a bit above average but adding in Daft Punk to score has officially put it as my most anticipated film of 2011, above whichever MArvel film and the sequel to TDK.

Homero on Mar 4, 2009


it's a very interesting angle even more so coming from Disney..they've always seemed very stuffy when it came to their live-action features..they don't often hire musicians of the relevance or caliber of Daft's usually some down and out top 40's person doing a "song" rather than a score....their last tour was very much inspired by Tron even the Grammy performance with Kayne West showed that as well...yes they sample all of their music but they do it from mostly obscure songs...the fact they would sample from obscure is genius in's the same reason I enjoy music from Dj Shadow...because I know the effort put into going through a basement of old vinyl records to get one sample is exhausting...I wasn't really sold on this project mainly because of how dated the original is and corniness of it....from that teaser it looks a lot more serious and having a real electronic act scoring shows the effort Disney is making to appeal to the generation who watched the original growing up... here's a perfect example of their love of Tron...

Christopher M on Mar 4, 2009


This will be wicked, I keep getting more and more stoked for Tron 2.0.

melvis316 on Mar 4, 2009


Daft Punk = Badass!!!

Polk on Mar 4, 2009


Public Enemies trailer at Apple

benchu on Mar 4, 2009


In fact Interstella 5555 was made to go with their music! If I'm not mistaken the film is built up out of all the separate clips to their album Harder Better Faster Stronger.

Henjolo on Mar 4, 2009


Tron + Daft Punk = teh EPIC win

BlackJackCard on Mar 4, 2009


Few people know that Thomas Bangalter (one half of Daft Punk) also did the soundtrack of the crazy (and great) movie "Irréversible".

Terry Bones on Mar 4, 2009


#7 woops I didn't see your comment! 🙂

Terry Bones on Mar 4, 2009


Daft Punk didn't score Interstella 5555, it is the visual equivalent of their album "Discovery." The animation wa made to fit the songs. But this could be great.

Fuelbot on Mar 4, 2009


Also they're about to start a new tour for a new album, perhaps some of this music will be used??

Henjolo on Mar 4, 2009


Holy crap! This is damn good news! How appropriate! Like I wrote in another post, there is still some originality in Hollywood! 🙂

Spider on Mar 4, 2009


I would have went with BOARDS OF CANADA myself.

esophus on Mar 4, 2009


Should have chosen Justice instead. They're the new Daft Punk.

PumpkinEscobar on Mar 4, 2009


I hope to hear at least 7 house-infused selections in the soundtrack. I live and die for the stuff... .

BinYe East on Mar 5, 2009


Pumpkin your an idiot...the new daft punk? At least pick an electronica dup thats been around for ten years. I like justice,but b.o.c. and dp have a bigger fan base plus thier music is better. i hate getting caught up in these blog debates...i'm an idiot.

esophus on Mar 5, 2009


I agree with #13 EPIC NEWS IS EPIC

Rob G on Mar 5, 2009


OMG! awesomeness to the fullest! im buying this movie's album when its out-i foresee greatness.... ^_^

Nick S. on Mar 5, 2009


i agree with #19

isaacb on Apr 26, 2009


Sweet jesus...

DiR3ct on Sep 4, 2009

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