Hugh Jackman Already Officially Working on Wolverine 2

May 5, 2009

Hugh Jackman - Wolverine

This update is simply a culmination of a handful of other news bits over the last few weeks. First off, we know that X-Men Origins: Wolverine has made $85 million so far. One of the secret endings we heard about involves Wolvie at a bar in Japan. In an interview, Fox's Tom Rothman said that the secret endings were hints at what is coming next. Lastly, Hugh Jackman said in an interview that he's already been talking to writers about taking Wolverine 2 to Japan in that sequel. Published in Variety tonight is an update on all of Jackman's next projects, including confirmation that a Wolverine sequel is officially in development.

"The Seed partners have begun planning the sequel, which they are squarely focusing on the samurai storyline originated in the comic series, and whose Japanese locale was teased after the film's final credits." That's the update that Variety gives us today, with a mention that no writer has (publicly) been hired yet (we rumored about Simon Beaufoy's involvement at one point). Interestingly, out of all of the responses to our discussion yesterday about what Wolverine spin-offs/sequels people would want to see the most, only a handful of the comments mentioned that they'd actually like to see a sequel - not a good sign.

If you're curious to hear more about any of Jackman's other projects, including - Personal Security, where he'd play a police detective forced into bodyguard duty for a spoiled teen heiress; Drive, where he'd play a man who drives race cars by day and getaway cars by night in LA; or Carousel, where he'd play Billy Bigelow in a contemporary remake of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic - you can head right over to Variety.

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Oh boy. Yes, because we want to keep seeing Wolverine turn progressively tamer. Hugh did a great job in X1 and X2 but after that (X3 and Origins) he was turned into the guy who stands around and looks worried and doesn't attack unless provoked (this isn't Wolverine at all). Not only that but XO: W lacked everything a good Wolverine origins film should have had. Violence, R rating, Wolverine actually doing animalistic acts. These films are steadily going down in quality and thinking this next Wolverine film will be any better just needs to take a look at Fox's record.

Craig on May 5, 2009



Fuelbot on May 5, 2009


just hurled some chunks inside the juggernauts helmet while i heard this in practice today in the danger room. I need some tender love and care from Jean, Emma or even Jubilee...Tell me this isn't happening....

Lazarus on May 5, 2009


@#1 Have you considered that perhaps Wolverine was not always the animal we all know an love and how he was portrayed in X1/X2 and that as this was an "Origins" movie it had to show you who was the man that became Wolverine and what turned him into the glorious killing machine we all loved?????

Gump on May 5, 2009



HOTCOFFE on May 5, 2009


@#5 Actually, in Fox's craptastic X-Universe, Wolverine is a pansy who followed his brother around and nobly fought for his country through 4 wars and never really did anything that bad or violent or even that evil until one single event that made him decide to run away like a friggin' coward and try to be a manly lumberjack, then stopped the bad guys once they poured some fake blood on his girlfriend and fought a shirtless supermutant on top of a nuclear reactor PEW PEW and had his memory erased with a (insert mystical noises) maaaagical adamantium bullet. Let's face it - he may share a name with a similar character in the Marvel Universe, but Fox's Wolverine IS NOT Wolverine. Let's stop trying to compare the two, please.

Pete the Geek on May 5, 2009


Am i the only one that thinks origins was probably one of the worst movies ever made? i understand it made money but look at its competition on release day. do you think its still going to make money this weekend coming up with star trek soming out? i dont.

mortuus on May 5, 2009


Headline should read, "Hugh Jackman Exhausting His Career With Wolverine 2"

Voice of Reason on May 5, 2009


@#1 Maybe you should consider the fact that studios try to have a balance between pleasing the hardcore fans AND making money; Even if I have to admit that the later tips more often than not However,in some cases though it still works (The watchmen,Iron Man, Transformers being 3 examples of true balance) it woorks out pretty fine.

Bliss on May 5, 2009


This movie was done horribly wrong, and yea it made money because when I was 10 years old and didnt know anything about wolverine this wouldve been the coolest movie ever. Fox had so much to work with and they just killed it. I guess in todays world its all about the dollar. Really!!! Really!!!! adimantium bullet??!!??!??!!? GFYS.........Dont make a sequal!!!!! Origins didnt have any story at all. "we are brothers follow me, hey look we are getting shot in lots of war no big deal, wait my brother victor is really mean to people and thats not nice im leaving" "Look mountains, check it out i just cut down a tree, no i dont want to work for you, damn it you killed my girl friend guess i have to" "Shit i cant beat him" enter the only cool part about this movie which was how he got his adimantium and how indestructable it actually made him. Dead pool super mutant abomination....really thats all you could come up with. I am going home to take a bath in christmas lights and thankfully I have no healing factor and wont have to here another word about this crime against humanity F U fox

weapon XIII on May 5, 2009


If you fucking idiots aka moviegoers could stop telling studios its ok to release shit like this by making this crap a success. Unbelievable. Really.

sd on May 5, 2009


Adamantium bullet shoulda hit him in the eye, so he'd show up in Japan w/ an eyepatch. I'm a comic geek guys, but c'mon. Does any of this really matter? Sometimes I think the comic geek community is literally confusing Comic Books with Reality. The movie happened. Marvel should've made it but they didn't. I am fairly certain that not a single word any of you say will affect Fox's plans on making another one. And yes, I'm sure THAT'S what's got all your panties in a bunch. Wolverine's not a real person, he doesn't have a real history. Normal people don't really expect special FX to look real. They pay to see a "movie". I'm just sayin' is all.

Django on May 5, 2009


I fear i will enjoyG.I. Joe more than this abomination. At least with Joe all i care aboutis the action.

Suckverine on May 5, 2009


Does anyone know what the storyline is from the comics when 'Wolverine goes to Japan'?

Widescreen Wonderland on May 5, 2009


Here you go #14. That's the story written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Frank Miller. Product Description The master of mutants joins the master of ninjas in Wolverine's first solo series - replete with romance, intrigue, and mayhem! Our beleaguered berserker's in Japan on a mission of the heart, if he can survive the Hand first! Plus: the introduction of everyone's favorite riotous ronin, Yukio! Collects Wolverine #1-4, plus Uncanny X-Men #172-173.

Moviegimp on May 5, 2009


1st: Wolvie needs to say 'bub' like wayyyy more hahaha. 2nd: Fuck that new movie. Anyone see Hulk vs. Wolverine? That does an excellent job of portraying the Wolverine creation story and has better fighting and better story-line (in about 60 less minutes). I sometimes feel as if I should not comment on movies today, because I am so about movies being about art and story rather than flash and glam. The latter is what the majority of movies turn into today. Where are the classic story-lines? Where is the true character building? When can we start treating these films like their fan-base is not 6-14?!?! A second wolverine? Who cares! I want to see Aurora Munroe get taken over by the Shadow King and Charles Xavier fight the shit out of 'im in the astral plane. p.s. Rogue is the shit, not some whiny little girl. She has Ms. Marvel's powers!

D.E. Stilwell on May 5, 2009


Great - another poorly executed, rushed waste of time to look forward to. Logic would dictate that you would want all of these adventures to take place before the Weapon X experiment so we would actually feel bad for Logan's loss of memory. The Japan story should take place in the 1800s, early 1900s - not in the freakin' 70s or 80s as it would in a sequel. We need to get a sense of Wolverine being a loner his entire life, going from place to place searching for himself and coming up short every time. Instead, this film will take place in Japan as an excuse to have Wolverine fight some ninjas and go up against Silver Samurai. Strange, the Wolverine in X-Men seems to have little knowledge of other mutants or people with powers... yet, this sequel will probably have several unnecessary cameos of 3rd-string mutants no one cares about.

Adam Frazier on May 5, 2009


if they go with a reputable cgi company this time, that aspect will be better. While Pete the Geek is right, he is also wrong. Wolverine was not a mindless beast, he did not just murder for the hell of it, he did it because he was either on a mission from Stryker or for revenge. It was not just "Hey that bub over there gave me a funny look, guess he's gotta die." And they are two different Wolverines, one to appeal to the audience, and one that was as comic book people know and think is badass. I think showing the japanese story with the Silver Samurai would be fucking incredible. IF done correctly, and with correct CGI, I can't stress that too much.

Movieraider321 on May 5, 2009


I'll be interested in a sequel when FOX gives up the rights of Marvel movies back to Marvel. If people are really this disappointed, I think a major box office disappointment is necessary. Then FOX will realize they can't just feed crap to their audience and the audience will just keep taking it.

Alfredo on May 5, 2009


C'mon Fox. Think of something new, or at least show some love to the other mutants.

Ajax on May 5, 2009


I still love how that bullet could be fired from a normal gun. This metal that weighs so0o0o0o much and so indestructible could be shot from a simple 6 shooter.

Hey Ya on May 5, 2009


So what are all the different endings? All I got to see what some dumb crap with Stryker "walking until his feet bled." I feel jipped.

RStewie on May 5, 2009


@#17 To explain Wolverine's lack of memory in the X-Men trilogy, all they have to do at the end of the sequel is shoot him with another adamantium bullet...

Pete on May 5, 2009


22, there is one after the credits >.>

Movieraider321 on May 5, 2009


Everyone here is going back and forth at each other trying to make points on each other. When it finally comes down to it. X-Men 1 & 2 where good, and X:Men-The Last Stand & Wolverine both sucked. I can see why the studio feel that they need keep moving on with these films because they make lots of money so I can't blame them for wanting to do so, but I for one will not be watching anymore marvel films that are associated with Fox.

Last Son on May 5, 2009


It's cool they are starting this so soon, silly really to wait 2-4 years between each movie, and hey-Jackman is getting older, and might not want to play a bub with pigsticks out of his hands for another 15years

David Banner on May 5, 2009


"Reynolds to star in 'X-Men' spinoff-Fox has begun development on 'Deadpool' " "Twentieth Century Fox has begun development on "Deadpool," an "X-Men" spinoff that will be crafted as a star vehicle for Ryan Reynolds, who played the character in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." "The character is one of the most popular in Marvel Comics' X-Men universe. Deadpool is Wade Wilson, a mercenary who, dying of cancer, submits himself to the Weapon X genetic alteration experiment and emerges as an indestructible semi-sane anti-hero. Reynolds seemed destined to play the character. In one reference in the Marvel Comics, Deadpool is described as a mix between 'a Shar Pei and Ryan Reynolds' " "In one of the "Easter egg" endings of "Wolverine," Deadpool is seen rising from the rubble and whispering "Shhh" to audiences" "The film will be produced by Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel" "Fox is also in the formative stages of a "Wolverine" sequel that will encompass the samurai storyline that was hinted at as Wolverine sat in a bar in Japan as the film concluded (Daily Variety, May 4) " "Separately, Fox is developing "Magneto," a film about the X-Men villain with a script by Shelton Turner, and "X-Men: First Class," which Josh Schwartz is penning"

David Banner on May 5, 2009


11s got it spot on the only way theyre going to stop making this horrid shit IS IF YOU JUST PLAINLY STOP WATCHING FOX MADE MOVIES...that simple I mean most movies you can tell are fox movies before you even see the logo.

Cody on May 5, 2009


XMO-W sucked!!!!!!! they slapped a few characters together, and thought the audience would go for it and we did including me, I was seriously pissed off at the film, deadpool was totally wasted, the CGI was shocking, his claws, christ!!! i could go on, how bout they pull the thumb out of their ass for the 2nd 1, huh!!!

cregso on May 6, 2009


First, I like the film very much and I like the comics. But it is absolutely clear to me, that both stories must be different (X2 settled some things, to much history, to many pieces, to many comic writers,...) Second, I think it is impossible to do a Wolverine movie for everybody right. The first group of people wants a movie that is R rated with violence, Wolverine as an animal, slashing everybody. The second group wants to have Wolverine as an loner, searching for his past, sadly and closed and a movie with a complex story an characters deeply devoleped. Then there is a group that wants the story of the comics in the movie. The next wants to see a story that fits to the other films. Other people are younger and they want to be able to see the movie in cinemas generally and a studio that is not making movies for charity. Story and violence, for one of too much for others not enough. When I look at the different comments, I think a perfect Wolverine movie is impossible to make. Wolverine is both animal and man with a tragic past and many mistakes that he made and is now aware of that. I'm a fan of the comic books, but not every writer is as good as the other (and there are many different writers). I found many pieces of the comics in the movie, sometimes in an other context. O.k. the bullet was not exactly a good idea, it could be a better ending. But the story workes for comic fans and people who haven't read the comics. It is a good movie and I will see it in cinema again.

Siddig on May 6, 2009


The first wasn't bad but it's not what i expected. Hope they don't cheese it off this time.

Fisherr on May 6, 2009


THATS IT. I've read every last comment and reply about the new X-Men Origins : Wolverine sequel. I'm sick of everyone dissing it. For one, if it "sucked so bad" why did you go and watch it? DID YOU WATCH IT, even? Second, we ALL love the whole badass killing machine known as Wolverine, but you need to stfu and deal with what they've got - Wolverine is the best comic book character ever made. PERIOD. The game is more gorey and shit than this, but this movie is much, much better. Have you ever thought that maybe...this is BEFORE he joined the X-men. This is BEFORE any of his brutal killing skills ever took effect? He never wanted to kill anyone for full pleasure, and he still doesn't either! He only does it when he wants to defend someone or something...or whatever, but you get my case! A sequel would be great for this movie, and hey, this is the whole Japan era thing here, there'll be blood, I'm sure. A lot. Now, stop dissing the damn movie unless you truly think it sucked AFTER WATCHING IT, and not reading reviews and shit like that. GO WATCH IT.

Deadpool on May 9, 2009


Deadpool, you're right, and I think it is a very good movie. I'm sick of everyone dissing it, too. I've seen it in cinema more than once and I am looking forward to a sequel.

Siddig on May 10, 2009


#1 said it. boo on this. and boo on origins.

mrmr on May 10, 2009


No disrespect meant to other posters but I have to agree with Deadpool. If you didn't like it that's okay but don't put down the people that did like it. Me personally, I loved it. The concept of Victor Creed and Wolverine being brothers would never have occurred to me.

LadyNightshade on May 14, 2009


I WOULD agree with Deadpool if one of his statements wasn't completely asinine. "Have you ever thought that maybe…this is BEFORE he joined the X-men. This is BEFORE any of his brutal killing skills ever took effect?" Dude, he was a killer BEFORE he joined the X-Men. He was neutered when he joined and encouraged to NOT kill. Just look at all the memories he has BEFORE the X-Men; he was a Samurai, CIA Operative, WWII Soldier. The Winter Solider killed his pregnant wife, so he has clearly been "feral" long before he joined the X-Men. That being said, the movie was entertaining, but would have been better if they treated some of the characters in the film better. What they did to Deadpool was atrocious, but can easily be retconned by way of his healing factor and the fact that the adamantium bonding procedure wasn't complete. So at the end of the whole thing, Wade's body rejects the adamantium and other mutant dna through his healing factor (which would put strain on it just like getting his heart ripped out and NOT heal the scarring) and now he's just like he should be, scarred, lethal and obnoxious. I honestly don't mind some of the changes made to Logan's backstory. Making him and Victor brothers was a unique and not completely implausible twist. Changing the people involved in his Weapon-X team was fine as well. However the way they handled Agent Zero (Maverick) was ridiculous. We could have had an epic battle between him and Logan if they kept his character accurate and left him with the anti-healing factor acid in his fingertips, or his ability to absorb and redirect kinetic energy. Anyway, enough ranting. They clearly now how to make an action packed movie. They just need to learn how to balance how they cater to the different audiences better. X1 and 2 are perfect examples. They weren't exact to the letter, but they were good in how they balanced what remained true and what they changed. IF Fox can get a handle on that, then Wolverine 2 COULD be incredibly better than the first one.

cbf on May 17, 2009


this movie is cool.. i like action on this there will be original stories x-men the other.. my blog

Rizal on Jun 20, 2009


The first one was plenty violent... incredibly violent even. You're just too desensitized to notice. Violence on its own doesn't make a good movie, anyway. Wolverine has always been portrayed as a ferocious guy with a soft side. Are we forgetting all those one on one talks with Kitty Pryde? Also, he has a special relationship with every marvel superheroine. There is method to his madness... You mess with him, he kills you. The movie was very true to his character. Human beings are complex beings most of the time... If Logan just went on a berserker rage 24/7... well, that's just boring without any drama or tension.

Damien on Jul 18, 2009


i am fan of wolverine movie. very entertaining movie. peter

Peter on Aug 4, 2009


The second group wants to have Wolverine as an loner, searching for his past, sadly and closed and a movie with a complex story an characters deeply devoleped. Then there is a group that wants the story of the comics in the movie.

fast cars on Aug 26, 2009

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