Hugh Jackman Condemns Wolverine Leak; Buzz Still Strong

April 8, 2009
Source:, Reuters


As unfortunate as the X-Men Origins: Wolverine leak was, it has created a bit more buzz, at least in theory (we have yet to see how well it'll do on opening weekend). Take these results from a recent poll: 70% of male ticket buyers polled, and 60% of female ticket buyers, intend to see Wolverine on opening weekend. Additionally, 3 of the 5 age groups polled (Under-24, 25-34, 35-44) list Wolverine as the No. 1 next film they intend to see in theaters. Of course, because it's the first big summer movie opening on May 1st, this could all just be natural, but this is a good sign it'll still do well, I think.

At a recent press event held in Syndey, Australia to kick off the worldwide press tour (via Reuters), Wolverine star Hugh Jackman condemned the leak, saying, "It's a serious crime, and there's no doubt it's very disappointing -- I was heartbroken by it." Jackman, who really is the perfect Logan, has been championing this project and the character for a long time, even appearing at Comic-Con last year to debut footage and give his thanks to Wolverine creator Len Wein. "Obviously people are seeing an unfinished film. It's like a Ferrari without a paint job." Let's just hope it's an unfinished Ferrari, not an unfinished jalopy.

I, for one, didn't watch the leaked version of Wolverine primarily because I'm still waiting to see it in theaters, on a big screen, in its true finished format. Although the leak will undoubtedly have an impact on its box office performance, I still think it has some solid buzz and will still have a strong opening weekend. Well, obviously that is yet to be seen, but I'm confident that it's still on track to do very well. Thoughts?

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the movie didnt live up to it's hype.... at least in my opinion 😛

stevedawg on Apr 8, 2009


If it is free ... its for me. They did not ask my opinion

crabby on Apr 8, 2009


Well I have seen the leaked version and I still intend to see this in theaters. However just fyi, if the real version is anywhere near the leaked one it will be one major flop. Critically, if not finansally and not because of the unfisnished effects. The lack of plot and horrid acting is what made the leaked version bad. Hopefully they did some retakes and filmed more scenes for the final version.

Shige on Apr 8, 2009


I've watched the 'leaked' version and I really disagree that it will negatively affect ticket sales. If anything it could have a positive effect because people who have seen the 'leaked' version will want to see not just a great movie but also how much of a difference there is between the 'leaked' release and the final product.

Steven Hodson on Apr 8, 2009


If the final movie is anything like the leaked version, this movie will flop big time, comic book fans are not going to support movies that dont follow the basic storylines of their beloved characters. I'll wait for others to see it before I give it another chance, like stated before the acting was horrible, the action scenes were boring and there are huge issues with storylines of characters.

Shawn on Apr 8, 2009


There is no real proof that bootlegs have ever caused a movie to flop. I mean I'm sure it affects it in some way, but not so much that the movie turns into an epic failure. Last year and the year before their were a ton of movie leaks,but most of those flicks still did very well in Theatres. Hell even when that awful early work print of Halloween leaked, which got nothing, but bad buzz around the net the movie was still able to pull in 30mill opening weekend. Peace Out !

Dylan on Apr 8, 2009


Did the author decide not to watch the leaked version becuase he wanted to see a pristine finished version, or becuase watching the leaked version encourages stealing? i would hope the latter. Viewing stolen intellectual property is in my opinion a crime as much as stealing the film is the first place. If you buy stolen goods and you know they are stolen, you are propogating the idea that this sort of activity is acceptable. There's a great conversation in "The Big Chill" where Jeff Goldblum sugggests that "Rationalizations are more importatant than Sex" and "have you ever gone a week without a rationalization?" that's what all the arguments for stealing amount to. personal justifications for behavior that they know is wrong. Have the integrity not to watch these illegal copies. regardless of whether its free to you or not, the onus is on you to do the right thing, becuase its the right thing to do. BTW i am not associated with the movie industry in any way, i just think that stealling is wrong and ill kill any mOfO that challenges me.

goliad on Apr 8, 2009


#7 the way you ended your argument on how stealing is bad obviously opens you up to critism with such a stupid statement "i just think that stealing is wrong and ill kill any mofo that challenges me." Good luck in not receiving criticism even if your right with stupidty on your side.

LC on Apr 8, 2009


shawn what were you watching the acting was fine it seems alot of people don't know the difference between solid/fine and horrible Hugh Jackman was very good as always with the character Liev Schrieber was great the stand out for sure Taylor Kitsch was good as gambit just not enough screen time Kevin Durand as blob was good wish he had more screen time too Will I AM was fine as wraith not great but better than i expected Danny Huston was very good as William Stryker Daniel Henney was good as Agent Zero Lynn Collins was good as Silver fox Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson is perfect he needs more scenes which the re shoots were primarily about no one sucked imo

nelson on Apr 8, 2009


#7 I am going to steal and watch the movie tonight... That's $10 that is still in my pocket.

crabby on Apr 8, 2009


At number 7- Shush up! Even if 100,000 people view the leaked version, which I doubt, it will not have an effect on the release. Tell me, what kind of people are viewing the leaked version? I'll tell you: People who are some what computer literate. You think 100,000 ten year olds are seeing this leak? Not at all. Either way, this movie is STILL going to reach the prime demographic that it is going for and is still going to make big bucks. I could have watched the leaked version but after I read that it was totally unfinished I chose not to and am going to wait for it to come to DVD or someone finds a better leaked version. lol. Does that make me a bad person? Am I starving someones family by doing this? Is Mr. Jackman going to be unable to pay his car payment? No. I doubt he even has a car payment. I'm a hard working man, and I'm sure the people who make these movies are hard working men and woman as well. But, they, unlike me, are being compensated very very well for what they do. I'm not a multi-millionaire. If I can watch a free movie here and there I am going to.

Allen L. on Apr 8, 2009


I'm headed to theatres. I'm pumped for it, I've heard of its 'disappointment', but I'm still waiting til it comes out. If I'm sooooooo eager to see this happen, I mine as well see the FINISHED product in theaters!

Nick Sears on Apr 8, 2009


I cant believe all of you who saw the leaked version, don't you have any will power? Don't you support Hugh Jackman? Isn't Wolverine one of your favorite characters? Pretty juvenile and weak if you ask me. You guys should know by now, even just form the trailers that the movie is going to be different from the comics. Has Hollywood, Fox and previous comic movies taught you nothing? If the story sucks, well that just sucks, if it sucks because its not right outta the comics well then it probably doesn't. I don't know if the leaked version is the same as the final version and I don't really care, I'm gonna go watch the movie the day its out and enjoy it like a true fan. Then I'll probably buy the Blu-ray. I still cant believe all you guys who jumped on the bandwagon and stole this movie instead of waiting a few more weeks. Jeez. Maybe someone will steal your car next time you go to the theater.

Richard on Apr 8, 2009


@13 When the movie industry stops utterly destroying my favorite child heroes and stops condemning their viewers as criminals, is when I will stop downloading. Sorry but your justifications are just as bad as mine.

josh on Apr 8, 2009


People who say that this film is not good apparently don't like the X-men films at all. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was GREAT. The plot, the action, the acting, EVERYTHING. By far better than X3. I'd say it is as good as X2. Hey SHAWN! You talk crap when you say that acting was bad. Do you even know what means to be a GOOD ACTOR? I mean, we're talking about HUGH JACKMAN here. He is THE BEST THERE IS AT WHAT HE DOES. Can you, smart guy, imagine ANOTHER actor playing Wolverine? I doudt. And with Liev Schreiber in one of the leading roles, noone can say that the acting is bad. Oh, and know that these movies are not made ONLY for those fanboys but for the GENERAL MOVIE-GOERS. And these movie-goers don't GIVE A SHIT if the plot & characters of the Wolverine movie or anyother comic-book film are faithfull to the original comics. Who cares if Deadpool has a scar on his face or if Gambit has a canadian accent? The aim is NOT to get in theatres a bunch of comic-book geeks BUT the REST of the millions who love MOVIES. WAKE UP!!

ms on Apr 8, 2009


I have not seen the leaked version, and I am not gonna pay 10 dollars to see it. If true comic book fans want to see they're characters done justice they wouldn't pay it either. I don't understand why they can't make a darker version people want to see when obviously Batman (the darker version) has practically made the most money ever. I like Hugh Jackman but he shouldn't be playing wolverine. The previous Xmen movies were family films, and not comic book films. It's obviously gonna be on par with the previous films. (dissapointing in my opinion) maybe if it flops then next time they'll get it right.

flamer on Apr 8, 2009


The Leaked version is not the finished version and not the version that will be in theaters. Hell you can still see wires in one part and not all the special effects were finished.

Tyler on Apr 8, 2009


Absolutely agree with you Richard (#13) OK, I did watched the movie just because I couldn't resist, but I knew I was going to like it because I knew what to expect and cause I'm a HUGE FAN of these movies. I'm DEFINETELY STILL going to WATCH it the FIRST day it comes out, and I know I'm gonna watch it for MORE than just one time!!!

ms on Apr 8, 2009


This is hilarious.

IK! on Apr 8, 2009


#16. The Wolverine movie is NOT a family film. It is DARK, includes NUDITY, DECAPITATING, VIOLENT scenes, MURDERS of INNOCENT people, BAD LANGUAGE and all. Don't judge something you have yet to see.

ms on Apr 8, 2009


Agree with #20. I too watched the leaked version and it includes indeed more adult stuff than the previous X-men films. Personally, I thought the film was awesome and I will pay my $10 to enjoy it on the big screen, with all the completed special effects, which looked really promising...

chris on Apr 8, 2009


I wonder if the adult stuff is still in it...

Richard on Apr 8, 2009


I watched the bootleg, and I'm glad I did -- not because of a chance to get it for free (I'm still going to see it on the big screen) or to ward myself off in case it was awful (it wasn't, although it wasn't anything particularly magnificent), but because of how rarely you get to see these big budget blockbusters stripped down past the CGI. It was fascinating watching it all come together precisely because it *wasn't* finished. Sure, the final movie and the bootleg are going to be entirely different beasts, but the bootleg still has its merits for anyone remotely interested in the mechanics of filmmaking.

Seward on Apr 8, 2009



Hey Ya on Apr 8, 2009


im guessing, as far as opening weekend goes: Iron Man (give or take)

Al on Apr 8, 2009


Sydney y'all REALLY need to spell check these articles before posting them

Tom Jensen on Apr 8, 2009


The leak could be beneficial as well Alex. It might generate good buzz. That doesn't mean I support the leak, nor will I watch it.

Quanah on Apr 8, 2009


#11, Not everyone in the movie business is a millionaire. There are these things called "crews," who are the people responsible for, you know, making the movie. Its not just rich actors saying lines. Unfortunately, that is a common misconception among idiots. Stealing movies is wrong, regardless of the quality of the film. It's no different than shoplifting a DVD. Just because its easy and thousands of people do it doesn't mean it is acceptable.

Humbert Humbert on Apr 8, 2009


#24 Oh, yeah man! As if his height is what gives life to Wolverine's character, not his performance. Why can't some people just get over this? Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine. He managed to portrait him so PERFECTLY, that I doubt any person in the world can refer to WOLVERINE without having in mind at the same time the name of HUGH JACKMAN. And I'm sure everyone is aware of that, whether they like that Aussie guy or not. Just because Jackman is 6 3' and Wolvie is 5'3 doesn't mean that the actor didn't an amazing job playing this character. Look at him in these movies! He has it all: the badass attitude, the voice, the body... Hugh Jackman's name is already written in global cinema history for his EXTREME success as Wolverine, the role that made him an A-list SUPERSTAR, and NOONE will ever be able to take the crone out of HIS head. He has the glory, HE IS WOLVERINE, no matter what some people say, that bullshit about heights and shit!!!

noname on Apr 8, 2009


#8 are you dense??? I rail against stealing, but suggest that i would kill anyone that disagrees with me ? irony dumbass... maybe not funny as intended but.. still irony. As for #'s 10, 11, et al. its simple. There are two types of people here: First there are the ones that know it's wrong and they just dont care or the idea of wrong just doesnt occur to them. these people are obviously missing something in thier upbringing that tells them that you should not be an asshole. these are the people that cut you off in traffic, talk on the phone in the movies and put crap in your food at restaurants... you know: Sociopaths. The other type are the people that know its wrong but justify it by making excuses about how they have been wronged by the studios, or the comic book industry, or some writer, or the concession people, etc.... these are the worst of the two to me because, they KNOW that they are doing something wrong and they dont have the guts to admit that their reasons are BS. i really dont care about the studios and how much money they make a year blah blah,,, the point i was ORIGINALLY trying to make was........... That the writer of this blog said that he wasnt going to see the bootleg version because it wasnt finished and i found it interesting that he didnt say that he wouldnt see it because it's an illegal copy. .

goliad on Apr 8, 2009


#11 its not just on the computer...the bootleggers are selling them all over the streets! and they are dvd quality. alot of people wont see it now. cuz theyll have seen it twice by the time its released. itll do good but not nearly as good as it would have done

c good on Apr 8, 2009


#27 Right said, man! Piracy is a crime, it's stealing, not just from Fox or Jackman who takes $20 million paycheck per movie, but from all these people who work equally hard to bring a film on the big screens. And I'm sure those people aren't paid the same as Jackman. PS: No problem with Hugh. I think he's cool and a very nice guy. Actually, the reason why I'll definetely go and see X-men Origins: Wolverine is to support him. He always convinces me that he REALLY loves this character and he has loads of respect for the comics. He proved it at ComicCon last year... Way to go, mate!

XD on Apr 8, 2009


i agree that Liev Schreiber completely owned this part. he was pretty damn good as Sabretooth and i am glad they cast him. and of course Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine!

SC on Apr 8, 2009


#28 has not read actual X-Men comics from Wolverine's debut up until the mid-90s when the X-Universe fell to shit and all characters are messed

jimmy on Apr 8, 2009


#28, When I think of Wolverine I DON'T think of Hugh Jackman, I think of the comics or the 90's xmen cartoon series. Jackman's Wolverine is just a "Hollywoodized" version of one badass character. Sure, we can (hardly) ignore the physical contradictions, being Jackman a tall handsome man and Wolvie a considerably average looking hairy little man, BUT on top of that they change his story at a retarded level, when he's supposed to be a badass doesn't feel like one and when he's supposed to give a tortured performance he lacks something, but then again that's just in my opinion. If only Clint was young again , I am convinced he'd be the perfect Wolverine! Oh and I saw the leaked version (cause I don't trust FOX with my money) and for the record I'm not going to watch it at the movies , not because I already saw it, but because it sucked.

bltzie on Apr 8, 2009


i hope you all know that you just wrote you saw the movie and fox might find out and sue you for it trust me its happening

Darren on Apr 8, 2009


im not going to get into this movie because it upset the hell out of me. But of course The DIP SHITS at FOX ruined another X-man movie... the whole thing was a let down gambit sucked Toad wasn't in it what would be "Deadpool" sucked Thinking back on it all the mutants were real real real let downs it was a complete piece of shit in my opinion and #35... Grow a pair

DoomCanoe on Apr 8, 2009


Leak copies...there are always leaks. I saw Mindhunters (unfortunately) over half a year before its release and plenty more. They're not really bootlegs and...well, they're just out there and it happens. Get over it. As if everyone on here is so perfect in deserving of Sainthood. But #34, I'm with you on Clint. Ask a Marvel fan who Wolverine is and they will not agree with Jackman. I never said he didn't portray him well, your own arrogance and stupidity assumed that, he's still too tall and now Sabertooth is short? Seriously. It's not a hard thing to accomplish in casting or even CGI these days, so why?

Hey Ya on Apr 8, 2009


It's all about the buzz! Sure, Jackman was 'heartbtoken'. But this flick will make bank now more than ever. Those who have seen the "leaked" version will still see it theaters. I have always had faith in Jackman and Gavin Hood seems to have a good head on his shoulders. I will be there opening night.....maybe, even the midnight showing before opening day! 🙂

Spider on Apr 8, 2009


i love marvel comics but i hated every marvel movie i ever seen except for blade2 i think watchmen was way better than wolverine marvel movies only have about 25 good seconds in each of the movies im glad to hear marvel might lose from this movie were finally robbing them as they have been robbing us if marvel really gave us a real exciting movie topping the dark knight i would be upset about the leak and would of waited to see it in theaters but if marvel movies crash and burn its there own fault too bad theyll be taking historic icons with them

danny on Apr 8, 2009


number 15 trys to sound like he knows something but numbers are totally wrong dont worry number 15 if ur right our mothers and fathers will go to see wolverine in record numbers in may hahah

sam on Apr 8, 2009


Saw the leaked film and loved every minute of it! cant wait to see it in the cinema to!

Anthony on Apr 9, 2009


#11 never heard so much crap in my life. Not all people who work on movies are well paid. Look beyond the stars and see the little people who actually keep the studios running, security guards, tea ladies, cleaners, carpenters. Download a film without paying makes you a thief. no argument.

John J on Apr 9, 2009


Watched it last night!! Glad I saved $10

crabby on Apr 9, 2009


I'm always surprised that anyone can really believe that this will have a negative impact on the box office. If anything, having the leak so widely publicized has increased the public awareness for the movie. Sure, the folks that downloaded the movie - and did not like it - probably won't be paying to see it in the theaters. But the ones that did like it will likely see it again, and they will likely pass good word-of-mouth along to others. And there are plenty of others that have become interested in seeing the film due to this news story. Movies have always been leaked, be it through someone taping it with a video camera in the theater and selling the bootleg copy, someone passing around a screener dvd, or someone downloading it. It never has had a noticeable impact on a good film - heck, The Dark Knight was leaked last year. It's all simply an excuse that the production companies use if the film has a disappointing box office, when the real reason is usually due to the movie being bad or the public just not being interested in the film at the time.

Tim on Apr 9, 2009


The leak was very good for the finished product. Just look at the buzz and how it has most people arguing about the stupidest ish!!! From what I've read, most people that seen the leak will go to see it again and even the people that didn't like it will go because nobody can live with seeing an unfinished movie and the law abiding citizens will see it for the first time. I believe there was little harm done and largely due to the fact that it was stolen before they finished it. The movie will do fine.

Black Dynamite on Apr 9, 2009


#43. Except that those who dl are also people who mostly spend shitloads on moves anyway. Besides, you do not take a DvD and make a copy less avaliable for others and if you are trying to make anyone to believe that nowdays, when an absolute shit of a flick can make millions easily, the "little" people do not also thrive, you are full of it.

Shige on Apr 9, 2009


Regardless of the controversy of the work print being leaked etc., it's 2009. If you're not bringing a comic book movie to the table that is up to par with The Dark Knight, Watchmen or even X2 or Iron Man... then why bother? I think Marvel has already alienated some of their hardcore fans by making less-than-satisfactory adaptations of Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Elektra, Fantastic Four (the list goes on and on). Of course for every true comic fan they've lost, Marvel has gained a hundred mainstream moviegoers who never question what they're viewing and choose to consume the cinematic equivalent of junk food instead of watching engaging, thought-provoking movies... but of course that's a totally different discussion. I have not watched the leak, but many of my friends have and from what I'm hearing - it's pretty terrible when compared to what it should've been. When will studios and filmmakers learn that we as fans do not need a movie filled with cameos and tie-ins... What we need is a coherent story that respects the source material and doesn't butcher it. I don't want to see Cyclops in this movie, or Emma Frost. I don't need Wolverine and Sabretooth to be brothers, and I certainly don't need "Deadpool" in this movie - or The Blob which is so terrible I can't believe anyone thought it would be a good idea. Jackman's great, the man was born to be Wolverine, but I can't believe he went along with this script. Maybe the reshoots will yield a few better scenes but honestly, it sounds like there isn't much to be done for this one.

Adam Frazier on Apr 9, 2009


I saw the leaked copy and still plan on seeing it in the theatre because I know it wasn't the final version. i don't even like Wolverine that much as a character and I still plan on seeing it.

Papichulo on Apr 9, 2009


im not beliving any crticsizing of the movie cuz im headed for may 1st its gonna be huge

alan on Apr 9, 2009


I've watched the leaked copy, and my first impression is that the movie kinda sucks. It has nothing to do with special effects, or even the acting. I could tolerate some of the liberties taken with the characters, but one in particular really bugged me. What they did with Wade Wilson (Deadpool) was ridiculous. I'm holding out hope the character they show us at the end of the film is not actually Deadpool but some other character completely. For that reason only, I'll go see this in theaters. I really hope the reshoots expanded the Wade Wilson character, and that the ending was changed. Something else that is annoying is that they never really expand on the characters powers/mutations. The Blob was silly, and it's never explained in any way what his power is. For people who are not familiar with the characters, they will find the movie inaccessible. I will give X-Men Origins: Wolverine props for being a prequel to the first X-Men movie. It was pretty cool how they connected the two films.

TCox on Apr 9, 2009


One more thing...the whole thing felt more like Xmen: The Last Stand, than it did like X-Men, or X2: X-men United. Way too many under developed characters that add nothing to the story but confusion. #48 - the Wolverine/Sabretooth relationship didn't bother me much, but it didn't explain why Sabretooth didn't know Wolverine in the first X-Men movie. To me it was like Darth Vader not remembering that he made C3PO.

TCox on Apr 9, 2009


^ seems prequel movies forget that there are movies out before them and they need to learn how to tie in everything. Can't compare Star Wars though since Lucas said fuck everything that people know, I'm doing it how I want. Thus why the movies suck and it seems the stupid animated crap is doing better than new trilogy.

Hey Ya on Apr 9, 2009


I never said anything regarding the actors, I said the acting was bad, I think the actors that were chosen were perfect, but if you think the acting was good, then you must still be waiting for Paul Rueben to get his Best actor award. I actually like Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Kitchse, Liev Schrieber, thats probably one of the bigs reasons I didnt like the movie, because it had all these great actors in it, yet we get brain dead dialouge like "nobody kills you but me brother" You can tell the actors arent happy with how this movie turned out either read recent interviews, Reynolds especially, he has the hardest time explaining what fox has done to his character. Like others said I doubt the leak will affect sales, this isnt the first big movie to be leaked, its just Fox creating PR spin for people to go see it.

Shawn on Apr 9, 2009


I have also seen this leaked version of the film and I would have been glad to go and see the film as we all know how incomplete the effects are. But after seeing it, if it had been a good film I would have been there watching it, but it was like almost watching a sequal to Elektra. This movie is so bad. I said this a couple of months ago. That because marvel still has only some say in the final product that this film will suck. X-men the last stand was bad and this film is just as bad. Though I did really like Gambit in this, but that's pretty much for me. I hope Fox have learnt from there mistakes. I will now be saving my precious money for well deserving films ike Star Trek and Terminator Salvation.

Bizzaro on Apr 9, 2009


20 and 21. It is not dark.

leva on Apr 9, 2009


#40 Marvel isnt the one fucking us over. Its is the major studios who are actually making the movies. Until last year marvel hasnt made a movie, they sold the rights of their characters to certain studios and those studios fuck them up. Hopefully one day all those rights revert back to marvel so they can do the characters some justice

Blacc on Apr 9, 2009


I was pretty shocked about these news that the movie has been leaked the film that alot of people including me have been awaiting from a long time. It's a shame that all the effort of the people who participated in this project just faded away. But i believe that the movie will mark it's position in the box office, i'll be there at the 1st day of the release.

Fisherr on Apr 10, 2009


If a movie like this gets leaked, its just a PR stunt. 100K+ DL's, maybe 3-400K have seen it now. Those 3-400K ppl will still go see the movie, cuz what they have DL'ed is NOT the final product, it's the version before they started reshooting. And if they dont go to the movies and se the final version of Wolverine, thats maybeeee 4million dollars lost. But all the hype around the leaked version, the idiot at FOX that reviewed Wolverine and got fired, Jackman talking aout it, all of us fans blogging about it ect, ect, is WORTH more then those 4million lost, you just cant buy that kinda PR. I'm not saying it's oki to DL, I'm not saying it's not. When I was a kid, I prob copied LP's/cassetts as often as I bought music. The govenment in my country started at that time a fund, where a % of the sales of cassettes when to the artists. Jump 20+ years, and for some reason today, artists dont get a % each time one pays for ones high speed internet broadband. Why the hell not? That should stop alotta whining about kids who DL movies, music ect off the net. In the filmindustries perfect world(maybe in a sad future) we will have to watch movies on some sorta glasses, so only the person who bought the film(on som future medium) can watch it. Cuz u guys do know, its not really legal to watch a movie with friends. Nor lend a friend a book. Or make copies of your own CD's and transfer them onto your (mp3)music player? Maybe not all apply to your country, but most of those laws do. And we break them happily every day. I predict a 50million opening weekend, and say....with all the cinemas in the world showing Wolverine, DVD sales ect, close to 400million dollars this year? Hard to see the real harm done there

dAVIS_s_p on Apr 10, 2009


...More like a pinto without the paintjob don't pay money to see this

Obe on Apr 19, 2009


Seriously, why would I not pay money to see for a movie i've already paid money to see and will again. And everyone who kept saying it will flop, now making excuses for why it didn't, why would you be on here before it came out, see that every third person you talk to wants to see it, have plenty of people enthralled by it, and depend its flopping? Because it didn't live up to your precious 'original' storylines? That's kind of like the people who boycotted star wars because it didn't live up to Lucas's original story, I remember when you guys (excuse me, you probably didn't exist back then) boycotted Return of the Jedi because Empire switched the love story over to Han and Leigh when it was luke and leigh in the story. Nobody much cares. *spoiler alert* For all you that get confused by things and think Wolverine was incoherent, you are the type that complain the stopping on the bridge with the guys in the trucks when he almost gets in a fight were either pointless or just to 'show off she had powers' No, it was that she grabbed him and he got out of the car anyway. I've heard way to many people cite that as a senseless scene.

Oh Obe and the rest of you boards for backs on May 6, 2009

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