Hugh Jackman to Star in 'The Greatest Showman on Earth' Musical

August 4, 2009

Hugh Jackman

Don't you just love Hollywood? Last month we wrote about a new project Columbia had in the works that was based on the life of P.T. Barnum, who as we all know brought us "The Greatest Show on Earth!" Well, Fox has announced (via Variety) that Hugh Jackman is attached to play P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman on Earth, their own original contemporary musical. Laurence Mark (Dreamgirls, Julie & Julia) is producing with Jenny Bicks (What a Girl Wants) writing the script. I'm guessing Columbia is a bit pissed right now, because they can't really compete with a musical starring Hugh Jackman, now can they?

Hugh Jackman will play the showman with a penchant for hoaxing a gullible public as he creates the three-ring circus that made him famous. The musical will also focus on his infatuation with singer Jenny Lind -- the so-called Swedish Nightingale. Jackman, still fresh off of hosting the Oscars, wants Anne Hathaway to star in the role of Jenny Lind. Bicks wrote that opening number for the two and is writing the role for Hathaway. The Greatest Showman on Earth will feature a "contemporary" musical score (please don't use pop music) and they're currently talking with British songwriter Mika to write music and lyrics.

I don't really know what to say about this? I was excited to see Jackman taking on a wide variety of projects after the Oscars, but I never thought we'd see him do a musical (specifically as a movie) anytime soon.

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Well the oscars already showed us that he can hold a note! Count me in! Alex did you not see his performance at the Oscars!? Come on he did an incredible job man! And I'm gonna say it I LOVE Musical's! excpet Hairspray...meh.

Xerxex on Aug 4, 2009


I did, and it was awesome, I know! This post wasn't meant to sound negative... I'm excited for anything Jackman does, especially musicals, so bring it on!

Alex Billington on Aug 4, 2009


good to know man! keep us updated!

Xerxex on Aug 4, 2009


I'm really not surprised that he's going to do a musical. During his promotion of wolverine he talked in interviews about how hosting the oscars opened doors for him and that now he finally gets offers to do comedies and musicals, which he really wants to do. He also mentioned that he really wants hathaway for "carousel". So the news about the avon man thing and now this comes as no surprise for me. But he's also doing unbound captives - a drama - in 2010. I think he's out to do every genre possible. Next up - horror flick? lol

snoopy on Aug 4, 2009


You think Jackman would have learned from Nicole Kidman what a musical will do to a career. He may be hot stuff at the Box office now, but so was Kidman when she did Moulin Rouge and her career took an overnight nose dive with her fans and she has never recovered. Ewan McGregor's careeer never even got started because of Moulin Rouge. Sure Jackman can sing, just like Kidman, but the vast majority of his fans won't care; especially after Australia. No body wants a singing Wolverine. BIG mistake!

Brian on Aug 4, 2009


NO. The musical is NOT back, people!! It never will be and it aint gonna start here no way no how. We have spent years reducing the need for and presence of musicals in todays cinema, all in efforts to output a finer product! Ack!!! No, you people can't be serious........

Voice of Reason on Aug 4, 2009


Good for Jackman! This guy is so multi-talented!

Spider on Aug 4, 2009


Can't wait to get tickets!

Matt Suhu on Aug 4, 2009


#5 I think you got some things backwards there. Moulin Rouge did not ruin Kidman's career, it jump-started it. She was in movies before Moulin Rouge, yes, but her role as Satine was what blew her out of the shadow of her superstar ex-husband, Tom Cruise. And if I remember correctly, up until that time she was still the "poor ex-wife who can't have kids" in most people's eyes. Moulin Rouge catapulted her to super stardom. The movie was a huge success and got pelted with awards. Of course, after winning an Oscar it's kinda hard to top a role like that. But this has in no means hurt her career. She made smaller movies, even some indies here and there, and she is still big in business. As for Hugh Jackman...He already established himself as an action star, but he showed in romantic comedies. thrillers and dramas that he can do way more than that. Him starring in a musical will not hurt his career at all. If anything it will open new possibilities for him. "Nobody wants a singing Wolverine". Well, the people who can't get look past his role as the Marvel hero, and won't accept him doing something completely different, need to get out of the basement more often and take a good look at the real world. Wolverine doesn't exist. And it's not him singing, it's Hugh Jackman. Stop being so narrow minded.

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 4, 2009


Wolverine. Singing. no...they don't mix. 😛 sorry... lol

Scott on Aug 4, 2009


No thanks, I'm straight.

Pete the Geek on Aug 4, 2009


Since when are Musical's gay? Musical's are freaking amazing!

Xerxex on Aug 4, 2009


DUDES!!!!! Hugh Jackman has ALREADY stared in a musical. He was The Boy from Oz on Broadway. It came out the same time Wicked was starting up. He WON a Tony for goodness sake! He is a musical man. I know its strange seeing Wolverine sing but face it. He has done it before and will do it with flare just like he did on Broadywa.

Seductive Flamingo on Aug 4, 2009


#9 ... She hasn't been in a box office hit since The Others which came out the same year as Moulin Rouge. Bewitched? The Golden Compass? Birth? Stepford Wives? Birthday Girl? The Interpreter? Dogville? Invasion? Fur: An imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus? Even the critically acclaimed Cold Mountain and The Hours stunk out the box office. Hugh Jackman will be remembered for starting on the stage as a song a dance man and having a brief career in film before going back to the stage if he starts down the movie musical route because the fans that have made him a successful movie start will abandon him and there just aren't enough fans of the musicals to keep him in movies. Because like I said before his fans won’t accept a singing Wolverine.

Brian on Aug 6, 2009


You folks, and especially you, Alex, obviously don't know anything about Hugh Jackman aside from his playing Wolverine. I saw him in THE BOY FROM OZ on Broadway, and I've seen the video of OKLAHOMA! and Hugh is one of the most talented performers I've ever seen. He is brilliant, has tremendous stage presence, the likes of which is rarely seen on Broadway now. He is an incredible showman himself, and is perfect to play P.T. Barnum.

Critique on Aug 20, 2009

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