Idris Elba Joins the Cast of Kenneth Branagh's Thor as Heimdall

November 19, 2009

Idris Elba / Heimdall

So it looks like Marvel plans to continue to drop hints about what to expect storywise in the Thor movie by announcing more casting and giving us a taste of who the most important characters are. THR's Heat Vision reports today that Idris Elba has joined the cast of Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Thor. Elba will play Heimdall, the guardian of the mythical world of Asgard, who stands on the BiFrost Bridge ready to defend the city from intruders. Boy does he look like a badass guardian. But does this mean Asgard going to be attacked at some point in the movie? Is that the hint Marvel is dropping here? Any more revelations?

Idris Elba previously starred in Obsessed, The Unborn, RocknRolla, Prom Night, American Gangster, and he also appears on "The Office". He's a fine actor and I'm glad to see him join this cast as well. I don't know anything about the role, but I'm sure he's cast in it for a reason (as in, it's important). Thor also stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Jaimie Alexander, Anthony Hopkins, Samuel L. Jackson, Stellan Skarsgård, Stuart Townsend, Ray Stevenson, and Tadanobu Asano. I'm curious if there are any other roles we don't know about that have been cast with name actors as well. Of course, we'll keep you updated!

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What's the wait time for a Thor teaser? Will it show in front of IM2?

jake the snake on Nov 19, 2009


excellent choice! I predict this movie is going to be done well

Gabe the Accuser on Nov 19, 2009


Can't forget that this guy played "Stringer Bell" from the best tv show nobody watched, "The wWre"

Gabe the Accuser on Nov 19, 2009


Yeah I merked Stringer in season 4 last episode..

Avon Barksdale on Nov 19, 2009


the wire was awesome, except for the ridiculous serial killer plot during the last season. #2 behind Deadwood.

Karl on Nov 19, 2009


He was awesome in The Wire!

xMort on Nov 20, 2009


I can't wait for this!!!

Robbie on Nov 20, 2009


So Thor is based on Norse Mythology? Idris Elba looks pretty Nordic to me...Why not then cast Thor as 50 Cent? Mind you Nick Fury is now black ( sorry,,, African American) . I wonder if a Black Panther adaptation will be cast with Nick Cage to balance things out?

ConnachtFan on Nov 20, 2009


8* See Prince of Persia

napoleonblownapart on Nov 20, 2009


#8 maybe the producers of all movies should run them by you first to make sure they properely reflect the races of characters from comic books and other fictional pieces in order to appeal to the smallest niche and least profitable audience. Oh thats right, your opinion obviously doesnt matter.

KJC on Nov 20, 2009


its not racist behaviour if you dont want bad casting in a movie that should be so good, i also hated the spawn movie because a black character from the book(Terry) was white in the movie just because the rest of the cast was 80% black its not the color its how someone fits into a role and someone who doesnt look a fucking bit like a norse god cant play a fucking norse god, end of this stupid bitchin!!!

gojoes on Nov 20, 2009


it is racist behaviour actually

Cchakravarty on May 30, 2011


^^^ Until more non-whites speak out against white-washing in films I'm all for it.

K on Nov 20, 2009


^^^ EDIT: Until more whites speak out against white-washing in films I'm all for it.

K on Nov 20, 2009


i'm not racist but if the charactor is white shouldn't the person casted be as well.i thought that would make sense.oh well nothing is perfect i can't fucking wait for this film

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Nov 20, 2009


If he brings 10% of what Stringer Bell was as a character then you will quickly forget all this racist bullshit.

Tom on Nov 20, 2009


Its not racist to want a proper casting. A white comic book character should be portrayed by a white actor. That just makes sense. If the character was black in the comic then he should be portrayed by a black actor. It is common sense.

Vold on Nov 20, 2009


And yes Idris Elba is an excellent actor i am not disputing this. He has played some great roles and i'm sure he will again i just wish he wasn't in this particular film.

Vold on Nov 20, 2009


You guys are right when you say it is not racist to prefer an actor to play a comicbook character of the same race... it is called being ignorant. You telling me that you'd rather have a crummy wooden actor as opposed to another talented actor that can lend a realistic performance to a fictitious comic book character (which is what all real fans want ALWAYS).... because of the color of their skin? I take that back. That is racist.

Ro vs Racist People on Nov 20, 2009



Voice of Reason on Nov 20, 2009


How did this topic get to racism? O wait yeah #8 said something and all of you had to get your say. Lemmings we be

Cody on Nov 20, 2009


Seriously? Not to be racist, but in Norse mythology, pretty much everybody is white. And if they weren't, then they were a frost giant. And if they weren't that, they were a mixture of the two. If they are going to cast a black fellow, have him be someone that can logically be black.

Angry Chief on Nov 20, 2009


in pre Christian Scandinavia there were regular and frequent interactions between the vikings and the rest of the world - life was not one big whitey town world - viking runes have been found in Constantinople - this was the great trading link to the liddle east and africa from europe -  Vikings may welll have had a view that embraced powerful black warriors - sorry all you little minded people, that is just how it was - but even if not ITS A MOVIE based on STAN LEE's COMICS - get over yourselves

Cchakravarty on May 30, 2011


like it! seems that Thor is gonna be the pinnacle of comic book films.

xerxex on Nov 20, 2009


i am neither ignorant nor am i racist dumbfucking i just think there are plenty of actors who could portray heimdall perfect and it is not ignorant or racist what we said, its logical, if i would be a racist i would not be scared to say so. but i want proper casting and in a comicbook movie its all about appearance because comics are a visual medium, understood? stop insulting strangers you never know what color my skin might be...

yojoe on Nov 20, 2009


look it's not racist wanting the film to be as close to the source material it's based on,if a charactor is white he should be white,if idris elba was playing the black panther,luke cage or war machine i wouldn't have a problem,am i racist wanting an AKIRA FILM WITH AN ALL JAPANESE CAST.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Nov 20, 2009


This just means that Idris Elba will be the dude in the background that looks bad ass when Thor walks by as he enters Asgard. Why the extra hype???

blester01 on Nov 20, 2009


See everyone! Hire an English director and this is what you get. Multicultural garbage. I wrote about this on a previous Thor thread. More anti-germanic racist English Labour Party ideology. Why not just make the whole cast non-germanic so Branagh can show what a tolerant, multicultural, diversity believing individual he is. What's next- casting Jack Straw? When a film about an asian story uses non-asians, people complain. When a film about a germanic story uses non-germanic people, it's a triumph of "diversity". Every Germanic person with an ounce of self worth should boycott this racist piece of garbage movie.

Phil on Nov 20, 2009


I have no doubt about Idris Elba's acting chops, but he doesn't look like the part. If someone said Danny DeVito was gonna play the part and I objected does that make me a "Hightist"? Answer this (and I've asked this before when the race card is played): Would you let a white guy play Shaft?

jasonmd2020 on Nov 20, 2009


Jasonmd2020 "Hightist?" I like it! and to answer you're Shaft question...well the Samuel L. Jackson one was tremedously awful, and I'd say yes let a white dude play him! LOL.

xerxex on Nov 20, 2009


I hope Beyonce plays Wonder Women!!!

Eric B on Nov 20, 2009


Stinger Bell baby. This movie is gonna be sweet.

Matty on Nov 20, 2009



Matty on Nov 20, 2009


I'm okay with will smith being Cap

Bucker on Nov 20, 2009


Hogun the Grim is from Asgard and he's Asian. Just pointing out that in the Marvel Universe adaptation of Asgard, everyone isn't white. I understand that he's still white in the comics but who really gives a fuck? The character is supposed to be badass and I'm sure he'll play it that way. And seeing as though he's not that big of a character and some of you are in uproar, I'd say yeah, it is a little racist. I can see you being mad if Captain America was played by a black guy because 1.) that's a main character and it would be completely screwing with that and 2.) because it wouldn't be logical for him to be representative of the U.S.A. and black in WWII era America. But Asgard is a made up place, if they say theres a black guy, theres a black guy. Change your tampons whiny bitches.

Leoben on Nov 20, 2009


I can't wait to see Chris Rock play the Flash.

Angry Chief on Nov 20, 2009


this movie is going to be awesome. i can't wait

sam on Nov 20, 2009


what makes me laugh is alot of white people here are outraged about a black man playing a white character. but when it comes to Asian characters or other races when white actors play Asian they all say they dont look Asian in the Anime LOL i.e. Goku, Aang from the Last Airbender, etc. @Phil I guess you are a BNP supporter

lucas on Nov 20, 2009


@26 Phil so are you going to boycott Prince of Persia and The Last Airbender then cause it been played by white American actors

tazz on Nov 20, 2009


Seriously - where was this ourrage when hollywood routinely casted whites in roles that called for native americans and hispanics? Look, Marvels Asgardians aren't based on Norse culture - stick with me a minute. Sure Stan and Jack stole the charcters and settings from Norse lore but when they re-created them for the Marvel universe, the Asgardians became an ancient/alien race that visited Midgard (Earth) and were mimiced and worshipped by Northern Europeans. The Gods themselves aren't even technically human, so to be all bent about Branagh being blind to color and going with the right actors is silly. In the Stargate universe, Thor is a grey-skinned alien - doesn't mean he couldn't have visited Northen Europe way back and end up deemed a god because of his tech. Last point, since when do you have to be the same race as your God/deity to be a believer? I've never heard anyone argue that Jesus was asian but I've met a lot of Asian Christians. For all we know, the beings that actually inspired the Norse pantheon were all Black.

Uriah on Nov 20, 2009


#26 as much you dont like the casting you dont have to be a f-ing dick. "Multicultural garbage" whats that all about i guess you live in your backward racist world Phil. how comes no one complain that in 300 all the actors are been played by British actors instead of Greek actors. what about Clash of the Titans Sam Worthington is playing Perseus. or even Alexa Davalos shes playing Andromeda if you know the history of Andromeda shes the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, king and queen of the kingdom Ethiopia. Greek mythology, Ethiopia (or Aethiopia), literally meaning 'the land of burnt faces'. Its inhabitants were described as being black and or swarthy with curly or woolen hair. so Andromeda should of been played by a black woman istead of of a white actress but no one have not said anything about that.

blaze on Nov 20, 2009


I thought Michael Clarke Duncan was an awesome Kingpin, hell he was the best part of the may be this cat can be just as good.

Colt on Nov 20, 2009


Can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I kinda prefer my Asgardians pasty white folk. Idris Elba is a good actor Stringer Bell and all that, but yeah this is Norse mythology we playing with here. I couldn't abide a white Black Panther so I ain't feeling a Black Heimdall

PimpSlapStick on Nov 20, 2009

44 a black guy I must say this...this is Marvel-Norse mythology we're gonna be subject too...sooooo...artistic discretion is a director's right when making a film about any subject. I believe he choose him because simply he was the right choice for the role. Remember kids: a role is never black/white/Asian/female or otherwise. If the right actor is hired for the part, then the right actor was hired for the part male or female. Plus as I said...this is Marvel-Norse. They've taken liberty on all things gods and divine to build their universe and mythos. If an actual Thor movie was made and based on actual myth...Thor has no beard, no real armour, is a redhead and wields a hammer that comes back to him and shoots lightning. His strength is immense but not limitless. The history channel did a docu on him in their series '' Clash of the Gods '' you should all see it. Hence forth, remember...roles are blank in movies until the right actor comes along and blows you far the casting in this movie is of mammoth Shakespearian calibre and all actors...are the right actors for their roles. I hope this stems the discussion to a halt and let us wait in anticipation for a teaser in 2010 my Viking battle brothers. P.S. I hope their's gonna be Valkyrie action like we've never seen!!! *Everything is Metal* -Nathan Explosion, DETHKLOK

Lazarus from Sparta!!!! on Nov 20, 2009


Hm...odd choice for a great actor. I guess the fact that vikings were indeed racist themselves will not be a slice of the movie, much like japaneese conciders all non-japaneese gaijin. But hey, its a comic book, its Marvel and ifact its Disney now. I...really am not looking forward for this....those horrible tv-movies with Thor in them...that (funny) baby-sittermovie 'Adventures in Babysitting'( ) with Thor(Vincent D'Onofrio) in it......the Metal band Thor( )...all springs to mind....hard to wipe that out and trying to like the new Thor 🙂 I'm a huge fan of Kenneth Branagh's work, but this does seem an odd choice for him. Guess he has bills to pay aswell.

David Banner on Nov 20, 2009


@Lazarus from Sparta!!!! yeah viking action overdose!!! no white guy for shaft no white guy fpr black panther and im pissed too that the airbender is white, and im white myself!!!

yojoe on Nov 21, 2009


hold on people some people are upset about this casting but havent we seen white actors been playing asian and other races too and no one complain. plus have you guys seen BBC tv series "Merlin" that is based on the Arthurian legends it features a black actress Angel Coulby as Guinevere and she's a good actress. Angel Coulby as Guinevere

movieboy on Nov 21, 2009


@32 He can be,the first Captain America was black.

Terry B on Nov 21, 2009


@46 The first Captain America wasn't black. The fact they retcon over 60 years of Captain America history was lame despite Truth: Red, White & Black being a good read. It made an interesting Elsewhere/What If? type story but making it officially part of the Captain America lore was one of Joe Q's many mistakes. Of course this opinion will brand me a racist by most people who think they are high-minded if they just accept something because it's PC. As to the casting of Idris Elba as Heimdall I think it's a poor choice and stunt casting. The Asgardians/Aesir Gods in Marvel are of Nordic characteristics except for Hogun who Stan Lee long ago established wasn't of Aesir origin.

Quasimofo on Nov 22, 2009


cant wait to see Thor , all this leading up to The Avengers that will kick ass , Thor ( Chris Hemsworth ) , Iron Man ( Robert Downey Jr ), Hulk ( Edward Norton ), Captian America ( ? ), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson ), Nick Fury ( Samuel L. Jackson ) , and more maybe added , sounds like one hell of a movie to me … i love the way marvel is linking all the separate films to one big movie nick fury and shield in all films , caps shield in iron man , stark in hulk , Super-Soldier serum ( put on ice ) in hulk , cap in ice on deleted scene in hulk etc.. cant wait to see Thor and Iron Man 2 Links to Avengers Captain America movie needs to get a move on !

Paul t on Nov 22, 2009


@47 so you saying having Idris Elba is a stunt casting instead of judging his acting ability. so i guess The Last Airbender, Prince of Perisa are stunt casting too. also none of the actors in Thor are not even Nordic anyway. Thor in Norse mythology has red hair and he got a beard plus he rides a chariot. Marvel Thor movie has blonde hair, no beard, he flys, he got no chariot, and it stars a Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. if you are saying its a stunt casting you should also complain about Agent Zero in X-Men Origins: Wolverine been played by Korean-American actor Daniel Henney. Agent Zero in the comics is not Asian his German did it bother anyone "no it dont". or what about Greek mythology, Andromeda is actually black shes from Ethiopia (or Aethiopia) meaning 'the land of burnt faces', the inhabitants were described as being black and or swarthy with curly or woolen hair. the reason why shes always painted white on painting and statues is because back then a black person was not consider beautiful. so i guess you might aswell also complain about Clash of the Titans poor choice and stunt casting too cause Alexa Davalos who is a white actress is playing black Ethiopian princess Andromeda.

tonyD on Nov 22, 2009


@49 If you read what I said again you would see I was basing my opinion on the appearance of the Marvel comics characters that have been established for close to 50 years and not just on how they appear in Norse mythology.

Quasimofo on Nov 22, 2009


Quasi isn't racist, just a little closed minded. Truth added to Captain America lore - it didn't detract. Adding this layer made the super soldier program more realistic, as it is historic fact that experimental drug testing on African Americans was common in the 30s and 40s. Plus it gave us a cool new character and potential future successor to Captain America in Patriot, Elijah Bradley. I'm Black but would have made a stink if Thor, Odin or Loki were cast with ethnic actors because they are main characters. At the end of the day, people aren't going to see this movie for Heimdall or Hogun - they are second string characters that fans who don't read Thor even recognize. As a 20+ year Thor reader, I can say with certainty that I've waited over 2/3 my life to see THOR on the big screen - all the supporting characters are tasty icing.

Uriah on Nov 22, 2009


Excellent choice for a Nordic God.

Vazel on Nov 22, 2009


@50 yes ok the character was established about 50 years but still whats the big deal we have not even seen a trailer or the movie yet. did it upset when Agent Zero was played by a Asian-American actor instead of Russian. what made me mad was your comment saying Idris Elba is a "stunt casting". so i guess all the white actors that been playing asian characters on film are "stunt casting" too. i hope when you see the white actors in Avatar Last Airbender playing asian character i personally hope you man up and say thats "stunt casting" too. @51 i dont think Quasimofo is racist

tonyD on Nov 22, 2009


Quasimofo In what way was making Red,White,and Black a mistake.Plus there have been plenty of times where they go back and redo things in comics.Like Black Cat being raped for example.

Terry B on Nov 22, 2009


Why not have a black man play Heimdall? The United States currently has a black man acting as President.

Heimdall on Nov 23, 2009


I'm sorry, but I am going to have to side with the people who are questioning this, whether their motives are racist or not. I do agree that those of African decent and other minorities have been shafted when it comes to roles over the years, but I still believe you must cast to fit the role. If a characters race is not really integral to the character, then sure, cast whoever is the best actor, no matter the race. Thus, I do not have a problem with Sam Jackson playing Nick Fury. I would however have a problem with a white Shaft. Being black is integral to the role of playing Shaft. And I do have a problem with whites playing minorities in many movies IF the characters race is an integral part of the character's identity. Having David Carradine play a Tibetan monk in Kung Fu is the most notorious example. That sucked bad. However, here we are talking about Norse Gods here. They are white, because the people who invented them imagined they were similar to them. There were no (few?) blacks in ancient Scandinavia. Likewise, I would be equally perturbed at some white guy playing one of the seven Chinese gods in a movie. I don't buy the whole Marvel universe cop-out either. I am a huge Thor fan, and the whole the gods are aliens thing is largely disregarded in the books. They are white in the comics for the same reason they should all be white here. They are Norse gods. Being white is a part of their identity, and for them not to be requires a greater hurdle in the universal goal of suspending disbelief...immersion in the story. This is not a racist stance, and if you believe that anyway, that is your opinion. This is me wanting this movie to be the best that it can be, because I love Thor.

Burning_Tyger on Nov 24, 2009


It's just an odd casting choice for a character that is based on Norse mythology and will get a WTF? reaction from most movie goers. I think my problem with Truth: Red, White & Black is that people are now using it to justify casting a black actor like Will Smith the play Captain America. And think it's insulting that when people disagree with that casting they are being labeled closed minded bigots or racists. @54 I hated how they made Black Cat a victim of rape to explain her actions.

Quasimofo on Nov 25, 2009


It's amazing how theres a big noise when a non white actor is cast in a traditionally white role. But nobody says anything if a caucasian actor is cast in a role not meant for a white person. Seriously...Jake Gyllenhall is the "Prince of Persia?" I would have hoped we had moved passed this bullshit but plain and is ignorance, not always racism. Let the best ACTOR period play a role! In today's society with changes being made everyday please try and get your minds out of the cinematic dark ages and wait until a movie comes out and judge it then!

Dex on Nov 26, 2009


From a popular encyclopedia site: "Heimdall (Old Norse Heimdallr, the prefix Heim- means home, the affix -dallr is of uncertain origin)(lol, dallr means valley, so 'Homevalley' is not too wrong-David Banner) is one of the Æsir (gods) in Norse mythology, called the "whitest of the gods". He's known as the "White God", maybe due to the fact he's sorta in limbo, standing at the end of a rainbow bridge and the sun doesnt shine on his face, he's infact unhealthy in a way. Or something like that. He's the only norse god that is deathly pale and this is mentioned each time he is mentioned in the saga. Irony, irony, bad casting, bad casting? Feel like I shouldnt add fire(?) to the fuel but why not follow the saga and the characters as portrayed? Then again, its a comic, its Marvel, infact its Disney.

David Banner on Nov 26, 2009


Okay, let me put this in simple terms. White people playing non-white characters in movies is wrong and insulting to all involved. Non-white people playing white characters in movies is wrong and insulting to all involved. These idiots here squeaking about "Last Airbender" and "Dragonball Z" are forgetting something very important: Heimdall IS A NORSE GOD, he was sacred to our ancestors, THIS IS NOT "JUST" A COMIC BOOK CHARACTER. There is no such thing as a "Marvel" adaptation of the Norse gods, Heimdall is Heimdall, end of. Hey, what if we cast a WHITE Buddha? Or a WHITE Shiva? Huh? What then? This movie is politicaly correctness run amok, it's disgusting. I'm ashamed at all the brainwashed and timid little fools here actually endorsing this choice. Have you no pride in your ancestors and their sacred myths? Why are you all so weak? Stand up, say NO, this is NOT acceptable, and I WILL boycott this anti-White racist film.

TheNetSurfer on Nov 27, 2009


By the way, I noticed there are quite a few people who disagree with this choice based on the comments. The problem is they always put the old "I'm not racist, but" thing in their comments... Guys, you don't need to say that, wanting to have your culture NOT trampled on isn't racist. You've just been bullied into thinking anything race related is automatically racist because you're White, well, that's a bunch of bull. Stand up, tell everyone you know that you think this choice is un-acceptable and insulting. Your ancestors will smile upon you for growing backbones. =)

TheNetSurfer on Nov 27, 2009


ben kingsley as Ghandi gets best actor? But a black man cant even play some small ass character with all of 2 lines prolly right? Eat a dick and die slow you double standard having KKK mother fuckers.

9mm on Dec 1, 2009


Cody is funny as fuck. and Stringer Bell is d SHIT. anybody catch Daddy's Little Girls?

Cyfer on Dec 2, 2009


Oh racism, what problems you have created. The problem here is that there IS a logical objection to a black actor playing a white god, but there is also an illogical, racist objection to the same, and it's nigh impossible to tell if an objector is racist or logical. The other problem is that diversity has become so celebrated that it's become ingrained the same way racism is/was, and thus it becomes illogically supported across the board, and despite being a generally good ideal, it shouldn't necessarily be applied absolutely everywhere without thought. Sure, it may be insulting to my religion and the religion of my ancestors, but if we Ásatrúar are that thin-skinned about our faith we're committed to a life of anger. I highly doubt a black actor portraying the "whitest" (which may be metaphorical and not as literal as people are taking it) of the gods is going to be the most inaccurate or insulting thing in this "superhero" movie about one of our cherished deities. What makes me angrier/sadder is people saying things like, "But Asgard is a made up place." My response to that is "FUCK YOU SO IS HEAVEN." Which I apologize for, it's just that the pitiful amount of respect and recognition Ásatrú receives gets to me sometimes. As for boycotting the movie, I'm certainly not going to in the hopes that it will be a relatively accurate and cool portrayal of a topic I'm interested in. I'm sure these hopes will be smashed and I'll leave angry, but hey, I'm still gonna see it.

Norseman on Dec 2, 2009


Norseman, VERY WELL SAID. You make some very valid points. I ,being of black and filipino heritage, have found myself deeply interested in mythology of other origins ever since collecting Marvel books as a child. My question good sir (and this is not asked with the intent to draw you into an argument, but instead to satisfy my own personal curiosity) if a soul were to show honor, courage and mettle..then could it be said that soul would be welcome in matter the color skin? This is how I view Valhalla myself. Nevermind the color of a mans face but rather the color of his soul. Just sharing my thoughts.

Cyfer on Dec 2, 2009


While not having Read every post here. I am a Scandinavian immigrant, and also a Germanic Heathen. Let me point out that people still follow the old viking religions. Just because we don't want to see a Black Guy as Heimdall doesn't make us racist. This is most of the White western world's heritage, and it's pathetic to see Marvel bastardize and disrespect it anymore than they have for the past 40 years. A black man playing a Norse God is ridiculous, even from a non-religious Standpoint the Norsemen had never even encountered Africans. I disagree with the entire Alleged Casting of this movie. They could have cast this man as someone different if they didn't want people bitching about the lack of Black Actors in it, why a Norse God? To all these people crying Racism, screw you. How would you like to have your Heritage altered? I've never been a huge fan of the Thor comics, until the most recent ones because Marvel has a complete disregard for the Heathen community. You don't see them Making a Comic about Jesus Parading around fighting space aliens do you? It's an insult, and a backhanded one. Hopefully they don't go through with this crap. This Movie has such a poor cast listing, I don't know what i'm more Irritated about Thor as a Soap Opera Pretty Boy, or Anthony Hopkins as Odin. To the poster Above me, your View of Valhalla doesn't change Norse Myths of Heimdall being white.

Skrýmir on Dec 28, 2009


Can't believe they cast a moon cricket as Heimdall Another typical hollyweird fuckup!

trev on Jan 1, 2010


Burning_Tyger - you're a fucking IDIOT of the highest calibre!

trev on Jan 1, 2010


Asatru is a white religion which regards the black race as Thralls, or natural servants/inferiors. Heimdall was assigned by Odin to create a perfect race of men whom he could teach the runes(sacred wisdom), and with whom he could build a mighty army in Valhalla(of their most honorable men's warrior-souls) to protect Asgard and ultimately to fight in the battle of Ragnarok. Heimdall(Rig) created the white race with guided evolution, the days being called metaphors for thousands of years, and by enchanting the wombs of the purest humanoid couple with the spirits of the Aesir. Heimdall was in fact called "the whitest of the Gods" because of his purity of spirit and because he was the blood-brother and adopted son of the Allfather(Odin) of the Aesir and the creator of Jarl's(great-grandfathers) Kin, the Hyperborean, Thulean, Aryan, etc. race.... So this new-age blasphemy is pure ignorance and highly offensive. Asatru is the natural philosophy of the Aryan race, and this offense is but one of many that has been cast by those with malicious motives in a slowly decaying world. This isn't a new-age, multicultural, politically-correct sewer religion. You can't bend what is pure to fit it in your corrupted mold. The Asian and Negroid races are but the failed attempts of Heimdall the White, the rejects of the supreme Gods of the European soul-religion(including Greek, mind you). Get as mad or smug as you wish, because ignorance is bliss that leads to blind hatred and misery which loves it's company. There's plenty of religions I disagree with too(particularly the animosity of the "God's Chosen Pets" syndrome), but at least I don't go and make half-informed, insulting movies over it to serve as a token which actually contradicts an already insane "equality" mentality. So keep denying what is spiritually and scientifically absolute truth. There's a reason that blacks not only have smaller brains but also calcified pineal glands. Causal(natural) and acausal(supernatural, which is the ultimately natural) evolution. Don't like it? Fine, turn your heads from the truth, which is both obvious and deeply spiritual. Quite calling fact hatred and your lack of pride and misplaced compassion the truth. It says in the Rigsmal that all the races of Heimdall are "holy, greater or lesser", and capable of doing great things. We should treat them with the respect they deserve, and we all must respect the hierarchy of the people. Remember, those who promote intermixing are the ones who are truly racist. They are contributing to the destruction of the races; and those who respect eachother by respecting the intrinsic uniqueness and value of the human races are the ones who truly believe in the dignity of them all... Virtue lies first in the blood, and secondly within the mind. The highest law of biological life is the preservation of ones own kind. Be proud of your kin and give your elders and children something to be proud of you for! Respect and be respected and be ready to fight those who sin against the natural order. Pointless offenses are of the lowest stock. So boycott this movie and don't think it is harmless for it to exist. It's only one more step in the enemies' slow indoctrination of sickness. It's leaders have outlined their goal a million times in writing, and subtely fed it to us with inceasing doses as our morals are weaned away. Simply put, it is to instill in us a guilt complex while raising those we thus feel guilty over in every walk of life. Stifled opposition is our guilt's first symptom. So don't let them brainwash you with this ignorant, offensive, new-age filth! There is no one who can impurify what is eternall sacred and pure, but let those who offend us fear the fury of the Norsemen!

Logan on Mar 4, 2010


Seems rather racist against the Norse religion to me; disregarding it so much that they would cast a black person a whitest of white character as a pathetic attempt to look anti-racist... Just like having black Gods in the Percy Jackson movie. How ridiculous! And would it really be the same vice-versa if it were an important black character being played by a white guy? Or a white guy playing a God from African mythology. I somehow doubt it.

Logan on Mar 4, 2010


Ancient Greeks were Europeans, so having British actors playing them is more reasonable then having black actors playing them. Second of all Andromeda is a Princess based upon GREEK mythology. Her kingdom was Joppa, it was changed to an obscure location 'Athiopia' in later times and its location was anywhere from Eurasia to the Middle East to Centrial Asia and to N. Africa. Look at how ancient Greeks depicted Andromeda, as a light skinned European looking female, not like a 'black' African. Because as I said she was of Greek mythology and ancient Greeks believed Gods and Goddess and mythical figures were made in the image of the people they belonged to, Andromeda belonged to Greek mythology, not African, not Asian, not Middle Eastern, nor German but Greek. So she was made in their likeness.

Dan on Mar 25, 2010


Just another attempt to marginalize those who are white by belittling their ancient culture..And don't say it doesn't happen I see it happen a lot here..hes just a white guy,or what you gonna do your white...I hear that a lot and its BS,I hear it going the other way at times to never makes it right...I mean a coworker and I were talking and he said well your white but this this and this about his culture reply was oh really? I am glad your proud of your heritage but what of the Nordic,and Celtic heritage to name just two were all not just white we have a rich tapestry of history and lore as well but it seems that to many folk are to worried about hurting other peoples feelings...well maybe if it happened more in a decent,and constructive manner instead of folk running off half cocked etc things might go a bit better I don't like this because its not a true view of my ancestors gods one may say others could say I see that and that's valid but it isn't a true Norse picture they are alien and that it is marvelized semi Norse in reply ....I apologize for the seeming rambling of this post but its very late and I am tired just wished to weigh in on the matter.My opinion is its not Norse than change it heck they seem to be changing everything anyway to try to gloss over everything to make the loudest of mouths happy..I am sure he is a fine actor I watched a clip of him on you tube to see about him after hearing the uproar...Just dont t

Romalin on May 5, 2010


I am sure he is a fine actor I watched a clip of him on you tube to see about him after hearing the uproar...Just don't think he fits the character unless they come up with something in the book which I confess I haven't been able to read in sometime...I tend to be a stickler for detail.But its all about the Benjamin's in Hollywood and nothing is sacred there but that so Do I agree with it no...I hope it goes well,no one gets hurt on set and maybe just maybe it will be all explained to everyone's satisfaction in the movie...just my two cents..Be safe everyone

Romalin on May 5, 2010


Conan, Prince of Persia, and now this. Really? I however, disagree with the guy who said "only Germanic peoples!" This debate should not be over "race." "Race" isn't a thing. It does not, scientifically, exist. Social identity is a thing, of course, but that's an aspect of the character - not something an actor, or at-least a GOOD actor, should be bringing with them. The thing is, anyone with a light skin tone can put on an accent and pretend to be German, Irish, Norwegian, what have you. However, no amount of acting will allow an Indian guy to pull off that role. This is, of course, a general statement. I know of several actors, Ben Kingsley to name one, whom have played many characters of varying ethnicities and pulled it off well. Such actors have, however, not been several pages off on the Sherman Williams color wheel. It's purely about visual fidelity. I am a white male. I did not audition to play Storm in the X-Men movies. It's not racist any more than it is sexist.

Soyokaze on May 10, 2010


You people need to chill out. Yes in no way does it make sense for a black dude to play a norse god. Mostly because all Norse gods are white. Too the idiot who say "you would be annoyed if they cast a black Shaft", it's different with characters like Shaft as his "colour" is a big part of him and it's the main driving force of the films. People don't make this a case of white people being the victim of racisim as it happens in all movies.

Nathan on May 10, 2010


This IS OUTRAGEOUS. BOYCOTT THIS MOVIE OR DEMAND CAST CHANGE. Heimdall is a SACRED DIETY of my ancestry. To have him played by anyone other then one of his own is a disgrace to the history of our ancestors. No MORE BULLSHIT. Demand cast change now! Heimdall is a NORSE, and therefore WHITE GOD. Stop this bullshit.

Rob on May 25, 2010


Maybe Idris Elba will come out in "white-face". Kidding, obviously. All of you taking the PC standpoint on this issue are kidding yourselves. If it gives you a warm feeling inside to point your finger and call someone racist then that's your bag, but it's nonsense. I am a HUGE Thor fan, and I'm not going to show off any of my fancy comic and/or Norse Mythos knowledge. What I will say is that I care about Heimdall as a character, always have, and as far as I've known him he has been a white guy. He will not be nearly as minor a character as everyone like to pretend. He is fifth or sixth on the casting sheet so hie isn't going to be a set piece. I, being a white guy, will have a hard time identifying with him being played as a black guy. That's simple psycholgy and it is the same for all races. I'm not terribly upset about it, but yes, it's kind of silly. I feel like all the people saying he is a minor character and that it's just dandy are Johnny-come-lately's. Sorry, but that's how you look. Someone made a point about comice beinga visual medium as well as written and that should be remembered. As far as the drudging up of the airbender thing and the prince of persia thing, it's simple economics. Cut past the PC crap and the taboo-ness of the subject and realize they're just playing to the crowd. Who's going to watch Prince of Persia? White people, mainly. Biggest openning was in Russia btw. Get upset all you want but the casting in that situation was based on economics. It's the same thing when some rapper shows up as a co-star in a movie, they're not there for PC reasons, they're there to get whichever race they are, usually African American, to get them interested and get their money. A fact is a fact. I believe the reasoning for the big uproar from people about this, and I believe it's mostly from Americans, is becuase in America it seems we only have two races, white or black. People tend to forget about the rest. Between the two races double standards exist (on both sides) and theres not much we can do to change that, they've been built up over the years. In this case, cast a black guy for a white character and it's championed, reverse that and it's a shame. It is how it is, and it's lame. The point is that one of the main group of characters, a co-star as far as I'm concerned, was cast as a black guy to get the African American movie-goer money. They stand behind the PC curtain to make it look like a righteous move. Is it lame? yes. I will still watch the movie, won't be able to help myslef, but if it were up to me, I wouldn't have done that, but then the movie would make less money.

Bill on Jun 4, 2010


Seriously who cares if he's black it didn't even register with me untill i saw these comments (most ignorant) lol at the previos posters reason for the casting of Prince of Persia. The reason they cast him was because he was a big well known actor in America who was on a roll movie wise. How many big name suitable Persian actors do you think their are. Same goes for Heimdall their aint any 8 foot tall Norse actors who are currently succesful or names in the buisiness. Same why Wolverine was played by a foot 2 Austrailien. Come on you saddos, it makes me laugh when white people think the are the minority. Oh and Bill their is more the White and Black people, are asian and oriental people nothing to you or are you including them in the black part if so you are simply stupid

Nathan on Jun 4, 2010


Look fella, The point isn't that the main character isn't Persian, it's that they didn't fill the cast with Persians (not a one in there by the way) , because they don't make money off Persians going to the movies. They wan't white characters to gain the attention of white people to get their money, end of story. The side charachters, anyone could have been a persian actor, but no one was. That is kind of silly. I doubt they can even show that movie in Iran. Anyone think of that? Cry me a river about there not being any real midgets in the latest Willy Wonka, I dare you. The point about Heimdall is that they could have cast someone, obviously not nordic, who looked like Heimdall, hell, I look like Heimdall (seriously, I would have been great). Stick with me here and maybe you'll learn something: They Got a black guy, to play a white guy. for the sole reason of getting the black people to go see the movie, to get their money, because otherwise without a black character they could relate to they probably wouldn't go see the movie. Look how close the movie version of Thor looks like the comic version, sans the beard, and tell me they weren't trying to stay close to the source material. Heimdall is black for the reason I've already stated, it's merely convenient that it appears to promote diversity. Poor Nathan, I am well aware of other races, my family is mixed race. The public however, seems to only focus on the two, that was my point. Thanks for applying your third grade reading level and missing that. Wolverine was played by a 6' 2" Australian because three other actors were too busy, he was fourth pick, and only because he could pull off the hair. Oh and Nathan, everyone knows the Japaneese don't have souls, the automatic openning doors at grocery stores don't detect them, that's why they only use good old fashioned manual doors in Japan, it's a fact. Oh, and to combat the other point I've noticed everyone making, I'll say this. If a black character, say Goliath (because no one's brought him up yet) is cast as a white guy, me being white, I'm not goint to care too much, but I'd expect black people to be upset and I wouldn't think they were racist, because it's not. Same thing for an asian character, etc. etc. I don't care about Goliath, or whatever lame Air Bender movie is coming out, I like Thor. I don't believe anyone has to defend every other races' best interests just so they don't appear racist to other people when they defend their own, that's why we have interest groups. If you do really want to think that way why limit it to race? What about diseased and aflicitons? Why can't Thor be in a wheel chair? Why aren't cripples represented in movies more often? Think of the possibilities! Idris Elba could have been the Executioner, I woould have let go af that character quite easily, could have been cool, for those of you who know what I'm talking about, and for those of you who google it and pretend to. Boom

Bill on Jun 4, 2010


Here we go again..... Most peope do NOT just think of just black and white people, asians are NOT considered white or black. It's just stupid people *cough**you* who believe that (very small percentage), it's not the 1920s any more as much as you'd like that and non whites are not being persecuted as much as then (if any). Oh some of your FAMILY is mixed race that makes you very knowledgeble on the subject lol. So does that mean i only watch movies with mixed race peope in......uh........NO DUMBASS LOL Theirs no Persian actors because it's a frickin AMERICAN movie. Plus Heimdall is not a pivotal character, in the final credits i would be suprised to see him in the top 10. Where you the Casting agent for the movie if not then your not smart by predicting that they chose Idris because of his colour. If you believe this true then you are fairly bigoted as Brannagh has already stated he didn't look for a white guy he just looked for the BEST MAN FOR THE JOB.l Most peope who see this movie aint going to give a crap (except for some of the comic book readers and bigots *cough**you*) But if this movie was made for the comic books fans (which it is not), then it would be stupid to cast Idris as Heimdall as the fans all know what he looks like and that he is the pale or white God But seriously get a grip who gives a shit TICK TOCK BOOM you've just been Nathaned

Nathan on Jun 5, 2010


JAMES MCAOY TO PLAY CHARLES XAVIER, KILL THE SCOTTISH THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE REPRESENTED WE NEED THE SCOTTISH MONEY. You've just been Nathaned for a second time their. Last post of my enlightenment to you poor characters TICKITY TOCK BOOM

Nathan on Jun 5, 2010


My new best friend Nathan, You're obviously missing the point. Your whole first paragraph is misplaced, yet again. I guess your heart is in the right place but your brain is on the short bus. I'm not going to say it again, if you can't surmise the point that I've made twice already then you're a lost cause and you're no better than the poeple who are arguing agianst the casting for actual racist reasons. You're wrong about Heimdall's character and you're point on the Persians is also fighting some argument I never made, but if you read it alone it really sounds like you're putting someone in their place, problem is, that person isn't me. That's a nice strawman argument you're putting together there. I should start calling everyone who thinks different from me derogatory names, that'll show them! With your wit we silly bigots *cough**me* obviously don't stand a chance. If you wan't to see how important Heimdall is going to be in the movie then go to and look it up. Why cast a high profile actor like Idris then? Tell me that my gramatically challenged friend. How is this movie not made for comic book fans? Are you that naive? Who was it made for? Mathletes? All these questions are rhetorical btw. That's fine if most people don't give a crap Nathan, I do, if that bothers you I'm sure you can make some more weak personal attacks and make invalid points that don't have to do with anything I've said. You're making this too easy, I guess getting "Nathaned" is like someone putting a pinata in front of you, no blind fold, and you're given a chainsaw, it's easy to tear apart. Ka-Boom

Bill on Jun 5, 2010


I have mixed feelings with all this. On one hand, Heimdall is inarguably white, has always been, will always be. And he's Sif's brother, which makes him even whiter. On the other, he's so secondary, it shouldn't matter he's played by a black, asian or whatever. And, in Norse mythology, we have giants mating with Aesirs, having blue elf kids... you get my drift. It should actually be seen by black people as slightly insulting, as he's very much a servant, the guard of the bridge - Lo and behold, played by a black man... All in all, he no doubt should be portrayed as white, by a white man. But, again, maybe the whole discussion is just not important enough.

godzilla_foil on Oct 6, 2010


Heimdall is not black. This is stupid casting, most likely based on a P.C. need to have the token black guy so African Americans won't feel left out. I vote a recasting of Heimdall.

Dirt on Nov 7, 2010


It seems racist to me that they'd choose a black man to play Heimdall; of all the Norse gods to be portrayed by a black man, the director chose Heimdall, who is not a god of Thunder or Light or Prosperity or, he's a glorified DOORMAN.

Gume on Dec 18, 2010


Wouldn't it be hilarious if, in the movie, Heimdall is wearing a huge set of armour with a closed helmet so you can't even see the colour of his skin!

lolz on Dec 26, 2010

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