IFC Debuts One Final Trailer for Lars von Trier's Antichrist

September 11, 2009
Source: Apple

Antichrist Trailer

IFC has cut on more trailer for Lars von Trier's Antichrist for your viewing pleasure today. The very first trailer for this controversially insane film arrived back in April before it premiered in Cannes. Having seen this twice, I can tell you it really is as crazy as this trailer makes it seem, and that music and every last bit of footage you see here is in the film. In my first review of Antichrist from Cannes, I gave it a "8ish out of 10" rating, but after seeing it for a second time, I'm not even sure I like it. So if that's not indecisive enough, well, I'm just not sure what else I can say. Just watch the trailer if you're interested, it'll help you decide.

Watch the final trailer for Lars von Trier's Antichrist from YouTube:

You can also watch the final trailer for Antichrist in High Definition on Apple

A grieving couple (Dafoe and Gainsbourg) retreats to their cabin 'Eden' in the woods, hoping to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage. But nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse.

Antichrist is both written and directed by prolific Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier, of an extensive number of past films, including Nocturne, The Element of Crime, Dancer in the Dark, Dogville, Manderlay, and The Boss of It All most recently. After premiering at the Cannes Film Festival, the film was picked up for US distribution by IFC. They're now bringing Antichrist to very limited theaters starting on October 23rd.

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Alex wrote : (I gave it a "8ish out of 10" rating, but after seeing it for a second time, I'm not even sure I like it.) ! Alex from now on watch a movie more than once after that come and write reviews , I lost any faith in you and your reviews ! or at least write down every time ( This is my first review who knows what I will think after 5 minutes ) .

Sara Kail on Sep 12, 2009


lol. agreed, rob!

crumb on Sep 12, 2009


"thanks god for interent" Someone please make a funny image out of this comment.

nem on Sep 12, 2009


Pretty sad/odd/funny that this movie is taking so long to get its premiere in the States. At least I enjoyed the movie. Probably the best movie ive seen this year.

coswell on Sep 12, 2009


Saw it at the cinema here in Sweden a few months ago. It sure is a great experience and one of the most beautiful films I've seen (visually). So, if you will like it or nor should not be a question, everyone should see it just because its pure beauty.

ryderup on Sep 12, 2009


i have to agree with's visually stunning. last half is super-intense too. and i just shook my head at Alex. come on give it an 8 rating and then announce you aren't sure you even like it? lame AND bogus.

beavis4play on Sep 12, 2009


yeah , i mean we europeans will deff enjoy this masterpiece more than those uptight americanos. Spoiler* u see veginal penetration within 3 minutes into the film, lets not even mention the disgusting clit scene .... its gonna be booooooed in US and A

PinkSushi on Sep 12, 2009


It looks interesting.

daniel on Sep 12, 2009


@8 How much you all try to joke about it, it will still be too close to the truth to be funny 🙂 But still, if you like visual films, if you want to be a DP or if you like interesting films - go watch it.

ryderup on Sep 12, 2009


Watched this recently. I hated it. The graphic nature of the film was not what turned me off the film, is was just the fact that I felt von Trier was making it confronting and controversial just for the sake of it. Felt pointless. Plus I couldn't get a clear message out of the film, which frustrated me cause I thought a film that has been so highly rated by critics would have some important to say, and maybe it just skipped over my head, but I just didn't see the point of it. Anyways, I'm sure some of you guys will love it, these are just my personal thoughts 🙂

Ben on Sep 12, 2009


Just watched it yesterday. While I think the cinematography was amazingly beautiful (there were some incredible nature shots in there, wow), I didn't really like the film as a whole. As awesome as an actor Dafoe is, I never really wanted to see him have sex. Especially not this graphic. >.< The violence and mutilation didn't really bother me too much. It made me cringe, yes, but I wasn't terribly disgusted. What dissapointed me the most, is that I couldn't connect with the characters at all. As a woman I would have thought I could feel the actresses pain, and feel terrible for her loss and suffer with her. But that wasn't the case. Maybe I missed something, maybe I am "too stupid to get it", but the characters just seemed too out of this world for me. I just watched things happen without any kind of emotional attachment. In fact, I felt more for the animals in the movie than the characters. Still, visually one of the most beautiful films I've seen in a long time.

SuicidalOptimist on Sep 12, 2009


this looks psychologically dark rather than supernatural or even offensive to christians...(other than the name)..I think it looks pretty original and pretty damn interesting! "Nature is satans church" oh shit..thats pretty twisted..the trailer gave me the same feeling i had when I watched "Jacobs Ladder" for the first time... oh and yes, Im an American.

Lando on Sep 12, 2009


Looks pretty funny. It is a comedy right? I just got a family ticket, I'm away to see it tomorrow with the the wife and kids. - Good visuals, but if wanted to be shocked I'd watch 'faces of death'.

Crapola on Sep 12, 2009


#13 I'm with you on Jacob's Ladder. That was a great movie on a lot of levels. This looks great to me. I'm not sure why, but the fact that it's so controversial probably means I'm going to love it

Rorschach90 on Sep 12, 2009


Hey Rorschach, you listen to the band rorschach? just wondering...

Lando on Sep 12, 2009


Europeans think Oasis is better than the Beatles we obviously can't trust there opinions on anything. But I actually would probably enjoy this.

Klaus on Sep 12, 2009


watched it yesterday this movie is fucking NUTS!!!!!!! and really really really disturbing you should make your children watch it and scar them for ever 🙂 oh and as a review... i didn't really dig the movie, didn't hate it but just wasn't my cup of tea.

DoomCanoe on Sep 12, 2009



lol on Sep 12, 2009


Lando - I had no idea there was band called Rorschach! I'll have to check them out

Rorschach90 on Sep 12, 2009


I'm more surprised that SuicidalOptimist is a woman than at Alex's backtrack on his review. I never saw that coming.

crumb on Sep 12, 2009


#12 Well thank 'god' its not Dafoe in that scene.. Read an interview where he said they used stuntdoubles!

coswell on Sep 13, 2009


i loved this movie. it changed my life.

Brian Ricci on Sep 13, 2009


#8, let me get this straight.....this movie would be considered an enjoyable "masterpiece" in Europe because, as you felt the need to point out, you get to see vaginal penetration and a clitoris cut off? Yeah, well I guess I'll continue to be an uptight American and enjoy movies like Die Hard where Bruce Willis gets to take out a bunch of German radical terrorists.

tommyturner on Sep 13, 2009


Actually, I do have a serious question. For what type of person is a movie like this made? Who is the target demographic? Is a movie like this expected to make a profit, or is it just a director's arrogance that drives the making of a film like this? Looking for answers.

tommyturner on Sep 13, 2009


I loved this movie. It ranks #5 on my all-time classics.

Angry Chief on Sep 13, 2009


#24 LOL, fuck all you euro trash with sticks up your asses. why don't you go wear some tight leather pants and a frilled shirt while you sip on a cappuccino. FAGS!

USAUSAUSA on Sep 13, 2009


#26 I hate to ask, but what, pray tell, are your top 4?

tommyturner on Sep 13, 2009


This movie is not fun , It is not for all family , It is not horror !This movie will make you think , Images that you will never forget , Things that you maybe thought about but never saw ! This will be a great movie to be considered for movie study by new movie makers . If you are really a big fan of movies then you must watch this movie no matter how hard it is ,no matter how strange it is . It is showing you a new or different kind of movies . not the same all story every time . you need this movie to refresh and bring back some things you lost by the commercial movies . there are lot of things to be found in this movie . you may call it crazy or you can call it intelligent movie . in both ways it is a movie to be remain for ever ,even if it is just one scene .but it will stay with you until the end .

forever on Sep 14, 2009


SARA KAIL- What's the problem with changing your mind about a film? I guess you consider Roger Ebert and every other critic in the world bad since they also change their minds on some films after multiple viewings. Like you haven't ever changed your mind about a film after revisiting it, we all have. If you think with that mentality then I hope to god that no one ever allows you to review movies.

Snake Eyes's Real Eyes. on Sep 14, 2009


The only for sure one are Citizen Kane, Watchmen, and Antichrist. All for personal reasons. The two missing ranks are like fake ranks. I see a great movie like Le Grand Blau and think its a huge favorite, but I remember that it is destroyed by time.

Angry Chief on Sep 14, 2009

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