Imagi's Introduction to Astro Boy Early Presentation Video

July 19, 2009
Source: Sina.com

Astro Boy Presentation

Don't know much about Astro Boy? Don't worry, Imagi has you covered. The studio behind the upcoming CGI animated Astro Boy movie put together a quick introduction and presentation on the movie that ended up online via Sina.com. I have a feeling this was made a while ago, but it's still awesome to see (especially with that Linkin Park song). Some of the footage seen in the second half of this comes from the most recent teaser trailer that was released in March. Other than that, we haven't seen much new footage from Astro Boy in a while, although I expect a new trailer and a lot more to be shown this week at Comic-Con. Enjoy!

Watch Imagi's introduction to Astro Boy:

Video has been removed at the request of Imagi Studios. Sorry guys!

When a scientist's son dies, he secretly creates a powerful robot to replace him, but the robot uses its powers to become a famous superhero and faces his biggest challenge when an alien threatens Earth.

Astro Boy is directed by ex-Disney animator David Bowers, of Flushed Away previously, with a screenplay written by Timothy Harris, of Brewster's Millions, Kindergarten Cop, and Space Jam previously. Imagi Animation, the studio behind TMNT last year, is developing this animated film which is based on Osamu Tezuka's manga series. Summit will debut Astro Boy in theaters everywhere on October 23rd this year.

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what's with the Linkin Park music?

casshern on Jul 19, 2009


The Linkin Park song is fitting . Somewhere I belong

NeoSlyfer on Jul 19, 2009


Another film with a Sir Nick Cage oh and matt lucas was a surprise.

Butto on Jul 19, 2009


Wow. That was morbidly boring. Since when was Astro Boy as iconic as mickey mouse? I'm gonna say never.

Clark M. Lamson on Jul 19, 2009


linkin park should never be used for anything. Except a presentation on bad rock and roll

Dan W on Jul 19, 2009


Alex, stop. No more of these please. I must see a Ninja Assassin trailer. Where the $#@% is Ninja Assassin? I can't take it anymore.

Quanah on Jul 19, 2009


I like.

Fisherr on Jul 19, 2009


Most people I know have never heard of Astro Boy.

Dan on Jul 19, 2009


That last chunk of symphony there was John Williams, can't remember if it is Indiana Jones or Star Wars, but one of the two.

dRailer on Jul 19, 2009


HORRIBLE choice of music in the beginning. Completely messes up the tone.

Dan on Jul 19, 2009


@#5... He's not been iconic in the states, but in Japan he was pretty huge. Actually in a lot of places he was huge. He was never huge here because nothing really good ever comes to the states. We get none of the really great foreign films because they aren't popular, and they aren't popular because the US has the vast majority of the market on big budget hollywood stupid, and most people here are so used to big stupid movies that films where you have to think are unpopular. This has gone on for decades. So studios don't import foreign shows or movies because they pretty much think you're too stupid to enjoy them. Instead, they buy the rights and re-make the better foreign films, but they dumb them down a lot for US consumption. Why do you think they're re-making "Let the right one in"? They re-make them so they can make a fortune by adding all the stupid shit that US audiences eat up. They end up being much worse films, but they at least make money. Quarantine = [REC] The Uninvited = A tale of two sisters Mirrors = Into the mirror The Ring = Ringu The Departed = Infernal Affairs A lot of horror films are re-makes, but people only know about them because they didn't bother to change the name for most of them. Other US films that were re-makes: True Lies, The Magnificent Seven, Wicker Park, The Lake House, Chaos, Vanilla Sky... If the US would stop wallowing in it's own ignorance and learn to appreciate film, TV, comics, books, etc from other countries, then maybe you'd know who fucking Astro Boy was. We ship all our worthless crap all over the world, but heaven forbid we allow any of their stuff in here.

Squiggly on Jul 19, 2009


People who say they have never heard of Astro Boy or that hes not as iconic as Mickey Mouse are probably the same type of people who have never heard of Akira Kurosawa. You dont have a clue.

JimD on Jul 19, 2009


Ummm 13 was that suppose to be an insult? Your right I have no fucking clue what your talking about and I doubt 90% of us do either....I also bet if you told me how "iconic" this subject is I still really wouldnt care cause this looks retarded, But hey it is a cartoon whatever makes the kiddies happy.

Cody on Jul 19, 2009


Also 12 America need to stop being ignorant about A LOT more thing besides music and entertainment were in our own little bubble and very soon our bubble is going to pop from the inside out. But I do respect your comment seeing as pretty much all of it is very freaking true.

Cody on Jul 19, 2009


@13: Already being an adult you should know who Akira Kurosawa is... if not you have not concerned youtself with good movies. [outside of the country USA]

Ginta on Jul 20, 2009


@5 Astroboy is iconic for several reasons, first in Japan where he's considered Japan's answer to Mickey mouse and Superman. He's also well known in other parts of the world, the rest of Asia, Europe and even the Middle East. Astro became and remains an iconic hero of the Japanese people. Astro’s influence over later manga and anime, both robot stories and science-fiction in general, is immeasurable, and much has been written on his significance as a personification of post-war Japan, transforming the terrifying force of atomic power into something useful and progressive, embracing modern technology and looking to the future and universal progress to repair and move on from the damage done in the war. Indeed, so great is Astro’s importance in modern Japanese culture that on April 7th 2003, specified in the original 1952 story as the date of Astro’s creation, was celebrated with parades and festivals across the natoin, and both Astro and his creator Dr. Ochanomizu were issued birth certificates and legally registered as citizens by the government. Astro was listed on Empire magazine's 50 Greatest Comic Characters list ranking forty third on the list. http://www.empireonline.com/50greatestcomiccharacters/default.asp?c=43

BBally on Jul 20, 2009


Thank goodness for #12. My parents watched Astro Boy when they were kids 😀

giraffic on Jul 20, 2009

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