Indie Trailer Sunday: Shake Hands with the Devil Trailer

November 15, 2009
Source: Apple

Shake Hands with the Devil

Today's trailer is for an indie that has been on hold for quite a few years. Shake Hands with the Devil first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival way back in 2007. In fact, director Roger Spottiswoode actually directed another film (The Children of Huang Shi) while waiting for this to be released. Regent Releasing is finally bringing Shake Hands with the Devil to theaters in 2010 and has debuted a trailer for it on Apple. I'm featuring it for a few reasons. First, while some of the dialogue looks rough, the story looks incredible. Second, the cinematography and locations look gorgeous as well. It stars Roy Dupuis and Deborah Unger.

Watch the trailer for Roger Spottiswoode's Shake Hands with the Devil:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the Shake Hands with the Devil trailer in High Definition on Apple

The story follows Emma, a journalist, as well as the personal journey of General Roméo Dallaire through the 1994 Rwandan genocide and how Dallaire's request for more aid went ignored by the United Nations.

Shake Hands with the Devil is directed by veteran Canadian filmmaker Roger Spottiswoode, of Under Fire, Shoot to Kill, Turner & Hooch, Tomorrow Never Dies, The 6th Day, and Spinning Boris previously. The screenplay was written by producer Michael Donovan and is based on General Roméo Dallaire's book of the same name. This first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival way back in 2007 and is now finally heading to theaters thanks to Regent Releasing. Shake Hands with the Devil finally hits limited theaters in early 2010.

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Another film that blames "the world community" for black African violence. How about blaming black Africans for the violence that they themselves commit against each other. I would like to see a film that treats black africans as adults who are responsible for their own countries, not as children who need the help of the world community adults.

Phil on Nov 15, 2009


^^^ You don't know much about history or the human condition do you?

sean on Nov 15, 2009


guys guys easy hold your horses because you are both right

Sebastiaan Vos on Nov 15, 2009


This movie came out on DVD in Canada over a year ago. Was it never released in the states? Its very good, and well-worth seeing (the documentary of the same name is also worth a look).

Mike on Nov 15, 2009


Yeah this came almost 2 years ago in theaters in Canada and has been out on DVD for well over a year here. Absolutely brilliant movie. If anyone gets the chance you really should check out the documentary Shake Hands with the Devil. One of the most powerful movies I've ever seen. By the way, this story isn't about the world being blamed for the situation. It's based on Romeo Dallaire's own experiences. His book was more about blaming the UN for ignoring the situation when it exploded and not providing proper assistance. Again, read the book or see the documentary.

Colca on Nov 15, 2009


I saw this film nearly 2 years ago so, like #4, I'm surprised that it's coming up as a new release. I found the film itself to be fairly mediocre. I highly recommend the documentary over the film. The story itself is heart wrenching and Roy Dupuis' performance just can't compare to the actual Romeo Dallaire telling the story. And #1, while your point is valid, you should really check out the facts of the story before passing judgement.

Evo on Nov 15, 2009


#4,5,6 - That kind of disconnect is always so crazy. It makes sense if it's release in Japan, but if it's Canada, it's like everyone can watch the DVD (same region format) and everything. They shouldn't delay a US release like this for so long, but oh well!

Alex Billington on Nov 15, 2009


if it's as good as the "same name" documentary.........i'm excited.

beavis on Nov 15, 2009


Phil AKA #1, sound like a whiny douche bag that got taken on a Nigerian lottery scam....dont worry you are not the only idiot. How could your take away from that preview be that Africans are blaming anyone, especially since native africans do not make the freaking films or have power nor money to do so anyway...douche.

KJC on Nov 15, 2009


Hmmmn, it's probably a powerful story, but the film itself looks well below average to me (yes, even the cinematography). I know It's only a trailer, but the acting, filming, and writing looks like it would be right at home in one of those low budget (and low quality) Christian movies that go straight to DVD. You know, the ones that their filmmaking, acting, etc is of such a low standard that their only saving grace is they are telling a story that resonates loudly with a large demographic? This looks like it's following the same principal. Manipulate people by using their own strong ideas about an issue against them. It's worked wonders for many films before (tricking people into thinking the film is powerful, when, really, the issue is what's important to them). For me though, if the acting is wooden and the writing is on autopilot, it rarely works for me, no matter how important the issue is. BUT, I have NOT seen this yet, only the trailer, I'm just saying that's what the trailer reminds me of. It may be amazing, who knows? I just highly doubt it.

Matt S on Nov 15, 2009


I remember seeing the documentary on this. While what is happening in some countries in Africa is sad, the question is what are you gonna do about it. You have people who want to "raise awareness" of what's going on in Darfur (and other 3rd world countries) and get governments involved and want to stop it. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure everyone sincerely wants it to end. The only problem is, the only way governments try to promote peace is with bullets and bombs, which is only making a bad situation worse. If you ask most of these people who are trying to "promote peace" in Africa about what they think about the War in Iraq, they'll likely tell you it was a huge mistake, but when you ask them what should be done about Darfur, they'll likely give an answer similar to us invading Iraq. It's like war is good for certain cases and that any casualties in war is worth it, if it prevents people from being killed. Yeah, that doesn't make sense to me either. Genocide is horrible, but I think #1 has a valid point. People are gonna have to settle their own problems and governments often make matters worse. We think we're so much better than these people in Africa killing each other, but we really aren't. How often has the U.S., or other "civilized" countries tried to solve problems with the use of force? That's how governments try to solve all their problems, is by either taking away freedoms, fining people, arresting people, or killing them. If people would just learn to live and let live, the whole world would be a better place, but everyone gets caught up in what others are doing instead of only worrying about what's going on in their own life. It seems selfish, but has the current way of getting involved in other countries brought about more peace, or just made more people angry and set the stage for more wars? I don't think they need more people with guns shooting at them and forcing them to do things. If these people had jobs, access to good education, and didn't have rulers that liked to divide people up into groups based on religion, race, tribe, or whatever, then I think these people could better themselves and there would be more peace. Most of these people doing the killing are poor, have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. They have no way out. Their leaders are telling them that "these other people" are the cause of their horrible life, or are bad people, and their life will be better if they kill these other people off. Desperate people do crazy things. Money is not the root of all evil; the lack of money is. I'm not saying that all poor people are bad, but they are more likely to listen to crazy ideas to get further ahead in life than someone whose life is going rather well.

Brad on Nov 15, 2009


#1 you are an absolute idiot that knows NOTHING about why people are the way they are. you must be anti social. have fake friends. and make your partner very miserable. unless they are like you and you just spread your misery over eachother. you wanna know why the world is like this? its called MONEY. ill put it to you simply. if everyone in the world had $1,000,000 then tell me how much would $1,000,000 be worth? NOTHING. the system is built on scarcity. in order for one millionaire to exist there must be a million broke people in the world! you say america is so prosperous though right? YES because more of the world isnt! the rich in this world has gotten richer while the poor has gotten poorer. you say "well they need to handle there own problems" you had something to do with the american revolution? like the fact that FREE slavery created a product that was 100% for the wealthy to build a capitalistic society in america for 400 yrs had nothing to do with america's rise to power? like the rape this country has inflicted with the IMF, WORLD BANK, and MULTINATIONALS all over the world has nothing to do with our prosperity. the fact that the wealthy pay pennies for these poor countries natural resources and CONTRACT OUT the building and engineering in those countries to other multinationals, so the local population makes NO MONEY or builds ANY economy and they give the money to ones in power that let them TAKE the resources. the ones that KILL and MURDER anyone that questions them. THATS who gets the money. thats who WE support. look up president ALLENDE in CHILE for a clear example of what WE did for the united fruit company and others. YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO CLUE WHA IS HAPPENING WHILE YOU WATCH AMERICAN IDOL AND THINK "hey if a country is poor its their fault THEY CAN GET A JOB" actually they cant. i would love to see you self righteous fools spend a DAY in these peoples shoes.

history repeats on Nov 15, 2009


Saw this movie 2yrs ago on dvd, and it sucks.

Presley on Nov 15, 2009


#12, you aren't correct in the least. I mean, you're CNN correct, but not factual - you're idealistic with an agenda behind your argument. Your argument on slavery is completely false (and of course slavery was wrong, but that was a long time ago) - the Africans sold each other into slavery to the Europeans AND between their own tribes. The so-called evil white man didn't have to go hunting in Africa for slaves, they were waiting on the coast, chained-up by their fellow countrymen. And if you're talking about money, the U.S. gives more billions to Africa than you can even imagine. The sitting governments are so corrupt that barely any of the African population see any of it. I understand that you are a pretty anti-American- anti-Capitalist, but you have to understand that, though flawed, we have the best type of government in the world. I mean, you probably have Marxist leanings by the way you wrote, but Marxism has killed nearly 200 million people in the past 110 years due to direct executions, population control, or starvation (referring to Soviet Union, China, Vietnam & Cambodia). #1 was right in the fact that we have done loads for that continent when we should feel absolutely no obligation to because the problems there are MOSTLY due to their native populations, not America. Get over yourself and enjoy your time at Berkely.

TT on Nov 16, 2009


i might be "cnn right" but trust me you are "fox right"....and i think intelligent people know which makes more sense. you really think MARXISM is what has killed millions of people? do you even know what marxism is? do you know what totalitarianism is? do you know who the bolsheviks were? do you know they were wiped out by the right wing stalin? i love this argument that its not white peoples fault because other africans sold out their country men. i dont know MAYBE THEY DIDNT WANT TO BE SLAVES!!! so white people just rode by and africans were yelling out to them to take them to america? do you think you are correct in this? ive heard this argument from the racist teabaggers so im guessing you think this is really what happened in history. you dont know A THING about foreign affairs if you think the reason why other countries oppressed and murdered their people is because of communism. because in those countries it was the people at the top that practice pure unregulated CAPITALISM. THEY FORCED their people into communism, which wasnt really communism just as capitalism isnt really FREEDOM.

history repeats on Nov 16, 2009


Stalin was a LEFT-Wing Marxist, you twit. Get a dictionary. That's hard-fact. Even Kucinich would agree with that. Of course they forced their people into Communism, which has nothing to do with freedom or personal choice, which is the opposite of American capitalism, which thrives on freedom and choice. Communism is the central government taking total power of agriculture, business, resource exploitation and production, religion, and general belief systems (Pol Pot executed anyone who spoke another language, had an education, or believed anything else contrary to the state). You dumbass, even all of those dictators, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge were self-professed Marxists. SELF-PROFESSED HATERS OF CAPITALISM. EVERY single "Marxist" governemt in the HISTORY of the world (Yes, everyone one. Look it up if you can read) has formed a totalitarian state. You think a few in power can speak better for a people than the people themselves? You're probably one of these people who believe it's all just a conspiracy when they have bones and mass graves to prove it. Please leave and stop screwing up my country because it's people like YOU who George Washington warned us about - who would rather not make one damn decision for themselves because the State can do no wrong.

TT on Nov 16, 2009


The reason the rest of the world never bothered getting involved was simple, there is fuck all in those countries to steal once they overthrow the comedy government. Human beings enjoy killing each other, it's the only thing we get consistently better at doing, we're always finding better ways to do it. Good luck with the promoting peace, I think the guys promoting war are doing a much better job.

Crapola on Nov 18, 2009


amazing movie, showing true consequences of inaction. I know action can be be or be good depending on perspective. One thing one force is the language then force has to be spoken back immediately and without any reservations. Just my 2 cents.

boss on Nov 18, 2009


I was trying to place the main actor and finally caved and went to imdb. He was "Michael" on the TV show version of La Femme Nikita.

movie buff on Nov 19, 2009


This story could have ended so very differently if not for the spineless UN and the pathetic Canadian and Aussie governments. Right from the start, when the 10 Belgian MP's were butchered the General was all for aggressive counter attack in the name of protecting freindly forces and civilians on both (Hutu and Tutsi) sides. The 1000 or so Aussies, including special forces, were all for it too and had already geared up to go in alongside the Canadians, Belgians, some French and a small contingent of Royal Marines, for a total of about 3000 or so allied forces. They had the air support, armour and fire support neccessary to drive a wedge between the warring parties and create a safe corridor to the airport, only 10km from the UN base of operations. The other nations, such as Colombia, Poland, Jordan, Egypt and Slovenia fled to their own bases and cowered while the massacre went on around them Then the UN stepped in and countermanded the General and his allied supporters and put pressure on their respective governments to ensure they remained stood down, while all all the while the massacre went on under their noses. So, in a simlar fashion to what went on in Bosnia a year later, peacekeeping forces were forced to not act as murder, rape and mutilation went on, meters away. And this overt inaction and sign of weakness only served to spur on the carnage, to the point when the General was on the vege of mutiny, in that he had discounted the authority of the UN and already disobeyed his superiors and the Canadian government and had begun to intervene with force, along with the allied forces remaining. It has been speculated that the violence eased and the perpetrators fled once this retaliation started, in that a force of around 3000 routed forces in the tens of thousands but at the end of the day, and it only took about a day, over 800,000 lay dead and it can also be speculated that if the General and his allies had struck back sooner, perhaps the toll may not have been so high. Needless to say, the General, now a Senator in Canada, is a hero in military circles in Canada, Australia, the UK, USA and Europe. That the UN and his own government tried to hang him out to dry, for the massacre and his bi-partisan actions is a blot on the integrity of both parties. I remember many stories of heads rolling in all the allied military forces after this episode, but this sort of thing did not stop Aussie Special Forces decimating Indonesian Special Forces and Militia in West Timor in 1999/2000 when cross border massacres and attacks on NGO's carried out by Indonesia were traced back to certain Kopassus units and thier militia toadies. It is rumoured that a company of Aussie SAS and Commando, as well as New Zealand SAS wiped out an entire battalion of Kopassus plus attached militia in a major confrontation when Aussie forces pursued withdrawing Indonesian forces after they attacked a villiage just across the border in the east and killed villiagers and aid workers. The ANZAC's, as they like to call themselves were airlifted by Aussie Black Hawks and Kiwi hueys to a point ahead of the Indonesian appproach, about 10 km into east timor, waited in ambush, sprung the ambush, assaulted through the scattered Indonesian lines and extracted on foot across the border, leaving as much as 500 of them dead. Within a short time, Indonesia threatened to declare war on Australia and New Zealand but backed down when the UK, Canada and the USA convinced them that would not be wise, given the beating they had already recieved from much smaller forces. I really do love the Aussie and Kiwis and I hope this story is as true as they say it is.

PTSD on Nov 26, 2009


Someone please take a good look at the documentary. It's really worth paying attention especially when it plainly shows that the UN Security Council had the chance to vote on whether to allow the Un Peace-keepers to use "aggressive" counter-measures to save not only those Rwandan's whose lives were in jeopardy, but also those UN Peace-keepers who were under seige in their own respective barracks. This was when General Roméo Dallaire first issued a warning about what was going to happen. There was one hold out country within the UNSC who kept stalling on casting their vote for action, would not refer to what was going on as a genocide and continued to pressure the UNSC to not provide any support whatsovever those troops still alive in Rwanda. Can anyone guess who that benevolent and sympathetic country was? If anything we should walk away from watching the documentary [a far better and accurate account in my opinion] wanting to hold our great country accountable for their selfishness and inhumanity. Every military incursion or humanitarian aid to African countries doesn't have to be for profit or to provide an economic benefit to our great nation, though that seems to always be the case, and not only in Africa.

Truth on Nov 27, 2009


Truth pretty much reinforced all that PTSD said in his War and Peace post. Suffice to say, in spite of the UN procrastination, moral men took matter into thier own hands. There was plenty of fighting between western allied forces and both Hutu's and Tutsi's in that region at that time. Plenty. But as the earlier post has said, it just should have been more and sooner.

Global Stud on Nov 27, 2009


This looks impressive

tom on Nov 28, 2009


#20 PTSD, I know what you are trying to say but surely you meant the Aussie/Kiwi SF choppered in about 10km across the border into West Timor, right? TNI and militia attacked into the East from the West, so the good guys attacked back into the West from the East. Not suprising really that so little is known about this episode - I mean, it's not often that 150 white guys slaughter 500+ little brown guys and the greater community hears little or nothing about it. Jakarta was blowing steam from the ears in frustration and indignation and could do nothing about it. To openly accuse or condemn the ANZAC's would have been seen as an admission of guilt for the conduct of TNI and their militias, and they are surely guilty. Would have been a real treat to see the Aussies, Kiwis and Indonesians mix it up in the open.

Global Stud on Nov 29, 2009


Aussie's rock. God's truth. Wish they were doing more to help us out in Afghanistan, though. I know their guy's are climbing the walls to get here, but their government, well.... Sucks to be an Aussie wanting a fight. Semper Fi, mates.

Rambo: First Blood, Part 16 on Dec 2, 2009

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