Inglourious Basterds Final Running Time is 1-Minute Longer

July 8, 2009
Source: BFDealMemo

Inglourious Basterds

Well that settles it. Quentin Tarantino has confirmed on Variety's BFDealMemo blog (via The Playlist) that the final finished running time of Inglourious Basterds is a complete 149 minutes. "I've heard these rumors that the studios told me to cut out 40 minutes. These are complete lies. The movie is actually a minute longer, in running time, than it was in Cannes. It was 2:28, without end credits, and now it's 2:29, or 2:32 with end credits." The scene he added was the one that was first mention during Cannes, a filler sequence between when Michael Fassbender is sent to meet the Basterds and the infamous bar sequence.

That new scene helps smooth out that jolt in the progression of the overall story - as the bar sequence and Fassbender's introduction don't fit back-to-back that well. I'm sure he made some other tweaks we don't know about as well; The Playlist is also reporting that Tarantino has added four new music cues. "Harvey wanted me to add more music, he asked me to go through my music collection again and just find a couple more pieces," Tarantino explains. I don't know how these will fit in, but I'm still curious. I'm actually very excited to see this finished, polished cut in hopes that it's slightly better than the version I saw in Cannes.

Another scene that Tarantino added involves a laugh-out-loud moment from the script where it quick-cuts to Hitler's minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels having raucous sex with his French translator. I'll be sure to look out for this, since it wasn't in the version I saw. But don't expect to see that notorious sequence where Eli Roth, aka Sgt. Donny "The Bear Jew" Donowitz takes his baseball bat around Boston and gets it autographed by all the Jews in his neighborhood. Tarantino says he's putting that "in reserve" and will potentially use it if he ever makes a prequel. Sounds like we won't be seeing it on the DVD at all either.

Not only is this good news for everyone who wasn't in Cannes, but it makes me very excited to see this new cut. The more I think back to it, the more I love Inglourious Basterds. I hope it holds up just as well the second time around. And as for that over-two-hours length, don't worry, you'll relish every minute of it.

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STRONGER BETTER FASTER HARDER LONGER!!!!!! Hope the hype is worth it!

Lazarus from Sparta on Jul 8, 2009


WHO GIVES A SHIT sorry, but really

real talk on Jul 8, 2009


I agree, this is not news...the movie will be amazing tho!

tankmaster on Jul 8, 2009


That extra 1 min better be worth it.

Brandon on Jul 8, 2009


wow okay this is cool news, wait scratch that its not really news, just an update, you could have put this with the new poster ans save some keyboard time.

Xerxex on Jul 8, 2009


I'm reporting this mainly as a follow-up to all of the articles since Cannes.... There's been the whole debacle about how Tarantino was "going back into the editing room" then that rumor about Harvey Weinstein cutting out 40 minutes and the general negative criticism from Cannes being that it was too long but that it might even work better with more scenes. So it's a follow-up to all that with a final confirmation that it's 129 minutes long. Here's the links: And #5 - I just found out about this now. I didn't even know it was confirmed until I got back! I could've combined them, but they hit at different times, and I like to be on top of the news, man!

Alex Billington on Jul 8, 2009


You get a good movie AND a numb ass, thats a 2fer.

J.White on Jul 9, 2009


What is Quentin talking about?! If it's 149 minutes without end credits, then it'll be at least 6 minutes longer WITH end credits. Today's end credits which list every single person who worked on the movie including the guy who walked the chef's dog during production usually take at least 4 minutes and in the case of Kill Bill, 10 minutes!

Steven Kar on Jul 9, 2009


I don't really like Tarantino movies, but I think this movie has a great story, let me rephrase that, an AMAZING story, however; the ending in my opinion sucked big time!

Frankie "The Bat" Niagara on Jul 9, 2009


Hey Alex. This is your film blog man, you don't need to justify anything! If people don't like something you've posted they can go get their news (AND updates) somewhere else. People just love to bitch. This site rocks! Keep up the good work!

Jack on Jul 9, 2009



Al on Jul 9, 2009


You win Alex, I'm to see that you care enough the keep us in the loop! And I'm glad to see that you are passionate about your job, I get that you have to deal with a lot of harsh comments, but I needed to be a bit snarky in my previous comment, way for me to vent at someone who is willing to snark back at me!

Xerxex on Jul 9, 2009


Glad to see that you are willing to keep us updated on even the smallest of things. I was just looking for someway to write a snarky comment at something or someone...your update filled both parameters.

Xerxex on Jul 9, 2009

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