The Insider Says Harrison Ford to Return for Indiana Jones 5

July 6, 2009
Source: The Insider

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Even at almost 67-years-old, he can still kick some Nazi ass. The Insider (via SlashFilm) is reporting that Harrison Ford is set to reprise his role as Indiana Jones for the fifth installment of the franchise. They don't have much else to add, except that it'll supposedly start shooting next year, sometime in 2010, for release in 2011. "Harrison has kept himself in good shape and could still do a lot of the stunts in the last film," their source says. Back in June, Shia LaBeouf let slip that Steven Spielberg is already gearing up for Indiana Jones 5, so this isn't the first time we've heard of this, but it is the first we've heard about Ford.

I wouldn't take this report as official confirmation, but I doubt that Spielberg would want to make another Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford anyway. I think everyone believed that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was setting up LaBeouf to take over the reigns so that Ford could retire once and for all, but I think even Spielberg knows how big of a mistake that would be. I'm glad he's back - they really can't make an Indiana Jones movie without him. After LaBeouf spilled the beans, I wrote about how Indiana Jones 5 wasn't as far along as everyone thought - but 2011 actually seems doable. Now they just need a better script this time!

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If they make it more tolerable then Indy 2 and 4 then I'm okay with this

Movieraider321 on Jul 6, 2009


I don't care what they do. I could watch Harrison Ford take a dump for 2 hours and be happy. I'm glad IJ is still whippin' away. Just keep Lucas off the set.

Quanah on Jul 6, 2009


#1 and #2 pretty much said all that needs to be said

DoomCanoe on Jul 6, 2009


I wish they would leave this alone. The last movie was crap, the only reason it may have been a box office success is because people were curious to see if No# 4 was as good as its predecessors. We all walked in with high hopes only to come out disappointed. I will cherish Indy movies 1,2 and 3 but try and erase the memory of 4.

Ezza on Jul 6, 2009


the next one has to involve the abominable snowman at least, or hunting lepricauns at the end of garden

muggins on Jul 6, 2009


Make peace with Frank Darabont and get him back to script this one. Or even better, Raiders scribe Lawrence Kasdan. I see no reason why you can't make more films about the character as he ages; if Indy was a real person he wouldn't be likely to stay at home with his pipe and slippers would he? He'd be out there exploring and adventuring for the rest of his days. Ford was the best thing about Indy 4 - he's still got it. He just needs a proper script minus all the sci-fi nonsense (and CG monkeys). Oh, and let's get Vic Armstrong back to do the stunts while we're at it!

Mathieu on Jul 6, 2009


I know the odds are slim but fingers crossed LaBeouf isn't part of any new Indy film.

Chris on Jul 6, 2009


i completly agree with the number 2 comment

nemkes on Jul 6, 2009


Hey Alex, I believe I heard or read somewhere a quote from Spielberg or Lucas saying that there was a reason Indy grabbed the fedora hat away from Mutt at the end of Crystal Skull, and that was because there can be only one Indiana Jones. So I took this as confirmation that Harrison would be back as Indy if they made another one. They can bring Mutt back, but definitely have Harrison still be the main role.

Dan Geer on Jul 6, 2009


It's funny how nearly everyone knows exactly what's wrong with the franchise, but there's no way in hell that anyone in charge of it is going to pay attention. Can we just all agree with comments 1-8 and say: 1. Get a real damn screenwriter. 2. Completely remove George Lucas from the series 3. No more Shia and 4. No more science fiction - Indy is an adventure series with slight supernatural/religious overtones. ESPECIALLY #2. If Lucas is involved with the writing, directing, or basically anything other than supervising special effects, you couldn't force me to see this movie at gunpoint.

Pete the Geek on Jul 6, 2009


Lucas isn't the only responsible... Spielberg (and Ford) gave up on the 4th, too. Oddly, Labeouf seemed to be the only one who really believed in what was going on screen.

brou on Jul 6, 2009


I heard Optimus prime was doing a cameo...

Google the Oct8pus on Jul 6, 2009


Heh, I remember watching IJ3 back in 1989 and saying... "gosh, Harrison Ford is getting old!"

Fox on Jul 6, 2009


..."Crystal Skull" was ok. But an Indian Jones flick has to have a better script and YES, keep George Lucas and Shia LeBeouf away from the project! How about bringing short round and Sallah back for another adventure?

Spider on Jul 6, 2009


#9 wins. Yeah, unfortunately, it seems they're (mainly Lucas) just making movies to have fun and for their own amusement at this point (well... for a while actually), but just as unfortunately, have earned the money and the right to do it. 🙁 George? Hello? We made you. Remember? The fans?

bozoconnors on Jul 6, 2009


The script wasn't too bad. While the fridge thing was a bit much, I overlooked that and enjoyed a good Indy film for collecting dust so long. Ya know, until someone decided that merging Aliens and Indy was a great way to end it.

w00t!!! on Jul 6, 2009


Just like the new star wars, its sorta like, Lucas says to us " look i told you a million times you are taken these movies too serious. Look, i can do whatever I want with them. Look I hate a good story and Oh look i will prove to you that i never ever meant for the old movies to be good...cgi monkeys, aliens... really.. I personally as a fan, took indy 4 as an insult and its going to take a LOT for spielberg to redeem himself. Hopefully TinTin will be good. #15, yes the script was bad. Beyond bad. All the lame back stabbing, ridiculous dialog it felt more like a bad play then a Epic movie...

sd on Jul 6, 2009


As craptastic as Indy 4 was I felt like the guy in Raiders whose faced melted off. Only this time it was from watching Indy 4 not looking at the Ark.

JBob on Jul 6, 2009


I totally agree with 4, Im not planning on seeing this at all and this will be the only comment that I will make.

Dar-El on Jul 6, 2009


If George Lucas has any more say in this it'll be Indiana finds a secret time traveling device and is sent years into the future and must battle evil squid aliens in order to save a dying race of chipmunks.

Dan W on Jul 6, 2009


Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, ca 91-92, was a great game. Maybe it's time they turned this into a IJ movie??

David Banner on Jul 6, 2009


the last one was BARELY watchable. i think this is a mistake. but, if it does come...........i sure hope the story is a LOT better than #4

dan on Jul 6, 2009


Oh, and ofc there was a fifth one in the making: Theatrical Performance Total US Gross $317,023,851 International Gross $469,534,914 Worldwide Gross $786,558,765 Home Market Performance US DVD Sales: $109,301,699 + TV-sales and DVD rentals, unknown $$ amount, but it made a lotta dough. So a fifth, and likely a sixth one will be coming soon

David Banner on Jul 6, 2009


okay people, heres what we should all realize. These "new" indy movies will not be nearly as good as the old ones. You know why? Because we loved them so dearly and had really only planned on seeing 3 we felt, "That was a great trilogy, WAIT A FOURTH OH IT HAS TO BE AS GOOD AS THESE OLD ONES" We forgot completely that most of the time even sequels do poorly. Indy's trilogy dodged that and made a good sequel with Temple and an even better one with Crusade. However if we went by normal sequel rules we would have already known that this was going to be bad. I went in expecting the worst thing in history and was slightly impressed. There were still some scenes that felt very Indy, and others(fridge) that didn't. I'm not saying it was good but it wasn't a shitfest because I knew what to expect. Follow these basic rules and you will survive hollywood's sequel dribble. BTW this same arguement can be attached to Terminator Salvation and the original terminators.

Movieraider321 on Jul 6, 2009


Good to hear Indy 5 is happening. I'm regarding Indy 4 like I did with Indy 2, it wasn't good but as long as they realize their mistakes and fix it in the sequel I'm okay.

Chris H. on Jul 6, 2009


Kinda glad but kinda pissed cause they could totally fuck it up again or finally do an awesome modern generation indy....go back to the first 2 PLZ! I mean the fridge honestly I still to this day wonder what in the fuck they were thinking.

Cody on Jul 6, 2009


Fuck that I will see this even if it sucks........................Maybe they can put Megan fox with shy and bring in some cool robots that transform. I am so there

SHANEDAV on Jul 6, 2009


Frank Marshall says the Insider article is not accurate:

Dan Geer on Jul 7, 2009


With #4 and #19, and mostly with #22 - Crystal Skull was shit, and I as far as I'm concerned Last Crusade was the last Indiana Jones movie.

snickers on Jul 7, 2009


PLease Indie, dont do it...try and regain some of your lost integrity - JUST SAY NO!

gimp_the_pimp on Jul 7, 2009


Fate of Atlantis would be a sick movie. A pursuit of the ark again would be cool too, the government ends up losing it. Knowing lucas they will probably be going after unicorns...

raven1 on Jul 7, 2009


i want harrison ford to be indiana jones forever 🙂

mark on Jul 23, 2009


4 was just ok. the are all good movies but 4 needed work. I like SWhia but they need to keep Starwars out of indy 5. P.S. Ford, please dont do another Jack Ryan. Baldwin was the best.

joe g on Aug 7, 2009


4 was just ok. they are all good movies but 4 needed work. I like Shia but they need to keep Starwars out of indy 5. P.S. Ford, please dont do another Jack Ryan. Baldwin was the best.

joe g on Aug 7, 2009


I'm glad to see everyone on this board in agrees. As you can tell I'm posting on a dead board with the last post occuring on Aug 7 of 2009 but I just saw Indy 4 on DVD and wow was it bad. Now my wife thinks the first 3 (which she has not seen) are the same. uggh!!!! I must not go to the ends of the earth and convince her to watch Raiders with me. Here are reasons why 4 stunk so bad. 1. CGI took over the movie 2. The acting was wooden (like Lucas's last 3 star wars movies of the past decade) 3. Harrison did not re-capture Indy well at all and can you blame him, the plot and script was garbage! 4. The music played along with the action MUCH better in the first 3. 5. There were more stunts and less "Hollywood" in the first 3 not to mention the bad guy characters were developed and were strong. 6. The flow was awful and the whole damn thing was terrible. There are ants that can kill people in the jungle but they are not the size of matchbox cars and they don't look or move that damn fake nor do they build a fake pyramid out of eachother and try to bite humans on a vine. I could not believe the cheesy crap they put into this. Do I need go on any further? Uggh, I can't believe Spielberg put his name on this. I know for a long time he never wanted to do another and then Lucas duped him into doing it. This CGI crap has to go in these kinds of movies and this does NOT have anything to do with the new generation and how things are made. I'm sorry, I am in my early 30's and have watched a ton of movies that were well before my time and they are GREAT movies. I.E Bridge on the River Kwai, Where Eagles Dare, Sergio Leone trilogy with Clint Eastwood, The Great Escape, Paint your Wagon, All the Sean Connery and Roger Moore James Bonds to name a few. The CGI has gone too far and movies are missing something now a days...oh yeah ACTING!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!

QB on Jul 13, 2010

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