Is Anyone Excited for Josh Brolin's Jonah Hex?

March 5, 2009
Source: Hero Complex

Jonah Hex

I came across an interesting update on Hero Complex today, where writer Geoff Boucher had relayed an enthusiastic response that Josh Brolin gave him on the red carpet at the Oscars. When asked about Jonah Hex, Brolin replied: "I feel great about it. I feel better than I thought I would be feeling… So things are going spectacular, really. I'm glad to see it." As he goes on to say, this is nearly the complete opposite feeling that Brolin had just last year, when he told MTV that the script was awful. This isn't much of an update, but I thought it'd be the perfect time to actually ask if anyone is even interested in Jonah Hex?

Boucher goes on to say at the end that he loved the Jonah Hex comics when he was a kid, and thus he's more excited than most. Hex first appeared in 1972 and was later restarted in 1985 and again in 2005, with a series currently on-going, but he's not a character that I hear too many people talk about. Maybe that's why it's ripe for a movie, but at the same time, and even with an impressive cast, hardly anyone I know really cares about this Jonah Hex movie. At first, I was interested because of Crank directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, but they have since been replaced by Horton Hears a Who! director Jimmy Hayward.

Hayward isn't exactly an exciting choice, but then again, who really knows what he'll do with live-action? But surely Josh Brolin and John Malkovich and the recently announced Megan Fox should've gotten a few people interested? Warner Brothers announced an August 6th, 2010 release date, which also makes me wonder if they're not so sure how this will do. So, how many of you are excited for Jonah Hex?

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discojellyfish on Mar 5, 2009


I'm fucking crazy excited. Josh Brolin as Hex is genius, add in Malkovich as the villain and Fox as the femme fatale- I'm sold.

BahHumbug on Mar 5, 2009


might be good. i'm looking forward to seeing a trailer.

dan on Mar 5, 2009


i dont like western themed movies...... and the only cowboy i like is the one from toy story lol

zach on Mar 5, 2009


i want this movie to be good but since director Jimmy Hayward is involved it will be a flop cause that guy only does animate movies cause his an animator. WB should get rid of him and find someone else to direct it and find good screen writters. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are still involved they writting the script i peronally dont like Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor cause i found Crank aload of bulls!hit to be honest. WB should find someone else to do this movie that will make Jonah Hex a kick as film. but right now i have no faith for this movie right now cause they have Jimmy Hayward.

movieboy1 on Mar 5, 2009


megan fox is in it. that should be atleast one point in going to see it. Josh brolin was good in W, no country for old men and milk.

Darrin on Mar 5, 2009


I was excited when the guys from Crank were attached, now that we have a kiddy director doing the movie, not so much.

MrSammich on Mar 5, 2009


Is it just a western or what? I've heard of it but honestly don't know jack about the comic itself.

Richard on Mar 5, 2009


Johah Hex is an ultra-violent comic book about vengeance and the fine line between good and evil. It's stories are very dark and there is massive amounts of blood and gore on every page. In Jonah Hex #1 there is a man who buys children from orphanages and forces them to fight dogs to the death in a traveling show. If the movie is made with this same darkness and brutality, it would make "Unforgiven" look like a Disney movie. But if they give in and tame it down for the masses this movie will lose all it's potential greatness. Either way i'll be there on opening day.

mdeedon on Mar 5, 2009


I'm still iffy about it. I really wish that they went with Thomas jane since he went out of his way taking photo's as Jonah Hex. And now they made Malkovich as the villian which is terrible cause he has only one voice and a bad one at that. It's so annoying and mundane. I still don't know until I see a trailer.

The_Phantom on Mar 5, 2009


I am excited but not that much i should see some pictures or a teaser first.

Fisherr on Mar 5, 2009


Josh Brolin has become one of my favourite actors to be honest. IM REALLY WAITING FOR THIS!

max on Mar 5, 2009


eh it could be interesting...

????? on Mar 5, 2009


of course i'm looking forward to this,josh brolin will be great as jonah hex & megan fox she will look fucking great(isn't she playing his girlfriend,josh you lucky bastard.)yeah my man i'm looking forward to seeing megan fox & of course jonah hex.

zetsu on Mar 6, 2009


Brolin is an excellent actor and has been on a role lately, but need to learn more about the movie before I decide. Fox will look hot but she can't act, so the movie loses credibility there if that's what they are going for.

Craig on Mar 6, 2009



Dan W on Mar 6, 2009


WOW!!! This is something I have wanted to see for 25 years or so! Jonah Hex would be the ultimate western hero. A real dark hero I might add! Hopefully the movie makers respect and understand the character and do not make him a so called normal hero. Jonah Hex isn´t! He is always walking a thin line between the good and evil within him. Mostly he is making sure justice is done. One way or another. Josh Brolin can make him dark and give him the depths the comics has. The stuff from the 70´s is without doubt worth it´s cult reputation. We are MANY PEOPLE around the world who had been waiting for this! Have no doubt nor fear about that! If made correctly it will become a success with sequels I am sure! If the film will get the proper PR and word out etc. PR is everything today and even if the film is a bit polished compared to the comics it will be brutal!!! The world needs to see a great bloody good western again - and this is perfect choice in our hard world today...

Jac on Mar 8, 2009


Hell yes! Josh Brolin rocks as a western character. He is a very capable actor in that genre, and I think he has what it takes. Megan Fox and John Malkovic should help pull a few more people in, too. And a director who doesn't normally do live action should bring in some fresh story-board ideas, I would imagine. I haven't heard of him before, but Jonah Hex sounds like an awesome character. I'm very interested to see this.

Deb on Mar 16, 2009

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