Is Emmy Rossum Interested in Neil Gaiman's Death?

April 9, 2009
Source: MTV

Emmy Rossum - Neil Gaiman's Death

She's fallen in love with the Phantom, braved the ultimate blizzard, and fought Piccolo, so what possibly could be next for Emmy Rossum? The absolutely gorgeous 22-year-old actress, who I am secretly in love with, spoke to MTV recently while promoting Dragonball Evolution and admitted she's really a big geek. "The mangas that I read are the Neil Gaiman stuff, like 'Black Orchid'… Okay, maybe I am a geek." I think I might faint! When asked further about Gaiman's work, Rossum revealed that they're trying to adapt both "Black Orchid" and "Death", two of his graphic novels which just so happen to be about female characters.

When pressed to see if she's gotten in touch with Neil Gaiman (like via Twitter:, Rossum only replied with "no comment." I hate running unconfirmed early rumors like this, but they claim the "cat-and-mouse" game of responses she played with the reporter was a sure sign that something may be brewing. She wouldn't confirm anything, but did add, "I love Neil Gaiman. I think he's a genius. Let's leave it at that." You and me both, Ms. Rossum! And if we look at the progression of her illustrious career so far, I think it goes without saying that she would certainly be a good fit for either of these roles, if they happen.

Gaiman's "Black Orchid" graphic novel, first published in 1988, is about a superheroine with powers like super-strength and invulnerability who is a master of disguise. Her calling card is literally a black orchid, which is where her name comes from. Gaiman's "Death" miniseries is a spin-off from Sandman, featuring the Sandman's elder sister, Death of the Endless, in a story based around the fable that Death takes human form once a century, to remain grounded and in touch with humanity. New Line has been developing an adaptation of that series since 2007. For many reasons, I really do hope Emmy gets this role in the end.

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Does Gaiman even make manga? I know it means comic book, but not here in America.

Tristan on Apr 9, 2009


There was at least one Death story published in a manga style, though it wasn't written by Gaiman. Seems like she reads good stuff, but isn't a real big geek. Otherwise she'd know the difference between manga and comics. It's sort of the equivalent of using the term "japanimation" when referring to anime.

Lana on Apr 9, 2009


Ha, okay.

Tristan on Apr 9, 2009


I think the quote was taken from an interview when someone asked her about manga. She is promoting Dragonball after all....

jasonmd2020 on Apr 10, 2009


To Alex, You forgot to mention that Black Orchid is literally the female version of Swamp Thing. Just as naked and more purple :)... and less ugly. lol! And since Swamp Thing and Black Orchid both seem to live within the same 'DC Vertigo' universe, maybe there will be some mention of him as well. 🙂

LW on Apr 10, 2009


I didn't really like her in Dragonball, I thought she was too serious

Kail on Apr 10, 2009


I think she'd be great in the role of Death...she has that wide eyed etheral look..she can be creepy or subtle...I like her...yes, pick her, pick will be a good change of roles for her.

Athena on Apr 10, 2009


A Death movie before Sandman? Hmmm....btw, Daniel Day-Lewis as Sandman-pleeeease!!

dAVIS_s_p on Apr 10, 2009


She might look perfect, but I would prefer a Death could actually act.

vanitykidman on Apr 29, 2009


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trent on Feb 3, 2010


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Trent on May 3, 2010

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