Is James McTeigue Hiding a Wachowski Superman Secret?

August 5, 2009
Source: SlashFilm


Are we ever going to get to the bottom of these Superman shenanigans? Earlier this year, a rumor started circulating that the Wachowski Brothers were interested in directing a new Superman trilogy for Warner Brothers. To make a long story short, that rumor was later debunked. And so was the story about Mark Millar pitching a Superman trilogy (it was also recently discovered that Matthew Vaughn was the director who was helping him pitch that - although it never got too far). SlashFilm talked with Wachowski friend James McTeigue yesterday and when asked about Superman, the answer he gave was very interesting.

I hate to dig up old rumors again, but there's actually a secondary source on this - IESB. When McTeigue was asked about the Superman rumor, he paused for a few seconds before answering with the following:

"You know… I… I would say… I'll keep you guessing, actually. It's good not to dispel every rumor, right?" he told SlashFilm.

Is he hiding something with this answer? Well let's see what Robert over at IESB has to add to this rumor. "There is one thing we know for sure, there is currently a very short list of potential directors to bring Supes back to the big screen," he says. "First are the Wachowski Brothers, yep, Andy and Larry. The other name I am hearing is James McTeigue. Here's where things get fuzzy, because I am also hearing the Wachowski's may come in to produce with James McTeigue as the actual director." So there you go - supposedly this isn't just some rumor after all, now is it? Now I'm even wondering if he really is hiding a Superman secret?

As we all know, Warner Brothers has been trying hard to figure out how to bring back Superman in a big way. We also know that Brandon Routh's contract has lapsed, so he probably won't be back. And that other article hit a few weeks back about DC Comics revamping their development slate. As I said when the rumor hit back in February about the Wachowski's doing Superman, this is an awesome idea. Not only are they fans of the character, but what they could bring to a new Supes movie would be amazing. Who knows if it's a big rumor that's just blowing up even more or if there is some truth to it. Hopefully we'll find out soon!

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Please be true.

Ravster on Aug 5, 2009


it all starts with good ideas-sadly the last 1 was not a good movie...if true the next few years will be huge

muggins on Aug 5, 2009


If this is true it could be more awesome than... than.. Batman?!

Richard on Aug 5, 2009


he's trying to make things interesting. at least he wants people to believe he's hiding something.

cat on Aug 5, 2009


With all do respect, they aren't exactly the Wachowski *brothers* any more.

Pudie on Aug 5, 2009


#5 - They were born from the same mother. Where are you going with this?

Fuelbot on Aug 5, 2009


Bring Singer back! He's a good director, McTeigue not

Enol on Aug 5, 2009


Let's be honest here: The reason the last superman movie didn't turn out so well is because audiences don't want to see "Boy Scouts" as their action heroes. They want dark brooding love lost characters that drink and push the limits and all that other stuff. Superman just doesn't work for this day in age, except maybe as a kid's movie. Let's just take a look at Smallville. The only reason it worked is because it was "teenage angst" superman. It is also the reason this last season really sucked, because after all these years, us true superman fans are sick of his whining and we want him to step up and become the hero we all love.

Stevo on Aug 5, 2009


Fuelbot (#6) - Pudie is alluding to the rumours that Larry wants to have/has had some sort of gender reassignment. I don't think there's ever been anything said on the record about it, though.

Mathieu on Aug 5, 2009


@7 Enol I can't believe you mentioned Singer's name in this...the horror!

Matt Suhu on Aug 5, 2009


Well, with James McTeigue directing and the Wachowskis producing it may actually turn out to be a great reboot of the Superman franchise which is much-needed.

SlashBeast on Aug 5, 2009


#8 is right but what's this is the most unnews worthy announcement save the stupid post on another site title "Avatar Footage" which is Cameron rambling on about crap. Does anyone remember Speed Racer and the other Matrix movies?

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 5, 2009


so we would get a rated r superman lol

nelson on Aug 5, 2009


This WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!! Tell me who is not flipping out over the idea of a Wachowski Bros. Superman!!! #8 I totally disagree. I know the current fanboy craze is to have every thing be "viciously dark" and extremely heavy. But the first two original Superman films showed us how good these films could be when they are done right. With this team of the Wachowski Bros. and McTeigue I think they have a crew that can give us amazing visuals and a great story without turning Superman into The Dark Knight. And on a side point....Smallville started to suck LONG before last season.

Jay on Aug 5, 2009


#12 mcteigue did not do those

nelson on Aug 5, 2009


Unfortunately, the Wachowski's haven't made a good movie since the original Matrix. I think Hollywood is skeptical of them these days. And seeing as the last Superman movie was only passable, I'm thinking they only let this franchise back in front of the cameras when they have a super-director who's mega-hot. -- Personally, I'd like to see a darker Superman. But the fans who love this character are hard-core against that from what I understand.

Scriptshadow on Aug 5, 2009


# 15 James Mcteigue as the 1st assistant Director in Matrix and second unit director for Speed Racer.

Joe C. on Aug 5, 2009


Number 14 I do like the Bros and I think they do make pretty decent flicks and they might make a good superman... BUT, if anyone had his chance to make a great Sup movie it was Singer who is not only an outstanding director but someone who can make an extremely fervent fanbase happy while making all the general viewers interested. Not only are X and X2 are two of the BEST super hero movies ever made, they are also outstanding action movies that work for a really broad audience. I honestly don't think all fanboy's want are "dark and vicious", this is something done to appease the general audience. As a fanboy myself of pretty much anything in the comic book genre, I can tell you my major requirement is a willingness to make a serious attempt in the spirit of the original work. Unfortunately, as seen with "The Watchmen", when fanboys are the man concern the movie bombs and underperforms. Family friendly also doesn't seem to work very well anymore either, especially if you look at the Batman 4 or the Fantastic Four. All the big hits are dark and brooding. It is just a pure fact. The only time Superman even gets close to this is the aftermath of the Doomsday events. Maybe you could make a trilogy of that... maybe. Movie 1 - Doomsday comes and Kills Superman. Movie 2 - The 4 versions of "superman" come fill the void. Movie 3 - The Resurrection and Rebirth of the True Superman. That could maybe work. Maybe. I know Smallville's bullshit version of the Doomsday series was horrid. It built up okay, but then it bombed in the finale. A true version of the Death of Superman would be badass, and I think it would work well with the general audience. But who knows.

Stevo on Aug 5, 2009


so lol Spielberg produced eagle eye and TF2 and it does not bring down his own work

nelson on Aug 5, 2009


# 16 maybe Michael Bay....he'll make Superman blow up every villain headquarter with his laser eyes!!......NOT!!

Joe C. on Aug 5, 2009


A Michael Bay Superman would have the Man of Steel knocking over fruit stands during flight through the city of Metropolis... I wouldn't mind that hahaha

teyhtr on Aug 5, 2009


I hear you SteveO - But......... We don't have to do the Death of Superman to have a good Superman film. You said...quote..."All the big hits are dark and brooding" but then you used the examples of X1 & X2 neither of which were dark. They had mature themes (choosing sides, mutants becoming one with their abilities, "coming out"...etc.) but to me only X3 with the death of Cyclops and Professor X was truly "dark". Also I think the first two Spiderman films were handled in the same way as the first two Xmen films..not neccessarily dark..but rather a mature handling of the subjects. That's what I think a Superman movie has to be. Look at how well Superman 2 handled it. He gives up his powers to be a regular man for selfish reasons (the love of Lois) and the world is almost destroyed by Zod because of this. In Superman 1 we even have him going against a cardinal rule and changing the run of history and natural occurence by reversing time(again using his abilities for selfish reasons) to save Lois. Those two films are examples of what can be done in a good Superman film. Great filmmaking with a mature handling of a story without being brooding. Because when we have all characters being treated the same...doesn't it become bland? Don't we need variety? What make Superman and Batman both equally interesting is that they see the world and how to deal with it from different perspectives.

Jay on Aug 5, 2009


screw all of you, every time i watch superman returns, it gets better. love that film.

Brian Barajas on Aug 5, 2009


The Wachowski brothers are massively overrated. V for Vendetta was entirely uninteresting; and each of the second two Matrix movies were a total crap fest. Keep the Wachowskis far away, from this project.

Dave Lister, JMC on Aug 5, 2009


superman definitely needs a revamp. the main problem with most DC characters is that they are to "god" like. Dc should look into its b list of groups and heroes. something like Teen Titans, Blue beetle, Huntress, etc. would be more interesting.

Karl on Aug 5, 2009


Joel Silver has produced almost everything directed by either the Wachowskis or McTeigue. He and Jeph Loeb go way back, including producing Commando together. Loeb also produced Smallville and has his protege Geoff Johns writing episodes for Smallville. Johns is also currently working with Warners on the Flash movie. Loeb and J. Michael Straczynski's deep ties are also well known. Straczynski just wrote Ninja Assassins for Silver and McTeigue, and is also working on Forbidden Planet for Silver. Johns is famous for his love of incorporating different parts of his comic characters' mythos together. He would rather blend silver age Supes together with the post-Byrne era than retcon of deny either of them. He finds the most challenge and satisfaction in unifying all eras and incarnations together. It's why he likes working on both the printed Superman and Smallville and still respects Donner's incarnation as well. Nobody has said The Flash is the only DC movie he is working on with Warners. There have been many DC fans making a lot of noise, championing Johns to write the Superman reboot. It wouldn't be shocking if Warner's decided to listen to them and already has Johns on board. Crystal ball says Johns plus Straczynski writing for McTeigue/Wachowskis with Joel Silver taking over the Superman franchise from Jon Peters. Expect to see big influences from both Donner and Smallville. All of this is conditional on Ninja Assassins. If NA bombs, forget it. Warners wants sure winners in the drivers seat on this very troublesome character.

Mr. Man on Aug 5, 2009


Can't wait for a new superman movie but I really hope they step this up. I agree superman shouldnt be as "dark" as the batman "the dark knight" but I definitely think they should get some pointers from it. The dark knight wasn't such a success because of the cool action and new suit. It was so successful because viewers were able to understand the characters' psyche and why they did what they did. They explained to viewers why it was necessary for batman to seem like a bad guy to the public. Joker also made the perfect villain because he truly thought his actions were for the greater good and he tried to prove a point that the good guys werent as good as they say. That's what makes a good villain. However, this was exactly what Superman Returns with Brandon Routh was lacking. Lex Luthor was just an evil genius. He was not an interesting villain because his actions had no interesting goal. He did what he did for selfish reasons and not for any good. Superman also lacked depth, he was just an alien who looks like a human with superpowers saving everyone. Thats just boring. No one understood his psyche and why he did those things. They just knew he did those things because it was the right thing to do. Viewers want to see a hero they look up to. Not a naive innocent "boyscout". #8 has a point. Superman can see everything and hear everything. With these powers, he should know the criminal mentality and understand why they do that. He shouldnt be seen as an ignorant naive farmboy from smallville, he should be seen as someone who knows both evil and pure but rather believes the pure beliefs he was taught in smallville and CHOOSES to be innocent than to live his life in the dark, planning and scheming, like Batman. They should also put more emphasis on the fact that he's giving all he's got to help humans despite being completely alone and having to lead a secret life as Clark Kent. Lex Luthor also needs a lot of improvement, one of his reasons for hating superman in the comic is that he believes if superman is around to do everything for humans, humans will take him for granted and never reach their potential. This is why Luthor tries his best to beat superman with his mind, creating a machine power suit etc. Not to go to his enemy's fortress of solitude and steal his crystals to use against him. That's just pathetic! Christopher Reeve's superman is no doubt a classic, but viewers nowadays demand more than just good action and storyline, they need to know why.

Greg on Aug 5, 2009


Pudie that's funny. I forget which one had the "operation" Larry or Andy?

eli on Aug 5, 2009


I say do it! Let McTeigue handle it though and it would be awesome to see a R rated Superman film!

Xerxex on Aug 5, 2009


THe Wachowski's are gods i don't know what #24 is talking about. And #24 you do know that they didn't direct V for Vendetta right? also #6 i read an interview with Larry he said that that's absolutely ridiculous and that people just made up that rumor because of the type of crowd he hangs out in. (dominatrix's and such)

DoomCanoe on Aug 5, 2009


to clarify, neither of the brothers had any operation. it was a tabloid rumor cooked up because they don't do interviews.

Tom on Aug 5, 2009


@#8 No, the reason people didn't like the last Superman is because it sucked. I like Superman, I wouldn't mind seeing them trying to revamp it. The Wachowski brothers are good, and might be able to do what the last one couldn't.

Sabes on Aug 5, 2009


NO! I hope not. Superman is soo old and boring. Lets move on to Deadpool and the newer heroes.

Deadpoolwilson on Aug 5, 2009


I thought they were they Wachowski Siblings?

jcyo on Aug 5, 2009


Thanks Tom. What about the Grant Morrison rumor? Is that true?

eli on Aug 6, 2009


#27, I agree, part of the problem with the Superman movies has been that Superman/Clark Kent hasn't really been the main character, we only see what he does from the point of view of those around him. The recent Batman revamp has worked so well because Bruce Wayne is the core character, we totally understand what has lead him to do what he does. I think no one has really tackled the essence of why Superman is who he is. They HAVE to get Grant Morrison onto any future Superman project, he gets you into the day to day of what it means to be Superman, put All-Star Superman on the big screen. I think with Morrison behind him Singer should be allowed to keep going, I personally liked Superman Returns and think he needs to be given a chance to finish where he was going with it.

al on Aug 6, 2009


damn looks like there's some good comments here from everyone, I'll try to be short for now since i need to head out.....the thought of Wachowski doing it up has me worried, this will make em or break question I have is......what have the Wachowski brother's done for me lately?.....I don't see a decision on this or the truth of this rumor anytime soon in a report.......for all parties involved it would be big.....IMO WB/DC is skeptical because if the movie fails it will effect 2 class of movies, 1 a possible Superman trilogy and a future JLA movie...without a positive buzz on Superman I don't see them moving forward with a JLA so a lot of money lost especially when MARVEL is moving forward.....Also if the movie fails, Superman will be buried in the studio for years and years before we see anything else....for the Wachowski brothers they'll be remember for killing Superman not Doomsday now if the movie blows everyone away, rocks and fulfills everyone's needs well you know what the rest can be

Blue & Orange NY on Aug 6, 2009


#30: I do know they didn't direct V for Vendetta; but their hands were all over that production and it was boring. Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions just plain sucked; and Speed Racer was a waste of time. The only decent movie the Wachowskis have done is the first Matrix, which came out ten years ago. A Superman movie done by these guys (weather they direct or just produce) will be every bit as plodding as the two Matrix sequels. The Wachowski name brings too much negative baggage with it. They've burned up the good will they earned, with The Matrix. Their bullet-time innovation has been used and re-used to the point where it has become a parody of itself. If the Wachowskis want to find their way back to relevance, they need to do it on a smaller, less well known property. #30, if you think objectively you should be able to see the drop off, in the quality of their work, since the first Matrix.

Dave Lister, JMC on Aug 6, 2009


a rated R Superman would be like a stripper present from your wife....----a good thing!

Trey on Aug 6, 2009


I agree with #18, sites like this help nurture an environment were fanboys & casual observers can discuss movie related theme, but I believe fanboys should never be asked on how a movie should be made (watchmen), rather directors/writer should read the source materials & let their imagination do the talking, let them tell a story as near as possible to the source material. Spider-Man & X-Men are perfect example of this, heck even the first Transformer followed this route, it was based on the imagination of both the writer & directors, yet still feels true to the source materials. Transformers 2, Watchmen, The Spirit are perfect example of just following one group's idea - it will tank. Let us see what they (The Wachowski Brothers) can do to the mythos of Superman, maybe they could really do something good here.

somwerbtwnblungrn on Aug 6, 2009


that is news

starwarsfan122 on Aug 6, 2009


#6 they aint brothers no more cause one had a sex change so they are called Wachowski siblings

darkone on Aug 6, 2009


Tom Cruise as their superman. They wanted him for Neo. That would be kick a@@

Donny B on Aug 6, 2009


#43 - you not serious about Tom Cruise being Superman right?

Blue & Orange NY on Aug 6, 2009


Watchmen was great, so I'm not sure what people are saying. Just because it was an intelligent movie doesn't make it bad. We saw the oscar numbers. Juno was 17th on highest grossing films but won an oscar! The other 16 didn't so what's your point? Ya'll are basing too much on numbers and not what's a good film. Seriously, get Tom Cruise. i hate the supes, waste of a character. The death of superman idea is good though, I might actually enjoy that.

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 6, 2009


#42 no he didn't that was a rumor he him self debunked. and #38 i understand what you are saying but i happened to love the second matrix and like the third. People don't give the second the credit it deserves that was a non stop action movie that fit perfectly as a sequel to the original. now the third, that was a little off. I also happened to love Speed Racer, i think they made the old Cartoon transition perfectly into a big screen movie. You say The Matrix bullet time has become a parody it self...That's what happens to everything that refines a genre. It was one of the most defining changes in Action movies in the last 20years. I think our difference is that you dislike the guys and i love um haha. But I do think these guys would nail a Superman movie, because over all the written story of The Matrix is by far the deepest most amazingly written series of movies ever... not to mention the killer directing, the story of V for Vendetta was extremely well written especially as a take from the graphic novels (they covered everything in those books and compressed it perfectly) and the directing in Speed Racer is nearly dead on when reviving an old childish Anime. I cant see how they wouldn't be the perfect men for the job. they can direct action amazingly, they can compress and rewrite graphic novels perfectly and they can pull in a family friendly audience if that's the way they choose to go with the project. That's all it takes to make a Superman movie.

DoomCanoe on Aug 6, 2009


#7 You are right Bryan Singer is a great director, but let's be honest here, Superman Returns was a bad movie and Singer's worst. X-Men 1 & 2 where great, and even I was happy to hear that he was directing Superman back in 2004. But after seeing the final product I felt let down like so many others out there. The casting was bad, and so was the plot and pace of the film. Routh looked more like Superboy than Superman. I don't agree with you that james Mcteigue is a bad director. V For Vendetta is a good film and so I welcome Mcteigue the Superman universe if he so choose's to director the next film. They do need a good script though and the casting needs rto be spot on. Singer made some really bad decisions. I just hope that Mcteigue doesn't do the same.

last Son on Aug 6, 2009


first and for most let me say that superman is my favorite super hero. now that's out of the way i believe that whoever takes on the superman series shouldn't start at the beginning. we all know how superman was superman, and how he was clark kent. i wish that they would make a movie about doomsday. one of the greatest comic books ever. that movie would make a butt load. that my opinion and i believe that there is huge potential with this series. so i give it 2 thumbs up

chiefwonton on Aug 7, 2009


If anyone who is involved in making this next superman happen I hope they read our views and take on board.After all we are the fans we are the ones that are going to pay our Dolloars to see their franchise. We should have some say,power and influence. Also the movie makers should and I hope read our posts becasue we have something to add, say and I dont think sometimes they read these things I hope they do becasue we put them where they are today without us they would not be making films. So all I ask is who is ever responsbile for making the next Superman please read our posts Superman really matters to us. Here's my idea for the next superman if any of the makers are intrested dont be afraid to take risks with superman, it may help to bring Brainiac into it and some redemptive rise from the ashes story line where the world is darkend and in need for light maybe superman has a broken heart somthing casues his heart to break. But something brings him back what ever you do dont go bizzaro, it has to have Jorels shaddow prevading the events. look to superman 2 it was a great sequal to match the first one. everyone loves the Empire Strikes back as another example of where to go. Tho I do agree you need the balance of what we are famalour and yet to subtly line up a new line and aproach to the charicter. seek out really good writers think of people like what about Stephen king frank darabount of the shawshank redemption fame, people like that. or some writers out there that have good hearts and strugling with trying to break in to the feild who have a fresh spiritual outlook who are sending and trying and making great efforts and who are passed up for someone else becasue its always who you know who get the job. Someone who is hungry, gifted,Godly and a great writer seek them out they could make the difference in this great super hero we all love.

francis martin on Oct 3, 2009


When McTeigue was asked about the Superman rumor, he paused for a few seconds before answering with the following: “You know… I… I would say… I’ll keep you guessing, actually. It’s good not to dispel every rumor, right?” he told SlashFilm

Miami on Apr 3, 2010

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