Is This Our First Look at a Mech from Cameron's Avatar?

May 25, 2009
Source: MarketSaw

Avatar Powersuit?

By now, everyone knows that I'm incredibly excited for James Cameron's Avatar, and I don't think I'm the only one out there who is anymore. So when our friends over at MarketSaw sent over this exclusive spy photo of a Mech unit from Avatar, I couldn't help but get a bit giddy looking at it. But they've posted some inaccurate stories recently and have been sent fake content that ends up being disproved fairly quickly. So I'm cautiously optimistic this time, because this thing looks pretty damn cool, and I really want it to be real. It's just enough of a tease not to spoil anything, but make us all a bit more excited. Check it out below!

Avatar Mech / Powersuit

So what exactly is this? Brendon claims it's a "Powersuit" much like the one Cameron had Ripley get in to fight the queen in Aliens. "Apparently, these 14-feet tall Powersuits are worn by human troopers on the surface of alien planet Pandora. One sequence is going to show a group of Powersuited troopers, led by Matt Gerald's Corporal Lyle Wayne fleet, laying waste to a Na'vi village." Not surprisingly, I'm reminded of Matrix Revolutions, but instead this is coming from James Cameron's brilliant mind and set in a different futuristic 3D world. Who knows if this is indeed a real photo of something from Avatar, but we hope it is!

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abel on May 25, 2009


Jeeze, first McG, now Cameron is trying to cash in on Transformers??? (wades through the thick cloud of sarcasm) That scene description has me much more excited than that picture ever could (mechs don't really do it for me, though). That scene sounds like it could be very good. I really hope the rumors about a trailer before Transformers are true, I'm very interested to see more on Avatar. Also I don't remember where, but I heard that a teaser for Shaymalan's "Avatar: The Last Airbender" (also heard it's back to having Avatar in the title) will be shown before Transformers, so it's doubtful to me that two trailers with the title Avatar will be shown before the same film....... Forget the Airbender teaser I say. Bring on Cameron's Avatar.

Matt S on May 25, 2009


Show. Me. A TRAILER! I've been patient with this project, but it's ridiculous at this point in the game. Either they're being picky about how the trailer is cut (which isnt a bad thing) or they are supremely confident that they'll blow everyone away with the footage that word of mouth will spread like wildfire. It's a dangerous game to play and I hope it pans out for the best.

Josh on May 25, 2009


It's not much of a picture, show us something real.

Cat on May 25, 2009


NICE! and Cat, you obviously don't have a clue on how wrapped up this whole project has been these past, eh, what 12yrs or something? you want a better picture? break into their studios and get one yourself.

Nick S. on May 25, 2009


I thought it was all CG?

sumonesumtime on May 25, 2009


@Matt S. James Cameron won the Avatar title. Shyamalan doesn't get to use Avatar in his title. It's simply called The Last Airbender.

TheManWithNoName on May 25, 2009


Looks convincing, although there's no length people won't go to these days to fake something I suppose. (Crosses finger for a trailer by late july/Early August.)

Timothy on May 25, 2009


#2 Cameron AND Transformers in the same line? Give me a fucking brake...Jesus...

m4st4 on May 25, 2009


#6 It's 70% CGI...

m4st4 on May 25, 2009


that picture is not impressive, it's a crappy CGI mock up. I really want to see Avatar too, but i will not get retarded for some dumb little photo that is nowhere near its completed phase. c'mon alex, seriously?

Jimbone on May 25, 2009


#11 I remember waiting for TDK, and the first picture was a peace of paper that said smthng about shooting Rory's first kiss in Chicago...It's a process of geekiness, and I'm happy to see it coming for this one...even though really, really late... Trailer, anyone? Jim? XD

m4st4 on May 26, 2009


I'll wait for a trailer to make my judgement, but from what I've heard and seen I am not impressed. None of the news has built up my enthusiasm for this project at all. Kinda thinking it will bomb...but there's obviously no reason or point in believing that until a trailer is shown. on a personal note, I wish Shyamalan had won rights to the word "Avatar" but oh well. Looking foward to The Last Airbender a LOT more than James Cameron's Avatar

Dresden on May 26, 2009


A Trailer please?

Fisherr on May 26, 2009


Haven't seen a proper Mech Suit or Power Loader since Aliens. Looking forward to seeing more from this.

Silence on May 26, 2009


Pedsonally Im glad they arent releasing too many teasers. Some movies expose too much in the teaser trailers they show.

JimD on May 26, 2009


is this going to be the movie from that kid show tv??

Paulo on May 26, 2009


Hate it when a comparison with Transformers comes up as soon as there is a Mech-like unit in a movie. Cameron wrote his awesome script, which I have read, 10 years ago and at that time there probably didn´t even exist the idea of making a Transformers movie. I wouldn´t say that the Mech is similar to the one Ripley used to fight the Aliens queen. In Aliens it was like a powerlift, or whatever it is called, a mashine used to move around rockets and other heavy stuff with. The Mech from Avatar has a gatling gun, which we can´t see on the pic and other cool stuff. It´s a War-mech. In one scene a huge "Manticore" predator creature rips that thing apart. IMO the powersuit was far from the coolest thing in the scriptment. There were creatures and lifeforms and floating mountains and trees as high as skyskrapers that made me giddy by just reading about it. Now try imagining it in full 3d motion.

Peter on May 26, 2009


JimD hit the nail on the head. Half of these teaser posts I don't even look at in case they spoil something, but this is just enough to get the excitement going. I'm hoping that if see a trailer soon it will be the extremely short variety that leave most people saying "what the heck was that?" Then they can release a fuller trailer later in the year.

Pete on May 26, 2009


Looks pretty sweet! Oh and by the way, you can't copyright a title. Screenwriting 101. So both can be called Avatar, but I'm sure it was the studio's decision to choose a different title for M. Night's movie.

The_Phantom on May 26, 2009


#6 I think it is 60% live action and 40% CG.

Dylan on May 26, 2009


Wow! It's a mechanical crotch - with a leg!

Google The Oct8pus on May 26, 2009


To mr know it all peter Sry to burst your bubble but they starting talking a transformers movie in '97.

Cat on May 26, 2009


Yeah...a leg from what could be robotech. lol I'm not going to see this in simple portest of the fact they keep revealing shit teasers and no trailer or anything solid. Haha

LSP on May 26, 2009


looks like hes making a gritty power rangers movie! hahaha!

ray on May 26, 2009


@2 this movie is 4 years in the making, so technically, it was before transformers.

Rick on May 26, 2009


wooo prettybut it needs more blood on it.

werdnafaz on May 26, 2009


Rip off from Robotech.....this is not a new concept..

zippy on May 26, 2009


@16 You're right. And that's probably why Cameron is keeping the lid on this till the last few months.

avoidz on May 26, 2009


Transformers & The Last Airbender are both owned by Paramount, Avatar goes to Fox. Doubt we'll be getting a trailer for it.

stein on May 26, 2009


Trailer is coming when you go see Transformers. Terminator fought for it but lost. Just one more reason to go see the biggest movie of the summer

Rorschach90 on May 26, 2009


Because every picture of Avatar before has mainly shown James Cameron himself, this has got to be Cameron in disguise. But looks nice.

cine_phil on May 27, 2009


Alright, that does look pretty cool but I've got one thing to say about the attitude of your writing, Alex. "By now, everyone knows that I'm incredibly excited for James Cameron's Avatar" Who the fuck cares if YOU'RE incredibly excited. We're all excited, the whole world is excited, Hollywood is excited. You write as someone who views the world with you decidedly in the center, with everything revolving around you, and unfortunately your ego has seen an unhealthy boost since the success of the website. You must remember that we don't really care about YOU, so the fact that YOU are writing should mostly be transparent. We care about what you have to say ABOUT A FILM or TOPIC, but YOU, ALEX, could be ANYONE. It doesn't matter. "I don't think I'm the only one out there who is [excited] anymore" I'm sorry, you were the first person "our there" to be excited about Avatar? We all know you like to pat yourself on the back all too often (I call that ego masturbation), but this is absurd. As the author of a well read website you've got to be more aware of the way your phrase things because you often come across as an unnecessary middle man between your readers and the news you have to share (rather than, like a color commentator, giving it a bit of flavor and life), and at worst you come across a pompous prick. Just my two cents. Get off your high horse, take your head out of your ass, see the world from a different point of view. In the words of David Foster Wallace, become "well adjusted, which--be sure--is no accidental terming."

Jason on May 27, 2009


Jason - I use that phrase you mention because I like to reiterate that I'm writing about minor Avatar news like this because I am incredibly excited. If I didn't write that, some people (not you obviously) would be saying "why are you posting this crap Alex" or "wait until a trailer" or "who knows if this is even real." It's just a chance for me to reiterate what I'm saying... I'm not on a "high horse," I'm trying to cater to all of my readers, not just you, since not everyone out there is excited or knows who excited I am.

Alex Billington on May 27, 2009


this whole time I thought Avatar movie was from the cartoon. Or is it? I'm lost.

I have anxiety on May 27, 2009


the scene description and the suit (to some extent) sound like the first chapter of Heinlen's book "starship troopers" - not the bastardized movie (which I love in its own campy way- think a true adaption of the book would be fantastic). Wondering if you have a bogus tip Alex.

peter on May 27, 2009


#34: Why get ignorant towards someone that is putting all of their efforts into such a great site for his loyal readers? ANYONE that was writing a little tidbit about something will insert a " I am so excited " piece. I saw nothing wrong with this whatsoever. Cheers for being excited Alex 🙂

Silence on May 28, 2009

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