It Has Arrived - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Super Bowl Trailer!

January 31, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Super Bowl Trailer

This here is the crème de la crème! Paramount has debuted their first teaser trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen that will be showing during the Super Bowl tomorrow. We've been waiting years to finally see this footage and damn it doesn't let down one bit. There are more robots being debuted in this 30 seconds than there were in all of the first Transformers! Well, not really, but the bots we do get to see in this TV spot should have some Transformers fans screaming for joy. I think I can say that the only reason I'm sticking around to watch the big game tomorrow is to see this in glorious high definition. Check it out!

Watch the full Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Super Bowl TV spot:

[flv: 598 336]

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is again directed by action film superstar Michael Bay of Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Island, and Transformers previously. The story and screenplay for the sequel was written by Transformers writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as well as Ehren Kruger (The Ring, The Brothers Grimm, Blood and Chocolate). Paramount is unleashing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in both IMAX and regular theaters on June 26th this summer. We'll be there!

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There is a reason i fell in love with Paramount. I love this. I love Michael Bay. I love Transformers. All you haters can go to hell, cause this looks AMA-ZA-ZING!!!

Andy Adair on Jan 31, 2009



Skeeter on Jan 31, 2009


Jesus H Christ that is amazing. I believe that one at the end is only 1/7 of a much larger one! o_o

Dave on Jan 31, 2009


Wow. Son this is going to be live. I just hope IMAX doesn't act stupid and not pick this up. I will be uberpissed!

douglaspaul on Jan 31, 2009


i am so friggin happy. the best 30 seconds ever

Darrin on Jan 31, 2009



wrongturn on Jan 31, 2009


Good 30 seconds... but i NEED MORE!

Shaun on Jan 31, 2009


Was that Ravage at 0:10-11 seconds???

Oranges on Jan 31, 2009


Apparently it WAS Ravage, which makes me so happy to see Soundwave has his lil cartridge buddies!!

Alex Billington on Jan 31, 2009


my computer monitor was not big enough to cage this. Its Robots fighting for the sake of robots fighting. Just Awesome

~480-405 Buttons on Jan 31, 2009


o yea baby its fend 2 go down cant wait 4 this badboy

Walker on Jan 31, 2009


meh... CGI crap fest just as the first one

bltzie on Jan 31, 2009


This looks so ridiculous. A bunch of explosions and aircraft carriers, WOW!!!! Maybe it's just me, but is everyone forgetting how much of a shitty filmmaker Michael Bay is? Just the entire premise of robots from another planet is fucking ridiculous. Who built them? Are they organic robots? Why can they completely disregard the laws of physics and common sense by transforming into something smaller than they are? Why the fuck do robots from another planet give a shit about humans? Why do Shia LeBitch and Megan "I can't act" Fox suck so much? I just can't wrap my mind around how fucking ridiculous this entire premise is. Fuck Michael Bay. Go McG.

Farris on Jan 31, 2009


WOW... Bay said it wouldnt show anything. Looks amazing. But can anyone come up with why the character Sam would really be needed. I think Bumble-Bee could take a 5er from him. I mean in a real-world storyline. But i know you need familiar characters and story familisim

J.WHITE on Jan 31, 2009


I even saw the first Transformers high as fucking giraffe pussy and I was still confused and disappointed.

Farris on Jan 31, 2009


wtf! that was crazy............... i was hoping this wouldnt be crap.... and it isnt! I feel better now... haha

!!!! on Jan 31, 2009


I think this looks fantastic. If you don't think it looks great and you're not a fan, then stick with your Oscar movies where drama is played out in the same unrealistic sense that robots from outer space turn into cars for the sake of action. It's a movie. It's not always supposed to make perfect sense. It's "make believe." I know it's a hard concept to grasp for those who lack imagination, and who need logic to be the main premise for everything, but it exists in perfect form in movies like this. I like Michael Bay's style because he has a very visual approach to story telling. I can see where some wouldn't like his stylized visual story telling at the sake of actual plot, but when it comes to movies like this I'll take his style in place of a denser plot any day. I don't want to think 'too much' when I'm watching an implausible movie like this. I just want to enjoy it. And Michael Bay is the perfect director for a movie like this.

ImaginaryVisionary on Jan 31, 2009


HO... LEE... SHIT.

Icarus on Jan 31, 2009



Cody on Jan 31, 2009


#13... do you expect Michael Bay to use his own talking robots in the film? The real ones?

Awesomo on Jan 31, 2009


sorry, meant #12.

Awesomo on Jan 31, 2009


#13 your a retard i was annoyed with all the human bullshit in tf1..i didnt think there was enough robot action! so all those explosions..big ass robots..starscream coming back i almost jizzed myself I didnt see megatron...was the BIG robot the fallen?

luke on Jan 31, 2009


i think the part where sam gets held down is the part where they add in his broken hand injury they were talking about....

Darren on Jan 31, 2009


I'm with # 13 on this one. I mean isnt anybody working on films for adults these days? the entire Transformer concept is kiddy comic book stuff. great for them, maybe they will even give away some free undies at the premier but damn, I havent seen a decent adult minded sci-fi in ages. WTF??

cornholio_by_the_sea on Jan 31, 2009


Ahh it looks cool but maybe too much cgi. Kind of kiddy book story too. I enjoyed this commercial. More then that trailer.

JimD on Jan 31, 2009


The big guy at the end has to be Devastator. You have see tractor treads on his left arm. Ravage looks sweet. MORE STARSCREAM!

Ratchet7 on Feb 1, 2009


What I am looking forward to from Transformers2 More action More robots More O-Prime fighting scenes. I can see from this previews Michael Bay has brought his A-game and has answered my wishes...

Nuff Said on Feb 1, 2009


No #20, I expect him to use a good script... A real one

bltzie on Feb 1, 2009


This looks like what I expected - an amazing action-packed popcorn flick with some great CGI. Not everything needs to be Oscar-worthy to be enjoyable, at least not for me. Based on this trailer, I'll see it opening weekend. I'd even pay extra for IMAX and I can't remember the last film I said that for.

Michelle on Feb 1, 2009


Farris, quite simply.....F-OFF regardless of what you think it will be the most popular movie of the year and obviously the transformers concept is wasted on your petty little mind, if you dont like it then go watch something more to your taste and stop ruining this for us.....

Lee on Feb 1, 2009


This is called fantastic film-making!(The merging of live action and 3d animation is awesome) for me.

arnel on Feb 1, 2009


Yea, Its a movie by Michael Bay, yup another mindless action flick for the summer. Jeez, dont you people understand! Hes making us movies for us to "enjoy", who cares if its mindless action? Since when was Michael Bay an "Oscar worthy" director. If he aint stealing money or hurting the industry, then i dont care if he makes films like this; it makes the summer just that much better. I hope to see more of Starscream this time around! And im wishing that Jazz makes a comeback, plz plz plz plz plz...that would be the most orgasmic thing if i saw him pop up on screen once again!

Nikhil Hariharan on Feb 1, 2009


This looks completely ridiculous - CGI, explosions, Megan Fox looking pouty and whatever story can string them together for an hour and a half. I can't wait. 😀

John Madden on Feb 1, 2009


Unreal. I've been counting down the days until superbowl, and I don't even know if its grid iron or rugby they play! That trailer was everything it needed to be, and I dont mind saying I grew up on G1 *AND* adored both the 80's movie and M. Bays new one. Bring on June. Bring on Devestator and bring on a 2 hour, unleashed, unforgiving sci-fi robot deathmatch. Transformers has evolved. While I can understand if people don't want to see this becaus its not thier sort of movie, I don't understand why they feel it's important to try and get everyone else down on it. Fortunately for every one flamer spamming TF2 forums for the next few hours, theres ten people who can't wait to see this. And the best bit? It's going to be so good there will be a third lol

Adam on Feb 1, 2009


FACT!!!! have we ever seen anything like this... NO! i am just lost for words.....i would happily ffwrd my life to june 26th 🙂 mcg just ridin transformers 1, with wanna be big robots.. thats sooooo 2007 !!! LOL

craig on Feb 1, 2009


oh and i think prime is gonna die! :-((( as sad as it would be the 3rd would be the greatest film ever concieved!!

craig on Feb 1, 2009


Nah he will die in the third one, Galvatron will become the herald of Unicron (after Megatron dies again in this one defeating the Fallen-caus its ironic) and Hot Rod will use the matrix of leadership to save Cybertron. Seriously, even the fanboys can see thats where this is heading. An epic trilogy. And if done right, the death of Prime would be even more impacting than it was the first time around lol By the way, is anyone else feeling a case of the 'Empire Strikes Back-itis'? oh and McG ripped on TF1 lol

Adam on Feb 1, 2009


The idea of a movie is to escape into a world of imagination. To leave the rules of reality behind. To emerse yourself in that film. Michael Bay's Transformers films do precisely this. Suspending disbelief to create a fast-paced and exciting action Movie with the most-loved robot series. This Movie uses the best CGI with the highest attention to detail you will ever see in any movie for many years to come. These movies are the reason I go to the cinema. I can't wait to see this movie and I think Michael Bay has created a great sequel to the first movie. High suspense and dark undertones will make this a more dramatic and highly anticipated film for 2009.

Elise on Feb 1, 2009


Couldn't have put it better myself. Even from a technical point of view, this movie is the peak of what you can achieve in CGI in films. Every comparison to ID:4 is deserved, this is the next big blockbuster. By the way, Elise are you single? lol jk

Adam on Feb 1, 2009


Oh and one other thing... This trailer, which has only *JUST* seen the light of day, is already being flamed. Can I just ask... How did you people come across this trailer so quickly in order to say its shit? Perhaps there might just be a few closet TF fans in the wings, scrounging for any little bit of information just like the rest of us... Only to scared to come out and embrace what they know is truth. That deep down, they wanted to see that trailer so badly, they are some of the first people to see it... 😉 lol

Adam on Feb 1, 2009


OH MY GOD!!!!! it's gonna be awesome man....Optimus is just like a mouse to them. WTF!

JoeG on Feb 1, 2009


#39 😀 seems a conumdrum doesn't it 🙂 I think everyone has a place for transformers whether they say so or not... it is a truely great movie coming 😀 Btw, Adam I'm very much taken 🙂 By a wonderful guy who loves transformers way more then anyone

Elise on Feb 1, 2009


to #13, why do ask so many question? Go do ur research about Transformers and maybe u will understand where they come from or how they can transform into small cars or whatever and if youu dont like Michael Bay dont watch his films in fact dont watch his trailers!!!!!!!

JS Chan on Feb 1, 2009


The music reminded me of Terminator 2, I was waiting for the way familiar music to come in after a bit, oh and the trailer almost looekd exactly like Terminator: Salvation, so much in the cutting scene thingy, anyways, FUCK YEAH! Look at stupid sexy Megan Fox and Prime trying to stone cold stun some huge bridge crushing robot! FUCK YEAH, GO PRIME.

Corey on Feb 1, 2009


this is gonna be sweeeeet BETTER NOT BE MANY HUMAN ACTIVITY IN THIS! sick of the secretary of defence.. i was annoyed with the co-stars.. megan fox is hot but she is a terrible actor lol I JUST WANT ROBOT THRASHING!!!!!!!!

luke on Feb 1, 2009


Hell ya!!!!!!!!!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 1, 2009


The first movie sucked, so why not the second? This is a renter.

crabby on Feb 1, 2009


32, 34, and 38 thank you so much. The haters will come out no matter what, this movie will be awesome.

big r on Feb 1, 2009


awesome. That big one wheeled robot could be devastator, if you pause the HD video on youtube you can actually see what looks like Prime hanging on to it as it smashes through the bridge...unless the Constructicons are all like that, in which case there would HAVE to be a big Autobot because the wheeled thing is like 10x size of Prime!!!!

chris on Feb 1, 2009


FUCKING SICK!!!!! Can't wait!

TX9000 on Feb 1, 2009


Let's give it up to ILM. They've perfected transforming.

Fuelbot on Feb 1, 2009


stop complaining about script, story or characters... why do you need those when you have f*ck*n giant robots kickin' ass? just turn off you brain and enjoy the ride...

Pedro Lopes on Feb 1, 2009


#13 A typical fanboy reaction. Sad.

Shige on Feb 1, 2009


53 is full of shit. 13 has good points. What do we care of the robots and their war if there is no solid story behind them to truly back up what they are why they are. Michael Bay is a lousy filmmaker, but he does know how to do action - at least in the nonsensical way of it. Except McG sucks too. But this trailer does look pretty good. But its not going to be a good movie, its going to be a fun movie. Deep down, everyone knows that too.

Conrad on Feb 1, 2009


#13...why do idiots like you exist that can't decipher the difference between fiction and non fiction? Looks decent enough but there's no storyline there. I want to know what it's about. Too many explosions to just get people to go. Disappointed big time in the trailer. I'll see it, no doubt, but this is a crappy trailer.

Aravena on Feb 1, 2009


SWEET FUCKING JESUS I NEED THIS IN 1080p , OH MY FUCKING GOD, OH MY FUCKING GOD!! Michael Bay I believe may very well be the only one who could give us a real Transformers movie, I think I watched this trailer at least six times and I am still not seeing enough, Did Optimus get his Face Samshed OFF!! HOLEEEEEEEEEEEEY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!! OMG OMG OMG !!!

NeoSlyfer on Feb 1, 2009


oh shit,i've just messed myself three different ways that was fucking awesome.

zetsu on Feb 1, 2009


Holy moly. The budget for this movie must be huge.

Darunia on Feb 1, 2009


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!!!

Janika on Feb 1, 2009


I just jizzed in my pants.

PG on Feb 1, 2009


WOW... this made me laugh so freaking hard. These movies are ridiculous LMAO. This is entertainment huh? I'm probably not going to be among you all on opening day, that's for darn sure. There was no trace of a story... why not save all the explosions and all that for the movie and talk a little about.... you know... what it's about... maybe I'm weird that way.

adrian on Feb 1, 2009


Man words cannot describe my excitement for this movie!! I want to sleep till june. that is all.

Unseen on Feb 1, 2009


OMG orgasm

Sara on Feb 1, 2009


this is the fucking best movie ever man the song just makes me so excited did you guys see the fucking size of that robot optimus doesnt stand a chance against that bitch

maxi on Feb 1, 2009


OMG I COUNT AT LEAST 9 to 10 Tranformers in this, if you look closely you will see RCEE , OMG!!

NeoSlyfer on Feb 1, 2009


I'M SOLD!!!!!!!!!

Canadian on Feb 1, 2009


Oh dang..I'm BIGTIME THERE!! Summer movie all the way..yeah baby!!! WHOOHOOO!!!!!! Great car porn and explosions heaven..yeah!!!!!

Bry from Chi on Feb 1, 2009


ill be there on opening day.

pepillo on Feb 1, 2009


Farris, you an idiot. This is transformer!! It's not real. Adult likes robots as well. Don't diss the transformer concept On the other side, I still think M Bay is still a lousy film maker. I'll watch it for entertainment. Come on, the first shot of these teaser, again, re use of Pearl Harbour footage, i think?!!! Also, it was so hard to distinguish among the robots again when they are not in "vehicle" mode. I only see a bunch of steel!!

Joe C. on Feb 1, 2009


Yeap, that is Ravage - not a fan of his cyclops eye though. The thing at the end is hopefully not the full Devastator but it looks far too big just to be one of the components. Maybe it's just a few and is not complete (hopefully). I hope they let the Decepticons communicate more - Starscream FTW!

Rob on Feb 1, 2009


That Unicyclr thing looks like Devastator, if that is so, HOLEE SHIT, it looks like the constructicons are in and my GOD THAT LOOKED AWESOME, I thought G.I. Joe looked awesome, but holy shit this looks a hundred wickeder than Amargeddon I shit you not! LOL

NeoSlyfer on Feb 1, 2009


well the big ass robot should be part of devastator but im not really sure at the moment

Lee on Feb 1, 2009


#61... go suck a big one. You're annoyed because there's no semblance of a story in this trailer? It's a friggin TEASER TRAILER. Secondly, what's the point of bashing story on such a film, when it's all about fun and action? Of course we want there to be an amazing story. I for one, think that every film should have a strong story that is character-driven to make it worthwhile, but dude, I see so many people bashing action films because they are action films. What's the point? Drama, action, thriller, sci-fi, etc... they're all there for a reason, and there's no point in bashing any one genre because they all serve a purpose. Now go back and watch Atonement for the 20th time and wait for the Oscars. OH, and as for this film... I really don't see enough to judge whether this will be badass or not. It's a lot of closeup disjointed action sequences that I can't make heads or tails of. BUT, it looks fucking dope!

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Feb 1, 2009


Well it looks like here comes the summer 2009 movie that we've all been waiting for!. And the funny thing is that, that's only the tv spot!, and not even the movie trailer, so we all can just imagine what the movie trailer and movie will be like!, right?.

Sean on Feb 1, 2009


#13 hate to break it to you, but michael bay did not come up with this idea. its been around since the 80s. I dont understand people. if you arent interested in a movie, there is no need to flame it. Some of us enjoy them and some don't that is holly wood, if everyone enjoyed every movie. there would be no push to make better movies, or movies for certain people. Sometimes, i want a good action movie, screw the plot, just give me things blowing up. But, i can appreciate the wonderfully written, action-less, dramas. It's art, it's action, its something that those of us who are fans would make if we had the money and the resources. If you dont like it, dont watch and dont flame, no reason for such childish behavior. i can respect the fact that you and other people don't like it. But, it's no reason to slam the director, i don't think he is making this to be an oscar contendor. he probably loved transformers as a kid. and wants to take it to the big screen for the rest of us who loved it. He has done a damn fine job. Do you not also like iron man and all the marvel movies because they are too far out of the realm of reality?

taurinh24 on Feb 1, 2009


I like the end where that little transformer jumped on that huge transformer. It tells me this is gonna be HUGE.

Daniel on Feb 1, 2009


74, No shit Michael Bay didn't come up with this idea, but it worked better as a toy line/cartoon. He should have kept it that way. I'm all for action movies, i just think Bay should have stopped at The Rock. The only thing thats different with him and Uwe Boll is big budgets. The action was dumb in the first one, really dumb. I dont care how crazy sci fi gets, as long as people emotions and actions remain plausible, which was something the first one didnt seem to understand. The movie was just terrible. This one looks better, but still no dice.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


Also, 74, useing Iron Man as an example is just stupid 1) it was much closer to reality than Transformers 2) its another movie with undeserved love, sure it was a GOOD film, but idiots these days are treating it like a masterpiece, something it was surely not.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


I'm so excited for this. Definitely one of the movies I'm most looking forward to this year.

Janet on Feb 1, 2009


Al, just dont fukin watch it! Holy crap you idiot. Plain and simple, go fukin complain somewhere else. 74 made a fine point, some of you are retarded. Dont even post if you dont like it, take your bitch-ass-ness somewhere else. Im sick and tired of your whining already.

big r on Feb 1, 2009


#12 #13 #15 #24 #32 #47 #61 Don't be jealous that we actually have girlfriends and wives that don't make our lives too miserable to take to this movie. Just keep sitting in mommy's basement, flaming everything on the internet that might put some kind of a spark in your pointless, mediocre lives. You know, they say porn is good for the mind and body. Maybe you could learn a few things from bad actors with great racks. Things like, it's not the script or director? Anyway, trailer owns. Only reason I'd watch the Super Bowl is for the commercials and movie trailers anyway.

Cody on Feb 1, 2009


This trailer actually makes the film look good. Let's hope it is.

Film-Book dot Com on Feb 1, 2009


#55 I can distinguish between fiction and non-fiction. But when the fiction makes absolutely no sense, how the fuck can I sit there and not want to vomit? For example, Iron Man is fiction. He has a fictional suit that is powered by a fictional source of fuel called an Arc reactor. Makes sense right? It's not completely ridiculous. Another example, Jurassic Park. Fictional dinosaurs that were made using genetics attacking a fictional amusement part. Pretty ridiculous but Chrichton found a way to make fiction at least be compatible with common sense. My problem with Transformers is that it MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE. What the hell are the Transformers? How can they change into other shit? Just because you want to have fun and watch a mindless popcorn movie doesn't mean you should completely disregard common sense.

Farris on Feb 1, 2009


#82. You just have to be ironic. I refuse to believe someone is actually that stupid. Let me get this straight. A guy with a giant hole in his chest stuffed with a shiny nuclear based energy source with a name, logic, science, cause, younameit, made in a cave using blacksmithing tools makes sense to you but a giant robot does not ? I want the shit you smoke.

Shige on Feb 1, 2009


o kurwa...

Karol on Feb 1, 2009


Looks awesome.

Ryan on Feb 1, 2009


THIS MOVIE IS GOING2 BE THe SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

richie on Feb 1, 2009


@ #82 - Farris: They're aliens made of metal which have the ability to re-organize their bits and have done so to disguise themselves as vehicles here on earth. It's very silly and works better in a cartoon, but meh. I hated the first one, but I'll give the second one a chance because I like to see stuff blow up and get smashed. I just hate big summer blockbuster movies in general because they focus on the set pieces instead of the story or the character, and for me it just detracts from the set pieces. If I don't care about the characters (and I pretty much hated all of the characters in the first Transformers) why would I give a crap if they were smashed to bits? And you know the kid is going to live. The shot of the kid being pinned down by a 10,000 ton machine? Doesn't matter... someone will save him. There's no tension in a film like this. It's just stuff getting smashed up. The issue a lot of people had with the first film (myself included) is not that it was just mindless action. Hell, I think most everyone will watch a good dumb action film once in a while. The problem was that the stuff between the action bits were SO BAD that it was actually difficult to stay in the theater / not fast forward through them to get back to the decent bits (being the big robots smashing the crap out of one another). It was a really really bad movie that was saved by some over-the-top giant robot action. I'll hold out hope that this one will be a more watchable film. I think it's mildly disturbing that some people were saying the last one was one of their favorite films, tho. I mean... maybe if you're 12 then I can see it... but I work with guys who have said that Transformers was one of their favorite movies. I mean, you've got the right to like what you like, but let's face it... it's not exactly cultured entertainment. Hell, the first one had several pee jokes and a scene built around an awkward masturbation conversation. Stuff like that made me roll my eyes in the theaters while everyone else laughed their asses off. I just don't get it.

Squiggly on Feb 1, 2009


Big R (aka 79), you are at the peek of stupidity. when i am shown a trailer, i am allowed to give my discretion, and i feel it is stupid. the only reason why i am mad at Mr. Bay for making things that suck so hard is because of the fan base it blindly attracts. the mediocre loving morons praising it. if the world recognized shit as being shit, i could care less, i would let this man make the movie he wanted and not complain, but it is when piles of gelatinous shit get praise that gets me annoyed, it is not bad movies that make me write in annoyance, its Big R, and all the other Big Rs out there.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


CGI crap fest for the Ipod crowd. I like the Transformers of old and I sort of like Michael Bay, but his Transformer movies suck.

Ugh on Feb 1, 2009


I love how somebody questioned the point of robots from another planet and turning into vehicles and whatnot... My reply to them; Get a life and go watch the old series! Transformers is the best! And god, this preview looked so awesome! I want moree! D:

Kida on Feb 1, 2009


I'll see this for the sake of it but this is going to fucking suck like part one. Battles will be dope but you know the story will be shit. And why do all the fucking robots look like Johnny 5 from Short circuit. I hate their face. Dame YOU BAY, at least made them look like the cartoons!!!

REAL6 on Feb 1, 2009


Holy snitchy! THAT LOOKS AWESOME! I frickin' can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trina on Feb 1, 2009


Andy. I 100% agree with you...

????? on Feb 1, 2009


It looks like there is a lot more robot on robot action in this one, which would greatly improve upon the first movie.

????? on Feb 1, 2009


i agree 94, but with a new major film series you have to set the scene..... roll on soundwave 🙂

Lee on Feb 1, 2009


The return of Optimus looks big with that giant robot at the end.Could that be the devastator ?!

Fisherr on Feb 1, 2009


YESSS!!! This movie looks awesome! Loved the first one and can't wait to see what Michael Bay does with this one. He's one Bad Ass director... Looks way better then that Terminator movie... And you MB haters need to chill out with this "adaption" of Transformers. He's making the movie for everyone not just Transformer obsessed fans.

The_Phantom on Feb 1, 2009


Just like the first, this looks like it'll blind me with its great graphics and entertaining action sequences. Making me overlook it's flaws till afterward. But if it's too much like the first: focusing too much on the human characters and turning the transformers into supporting characters rather than main characters, then I'll be heavily disappointed.

fydbac on Feb 1, 2009


Looks amazing and hoping the release date is 26th June in the UK aswell and not like the 1st film where us brits had 2 wait weeks after u yanks!! How can the big 1 wheeled robot be called Devastator? Wasn't it a tank in the first film?

Ian on Feb 1, 2009


This movie will rock! i wish the trailer was longer though

Alex on Feb 1, 2009


I don't understand why people get disappointed over all the "flaws" in the story line and how "childish" it is. The movie is called "TRANSFORMERS" based on the Saturday morning CARTOON "TRANSFORMERS". Its supposed to be mindless fun. #13 "waaah... its physically impossible... ::whine whine whine:: The storyline doesn't make sense~ wah wah wah.." STFU

Dan on Feb 1, 2009


I just really don't see what the big deal is about his, then again i never knew what was so great about the first one either. i'll admit, i'll probably see this because during the dog days of summer these kinds of movies are perfect in an air conditioned room, but i know i'm gonna be walking out the same way i did with the first one. disappointed, confused, and deaf

LeeMan on Feb 1, 2009


LOL, Michael Bay loves explosions! this looks great, but is that big robot like a watered down Unicron?

The Delightful Deviant on Feb 1, 2009


#99 Ian, in the first movie the tank was misnamed as devastator and should have been named brawl, originally devastator was a combined robot formed of several other robots that were construction vehicles and it is the same for this film, he will combine via about 9 other bots all based on construction vehicles we can only asume that the bot we have seen is the main part of him (head, shoulders and arms).

Lee on Feb 1, 2009


Like what the fuck is with all you haters...if you hated the 1st one DONT COME TO A TOPIC ABOUT A SEQUEL..ya bay hating pricks

Cody on Feb 1, 2009


I didn't kill my wife!

Richard Kimble on Feb 1, 2009

108'd I forget about him. This is too flashy. They need to slo0o0o0o0ow it down so we can see the robots or post some freakin' stills!!! Yea!!!

Aravena on Feb 1, 2009


When I see a Transformer walking down the street, I think two things. One part wants me to take it out, talk to it, be real nice and sweet and treat it right. And the other part? What it's chassis would look like on a stick.

Patrick Bateman on Feb 1, 2009


Aravena 106, if you are refering to the big huge bot he is one of the contructicons in his robot mode, and is the head, shoulders and arms of devastator (the combined construticons) and as for the stills here is a link.... enjoy

Lee on Feb 1, 2009


104, i'm mostly mad we go again. a bunch of douche bags' thirsts being quenched by mere mediocracy.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


I believe Imaginary is right... those of you who are bashing the movie for not being factual, think too much about something that is FICTION. Fiction isn't always based on fact. In FACT, 90% of all fiction makes some of it up. Common sense tells you that. If you don't like it, don't see it. Don't even watch the trailer. Otherwise, why are you complaining that other people enjoy it? Unless, of course, you enjoy being miserable and complaining. for those of you wo are either fans, or know what I'm talking about. Don't engage them. As Katt Williams says, "Let them be haters. That's they're job." You and I know that it's just an action/adventure sci-fi movie. We have the common sense to realize that it is exactly that: fiction. And that it's purely for entertainment purposes. So be prepared to enjoy it. Stating common sense for the complainers does no good.

Shadow on Feb 1, 2009


#109 Yes the millions that saw transformers are all douche bags. That makes you of course the pure saint of film industry.

Shige on Feb 1, 2009


Looks FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Lacey on Feb 1, 2009


111, i never said people who saw it are douchbags, im saying those who thought it was fucking Citizan Kane are. 110, i dont hate it cause its uber fictional. i love sci fi and action films, but theres one thing i always like to see in them, peoples emotions being place. they (humans) have to act as humans will, or else i will hate the film. whether it be a drama staring one man, or an action film with dozens of robots, i will hate it if people dont act like they should, i call it natural plot holes. Michael Bays films are full of them. Trust me the robots aren't the problem, Michael Bay is. Let Gore Verbinski or Zach Snyder direct it and i would probably love it. Get over it people, my opinions aren't as shallowly and blindly based as yours are.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


109, mediocracy isn't a word. And if you don't like the Transformers movies then why did you come to check out the trailer? Clearly it's you who is the douche bag, not us. Is your last name Qaeda by the way? Just wondering, Al. Or maybe it's Jazeera.

Rich on Feb 1, 2009


Rich, i checked out the trailer with hopes that it didn't look as bad as the first one. and guess what it does. Oh and mediocracy is a word, way to look dumb....or could you not help that?

Al on Feb 1, 2009


@113 well go watch your Citizen Kane and throw darts at your Michael Bay poster. Millions saw the first one, loved it, it gained money, and they made a second one. DONE Trust me, your high class Hollywood hallucinations and grudge against Bay OBVIOUSLY won't get you anywhere on this thread. You say, 'oh if this such and such director did it, then I would of liked it.' what stupid bullshit comment is that? How can you even start to argue on something that doesn't exist?? Well I'm SURE I could say the same things about some movie you really like... sooooo your opinions ARE shallow and ARE blindly based on your own bad taste in just a great time at the cinema

Daniel on Feb 1, 2009


#115... oh and I'm glad you can figure that a movie is shit by seeing 30 seconds of it, and without even a sentence of dialogue. you're pretty damn smart there buddy. Please read the fortunes for all the summer movies so I can avoid of of those 'duds' like this one.... please oh please, oh enlightened one..

Daniel on Feb 1, 2009


#115... oh and I'm glad you can figure that a movie is shit by seeing 30 seconds of it, and without even a sentence of dialogue. you're pretty damn smart there buddy. Please read the fortunes for all the summer movies so I can avoid of of those 'duds' like this one.... please oh please, oh enlightened one..

Daniel.. again on Feb 1, 2009


wow, Daniel you are probably the dumbest person in the world. way to twist my words around. i said, and i quote "Let Gore Verbinski or Zach Snyder direct it and i would PROBABLY love it." the word probably means its not 100%, for the very reason, that it doesn't exist. Bravo. When i said your comments are shallow and blind, i mean in the fact that you think you know what i like and enjoy, which happens to be sci fi, and happens to be action. But only when made well. Something Bay doesn't seem to know, and something the mainstream public doesn't like to recognize.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


wow, Daniel you are probably the dumbest person in the world. way to twist my words around. i said, and i quote "Let Gore Verbinski or Zach Snyder direct it and i would PROBABLY love it." the word probably means its not 100%, for the very reason, that it doesn't exist. Bravo. When i said your comments are shallow and blind, i mean in the fact that you think you know what i like and enjoy, which happens to be sci fi, and happens to be action. But only when made well. Something Bay doesn't seem to know, and something the mainstream public doesn't like to recognize.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


wow, Daniel you are probably the dumbest person in the world. way to twist my words around. i said, and i quote "Let Gore Verbinski or Zach Snyder direct it and i would PROBABLY love it." the word probably means its not 100%, for the very reason, that it doesn't exist. Bravo. When i said your comments are shallow and blind, i mean in the fact that you think you know what i like and enjoy, which happens to be sci fi, and happens to be action. But only when made well. Something Bay doesn't seem to know, and something the mainstream public doesn't like to recognize. And how can i tell its going to be a dud, cause your buddy Bay directed it. 🙂

Al on Feb 1, 2009


it just came on NCB, AWESOME, currently waiting on the 1080p download 🙂

NeoSlyfer on Feb 1, 2009


the best thing about all of this is the amount of time that you've spent defending your own warped, stupid opinions. bravo for that. HA

Daniel on Feb 1, 2009


Daniel, you are more nobel than most defenders of crap. I prove you wrong on something i said, that you misinterpreted and twisted, and rather than running away you jump topic. You've said all you need to say, and its still wrong. Now moving to a joke rather than staying on topic may be a dick move, but its better than running away like most Pre-teens do. Congrats.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


no... this entire conversation with you has been a joke... I've been smiling the whole time.. It was a joke to me to even write you in the first place. you really think I take you seriously? ha yeah right... I could really care less of what you think about Michael Bay or Transformers. I just think it's a VERY GOOD JOKE... and the joke's on you

Daniel on Feb 1, 2009


Whatever! This movie's purpose is to entertain you and that is what it's gonna do. Period. If you're looking for an eccentric plot with high drama why bother to even watch the trailer? Just leave us Transformers fans alone. Don't try to ruin our excitement, we don't do it when you get all excited about those exaggerated drama flicks.

Somni on Feb 1, 2009


The joke is that a Michael Bay Transformers fan thinks, for no good reason, he has trumped me. A kid who will one day look back at all this and say, "Boy was i stupid." Take a lesson from Somni, that dude is at least backing up his argument that its all in fun. And i can understand that. I dont get annoyed by people who enjoy it just for a dumb fun action flick. I get annoyed at those fans who think its like the greatest thing to ever grace cinema.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


Wow, you guys need to chill. If you do not think Transformers isn't worth seeing WTF are you doing on this site? Seriously I am excited to see it!

Shelby on Feb 1, 2009


this site, i dont know if you are aware of this Shelby but this isn't, this is A wide variety of films are covered on here. i thought i'd be nice and give this teaser a try, and well, as you could tell, i didnt enjoy it all to well.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


This movie will dominate 2009!!!!! all you people who have your negative comments can go finger their dogs. And whoever commented about Megan Fox bein a bad Actress, i agree and disagree because she is a fucking babe.

Brandon.O on Feb 1, 2009


I guess all the Bay fanboys and iGeneration needs is MORE EXPLOSIONS and FASTER EDITING! Because anything like a decent story or good characters or dialogue (yes, even in an action picture) is, like, so yesterday.

avoidz on Feb 1, 2009


Nicely put avoidz. i miss Daniel, though, the basis for his entire first and longest comment was based off of my statement that he misread. But when my post was read correctly all of his arguments become non existent. And than he makes some jokes and runs away. Real mature, now i think i understand in depth, the Transformers crowd. In a few brief, terrible comments, Daniel confirmed my thoughts of Michael Bay Tranformers fans.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


You haters leave this chat because if its so bad why did you watch the trailer you dumbasses and your wasting your time going on the internet and complaning about the movie you have to much time on your hands to complain. SO GO SUCK ON A BIG ONE

Jordan on Feb 1, 2009


maybe if you have a problem with haters, you should go on a Tranformers website. just as you all have the right to praise it, we have the right to hate it. We don't have the wrong site, nether of us do you. But if you can't take a blast of reality once in a while, than shut up and leave.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


@Jordan - this isn't chat, these are comments. And it's so amusing to see how worked up a fanboy can get, well done 😀

avoidz on Feb 1, 2009


transofrmers was the best movie and im sure that revenge will be even better. i am hoping that it will break dark knight's record and even titanic's. 2 all u haters... if u dont have anything good to say dont say anything at all or just go fuk urself...excuse my language. noone knows how hard it is to make a movie like this and dont call michael bay a mindless director and say that hes not oscar worthy because the truth is the oscar is crap. a movie like transfomers is 10000000000000000... times harder to make than those slow crap that the oscar give awards to. i dont c y some people r bashing michael for making this... u should b thankful because at least he cares to sacrifice a period of his life to entertain u. u dont know how hard it is to do these kind of stuff. as a young film maker, michael bay is my inspiration and i have a lot of respect for him. i think those people who r talking shit r only hatein because they r jealous. i think bay is one of the best director in the history of film and i thank him for doing what he do.

baddadandem on Feb 1, 2009


I hear Michael Bay loves smashing his megaphones and chewing out crew members.

avoidz on Feb 1, 2009


136, i mostly disagree with oscars. so don't think you know where i am coming from. as i have said, i love Sci Fi, just when well Directed. The idea is good, but the execution is poor.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


thats the kind of comment, 139, i have come to expect, way the further the stereotype.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


138, i guess u r right in a way... eveyone is entitled to their own opinion. for example, there might b a white wall and i might say that its white and u might say that its blue and we can argue all day. this is where experience and education plays a part... if u knew how hard it was to make those kind of movies, then maybe u would have a different opinion and appreciate it more. anyways i loved transormers and i have high hopes for revenge. im sure bay wont dissapoint.

baddadandem on Feb 1, 2009


excuse me 141, but just because its hard does not mean he is a good director. it means he should pick a new profession.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


Looks more tough, bigger, and more challenging.

Jesse on Feb 1, 2009


well the fact is that the first movie was a huge hit so i dont know what u r talking about 142... if it was as bad as u say it is then i would agree with u but the fact is that its not. so facts r facts... what u r sayin is just an opinion.

baddadandem on Feb 1, 2009


while it is a fact that the film made a lot of money doesn't make it a good film, it just means a lot of people shared the opinion it was good. money has nothing to do with how well a film is, just how well people enjoy it. facts have nothing much to do with how good a director Bay is, just that many,unfortunately, believe he is a good one. Spiderman 3 is almost unanimously hated,and it made more than the original Transformers film.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


u just contradicted urself 145...lmao...u said "while it is a fact that the film made a lot of money doesn't make it a good film, it just means a lot of people shared the opinion it was good." so if a lot of people shared that opinion that it was good... doesn't that make him a good director?

baddadandem on Feb 1, 2009


i mean 147 not 145

baddadandem on Feb 1, 2009


no, not at all. it means you people have the illusion he is good. it means for those that enjoy mediocre films with poor human interruption and very little plausibility, he is a good director. fact can't support someone being good at something in a field that is all relative. My opinion is his movies are bad, so he is a bad director. If you enjoy bullshit, than thats your reason to believe he is good at his job.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


Holy Fucking Shit! That trailer was so unreal that i rewound the game like 6 times just to watch the trailer lol. I seriously got chills when Prime jumped onto the big dude (who is definetly going to be the Fallen. Because Devastator was already used in the TF1 (well the name was anyways) But the prequel comics are setting it up to be the Fallen. Megatron stumbles across this ancient artifact that is marked with the Decpticon symbol and in some of the artwork you can see an unknown Transformers face in the artifact. Clearly the first Transformers, had a power struggle trying to protect the all spark from the Fallen (the first true decepticon) trapped the Fallen and left him on earth and left the records of it in the artifact that Megatron found. Megatron see's the potential and takes on the Fallen's symbol as his own turns on the other Transformers and starts the war by trying to claim the all spark for himself. So this movie probably centers on the other decepticons coming to earth to revive Megatron and then half of them lead by Starscream find and awake the Fallen so that if Megatron is revived he will be crushed by the much larger apponent in the Fallen. And the Autobots have to deal with two seperate factions of Decepticons all fighting each other in order to protect all life on earth lol . Close? haha just a theory lol i only have the first Prequel comic so i am not 100% if the artifact i mentioned has anything to do with the fallen.

Kevin on Feb 1, 2009


151, i dont like to argue and we r taking up a lot of space on this win...whatever makes u sleep better at night.

baddadandem on Feb 1, 2009


OH NO!! We're all going to hell now. Heavens forbid that evil Michael Bay did a sequel to Transformers. Oh it just sucks so bad that people actually enjoyed a movie, and that the teaser alone for Part 2 completely overshadowed the first movie. In other words, to all you movie purists out there, STFU! A movie is made for people to enjoy, to have fun, to IMAGINE! If you don't like that, then stop fucking whining about trailers of movies you will probably never see. Go get yourself a life. NOW-----WOW...Ravage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One BIG ASS TRANSFORMER!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so taking my daughter to see this on opening night!!!

Todd on Feb 1, 2009


i hope its in imax 3d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

baddadandem on Feb 1, 2009


i dont need you to sarcastically tell me i win, i know i win. It can never be a fact that art is good or bad. We both have opinions and opinions only. Also total gross of a film has nothing to do with how good it is. Plenty of bad films have made millions (as i said Spiderman 3) and plenty great ones have went unnoticed. Thats all i've got to say. Considering i have repeated myself alot this evening. If anyone would still care to argue,read my earlier posts,they will probably clear up any future concerns.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


Al, I'm sorry that we all forgot to notice that you're a world renown film guru and we should follow your ever word on what is good and what is bad. Please, forgive our ignorance as we like to enjoy movies other than Slumdog Overrated.

Justin on Feb 1, 2009


freaking awesome!!! watched the trailer like four times....kept rewinding so the game had to wait until i was ready!LOL!! damn this one looks better than the first and i'm sure it will not disappoint.

thejugfather on Feb 1, 2009


I dont think that guy likes indie films, seemed like he was saying he liked action and science fiction. anyway, transformers will still kick ass.

kenny on Feb 1, 2009



scm1000 on Feb 1, 2009


alright, coming out of hiatus because i have to yell at Justin, 158, because of his stupidity. I have said numerous times that i dont care much for oscar pictures and prefer Sci Fi, but only when done well. I have also said numerous times that i am an advocate for opinions. making Justin's thought that i think i am a master expert at film all the more idiotic. if this site didn't want opinions, it wouldn't allow us to comment.

Al on Feb 1, 2009


OMG people are so lame. Because I don't think this looks very interesting I'm either a loser who lives with his mother, a dude without a gf(don't know how that's applicable) or I'm just a hater. Yes, I disagree with your views... Taunt me. Just like all of you are allowed to come on here and heep praise on this... I and anyone else should be allowed to disagree without being insulted. Jesus Christ, did you work on the friggin thing or something? Don't take it so personally. And there's no gap between liking drama's and liking sci-fi or action films. But what's the point of watching things explode, and people fight to the death if it doesn't mean anything? So, I guess I will be watching the Oscars this year, because they do for the most part know what film is.

adrian on Feb 1, 2009


i am completely amazed by this!!! the first movie is my favorite movie in the whole world!!! and ive been waiting for forever to see this trailer!!!!!!! and i loved every 30 seconds of it!!! 😀 lol i cried when i saw this teaser REVENGE OF THE FALLENS GONNA KICK MAJOR ASS!!!!!! FUCK THE HATERS!!!!! WHOEVER DOESNT LIKE TRANSFORMERS....well.....your obviously A dumbass 🙂 i believe that the 2nd transfomers 2 trailer will be shown with friday the 13th for whomever doesnt know...and cares.

laila on Feb 1, 2009


"I'm with # 13 on this one. I mean isnt anybody working on films for adults these days? the entire Transformer concept is kiddy comic book stuff. great for them, maybe they will even give away some free undies at the premier but damn, I havent seen a decent adult minded sci-fi in ages. WTF??" This from a guy named cornholio_by_the_sea ??? I'm 31 and love all sorts of adult movies - drama, Shakespeare, heart-warming stories that my wife likes - and I love transformers too. Get over it and let the rest of us enjoy it for what it is: toys beating up other toys and looking cool doing it.

Pete on Feb 1, 2009


Wow! This Trailer looks awesome! However, I was actually hoping to find comments discussing the trailer, the movie, and strike up fun conversation here. To those engulfed in the petty arguments...could you do us all a favor and go play "Slap Each Other's Dicks" somewhere else? Go IM each other about it or something. Who wants to have an actual conversation? Anybody?

BEEG on Feb 1, 2009


Transformers !I love the finesse and grace of a fine Actress, but honestly, who gives a shit if Megan Fox can act or not? Seriously. Maybe "District 9" will be what your looking for. I think it will be.

D-9 on Feb 1, 2009


So it's hard to tell what that is at the end of the trailer. It doesn't quite look like "Devastator" or "Long Haul" exactly, but yet it's huge and doesn't quite look like only one transformer either (thanks to the close up stills at Anybody have any other insights or details?

BEEG on Feb 1, 2009


holy shit!! thats awesome as! better have more of starscream, and did i see a hint of raveage there??? Revenge is Coming.... All Hail Megatron

Dale on Feb 1, 2009


13 and 24: You two are both morons. 13: They are aliens. It's SCIENCE FICTION! Since when did Science Fiction require so much explanatory backstory? 24: Kiddy comic book stuff? Come one, dude. You can surely come up with a better reason not to go see it than that. That has to be one of the worst excuses to bash a movie I have ever heard. You may as well just say: "Where is all the MANLY SCI-FI?!?!?!?!" LMAO. Fucking losers. This movie is going to PWN just like the first one did.

CoryCow on Feb 1, 2009


Gosh I hate pointing this out because it's such a girl thing to notice but in the shot of megan fox at 16 seconds she's wearing a ring on her wedding finger. If that's actually part of the storyline them getting engaged then that would be so fucking lame. I had to comment on that.

Janet on Feb 1, 2009


everything looks cool except shia ladouche, hope he dies in the sequel

alex on Feb 1, 2009


Farris...what the heck you're talking about: making sense/facts/ fictions? Dude, where did you get the idea that fictions have to based on common sense or facts. We'll leave you alone if you answer this question: do you think sci-fi has to make sense as well? If you say yes to that, the answer you're complete idiot or moron or have no imagination. Did you parents screw up you mind when your child? stopping you from having imagination of things? Did they make you watch the history channel everyday? Do you even know what imagination means? Yes, 100% of people here(those who like or dislike the film) think that you are a moron.

Joe C. on Feb 1, 2009


I just found this: Pretty funny to be honest with you.

Stabmasterarson on Feb 1, 2009


to much cgi????? read a book.....

neonblue on Feb 1, 2009


To the person that says, "Michael Bay yells at his crew members" He does do that... But only cause, it's to get them pumped. He mentions that in the commentery. Why do you think he always has repeating actors coming back and working with him. Because he's a great director and he knows what he wants. And all the actors say they love working with him. He will even sacrifice lots of his paycheck to add in that extra scene that they couldn't afford. By the way this was a great teaser trailer. My #1 pic for this years movie.

The_Phantom on Feb 1, 2009


i like the first one so im not realy concerned with micheal being the director. The movie's worth or fame is not determined by who directed it or even who is in it (allthough it helps),it determined by how we spend our money to see it. So if yall have a problem with it rent a movie and shut up.

movie magic on Feb 2, 2009


I never get tired to watching morons toss out argument after asinine argument in support of the first godawful Transformers. "We just want to see giant robots fighting," they say. Nevermind that Bay CUT AWAY FROM the very first robot-on-robot fight to show us Shia getting his pants pulled down. In a movie that is supposed to be built around watching robots pound the crap out of each other, Bay decided to showcase a teenager getting ankled while the robot battle happened off-screen. And then when we finally do see some robots battling it out, the camera is shaking all over the place with absurd close-ups on CGI creations and MTV-style editing so you can't actually see anything, much less follow the action. If Michael Bay did mindless action WELL, it would be one thing. But he does mindless action POORLY.

Sinnycal on Feb 2, 2009


Terminator salvation and star trek will own summer : a 30 sec 'teaser' with no story and the 'same action as seen in the previous film', dissappointed to say the least, hopefully a real trailer will arrive soon. looks like MCG wins round one.

thecomedian217 on Feb 2, 2009


This looks sick! Been waiting along time to see some footage, and this delivered a damn good tease. Wonder what that huge thing was? Saw Starscream, Optimus, and others. Can't wait to see a full trailer, let alone the movie.

Krayzie8z on Feb 2, 2009


Wow.... that actually... didn't hook me.

Merc on Feb 2, 2009


The sounddesign in that trailer is very similiar to the terminator4 one...

Ryderup on Feb 2, 2009


Al, you cant win any argument here. We are just dumb Bay followers who like shit breaking and things go boom. Your Citizen Kane mentality is too grand for us to comprehend. Now go away.

Shige on Feb 2, 2009


Again, too many human characters that get in the way of the robot action. Shia Lebuff. Big surprise.

Movie Fan on Feb 2, 2009


Anyone has a link for a download of this in 720p or 1080p. Thanks in advance.

NeoSlyfer on Feb 2, 2009


We all know what kind of movie this is going to be. There are no secrets that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will be a smash-em-up extravaganza of ridiculous, metal-clanging proportions. Minimal character work, maximum destruction of smoke-laden real estate by way of giant transforming humanoid machines. If you gain no pleasure in watching that kind of stuff, then the obvious thing to do is to steer clear. But if you enjoy switching off for two hours on a Friday night, then there's a chance you're going to like it. We all know whether or not we're going to watch it.

Manfred Powell on Feb 2, 2009


Huh wow did not know that so may people would sit and bitch about something that looks better then half the crap that has been coming out. tell ya what pull up your granny panties tuck back your sack ( if ya got one) and go watch the notebook while all us men go watch explosions minimal character work as our favorite fictional characters take the big screen and meagan fox in another skirt........ i dont know about you but i am down

splinter on Feb 2, 2009


Ive read a lot of comments on here and youtube people saying the big bot is the Fallen or Devastator or even Unicron for some reason. The bot is one Constructicon, a giant earth mover. Theres speculation they may not have humanoid robot forms. Check out this link and scroll down, there are pictures of the toy version that have been around for weeks. Enjoy.

Nerds on Feb 2, 2009



Trey on Feb 2, 2009


Nerds, thanks for that link to the new toy pics! Definitely sheds some light on that mechanical beastie at the end of the trailer. Do you think the toy is the same Constructicon, or a different one in the trailer? Thanks again.

BEEG on Feb 2, 2009


Yeah, looking at the trailer again (several more times, fuck yeah) I'm pretty confident the toy Construction is the one from the trailer. I'm anxious to see if the other Constructicons are in this sequel, or if Bay might just be introducing the concept so he can unleash Devastator in the third installment. GOD, I can't wait for June 26th!

BEEG on Feb 2, 2009


The Transformers 2 clip looks great. I think this movie is going to be awesome. I definitely plan to see it opening weekend. Autobots, let's transform and roll out!

Dan Walimaa on Feb 2, 2009


you could also go to to see still shots of the trailer

Nerds on Feb 2, 2009


I stopped watching the vid on this site because one of the damn ads WOULDN'T STOP BEEPING. Damn annoying.

Zofond on Feb 2, 2009


Ravage? Constructacons? HELL YEAH NIGUH!

Cyfer1 on Feb 2, 2009


It looks bad ass! I liked the first one, and this one looks even better. Looks to me like it's going to take place, exactly, where the other one left off with the aircraft carriers.

Brian on Feb 2, 2009


I really don't care either way about this film, but we all do understand this IS a film for kids? Right? Not that us older folk can't enjoy it, but its base audience is youngsters.

tterB on Feb 2, 2009


woowo it blew me away this looks very nice good job micheal bay

alan on Feb 2, 2009


one more!

matt on Feb 2, 2009



matt on Feb 2, 2009


first off '197' this film has a wider audience, for all the people who grew up with the transformers in the 1980's. as for '196' and anyone else that wants to know, i should make it clear that the film is due to be set a few years after the first and sam is in college, it is extremely likely either the fleet of boats is a random battle fleet or it is guarding the dumping site, and are either randomly under attack or it is a stratigic assualt from soundwave (based on the movie prequel comic)

lee on Feb 2, 2009


@ #13 and #24 If it is such a waste of time why bother writing about it?! You clearly have a pointless shitty life and want to whinge about everything and everyone to make yourself feel important, news flash pin dick, your a tool. Get a fkn life and go watch the notebook or whatever you class to be fulfilling to your clearly undersized moronic brain. ANNNnnnyyy way back on topic: Loved the cartoon series, cartoon movie, the first real movie and now PUMPED for this second one after seeing this teaser trailer, it was awesome. So many questions.... A film for kids? No more than Star Wars but I bet all the people saying this is a kids movie are fans of that tho ay??????????? Have you seen how many people went to the first one, this epic line of movies is only just getting started, clearly not just a kids movie, I reckon it's base audience is 18 - 30, the people that grew up with the original cartoon, all the big kids that know what team each is on and understand what they are fighting for. 2 weeks for the full trailer, waiting with baited breathe.....

Nate Dog on Feb 2, 2009


Hey guys just a FYI.... Watch the trailer again. That BIG ROBOT has TWO WHEELS! the other wheel is coming up over his head. like as if you were doing a wheele on a bicycle...

The_Phantom on Feb 2, 2009


wow - yeah... wtf is that?! Devastator on rollerblades/unicycle?! Excited to see this one. (and please, please, pretty please, don't mess with Soundwave's original vocal synthesis - original Optimus was a shining light in the first one - and sadly, Starscream was a bit of a letdown.)

bozoconnors on Feb 3, 2009


Yeah, looks like the second wheel is coming down behind the big beastie. I'm pretty certain that's not Devastator though. There's an image of one of the new toys floating about the internet of a Constructicon Earth Mover. It's a small class version of the toy, but it's features show the sheer sise of this thing! So, based on the toy, it looks like the arms are the scoop and hydraulic lifting arm split in half with the giant body/control cabin also split in half at the back of each arm. According to the toy, the two treads actually form up two GIANT wheels, and no actual humanoid robot form. Just two wheels, two arms and an arcing "body" with a head in the middle. Also, on the toy you can see a staircase leading up to the control cabin that really shows how big this character is supposed to be. And it is HUGE! I wish I knew what name they're giving this monster, but it looks like that's only one single Constructicon...holy friggin' CRAP! If you look around the internet there are a lot of new "movie" toys surfacing. The problem is that there are easily more than 50 different new "movie" toy characters...if there are indeed 40 robots in the movie, there's no telling which is in the movie, and which are only appearing in the prequel comic series. It's still fun to speculate though! This link is thanks to NERDS aka 188 above.

BEEG on Feb 3, 2009


thats right 205, if you look on the trailer it is one vehicle and devastator is formed of 7/9, he is a constructicon and an AWSOME looking one at that (im going with the name scavenger for now) and he is indeed the toy you have seen (and looks awesome i mite add), you can see the hands are made from the scoop on the trailer, i belive devastator himself will be in the final sequence set in egypt so my guess is each constructicon makes his way to egypt for the final battle where they then combine.... and we are in for one hell of a treat

lee on Feb 3, 2009


I just got 2 word to describe this movie... F-ing awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcos Hernandez on Feb 3, 2009


this movie seems good and i just want to say oh yeaaaaaaaaaa transformers

ISH on Feb 3, 2009


this movies is so gay shia labeouf is so gay he has a broken wrist he needs to quit

Big-E on Feb 3, 2009


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ISH on Feb 3, 2009


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ISH on Feb 3, 2009


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blah blah BItch knocker -_~

ISH on Feb 3, 2009


I agree with #13. The last movie wasn't even about the transformers, they are just co-stars. The few action scenes were good, but the movie itself was shallow. Bay should push the humans to the back and get a real script.

Jason H on Feb 3, 2009


I hope that big thing with one wheel isnt Devastater

dan on Feb 3, 2009


I don't understand why people criticize a Michael Bay transformers movie for having too much action and not enough plot. I mean, its like getting mad at water for being wet. It is what it is.

N on Feb 3, 2009


fuck ya bitches that was flippen sick cant wait

that black guy on Feb 3, 2009


dude this is amazing!!!!!!!!I cant wait!!!!!dude it sucks that we hav to wait 4 months to see it in theaters thank you jesus for this movie lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deondra on Feb 3, 2009


i very much believe this will be a terrible film, but I di like the way it's filmed. That first shot with the carrier's is crisp as hell. Well done. Other than that... well... ho hum

vc productions on Feb 3, 2009


i think it sucks. i wanted to see some cool robots fight in the first transoformers. instead i got annoyed by shia whatshisname, robots sneaking around in some garden and some guys with guns playing war. hated it! not gonna watch part 2! if you want to lose some braincells go for it. you will not be disappointed!

TN on Feb 4, 2009


Number one THIS IS FRICKIN AWESOME. This is gonna be the best thing that happend to Transformers since G1. But I've got a pretty good idea. Ok so, Optimus gets killed by a resurrected Megatron in the end of this movie like in the beggining of the 80's movie. THe Autobots mourn and try to hold off the Decepticons in vain. Maybe 85% of them get killed and all hope seems lost. Then some alien object or robot comes and brings Prime back. Teletraan 1 brings back a couple more Autobots and summons even more reenforcements. And Unicron somehow comes into the picture. This would have to be the end though because a fourth movie would ruin the whole thing (remember Transformers Animated? ugh). And to all who think that Transformers is kidding junk that is more Michael Bay crap... F YOU

Skids2131 on Feb 4, 2009


how could anyone be confused by the first movie its explained from beginning to end, maybe if you actually watch the movie and pay attention you'll like it

Payden Cobern on Feb 4, 2009


You know 227, as much as we want to believe that everyone out there would be willing to share opinions and perspectives in a constructive's just not so. There will always be those who judge based on predisposition to the subject, and even those who only wish to start an argument because they know those who love the subject (in this case Transfomers and Transformers movies by Michael Bay) will get upset and riled up. My best advice to those on this open forum, let the naysayers say what they want and just ignore them. I promise you that if they are ignored they will go away, and we'll all be the better for it. They only want to start a fight and the whole thing just turns childish when people fight back. No need to defend the Transformers or even Michael Bay. The box office will speak for itself. And let those who wish to have positive and constructive conversation, even in opposition to popular opinion, keep control over the forum.

BEEG on Feb 4, 2009



Tana on Feb 5, 2009


Is Transformers Movie a comedy movie ? because my buddies here say that it is a comedy film. PLZ RESPOND.

Max. on Feb 5, 2009


u cowards talk 2 much sh.t if u dont like transformerskoujuruojreptyeyior5@!

rossi on Feb 5, 2009


u cowards talk 2 much sh.t if u dont like transformers ur lives must of suck bad and u were probably molested as a kid not that mad at u haters and ill give u a second chance

rossi on Feb 5, 2009


i see there,s some people who dont like transformers...well that must mean that ur lives and the lives around u suck hard and ur lookn 4 comfort but you wont find none here but u might find comfort around my nut sack and u crybabies can use my c@ck as a baby bottle so start sucking and shut up u poor 4 an excuse roadkill

buttman on Feb 5, 2009


#230, it's not a comedy per se...There have been interviews given basically saying that with all the new action they're thowing in, they're also throwing in more comedy. Probably much in the same vein as the first movie with the Dog's pain pills, the "My car's chasing me..." scene, the "Sam's private time" scene, and any scene John Turturro was in. Still considered an action flick. Just more action, more drama, more comic relief. hope that helps #230.

BEEG on Feb 5, 2009


i just came over the wall

jono on Feb 5, 2009


lmfao 233, u crazy!! lol

Tana on Feb 6, 2009


that big ass fuckin transformer scares me at the end, idky, he's scary lookin lol

Tana on Feb 6, 2009


anyone who thinks that this movie is crap is either a disney fanatic or a woody allen whore!!!!!!!!! with transformers, g i joe, wolverine and so on you know what you are action movie. if you dont like action movies thats great, im sure you can get you a bootlegged copy of benjamin button from mexico and get wet in the pants over the fishing boats and brad pitt being so emo that angelina made him trade in his man card for some lace underwear. and you should too if you cant get excited for a movie that is literally made not for awards or dialogue, but to make people go to the theater and go DAMN.

r0kst4r on Feb 6, 2009


Whoa..... Whoa..... Whoa..... Whoa..... Whoa..... Whoa.....

Ajax on Feb 7, 2009


June?! June?! Juuuuuuuune! Why must you be so far away...

Case on Feb 9, 2009


Well, the first one sucked so I'm not expecting much from this but it looks a little better. Still, I'll wait for video. I'll never understand fanboys that liked the first one...what a joke it was.

Kevin on Feb 11, 2009


i say they remake the original transformer movie the real transformers movie 1986, 80's metal and all, you know how many kids cryed when prime died thats drama theaters full of children crying because their robot hero died. I'll admit it made me cry. and when i watch the movie now it still makes me feel like a kid again. You can't get that in this day and age of over done movies with crap plot

Jon Bertrand on Feb 11, 2009


Just saw the extended trailer for this movie on the Friday the 13th feature and I couldn't stop crying. I saw heaven.

Aaron on Feb 12, 2009


omg omg omg this is like so coooool Best Picture oscar? just for the trailer! whoooo yeaaaa!

Epic_Bot on Feb 17, 2009


@ epic bot it looks good but not that good go back to fanboy land

Jon Bertrand on Feb 18, 2009


mfst***xpXuLerU on Feb 28, 2009


To all of you people flaming this movie and calling fans of it mindless morons for watching it, I say this- Why the fuck do you care what other people like? The point in the US is the ability to have your own opion, and an opinion is an opinion. GET OVER IT! I like Transformers, but I fricken hate half those oscar movies- especially SLum Dog Millionaire- but hey, its my opinion, and I am not going to go bag on other people because I'm a soulless dude with nothing better to do than make others feel like crap. ANd to you that commented on Jurassic Park- cloning dinosaurs is just as unlikely as alien robots.

bob on Mar 5, 2009


...YAY! MORE HEADACHE-ENDUSING, BLOWN OUT, OVERTLY CLOSE-UP CGI ACTION SEQUENCES!!! maybe there'll be another masturbation joke for Shia! *head/desk*

Zach on Mar 9, 2009


Bob - Learn how to use spell check before you try to make a point about freedom of speech and choice. You are stupid and the fact that you like movies about toys indicates just how stupid. These movies are popular because the majority of Ameican white males are stupid, which is why Bush was the President for 8 years. The stupid little boys voted for another stupid boy to drive the country into a ditch where your robot superheroes couldn't help you. That's why they show these trailers during the Super Bowl. They are counting on all the stupid, ball-scratching morons who like to watch steroid-filled morons chase each other around with a ball trying to get over a line so they can rejoice as if they've made some real impact. It all comes down to one word - stupid.

Gi Gi on Mar 12, 2009


McG is ripping off Bay for using big robots? That's the stupidest fucking argument I have ever heard. There were BIG robots in the Matrix movies. There were BIG robots/machines in James Cameron's Terminator movies. There have been BIG robots throughout decades of film. Don't let your fanboy erection for Michael Bay (and hey dont get me wrong, Im looking forward to Revenge of the Fallen, even if it is another mindless, plotless action flick - like Transformers 1 which I enjoyed) tease you into thinking he broke new ground.

Bill on Mar 16, 2009


Gi Gi sounds like one of those uppity twats who goes to art house flicks, loudly advertises as such, and brings an apple to the showing and makes a huge production out of it. She probably says "le sigh" a lot as well.

Jess on Mar 16, 2009


So, Gi Gi...who the fuck humiliated you so badly in High School that you turned into such d-bag? Huh? How about this? Why don't you just climb down off that cross of yours, use the wood to build a bridge, and get the fuck over it already! They are just fucking movies! Anyone getting so upset over one argument or the other just needs to fucking chill already!

BEEG on Mar 17, 2009


cool robot,,cool action.. i like this,,i waiting this movie. property

Rizal on Jun 19, 2009

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