Italian Horror: First Trailer for Dario Argento's Giallo

July 5, 2009
Source: Bloody Disgusting

Dario Argento's Giallo Trailer

Italian director Dario Argento is back with his latest horror film, titled Giallo, starring Adrien Brody, Elsa Pataky, and Emmanuelle Seigner. Brody plays Inspector Enzo Avolfi, a police detective who is trying to find a sadistic killer known only as Yellow who is kidnapping beautiful girls off the streets of Torino, Italy. Our friends at Bloody Disgusting have brought us this new trailer today. We ran a promo trailer sometime last year for Giallo, but it was quickly pulled. Unfortunately this looks pretty awful, just bland and boring, and not at all thrilling. Reviews are calling it "laughable and the whole thing was unintentionally hilarious."

Watch the trailer for Dario Argento's Giallo:

A psychotic killer stalks the streets, kidnapping and murdering beautiful women. An enigmatic police inspector works against the clock to find him, before the latest missing girl becomes his next victim.

Giallo is directed by iconic Italian filmmaker Dario Argento, of classic films like The Cat o' Nine Tails, Four Flies on Grey Velvet, The Five Days, The Deep Red Hatchet Murders, Suspiria, Inferno, Unsane, Creepers, Terror at the Opera, Sleepless, The Card Player, and Mother of Tears. The screenplay was co-written by Jim Agnew, Sean Keller, and Dario Argento. The film recently premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival but doesn't have a US distributor just yet. We'll keep our eye on this film and will let you know what we hear.

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This looks bad. But hey, I'd watch it anyways, just for Adrien Brody and because it's Argento, who hasn't made a good film since Tenebre.

ariel on Jul 5, 2009


To be honest this doesn't look much like a horror film, more like a thriller mixed with psychological elements. And I wouldn't be surprises if Adrien Brody turns out as the killer. now the trailer wasn't that great, but maybe if they start churning out crappy trailers we will escape the two-minutes movies we see now-a-days.

Xerxex on Jul 5, 2009


The trailer wasn't that good. The voice over just made it fail. I got a little disturbed though with the scissors to the lip. >.> Just imagining the pain. >.< lol

Sabes on Jul 5, 2009


The trailer couldve been better. It got really cheesy towards the end and the voice over was laaaame. Ill knock it up to a dvd watch.

mrmr on Jul 5, 2009


Is in Italian and will it even be released here in the U.S.?

gplongwood on Jul 5, 2009


looks bad...too simple..or generic.

Andrius on Jul 6, 2009


meh...the trailer seemed awfully choppy and lackluster. Dialogue seems sorta weak and I have to agree with Xerxex and say it seemed more like a thriller, which isn't a bad just seemed like a really weak and generic thriller. nothing to write home about.

Tether on Jul 6, 2009


wow... that was a god awful trailer. a 4yo retard could crop together something better then that.

DoomCanoe on Jul 6, 2009


Looks like a really old movie, nothing new, nothing entertaining, and I really can't stand bad english in movies...

Felix on Jul 6, 2009


why isn't it in italian.... the english dialogue just seems cheesy and out of place in a setting like Torino. seems like a silly mistake...i mean, who is this film for? lazy english speaking audiences or the ''foreign film'' crowd?

chris on Jul 6, 2009


I'm sure, like many Argento movies, there's a weird twist at the the killer is actually a three legged mutant that was abused as a child by his mother - who was a model and didn't really want him in the first place - and must therefore kill all hot models in the town.'s gonna be pretty lame.

Google the Oct8pus on Jul 6, 2009


I feel asleep! The truck have started to move!

Syphous on Jul 6, 2009


Painfully lame...the editing and voice-over was from a crappy 80's indy movie

Antioch on Jul 6, 2009


Mother of Tears...classic? Did you even see that film? Anyways, I'm surprised Asia isn't in this doing a nude scene for Papa.

wm on Jul 6, 2009


"He hates beautiful things" Goddamn that was laughably bad.

Ska on Jul 6, 2009


looks like the killer is shooting the scene from "Titanic" in his cab with his victims! (and the guys of the driver looks exactly like Adrien with contact lenses.... so the big mystery is Adrien Brody's character actually being the killer or what?)

F.C. on Jul 7, 2009


I love when Brody plays the film noir type characters! Yeah, it looks like this is a bunch of gore (and, IMO, way beneath Brody's talent) but I'll watch it for him. He never disappoints!

jbdean on Jul 9, 2009

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