It's Official - Ridley Scott is Directing the Alien Prequel!

July 30, 2009


Can you believe it? I'm not sure if I still do! Variety is reporting that Ridley Scott is officially attached to return as the director of an Alien prequel being written by newcomer Jon Spaihts. Spaihts got the job after pitching the studio and Scott Free Production, who will also produce the film. The story is being setup to precede Ridley's 1979 film, but as for what exactly will take place, those details are being kept under wraps at the moment. Spaihts has been the "go-to-guy" in Hollywood for space thrillers, but his work hasn't hit the big screen yet. Let's hope it's good, because no one wants a repeat of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

I find it very interesting that instead of continuing on the Alien franchise with more sequels or spin-offs (like Alien vs Predator), Fox is simply just flipping sides, and going the opposite direction with a prequel next instead. However, it is exceptional news to know that Ridley Scott is on-board. As a crash course on the original Alien, it was made for only $11 million in 1979 and there was only one alien in it. Oh, how times have changed! As long as Scott can do the same thing all over again some 30 years later, I'm all for it. Let's not forget that Scott and Sigourney Weaver have some interesting ideas for Ellen Ripley. Are you excited?

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HELL yes

Cheese eee on Jul 30, 2009


guhhhh i guess if there NEEEEEDS to be a prequel......

real talk on Jul 30, 2009


Why would Ripley be in a prequel? I mean I love the character and all, but its a prequel. Anyway I'm excited for this.

Xerxex on Jul 30, 2009


^ Xerxexes I was just referencing that article where they were talking about new ideas for Ripley... She may or may not be in a prequel, but I was just pointing that out.

Alex Billington on Jul 30, 2009


This sounds pretty awesome, although in all honesty the ultimate Alien follow-up in my opinion was James Cameron's Aliens. It would have been amazing to see a continuation of that style in the franchise (instead of Alien 3 and all that followed, blaghh).

James on Jul 30, 2009


Bestt news ive heard in a lonnngggg time

Scott on Jul 30, 2009


This isn't good, when one of the more talented directors has to go back and make a prequel to an awesome saga. I'm waiting for the announcement for The Godfather Part: 0

jules on Jul 30, 2009


I really wanted more Ripley but Ridley doing the prequel will do for now...maybe somehow get Sigourney a small role?

LINKFX on Jul 30, 2009


YESSSS!!!!! but i still say they should make it about Nutes colony and when they were wiped out between 1-2. Because then they can pull off the same horror aspect, add at least 2 aliens (we saw how well the idea to return to 1 alien on screen worked in Alien 3...) face hugers that spawn a shit ton more. throw in a queen cameo and cameo of Nute running and hiding through out the story. The main characters die and we see the aliens win... we end with Ripley landing on the asteroid for Aliens. it would be a prequel and a sequel. and answer a part of alien history that's already set in stone. fuck yes?

DoomCanoe on Jul 30, 2009


Thank god. But this is definitely not a sure thing.

Mark on Jul 30, 2009


Wow this is excellent news. Scott's Alien and Cameron's Alien's are the basis for an immesurable amount of sci-fi. I'm so thrilled about this. And I love Sigourney Weaver and the Ripley character too. It's amazing how she still plays amazingly well on the first two Alien movies. Beautiful woman, and I've been so fond of her in everything since. I don't know how they'd construct the prequel (maybe use this new-fangled Avatar technology?), but I sure hope she finds her way on screen. At least some narrative would be great. Either way if this happens, I am completely on board.

Mark Drennan on Jul 30, 2009


Oy!Euff of the Aliens already!

TediusTed on Jul 30, 2009


I hate to be that guy that says negative when everybody else are so positive, but I have to say it: This is terrible news. Scott is out of form for a long time, his films suck, and I guarantee you, Alien prequel that he directs will suck big time. For some reason when people say Ridley Scott people think "cool", but think about his latest films and tell me when was the last time he directed something memorable that you will remember couple of months after you saw it? Ah? Do you even remember the names of his last films? And if you do, do you feel desire to watch it again? Of course you can name number of his movies and say how you liked them, sure, but were they incredible? No. In best case they were just another forgettable Hollywood movie. Who needs another Hollywood movie for Alien franchise? This is bullshit, people just exciting to hear his name without even thinking what kind of a movie he is going to make, based on what he did lately. And don't mention Gladiator to me because it is awful film, and if you watch it again today you are going to vomit how bad it is. There, I said it. Ridley Scott sucks. He has no idea what is going on in the world of cinema right now, he is old and outdated director that gets money to come to work, that's all he does.

2+2=4 on Jul 31, 2009


Ok, Alex, with this one: ''because no one wants a repeat of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull'' - you just pissed your own words...A year ago, you liked it, now what, internet-hive made you all smarter? What, you liked it or what? As for this prequel, best SF-news since...fuck if I know...

m4st4 on Jul 31, 2009


We will see an ALIEN remake in 3D or in this Cameron Avatar geekstuff - maybe Scott said: with the new technology I can create a new version of this great story and maybe bring a new quality to the big screen what nobody saw before. And if I ruin it, then it was me and I must kick my own ass. 🙂 But I like that he wants to do it. Its brave and I am very "neugierig".

Millus on Jul 31, 2009


#13 you suck American Gangster Black Hawk Down Matchstick Men Body of Lies all pretty recent and all fucking amazing. and its funny that you would say that about Gladiator because i happened to watch that literally 3 days ago and guess what... It still kicked just as much ass as it did the first time i saw it. SO JOG ON ASS HOLE! Its only right that the man who created the Alien franchise be able to try and resurrect it from the death pit Hollywood has thrown it in.

DoomCanoe on Jul 31, 2009


This is the news which brang me back to life!!! Thx for this! I love both: Aliens ands Scotts! 😉

Chris on Jul 31, 2009


#13 I hate to be the regular hater of your comment, but, really, get a grip...

m4st4 on Jul 31, 2009



movie mike on Jul 31, 2009


This could be what the alien franchise needs to claw away from those awful alien vs predator flops, I say bring it on.

Gary on Jul 31, 2009


#17, I truly pity you, poor thing.

2+2=4 on Jul 31, 2009


What the hell does Indiana Jones have do to with anything?

Bfrancis on Jul 31, 2009


I love everything other than Sigourney Weaver/Ripley needs to NOT be involved in the project. Look, some movies... some writers... they create not just a story but a WORLD that the story takes place in. Take the characters out that we've seen before and make an entirely new story in that same world. Star Wars is a great example of this -- the "prequels" spent so much time establishing who grew up to be what that they became tiresome. Whereas some of the best fiction, some of the best video games in the Star Wars franchise do not have a "Skywalker" anywhere in them. Why give yourself that crutch when you could do something else?

dRailer on Jul 31, 2009


#13 you're an idiot. Ridley has sucked for a long time? Watch the last 5 films he's made one more time and tell me he isn't one of the most diverse directors in Hollywood. I couldn't imagine better news for this film. Holy shit, this is amazing. And #22, I pity you for pitying #17 for pitying #13. haha.

Marty Martin on Jul 31, 2009


that's fucking great news if it's true,ridley scott is a legend alien(both versions),blade runner(all versions)gladiator(both versions)i can't fucking wait for this.

zetsu on Jul 31, 2009


About time Ridley Scott saves the Alien franchise he created! Who else should direct this movie?! Other than James Cameron, this is a great idea. I just hope they have it set in LV427 where the aliens consume the colony

JussHaten on Jul 31, 2009


Anyone who doesn't think this is good news is smoking crack. However, a prequel is not what the true fans want. True fans have wanted the REAL third installment, ever since james cameron's Aliens came and took names. I just wish they had of made the William Gibson script that he wrote for part 3, instead of that crap rehash of the first Alien movie that was Alien 3. We want Marines and bugs, not weaponless and soulless characters. Is it really so hard to make? Ripley from the first two, Hicks, Hudson, Bishop, those are timeless characters. Notice I didn't mention 4 at all? IT NEVER HAPPENED!

Stopyourgrinnin'anddropyour linen on Jul 31, 2009


Sweet. Now if he could just realize my ultimate dream of telling the tale of the Space Jockey - hell, maybe even sans dialogue (he looks like the strong silent type right?!) - we'll be in fuckin' show-BUSINESS. High hopes. Oh - and he'd damn well better pay Giger whatever fortune/drugs/prostitutes he demands for lead art design. @#5 - Wholeheartedly agree. Not this one though, maybe another sequel focusing on the USCM - though with full resources. Amazing character development in that one. (with pulse rifles & dropships) 🙂

bozoconnors on Jul 31, 2009


Ah... also from Wiki... *******POSSIBLE PLOT SPOILER******* "In the bonus materials of the special edition Alien DVD, director Ridley Scott expresses the opinion that a film exploring the backstory of the Space Jockey would be an interesting direction for the series to take."

bozoconnors on Jul 31, 2009


Is it just me or Is Hollywood seriously lacking for new ideas? Prequel to Aliens?? i guess but is there really a need? The first Alien really said it all. Do we really need a back story on Alien? The mystery behind the Alien race is what makes it interesting. What's next, the Prequel to Blade Runner?

darren on Jul 31, 2009


This is what I've been wanting to hear for so long. This news makes me very very fucking happy!

Phontosolo on Jul 31, 2009


Agreed with #28... I remember sitting in the theater watching Alien 3 and shaking my head in frustration DURING THE OPENING CREDITS. It was bad enough that it crapped all over itself as a film, but did it have to crap on the characters and the efforts thereof (they went through all that stuff to get Newt, only to have her not even make it to the start of the next film? Seriously?) from Cameron's Aliens as well? I'll restate my earlier point: I'd have rather seen completely new characters and stories than what Alien 3 brought us and yeah the fourth one... what a piece of crap from such a talented director -- what a tragedy.

dRailer on Jul 31, 2009


Dammit Alex every time I end either complaining about something I end up looking like a douche! Well thats what I get for not reading before I comment! but I will say this since this is a prequel to Alien then Ellen Ripley isn't the main protagonist, I'd rather this gifted bring us a new badass heroine to fuck up the Alien! but what do I know?

Xerxex on Jul 31, 2009


"Spaihts has been the "go-to-guy" in Hollywood for space thrillers" I don't get this at all. This guy wrote SHADOW 19, one of the biggest piles of fail I've ever read.

simple simon on Jul 31, 2009


Awesome awesome news!

Cat on Jul 31, 2009


So, no Forever War for Ridley Scott?

Fox on Jul 31, 2009


This is actually good! The concept/script has to be something really good for Scott to return to the "Alien" series! I'm soooo intrigued by this!

Spider on Jul 31, 2009


Well, Indy 4 was great. Not a masterpiece, but then again none of those movies were masterpieces. I'm not all that optimistic about this new Alien prequel. Aside from the new Star Trek, I don't think there's been a good prequel since...well, never.

Scott Reed on Jul 31, 2009


Can't wait. DOn't want to see Weaver as Ripley ever again. God she is Glow In THe Dark Ugly. But I have high hopes for this movie. I agree with the idea that we need a true third movie as well. It seemed to me like they were trying to remake the first one, or "recapture" the first one. That was a bad Idea. I would love to see another Aliens movie that had the Marines in it. Hell, I would love to see and AvP that had the colonials in it. That would be so uber bad ass.

TheSaint on Jul 31, 2009


this could be great! and I love Weaver, but Ripley has no place in a prequel, please dont make her some eternal character or a clone or some dumb crap...please! No alien fridges!

Lando on Jul 31, 2009


#17 Body of Lies totally sucked! #5 That's exactly what I've been thinking for years! The reason that Aliens was such a great movie was because of the colonial marines, not just the aliens. I read a graphic novel in the early 90's, forgot what it was called, but it was about an elite squad of bug hunting marines. one member would play dead so that she would be taken into the hive to be impregnated, but she would then wake up and wreck havoc while the rest of the team follows her in to kill the queen. plus they had a guy in a mech suit with them! how awesome would that be? humans going on the offensive. i forget what the name of the novel was though.

Matt Suhu on Jul 31, 2009


he should just pick up the story where he left it off and at #42 body of lies didn't suck. but if you can do better let us know the name of your movie

L1A on Jul 31, 2009


Oooh now Im interested. Ridley Scott and maybe James Cameron would be the only ones worthy of such a feat. Now Im really curious what happened before Aliens. I doubt Ridley Scott would do something lame with Ripley. She should have nothing to do with the timeline in the prequel unless they do some lame ass JJ Abrams time shift crap. Ridley Scott doesnt need to depend on playing with time shifts to make a good story. This is exciting news.

JimD on Jul 31, 2009


I still cant beleive that they are going to waste $$$ on this...the only thing in this series that has not been properly explored already is the alien spaceship where they first find the eggs...that could have been quite an interesting side trip but hardly enough for an entire feature film on its own....

moldybread on Jul 31, 2009


This is good news indeed. Hopefully he will take it back to basics, and give us something that is scary, yet not full of cgi. This is an oppertunity to bring some new life into the Alien saga. No Ridley, brand new story ending with the ship on the planet where it is first discovered.

Marty on Jul 31, 2009


#28 "...William Gibson script..." is this the script/idea where the moon/planet was made out of....wood? And they we're not convicts, but monks and want to sacrifice Ripley for bringing this 'demon' to them? It's good news another Alien movie. This francise has been way too slow, I hope a prequel will also spawn a fifth alien film, completing the saga. How Mrs Weaver will fit in the new Alien movie...erh, don't see how that can be done in a clever way, but RS will deliver. No doubt, the 'Company' has seen the alien before, and thats where the story will be. Let's hope Mr. H.R.Geiger is onboard aswell

David Banner on Jul 31, 2009


@47 The William Gibson script was amazing. You can find it if you search said author's forums. It had the survivors come out of hyperspace and get picked up by one of two world factions. One of the factions took Bishop and cloned the eggs that the queen had "stung" him with when he got ripped apart. They are taken aboard a space station fully populated and then about three or four new species of aliens start infecting everyone (due to the scientists of the two factions trying to turn it into a weapon). At least that's how I remembered it. It rocked. To read his script and then turn to the other story which was so incredibly dissapointing and a hard left from where the plot of aliens took us, is mind boggling. Me and my fellow fans of Aliens have never understood. So no, it wasn't the crap snow white and seven dwarves one. I truely don't understand studios and how hard they find it is to recognize great sci-fi action. Sheesh. I need to punch a studio exec.

Stopyourgrinnin'anddropyour linen on Jul 31, 2009


#30 is right. They wanted to do a prequel about the aliens crashing and "where they come from" Unless Scott follows the expanded universe, he can suck it like Lucas for ruining great films and stories. I'm sorry, but you want a true fan, I'm here. I have no interest in this other than how the hell they'll manage to pull it off with the same feel. It'll be hard and because of Scott's recent films, save Kingdom of Heaven, I have faith but a prequel? Seriously!?! There's so much he can use and he goes back!?! No one wants answers and anyone that does obviously doesn't understand the basis of the aliens and isn't a true fan knowing that they were simply discovered over scattered planets but spread so vastly due to our friends the Predators. It's already been written, like Star Wars. Ridley needs to do some homework.

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 31, 2009


My reasons on why Scott is a perfect choice. 1. He is a master of filming light & colour. 2. Understands the term 'motion picture' & not 'MTV' 3. Bladerunner 4. Doesn't pick projects that are for the studio just one giant ad for toy action figures. 5. Talented in art & design. 6. Not called Micheal Bay. 7. Alien.

John J on Aug 1, 2009


Im all for it but i do have one thing to say it better not be PG-13 or this movie is ruined!

N. on Aug 1, 2009


Hi Alex, you gave some really nice feedback on Repo! The Genetic Opera a few months ago (im a big fan of the film and am heavily involved in the fanbase). The Alien series is my favorite along with NOES and while Im excited if indeed Scott is going to direct afterall, I still think a sequel with Sigourney should be made as she carried the franchise. No other woman in movies has headlined 4 films in a series (she will be matched only by Milla Whatshername if she does a Resident Evil 4). The Ripley character pioneered the way for a positive female image in action movies and deserves a big finale. If Harrison, Willis, and Gibson can have their due in their 50s and 60s then certainly so can Weaver.

Mvprepo on Aug 1, 2009


Anyone that has anything bad to say about Alien 3 completely missed the point of the movie. I thought it was a great movie, it really showed how tarumatizing the zenomorph "situation" had been for Ripley... and in my opinion, was a beautiful way to end a trilogy... but THEN Alien Ressurection was made and ruined an almost perfect series. So if we have to go back to ressurect franchise, who can do it better than Ridley Scott. I say bring on the Space Jockeys... theres nothing mysterious about this franchise anymore and quite franlky, I've been itching to see a live jockey my whole life.

slugworth on Aug 5, 2009


Ridley Scott has definitely lost his form; actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure if he ever really had form, or if he just had two flashes of brilliance with Alien and Bladerunner. Nothing else has been rememberable. Not in the slightest. Compare his works to the likes of John Ford, of Akira Kurosawa, and if you think they're on the same level as far as characterization and emotional engagement, you are most certainly an invalid. Robin Hood was atrocious. Gladiator was shit. Modern cinema just sucks fucking royal ass. You have to really go out of your way to find something with event decent characterization now. Hollywood is most definitely asking for a grand coup de tat; the green-eyed producers, these shit-ass director puppets, fake fucking actors, they should all be purged for the sake of humanity and art. None of this shit is contributory to humanity in any way (*cough* Michael Bay), or the least bit progressive, as art and cinema should be. It's a mound of vulgar pulp. They sin against humanity, shit masquerading as art in order to fill the pockets of suits. On top of that we have EA and Activision swallowing up and collectively defecating out the once-magnificent gaming industry. Entertainment/Art in general is a sad fucking joke. Avatar's story and acting were atrociously bad. District 9 was wonderful, surprisingly enough. The Dark Knight was excellent as well. I can't remember anything else worth remembering. D9 and TDK weren't even stellar; but compared to today's bullshit they stand out like fucking masterpieces. It's embarrassing is it not?

Number 53 on May 20, 2010


Enuff dissing of Ridley! I agree Alien and Bladerunner were his best films but if you watch Hannibal you see the genius at work too! There are flashes of it in Blackhawk down. The Alien Franchise has been ruined completely and although the whole AVP thing is a great idea it really came across as pure garbage onscreen. The first two Alien films what really set them apart was the pure grittiness and the dirty sets, it looked real especially ALIEN. The sets were beautiful. Will anybody ever make a film like those again, I dont think so unfortunately. The sets on Bladerunner and the world it creates is just so complete, I wish people would make movies like this with solid actors. The only film I have really seen lately that just captures that feeling is MASTER AND COMMANDER. Great stuff, please, please Ridley make a film THAT DELIVERS the way ALIEN did, I miss that feeling when I come out of the cinema and feel satisfied.

nic sandy on Jun 6, 2010

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