It's Official - Robert Rodriguez Really is Rebooting Predator

April 23, 2009
Source: IESB


In January we wrote up a rumor from Bloody Disgusting about how Robert Rodriguez's name was being thrown around in connection with a reboot of the Predator series. It wasn't confirmed at the time, then Rodriguez separately announced his new sci-fi film Nerveracker, so we thought all hope had been lost. However, IESB has just heard via Rodriguez himself at a press conference in Austin, Texas that a Predator reboot is indeed on his slate, not only for him to produce, but also to eventually direct. The original pitch was as follows: "In the reboot a team of commandoes face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters."

Rodriguez revealed his upcoming slate at a press conference: "I'm going to be able to shoot my upcoming Machete here, a sci-fi action film called Nerveracker, a reboot of the Predator series called Predators, and a couple of smaller movies called Sin City 2 and The Jetsons." That's some sure enough confirmation! Though I don't know when it'll happen, because I'm not sure when Rodriguez is going to find the time to do five different films in the next few years, especially when Nerveracker is already slated for release in 2010. Whatever the case, it's still exciting that Rodriguez is the one who is bringing Predator back from the dead.

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Honnestly why the hell on earth anybody wants to reboot predator, in don't get it.

chandleyr on Apr 23, 2009


I think many movies are being remade because with todays technological advancements, a new take on some the old movies would be fun. I think that new directors or even older ones, they would like to deliver their take on certain classics. I love the idea of a Predator reboot, i actually cant wait!

big r on Apr 23, 2009


With this and The Expendables, seems like they're kickstarting that fondly remembered manly-men-on-a-mission-in-the-jungle-type-movie-genre in earnest next year. At least, I'm assuming it'll still be set in some random South American locale like the first one. Perhaps I shouldn't. Can't be any worse than the Alien Vs Predator movies, anyway...

Mathieu on Apr 23, 2009


The first Predator does not need a reboot. I'd more accept this as a new, separate film. Might be fun.

michael on Apr 23, 2009


Great movie. But what will become of the Predator without the guiding hand of the late great Stan Winston (may he rest in peace) ? I can only hope Rodriguez gives us one hell of a good time with this one.

WEAPON X on Apr 23, 2009


Hummmmm.....a reboot of Predator....I think now THAT is blasphemous. I think Rob should instead reboot his lackluster '' From Dusk til Dawn " and their subpar sequels. More over I stopped believing in a Sin City sequel in 2007. Hollywood needs to get out of the remake ghetto and get back to the new ideas hip city neighbourhood again.. I want the next 10 years of movies to be great...not rehashed remakes or reboots or redux or re-imagining. Star Trek / Freddy / Jason / Hellraiser / Halloween i can stand and deal with...but Predator is a classic and is to valuable as a franchise to be BUTCHERED!!!!!! i WISH Stanley Kubrick rose from the dead and gave us new ideas for modern directors to pillage for another 20+ years...

Lazarus on Apr 23, 2009


#2 The thing is, that's the worst reason for a remake - better effects. If we constantly redo the same stories over and over just because we can do it a bit shinier and more sparkly than we could 20 years ago... well... that's a never-ending cycle. A real film fan can look past technical limitations and enjoy the heart of a film which never ages: its ideas, its story and its characters. It's better to remake something that was a good idea but badly done, if you have to remake something. Personally, with a handful of exceptions, I'd just rather have something completely new. Predator is one of the most quotable and enjoyable action flicks ever made, so it doesn't need a remake. But calling it 'Predators' is a good start; he's not trying to replace the first film, just do something different. Sounds more like a companion piece than a remake. If that's the case, I'm onboard for this one.

Mathieu on Apr 23, 2009


OMG WE DONT NEED A REBOOT.the first predator was great,second was kool and now a reboot? i hate this idea it better not turn out to be a cheap horror film(alien vs predator 2)(cough,cough)

Spider94 on Apr 23, 2009


i hate reboots in general. most, if not all, of my experiences with remakes are either worse, or no better than the original. its fun to get hyped for a new take, but it never pays off in the long run. leave the classics alone.

Al on Apr 23, 2009


#7 then they just need to make a "sequel" instead of a "reboot".

L on Apr 23, 2009


I'm glad that that they have finally seen the light and moved away from the AVP and AVP 2 formula. These two movies were crap to say the least. The Predator franchise is better off standing on its own two feet. And Alien was great without Predator. If the reboot has multiple Predators as described above then I then I think this storyline has huge potential to be a great movie. Hopefully they wont try and incorporate tacky humor and make it a PG 13 rating movie to accommodate the wider audience who's barely out of nappies.

ezza on Apr 23, 2009


#9 Yes, as detailed above, I generally hate reboots too. But one approach that would be okay is if they make this a-sort-of-sequel. Imagine an embittered Arnold holed up in a cabin somewhere like Clint Eastwood in Firefox, brought out of retirement to lead that fabled 'one last mission' because the bastards are back and he's the only one who has faced one of them down before and survived. Aliens, basically. But with Predators. And an Austrian muscle-man. Now that's something I could get excited about. Fingers crossed he takes a break from politics after stepping down as Governor and makes a few movies... I'll wait and see until we learn further details before I get too indignant. A straight remake would cheese me off beyond belief, though.

Mathieu on Apr 23, 2009


#10 Yep, I typed my post at #12 while you were sending your reply. As you can see, I agree.

Mathieu on Apr 23, 2009


So are we gonna see a cgi arnold in this one too?

teyhtr on Apr 23, 2009


I liked the original Predator movie, because I was 12 years old and I loved those 'We lost the Vietnam War, but we can still win at blowing up jungles and Commie looking types' movies that came from America around that time. How can you beat a wrestling who carried a Gatling gun? People just need to stop going to cinemas, that will soon make the remakes stop. The cheek of the writers asking for more money when all they do is go through the old video library and think, yeah the effects weren't that hot in that one, lets update it. Most people like familiarity it means they don't have to use their brains much.

Crapola on Apr 23, 2009


#14 Not if he returns to acting like he has hinted in recent days, and they set it in the present day, with him at his present age. I was just daydreaming though. We all know how much Rodriguez loves his greenscreen and CGI these days. It'll probably be studio-bound and pretty plasticky to look at, as opposed to locations and practical effects. But, you never know. We need more details.

Mathieu on Apr 23, 2009


They only started doing reboots becuz of The Dark Knight's success. And every other director cant think of any new story lines and thought why not try that concept. Now for Predator, Arnie's would be the only classic one that ppl wud like, unless Rodriguez's 'Predators' is unlike anything else. Its like rebooting Terminator series again!! Agreed with #7

Fearl3ss on Apr 23, 2009


I could deal....but make it in the future like Aliens Also, the Predator's are not "vicious monsters". They are supposed to be noble trophy hunters. They just happen to hunt people.

S on Apr 23, 2009


This doesn't sound like a reboot anyways, It sounds more like a sequel. It is called Predators and not Predator, so that means that there's going to be multiple Predators in this new one and not just One like in the original. So I wouldn't consider this an actual reboot.

Omega728 on Apr 23, 2009


If it won't have "get to the choppaaaa" in the movie, then i don't care about this at all!

L1A on Apr 23, 2009


#19 I suppose it depends upon how we're supposed to interpret the meaning of 'reboot.' We've started thinking of it as being interchangeable with 'remake,' whereas here it does just sound like they're 'refreshing' it (did I just coin a new irritatingly pointless buzzword to add to reboot and reimagining by accident there?). Essentially, just a new film in the franchise to reignite interest in the series. That's what it sounds like. I'd have to say that not calling it 'Predator' in the singular is a very good decision to start off with, whatever else they do. I think most of us would be infuriated if it was a straight remake. And yes, we must have "Get to da choppa!" in there somewhere! Along with "You're one UGLY motherf*****!"

Mathieu on Apr 23, 2009


#17 Dark knight again get over already Batman is my favorite movie of all time but jez It's Been a fucking year!!!

drunkimus on Apr 23, 2009


With Rodriguez doing it, it will be campy and gooofy. I'll pass becouse i love the original so much.

Dan on Apr 23, 2009


@ 21 Yes, I suppose... point taken.

Omega728 on Apr 23, 2009


#20 You are SO right. "Do it. DO IT NAOUGH!!!"

WEAPON X on Apr 23, 2009


I hate Rodriguez although i hope he pulls off a good move but i think its going to kind of suck because of technology and i totally about everything #7 said.

Fisherr on Apr 23, 2009


WTF? I don't care what anyone says about the new technology, the very first predator still looked better then any I have seen since, it looked real, all the others looked like masks. Why are they rebooting Predator anyway it was and still is freaking awesome, I can see rebooting something that was great like 50 yrs ago for a new generation or maybe something that failed or was sub-par originally but had promise, but this? WTF, that's really all I can say. He should reboot the franchise, sure, but not the original movie, cant people come up with original shit nowadays.

Richard on Apr 23, 2009


i had F-ing enough of this reboot not all movies need a reboot just make a F-ing sequel if they reboot Predator might aswell reboot Alien aswell they just need to stop it and make a sequel its not that freaking hard to do that

movieboy on Apr 23, 2009


I'd love to see Predator done better justice with today's technology after the disgrace that they and Aliens got in the two AVP movies. I like Rodriguez a lot and I think he will handle this well (I hope). I say F all the other movies on his slate and get this one out first!!!!!!!!

Dan W on Apr 23, 2009


#29 I don't think the "today's technology" bit is really relevant when you consider, as someone else pointed out, that the animatronic effects (by the great Stan Winston) in the original movie twenty-odd years ago are actually more imaginative and convincing than the FX in the two recent AVP films. But yes, I think there's a good chance that this will be much better than the last two movies; Rodriguez in considerably more talented than Paul (The Crap One) Anderson and whoever the hell it was who made the sequel to his effort. I've already posted about a million times more on this topic than I intended to, sorry about that! But I'm a big fan of the first film. I'll shut up now.

Mathieu on Apr 23, 2009


Robert Rodriguez is the definition of the word "hack". He's gonna fuck this up - if the funding isn't pulled first... I mean how many movies has he been attached to before they just fall apart? You just watch.

Ryan on Apr 23, 2009


This should be only a sequel/ another story in the Predator mythos, NOT A REMAKE!!! If you end up re-making the entire thing, then it will suck horribly.

Ajax on Apr 23, 2009


Like i said before previous movie, cant remember which. Movies that are good and no complains what soever, reboot. Movies was piss poor crap, no reboot. Hollywood is not running out of ideas, Hollywood are just plain desperate to do anything just to make that extra money. Well good side is we can hear it one more time ppl. "Get into de Choppah"

Cindarr on Apr 23, 2009


the first predator is hands down incrdible, we don't need a reboot.

drake on Apr 23, 2009


Not another fucking reboot!!! Leave Predator alone, - JESUS CHRIST I FUCKING HATE THIS SHIT. Rodriguez should just piss off of this whole project.

Conrad on Apr 23, 2009


R rated, IT FUCKING BETTER BE....and the Rock should star, stop doing those pansy ass Disney Movies



I wouldn't be looking forward to this at all, except Rogriguez is connected. That gets me pumped. But The Jetsons? Really?

RC on Apr 23, 2009


Come on - aren't all these reboots now getting just a bit insane?! I'm getting sick of them already. Predator does not need a reboot one bit. What next? A reboot of the Godfather or Citizen Kane? Or Aliens maybe? Come on people - come up with something a touch more original!

Craig on Apr 23, 2009


They need to base one on a set of comics so it's harder to screw it up. At least they'd have a plot line. I think Concrete Jungle or Cold War would be the best to use. Concrete Jungle's battle at the end with humans and Predators would be awesome since it was just any human that had a gun and the Predators were not taking prisoners and barely trophies. It seems I'm the only real fan here having read all the comics and books knowing there is potential and wanting more Predator and Aliens. I waited 10 years for AVP. Once again, they should have used a story already created.

Hey Ya on Apr 24, 2009


"This is BULLSHIT! All OV it!"

voodooray on Apr 24, 2009



Fox on Apr 24, 2009


I would love a new Predator movie but not a reboot. Comeon whats the deal hollywood are you going through a writer shortage?

JimD on Apr 24, 2009


dont care the more the merrier i say bring on the preds!!!!!!!!

werdnafaz on Apr 24, 2009


WHHYYYY???? WHHHYYYYYY? We don't need any more Predator movies!!! Predator is so LAME!!!! He looks like a Jamaican Boba Fett!! No offense to Jamaicans...

The Oct8pus on Apr 24, 2009


"There's no stopping what can't be stopped... No killing what can't be killed... Voodoo magic man, facking Voodoo magic maaaaaaaan!" Jamican Boba Fett, spot on!

Crapola on Apr 24, 2009


Rodriguez, Predator reboot?! What?! I'm not sure those three words were ever meant to be together.

bozoconnors on Apr 24, 2009



Nick S. on Apr 24, 2009


#45 hahah I have wanted a new Predator movie but i sure as hell don't want to see the first one done over again with out The Governors involved. they were so bad ass best part is Billy's scream when he dies

DoomCanoe on Apr 24, 2009


It better have Danny Glover and Gary Busey in it or i will refuse to see it.

Medicine on Apr 24, 2009


I think this is an absolutely terrible idea. Unless they go a completely different route than the original it's just going to end up a failure. The original Predator is one my favorite movies and really there was nothing wrong with it that really warrants a reboot other than money. I think they should just go the sequel route. Predator 1 and 2 were both self-contained films so there really is no need to reboot or remake because a sequel can achieve the same thing without the stigma.

SlashBeast on Apr 26, 2009


There's a lot of people here not wanting a reboot to the predator series and I am one of them. But fox is still going to go ahead and do it anyway like many other film studios out there remaking other stuff. The thing that I am pleased about is that if you are going to remake something that is as cool as predator then you would want a great director like Robert Rodriguez to make it. This could be worse. They could of got Paul (Alien Vs Predator/Resident Evil) Anderson to do this and that would just suck.

Bizzaro on Apr 27, 2009


@ #33 Cindar.....Kill yourself! "Get into de Choppah"??? Really? How can you mis-quote the most beloved quote in cinematic history? GET TO DA CHOPPPPAAA! .....and my other favorite Arnold quote "Dea is somebody in my house eating my beearthday cake! YEEAAARRRRHH!" (The Sixth Day). You all should check out the band Austrian Death Machine.....every song is an Arnold Quote and the band is itself a tribute to da Governator himself.....and the music kicks ass (they even have a song called Get To Da Choppa!

Cmurder on Apr 27, 2009


if it bleeds, vee can kill it

wm on Apr 27, 2009


"You're bleeding", "I have no time to bleed" - Jesse Ventura Priceless!. Stand-Alone story, no remakes for me.

AndRu on Apr 28, 2009


I thought Arnold is gonna be asked about doin a cameo in movie as a sequel.

the punisher on Jun 30, 2009


the first Predator was and is still the best movie of the series, and top 5 movies of all time in my opinion. they should not remake it, the cast in original was filled with great acting and actors, the setting was awesome, the Predator , forget his name, was awesome, everything aboutt the movie was perfect! leave it alone!!

celtic predator on Nov 12, 2009

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