Ivan Reitman Thinks It's the Right Time for Ghostbusters 3

June 4, 2009
Source: SciFi Wire

Ivan Reitman - Ghostbusters

One person we haven't heard much from regarding the new Ghostbusters 3 is the man behind it all, Ivan Reitman, who directed the original two movies. However, SciFi Wire finally caught up with Reitman recently during a promotion for the re-release of Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray. Beyond just being a producer on the sequel, Reitman thinks the time is right to bring back the franchise anyway. "There's something in the zeitgeist of the world right now that it feels appropriate. There are some very talented people writing the screenplay. All of our fingers are crossed." We're all hoping for the best as well, as no one wants this ruined.

Reitman also answered a few questions briefly on Ghosbusters 3, starting with how it all came together. "I actually think the combination of both the Blu-Ray release and the new game sort of awakened the thirst of at least the creators of the movie to start to rethink of it more seriously, the possibility of a sequel. It's something that's been sort of dormant in our minds, really, for the last 10 years or so, and there have been two things that sort of told us, 'Wow, people still seem to be really interested in this story and the characters in this story.' More importantly, it sort of reawakened the joy of working on this film in both iterations."

Despite all that joy, though, there is plenty of a fear, not only amongst all of the fans, but even Reitman himself is a bit worried. When asked what his hopes and fears are, this is the optimistic answer he gave.

"The most important thing [is] we don't want it to be a disappointment to the people who have sort of taken this very much to their hearts. I feel the responsibility as the producer and director of the original in a very legitimate and real way. It was hard enough to do that sequel, but I think the time is kind of right. I just sort of felt it lately and said that to Columbia, so we've started this journey. The most important thing is that the script is good. I think we can find actors who can join the original group of actors to make something special of it."

I actually think it's great to hear that Reitman is so supportive of Ghostbusters 3. If you look at something like Terminator Salvation, which didn't ever really get the blessing of its original creator James Cameron, the end result wasn't very well embraced, even moreso because it turned out pretty bad. Thankfully this already on a different path, which may mean better things in the end. We've heard plenty about the story and the younger cast (including that Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku are Dan Aykroyd's top choice), but it's a relief to actually hear from Reitman. Here's to hoping it stays true to the spirit of the original movies.

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I just hope Apatow doesn't direct. And if he does I hope the only person in his usual crew that would show up would be Paul Rudd. Leave everyone else ESPECIALLY Rogen out of Ghostbusters.

TheManWithNoName on Jun 4, 2009


Ivan Reitman is the man. I love Ghostbusters and Evolution! I'm glad he approves on this continual franchise.

The_Phantom on Jun 4, 2009


Certainly is going to be a high-wire act. Nerve racking indeed. Didn't Rogen originally say a 3rd Ghostbusters would be a lame/stupid idea?

Nick Sears on Jun 4, 2009


Fuck that we need rogen on ghost busters! it would be a comedic masterpiece! paul rudd, Seth rogan, megan fox Rogan should be trying to date megan throughout the movie? how could you make anything more awkward? hahaha OMG and Jason SEGAL! he would be so great for this!!!!!! Alex tell us your thoughts about a possible apatow and crew ghost busters???

zach on Jun 4, 2009


"There's something in the zeitgeist of the world right now that it feels appropriate." 😆 I.e. "Franchise reboots are popular at the moment so look sharp lads, let's get this film made before the fad's over!"

Digital Metaphor on Jun 4, 2009


What up, Alex, long time no write, Not to rain on this whole article, because GB is a rather interesting franchise to awaken (I support it), but you're writing this as if Ivan Reitman created it, much in the same way Cameron created Terminator. This just isn't true. As director and a producer of the original, sure, he's got a lot of weight when he insists on quality production, but GB is Dan Ackroyd's baby. What I'm saying is, just calm down on the hyperbole, especially when it's misdirected.

Black Guy on Jun 4, 2009


will if they do gb3 they should do it in 3D and also in the future like there sones took over the bussiness and they get the ghost in the air

daniel on Jun 4, 2009


Thanks for the note #6... And you're probably right, and I realize that Aykroyd had a lot to do with it, but I just think Reitman did as well. A collaboration definitely, but I still think it's good to hear from Reitman as well. 🙂

Alex Billington on Jun 4, 2009


Wait wait wait. You thought terminator salvation was bad???!

Dan W on Jun 4, 2009


I liked Terminator Salvation. It wasn't perfect but it was a pretty fun action movie with a hint of something more, a potential if you will, just under the surface. Ironically, this is how I felt about the original Terminator film, and that one begat T2, which is one of my all-time favorites. Terminator one was the straightforward setup film, and T2 played around in the sandbox. Movie franchises do this all the time (Alien -> Aliens; Batman Begins -> The Dark Knight; X-Men -> X2: X-Men United), and Terminator Salvation seemed to be setting up a new world for the characters to play in. I'm not saying Terminator 5 will be a T2, but you never know what can happen once the sandbox has been built.

Outlaw on Jun 4, 2009


Personally i think that Paul Rudd makes a good Ghostbuster. He's not the best comedic actor out there but he has a good head for it. Seth Rogen would be out of the question. I love his movies but he doesn't need to be in a GB sequel.

Xander on Jun 4, 2009


has it been that long that you all have forgotten what happened to Indianna Jones & the Crystal Skull??? waste of time and money here...gonna be embarrasingly sad to see the once hot talents crawling miserably "over the top" through the entire film...

moldybread on Jun 4, 2009


if seth rogen was cast into this it would be a total disaster. I like rogen in his stoner roles like Pineapple but you cant make GB one big dick and weed joke. I like the idea of Paul Rudd maybe even Jonah Hill but this film would be a very hard film to swallow if not done right...def Crystal Skull territory. Megan fox needs to keep her annoying ass away from this film...she is terrible Bill Murray is an idol... it would be a little rough seeing these old timers back with their proton packs on. I look forward to hearing more info as it comes in

Blaise on Jun 5, 2009


More like Reitman figures enough time has passed that most original fans have forgotten how bad and disappointing Ghostbusters 2 was.

avoidz on Jun 6, 2009


i suppose i should preference this by saying that no matter how bad the cast or script, i will still watch it because it's ghostbusters. i'm not going to be a hypocrite and say i'll boycott it if they don't fulfill x,y,z requirements, because i won't. i may not watch it opening day, but i'll put it on my netflix list. that said, what ever happened to the story ending with "and they lived happily ever after?" do i really need to know that the prince and princess later had marital problems, with the prince having a damsel on the side while the princess stayed at home and abused alchemical potions? i have an imagination, i can use it thanks. expanding the story is superfluous because nothing you can create is better than what i can imagine. not even close. so, until the day that red envelope shows up in my mailbox, i'll just pretend that ghostbusters the video game is gb3. and it's interactive.

Nameless on Jun 18, 2009

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