Jackass 3-D Will Take You to Places You Never Wanted to Go

December 20, 2009


Earlier this month we not only got confirmation that a new third installment of MTV's off-the-wall series Jackass was in the works, but that it would also be presented in 3-D adding a whole new nasty level of gross. Johnny Knoxville and the guys promise a return to complete chaos and mayhem to really make the 3-D worth your while, but it's exactly where they intend to use the technology that is, shall we say, cheeky. Knoxville explains: "We're going to take the same 3-D technology James Cameron used in Avatar and stick it up Steve-O's butt. We're talking stupid to a whole new dimension." Spoken like a true cinematic pioneer.

Of course the first two installments of the gross-out stunt series were quite successful (earning $64 million and $72 million respectively). They even got some approval from Richard Roeper who called the first flick, "a disgusting, repulsive, grotesque spectacle but also hilarious and provocative. God help me. Thumbs up." While I admit there's a certain amount of entertainment that comes from seeing this guys do some of the grossest and dangerous things, this introduction of 3-D is really just a waste of the technology and money that could be used elsewhere. I don't care how cheap these films are to make, this is entirely unnecessary. But of course, I'll be seeing it, just like everyone else. So I'll just stick my foot in my mouth. Thoughts?

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Entirely unnecessary? They PRETTY MUCH did everything they could do in the first two, I like the idea of them using 3D in the third movie because HONESTLY this is the most original use of 3D I've heard of in a while, rather than just having action sequences pop out at you like Avatar and every other movie thats in 3D, they're going to use this technology to make the stupid things they do funnier. I mean you can only watch them do so much before it gets boring, why not take a chance and do it in a different way like 3D?

Kail on Dec 20, 2009


Spot on #1, spot on....

toucmyinfection on Dec 20, 2009


So they're gonna throw dwarves at us and push their dicks in our faces or what? Jackass is one big fucking yawn. Now in 3D.

Sleepykid on Dec 20, 2009


WTF? How are these guys still around? I like Knoxville but is time to move on.

Baron the Curse on Dec 20, 2009



Christopher Lloyd on Dec 20, 2009


Loved these movies! Way too fun. Hopefully the 3rd is even more retarded.

jimmey on Dec 20, 2009


i lold @ "Spoken like a true cinematic pioneer" ROFLCOPTER!

Fisherr on Dec 20, 2009


@4 Use your head. You might have grown out of it, because you're no longer xx years old. But there are other people in the world that are xx years old, and that will love it just as you did, or someone else did at that age. Why tell him to stop just because you've grown up? That's one thing I never got in the world, why someone would say that. If you are bringing joy to an age group, why stop just because those kids will grow up? There are other kids who replace them, and you can bring joy into -their- lives.

danielvutran on Dec 20, 2009


these always give a good laugh 🙂

Madnezz344 on Dec 20, 2009


@ #1 If you saw "Avatar" you know that the 3D wasnt used to make things pop out at you

ha1rball on Dec 21, 2009


These guys make me laugh, it does seem abit silly using the 3D technology on a film like this, im sure its going to take the term repulsive to the next level. I just know im going to laugh my ass off when shit and male nudity comes flying out at me. Sounds like a good night out at the pub with the boys, followed by a screening off this.

Herezjonny on Dec 21, 2009

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