Jamie Bell and Daniel Craig Join Steven Spielberg's Tintin

January 26, 2009
Source: ComingSoon

Jamie Bell and Daniel Craig

Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures have finally made an official announcement today confirming the start of production on Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's Tintin project. The official title is now The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn and Jamie Bell has been cast as Tintin, while Daniel Craig will play the "nefarious" Red Rackham, a pirate who attacks Haddock's ship The Unicorn. Starting to sound a bit like your standard adventure. Another interesting tidbit is that the script was written by Steven Moffat ("Doctor Who"), Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) and Joe Cornish ("The Adam and Joe Show").

Now I know this is being directed by Steven Spielberg, but The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn - you have got to be kidding me? That is the title they've chosen to try and sell this to the masses? That sounds like a SpongeBob movie, not anything I want to actually get excited about. We talked previously about the lack of interest in Tintin and I've got a feeling this new title and these new names aren't going to help it that much. Maybe I'll just hold out and wait for a trailer before condemning this even more. I really like everyone involved, I just don't care that much about the "Secret of the Unicorn." Thoughts?

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Reader Feedback - 50 Comments


WTF kind of title is that. They're making this situation worse, not better, gah!

jman571 on Jan 26, 2009


jamie bell's a good choice for tintin, but that title blows i loved the show when i was a kid, but spielberg should be focusing his time on lincoln or interstellar

avant576 on Jan 26, 2009


I do really really hate the title but you never know it might get eventually dropped when they see how many people hate it.. kinda like the new Terminator. But I dunno with Daniel Craig, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.. I am pretty excited about it.. shitty name and all.

CSpuppydog on Jan 26, 2009


Jamie Bell is a great actor, fantastic choice. I too dislike the second half of the title...but the title doesn't make the film. I expect this to be really good!

Keith on Jan 26, 2009


Omg title omg omg. lol title will result in bad movie. The title fits with the titles of the previous works. All in all i think its great. Jaime was the only good part of jumper.

Rediculas Buttons on Jan 26, 2009


Ok, I agree with you on the title Alex but for real, Steven Moffat? I have no idea what in the work Tintin is but just knowing that he is writing it makes me want to see it. Oh an not to mention that Jaimie Bell and Daniel Craig are two of my favorite actors.

Anthony on Jan 26, 2009


Isn't this fully CG? Who cares who they cast.

Darunia on Jan 26, 2009


Daniel Craiq yes! Remember that Red Buttons is from Quebec and cannot take his serious.

curiouscaseofredbutton on Jan 26, 2009


Well the ship is called 'The Unicorn'. Using the 'Red Rackham's Treasure' title of the second part of the two-part story makes it sound too generic, in my opinion. Franchise-wise, 'Secret of the Unicorn' sounds more original, I suppose.

George on Jan 26, 2009


I would hope you don't take what i say seriously.

Rediculas Buttons on Jan 26, 2009


hmm i think this could ruin bell's career - spielberg hasn't made a hit in a while in my opinion... and this doesn't sound like it will be one either! Man the big boys have seriously lost touch with the film world, more specifically with their audience. They need younger producers!!

dom on Jan 26, 2009


You wouldn't get excited about a Spongebob movie? Sheesh. I bet you don't even watch the show.

Brendon Connelly on Jan 26, 2009


Before you bash the title, maybe you should do some research. You look less like an idiot. You might think the title is ridiculous (I don't.) but 'Secret of the Unicorn' is the title of one of the album of Tintin. They simply took the title of the album they're going to adapt, what a bad decision ! Seriously. Think before typing.

Cain on Jan 26, 2009


The title is a title of the Tintin story they are basing the movie off. It would be like changing the title of a Harry Potter movie or Narnia. The fans that have been clamoring for these movies wouldn't have any reason to get excited about the story that will come to life on screen.

Tintinery on Jan 26, 2009


I'm excited. And the title is probably intended to illicit a sort of child-like, silly excitement. Why do you have to be so serious? It might be changed, as well. And since when have movies been made or broke entirely on their title.

Timothy on Jan 26, 2009


linky about the book : Which is cool because they are clearly thinking about making this into a series since this is a two part story.

Tintinery on Jan 26, 2009


Alex... You have been advised by quite a few people on this site about Tintin's popularity. The books have sold hundreds of millions of copies and has been translated to about 50 or so languages. Please do not allow your prejudice to show by way of your lack of knowledge. "Secret of the Unicorn" is one of the big ones in the 24-book series. Please do your research like any good journalist.

SS on Jan 26, 2009


This is a FANTASTIC TITLE for what will be a STUNNING MOVIE! I AM VERY EXCITED! P.S. Asking for good journalism is too much to ask.

Proman on Jan 26, 2009


We don't Buttons. Except fory our attack on the Irish and all things Irish. Shameful.

Rogenhater4life on Jan 26, 2009


I am very pro irish. I liked colin ferrel in "in bruges" ummmm. what else. Patriot games was also great.

Rediculas Buttons on Jan 26, 2009


Hey, Alex, thanks for the info. I really don't know why you hate the title? I think its quite 'proper' having read the story. And, its way too early to give any reactions for this movie. As for me, I look forward to this movie just like i do for any movie abt to come up.Cos I love FILM, I just hate those bad ones i've seen.

Dexter on Jan 26, 2009



xerxex on Jan 26, 2009


The only way #20 you will be trusted is post a retraction on the Mutant Chronicle thread. Your attacks on the Irish need to be sorrowful and full of humbleness. I just checked it and looks like you pissed a numerous amount of fans and the Irish. Poor Jay as well. My God Red, "why," is all we ask. Why? Do you hear that? It is all of Ireland asking Why? Your love for the inept actor is one thing, but to attack an entire Country............

Tim "4-leafCloverfield" on Jan 26, 2009


I am very humble.

Rediculas Buttons on Jan 26, 2009


Jaime Bell, Daniel Craig, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg? Now that's a cast worth watching indeed! And knowing the Tin-Tin books and cartoons, the Secret of the Unicorn seems pretty spot on

Hyacinth on Jan 26, 2009


great now they're making me want to see it with their great casting

Silver on Jan 26, 2009


I think the title is very fitting for a Tintin story. Having grown up reading Tintin, I can see how a lot Tintin might seem cheesy to american audiences...

Tomi on Jan 26, 2009


This is WOW! And what is wrong with the title? Don't Americans believe in Unicorns?

feohatestheworld on Jan 26, 2009


Just because Tintin is virtually unknown in the US, doesn't mean it's the same case everywhere else. America != The World. Tintin is HUGE in Asia. You can find the comic books in libraries all across Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia. And I imagine it's the same in other countries in Asia. It's about time the American public got exposed to something new. CHANGE IS COMING.

Ganaesh D. on Jan 26, 2009


If this movie is done right. Which i hope it is. it will be bigger than tintin.

Redilicious Buttons on Jan 26, 2009


shia lebouf could have pulled it off, but jamie bell is a good choice too. my main worries is with the director, steven speilberg

darrin on Jan 26, 2009


To Ganesh: My feelings exactly. The challenge is to bring Tintin to America in addition to other markets where Tintin is already popular. To that argument, if Tintin could really make it in America "as is" it would have done so years ago. But then again, maybe just a little live-action gloss and some "epic" sequences will suffice? Too early to say where it's going. But who they have on board makes a good team.

SS on Jan 26, 2009


Shouldn't Thomson and Thompson look like twins? Simon Pegg and Nick Frost sure don't look like twins. I still like them though, they're funny as hell.

Kankertje on Jan 27, 2009


O my god! It's a future shitty movie from two geniusmovie makers! Where is the spielberg from ''munich'' or ''minority report''? It's sounds they wanna a make a indiana jones movie for kids!! Steven grow up!!!

avi on Jan 27, 2009


You fools! Have faith in the masters of film and fall upon your knees in shame! Every name in this movie, may it be director or actor, is a legend in his own right. It WILL be good, dammit!

NorthDude on Jan 27, 2009


er... Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls Northdude?

bltzie on Jan 27, 2009


i can't believe that a director who made the best movies off all time wants to make a tin tin movie! Is money than the onley motive for mister Spielberg?

avi on Jan 27, 2009


It's no different than say the title to something like The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe or The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. The Books are called 'The Adventures of Tintin' and they are adapting book 11 The Secret of the Unicorn. The title is fine much as it was fine for the Narnia and LOTR films and any other films based off existing works. There is a large fan base in Europe and America and it'll do well.

Harv on Jan 27, 2009


It just speaks of your ignorance of the subject. Tintin is a staple for many a fine youth growing up in Europe and many regions of the world. His adventures paved the way for many of the ideas Spielberg got for his Indiana Jones adventures. Perhaps you are taking it far to seriously and both Spielberg and Jackson are trying to sell it to a younger or more hard core demographic. Clearly not for all, but I would wait and see the trailer before I judge to prematurely.

V Wilson on Jan 27, 2009


Daniel Craig is going to play Rackham le Rouge (Red Rackham), a pirate who attacks captain Haddock's ancestor (yes Alex Bilington, not Captain Haddock as you wrote, but his ancestor) on his ship The Unicorn. What a curious choice since Craig's face doesn't correspond at all to the character created by Hergé. The good point with that choice anyway is that we're not going to see much of Craig in the movie as he dies very quickly from the sword of Haddock's ancestor, in that sequence which is just a quick flashback in the first half of the book. Well well well, that's what I first thought!!! but unfortunalely, I believe the writers of the movie will probably add new scenes for Craig that were even not imagined by the talented Hergé, author of Tintin. Poor Hergé, I'm afraid you will be very disapointed up there in a few months, as billions of fans of Tintins albums will all over the world!!! But for money your widow couldn't resist to sign with the devil, what you had always refused!!

Sylvain (from Paris) on Jan 27, 2009


Thoughts? Yeah, I have a thought. It's a shame that Simon Pegg is too damn old to play this role. He LOOKS like an old Tin Tin!

Feo Amante on Jan 27, 2009


Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures could have invested Spielberg and Jackson in a much more EPIC Project.

Fisherr on Jan 27, 2009


Jamie Bell wasn't exactly who I would've imagined as Tintin, but I'll just have to wait and see won't I?

Kari on Jan 27, 2009


Seriously looking forward to an epic adaption of Tintin. I loved the cartoons of it.

Eli on Jan 27, 2009


The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn... You really think the odd name will hurt the movie? thats exactly what I felt years ago when I first heard that George Lucas was going to name the first sw prequel "The Phantom Menace" I thought "you gotta be kidding me! that sounds like some sunday matinee serial...and here we are years later with Spielberg who also grew up with the sunday serials naming his movie in a similar way... Here's aclue...wait til you see the movie or trailer before you start trashing it. What is this crap? "Pre-Emptive Movie critiques" before you've even seen it? judging a book by its name?? thats called uneducated guessing...not journalism....

lando on Jan 28, 2009


ya see??!! Feo hates everything! Here he goes again.

feohatestheworld on Jan 28, 2009


i think spielberg and jackson are rubbish, tintin is an amzing concept though, due to it being european and created by a genius, herge. all of his characters are amzing in tintin books, jo zette and jocko books, popol and quike and flukpe... if this film turns out to be bad it will purely be because hollywood is not apt at creating anything subtle or beautiful...i would much prefer if studio ghibli made this film...or they used new actors (not james bond, gollum, billy elliot, shaun of the dead et al) surely after 80 years it would be nice not to associate tintin with mass advertising, and popcorn munching twits, and the consumerist merchandise to go with (toothbrushs, bedding, condoms, bubblegum, watches, tractors, taxis, umbrella, icecreams, big macs etc)

dead on Feb 9, 2009


If they are aiming at an adult audience for a remake of a kids cartoon, that name isn't helping..

Hand Knotted Rugs on Feb 27, 2009


Jamie Bell will be great as Tin Tin. I just finished a marathon watching his movies. In my opinion, he is the best actor around right now. He reminds me so much of a young Johnny Depp. I love quirky movies and Hallum Foe is Jamie at his best. I watched that one more than once and I am still trying to figure out how he bounded around the rooftops in Scotland!!! He puts alot of work into his parts and it shows and I am sure he worked hard on TinTin too. I get alot of enjoyment oout of his acting and still cannot believe he just turned 23. I find him to be so experienced - but maybe he is just a natural. Anyway, I am happy to be along for the ride. Can't wait for TinTin!!

jameyd0g on Mar 16, 2009


---STILL MORE hermaphroditic, NWO you-genocide pre-programming from RED China enabling, PC franchise slum Hollywood. ------------Keep gon' kids! --------------------JUST KEEP A GOIN'

tiger tim on Nov 30, 2010

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