Jason Lee Making His Directorial Debut with 'Get Back' Comedy

November 18, 2009

Jason Lee

Just over a decade ago was the time when I first became familiar with the raunchy, comedic work of auteur Kevin Smith. And while I'm still a fan of his work, I think I'm more grateful for his bringing actor Jason Lee to a wider audience. Over the past few years, he's been tied up in the NBC comedy series "My Name is Earl." But with its recent cancellation, THR reports Lee is now free to shave that hideous moustache, get a haircut and buckle down to direct his first feature titled Get Back, the story of two music-obsessed friends who time travel to 1966 London, where one gets caught in a love triangle with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Every fiber of my being wishes this story will become a reality so as to avoid the eventual downfall of The Beatles, which will forever be blamed on that shrill-voiced shrew of a woman. Though I'm not sure if this love triangle is intentional or accidental, I'll settle for a decent fictional comedy just the same. It doesn't sound like Lee will be in front of the camera for this one along with his directing duties, but no word on any casting just yet or even when this project will get off the ground, so who knows. And is it just me or would Jason Lee be an absolute dead wringer to star in a biopic of filmmaker Jason Reitman? Of course it's too early for that, and I'm just happy seeing Lee get back to something non-"Earl" related. Same for you?

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Hell yeah! I love Jason Lee and I have faith in him.

Mr Heat Mizer on Nov 18, 2009

2 we really need another HACK behind the camera!???

Clover on Nov 18, 2009


@ #2, What makes you think it's another hack behind the camera. Have you seen something that Jason Lee directed that nobody else seems to know about? Give the guy a chance!

Ethan Anderton on Nov 18, 2009


"is now free to shave that hideous moustache" Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, slow down now, lets not mess with that awesome soup strainer

Welbanks on Nov 18, 2009


Simple....he is a HACK in front of it. There is too much real talent out there that does not have the chance.

Clover on Nov 18, 2009


Must agree with Clover. One of the best days ever was when that in-sensative tripe of a show; My name is Earl ( sigh), was booted. Just God awful and this Lee was the prime culprit.

cinemafan on Nov 18, 2009


I remember Jason Lee in the Blind video when I was a kid, when he rail slides the most ridiculous handrail ever. The Beatles weren't going to last, that's why they were good, they made their music and fell apart, could be funny I suppose, maybe it will have Lennon slagging off cripples and people in wheelchairs as he often did.

Crapola on Nov 18, 2009


Clover, Cinemafan I wholeheartedly agree that his work on My Name is Earl was by no means quality. I've seen a couple episodes and the show was not funny. But that's not to be attributed to Lee, because he was great in the role and was even nominated for an Emmy, but the show just wasn't my cup of tea. He has, however, shown talent in many of Kevin Smith's films as well as stints in Almost Famous, and great voice work in The Incredibles and Monster House. Saying that because you don't like his work in front of the camera is by no means a valid reason to say that you don't think he'll be good behind it. It's one thing to have your own opinion, but its another to have one that's completely unfounded to any legitimate reason.

Ethan Anderton on Nov 18, 2009


Mr. Anderton: I think what the two are saying is they percieve Mr. Lee as not very talented, thus their statements are valid. Much like Seth Rogen, just a horrible, horrible actor, writer and producer. Yes some of the masses think he is a genius. ( I would think 12 to 13 year olds) But if someone does not like them, they do NOT like them. Which is a legitimate reason. Personally, never cared for him what so ever. I did have to sit through that Chipmunk debacle because my Wife thought it was "cute". Cough Cough! Just like this Twilight dribble. Just a worthless piece of tripe, but the demographic loves it. The fraud that is American Idol, the very same situation. Have not seen any bad actors make their way behind the camera and made it work. I for one will pass.

canada buttons on Nov 18, 2009


A ship of fools. From skating, to acting, to potentially directing, Jason Lee is a blast. Fun, sarcastic, charming and fun as all hell I trust this man for comedy completely.

Voice of Reason on Nov 19, 2009


I never thought that piece on NBC was funny what so ever. Personal taste. I prefer actual copmedic talent versus , well none. This Lee fella has not proved anything to me, except to avoid him.

Networktvblows on Nov 19, 2009


Lee plays the same character in everything he does. His inflections are the same. His gestures are the same. Of course he does comedies usually so that is okay but I like to see diversity in an actor. He doesn't show it. And to #9 Canada Buttons? I always thought of Seth Rogen as a Will Ferrell type. Not his comedy but that I can only take him in small doses. They both are not leading men. (Unless Ferrell finally goes to dramas like he should. He has a lot of talent there.) But when Seth Rogen was in 40 year old virgin? Or Superbad? Great but otherwise his humor gets old...quick.

Maxx on Nov 19, 2009


I'm not gotta lie, I liked the first season of My Name is Earl but after that it sucked. I could see him directing something, if he put his mind to it I think he could. Sounds like a decent enough concept, let's just see what happens! 🙂

Caitie on Nov 19, 2009


Are you kidding? Jason Lee is a wonderful actor and MNIE was a funny show with a lot of heart. It was politically incorrect, but a really good show. If you think Lee's characters are all the same, you haven't watched much of him. Try watching Chasing Amy, Mumford, and Almost Famous. You might not even realize you're watching the same guy. He was no hack on a skateboard either. I have a feeling he'll do a great job directing this. Janet P.S. If you want to see some clips of him doing different characters, click on my name; I've got a "vlog" about him. Why? Because I think he's an amazing actor! 😉

Janet on Dec 9, 2009

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