Jason Voorhees in the Snow in the Friday the 13th Sequel?

June 15, 2009

Jason Voorhees

You read that right - in the snow! Platinum Dunes producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller talked with a handful of press last week when they were up in Chicago visiting the set of the new A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. While they talked a lot about other upcoming movies and franchises and everything else, the most interesting story relates to where they might be taking Jason in the next Friday the 13th sequel. In short, they want to do the next one in a winter setting, with snow and snowball fights and all. Well, maybe not snowball fights, but they want to do something we haven't ever seen before and thought about snow.

From Collider: "Listen, I think that for that movie we want to have a fun movie. If we're going to do another Friday the 13th, you know we were having a blast on the set; we want to have fun. We also want to bring things they haven't seen before and one of the things that they haven't seen before is Jason in the snow. They haven't seen that before."

Fuller also talks about shooting in 3D, which is becoming a popular trend for horror movies. "It's certainly been talked about," he says, but goes on to say that getting the extra budget to shoot in 3D is the issue. I would argue that not only was the new Friday the 13th very successful financially (it made $65 million in the US), but it was also a success with audiences, as I think most people embraced it and had a good time watching it (which was what they set out to do). But as always, they were criticized, and Fuller addresses some of the criticisms, saying that they're going to improve the weaker aspects in a sequel as best they can.

From STYD: "If we were vulnerable in Friday the 13th, I think our vulnerability is people think our kills were not clever enough," he said. "So whatever we need to do to make our kills feel clever in our second film is what we're going to do. [But] I don't think that turning him into a space-going astronaut would be the direction that we're going to go in… That's a criticism that really goes to my heart, that I feel like I've failed the fans if those kills aren't original or that they're not unique or grisly."

What I really love about these two producers is that they really know what they're doing and they love doing it. They do read all of the criticism that's out there and satisfying the fans is always their top priority. But even with all that, Fuller reminds us that for the next Friday the 13th sequel, "we don't have a script, it's not greenlit, and we have no idea what's going to happen." So even though he's talking about snow and 3D and more kills now, who knows if we'll actually see any of that. I, for one, will say that I can't wait to see a sequel and if there's snow involved in any of it, that'll bring one hell of a big smile to my face. Sound like fun?

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Just let him F'in die!!! Enough is enough already!

K on Jun 15, 2009


Snow will make it alot darker i don't know why i feel this way.

Fisherr on Jun 15, 2009


Sounds like someones been watching Dead Snow

dom on Jun 15, 2009


if #1 knew anything he never truely dies 🙂 secondly i found the kills were just great it could have been scary but i found it very enjoyable i had a few problems though 1. JASON NEVER TAKES A HOSTAGE- we ALL should know he always kills his prey 2. UNDERGROUND TUNNELS- he doesnt need these.... I mean WTF he is basically an immortal supernatural being the tunnels were beyond stupid if they forget these two details i'm just fine 🙂 i can totally see jason throwing someone into a frozen camp crystal lake or death by icicles

zach on Jun 15, 2009


Yawn. Sounds like more of the same...Jason kills a bunch of partying teenagers. How about if he goes to Washington, or Hollywood, or someplace useful for a change? LOL!

Dan Walimaa on Jun 15, 2009


omg im excited. and the kills were pretty damn sweet. but snow would be a nice little change of scenery....lets see how this plays out

LatriceShannel on Jun 15, 2009


I really enjoyed Friday the 13th. It's painful for me to watch newer horror movies anymore but this one was turned out great. It sounds like the sequel is off to a good start by the studio looking at some of the weaker parts of the first one like thinking of more clever killings. Sounds like they truly don't want to screw this one up!

Caitie on Jun 15, 2009


It sounds different. I don't know any famous horror franchises in the snow. 70% to see it.

d on Jun 15, 2009


BRING IT ON!!!!!! More killing in clever ways is great. Makes things interesting. Keeps them pushing the envelope ie. Saw, Wrong Turn, The Hills Have Eyes. Snow sounds great. NOthing like frozen naked chicks running from the slow pursuit of Jason Voorhees...

Big Red Moose on Jun 15, 2009


jason in the snow might be a great idea but it would eliminate the chicks bulging out of their bikinis and boobies shaking for the camera. actually i was pretty pissed about the remaking of fri 13th but after watching it i really liked the "new" movie, the kills were great and what a body count! if they could push those two envelops even more then more power to the sequel.....i'd watch it, definatly

thejugfather on Jun 15, 2009


I've talked about Jason in the snow for years! This could be great. Here is your movie. Feill in the details Setting: A group of kids go skiing and stay in a cabin near Crystal Lake Why no Help?: Blizzard Kills: Ski pole through the eye, snow shovle over head, throw someone in a snow blower, ice skate slash to nexk, throw the stero into hot tub, death from a ski lift, the old stand-bys of axe, fireplace poker, and machette, and of course he has to kill someone with a hockey stick. T&A: Hot Tub, Bikini skiing, fur coat and nothing else. Climax: Final Girl and Jason break throught the ice and fight trapped under it.

goudos on Jun 16, 2009


snow mixed with blood, could be a nice touch. I'm sure they will have a few cute snow bunnies 🙂 The remake was good, enjoyed it more then i thought i would.

chris on Jun 16, 2009


umh assclown #4! Yeah I know he "can't die". What my point was, which you must to too stupid to figure out, was... let this F'in franchise die. NO MORE JASON! It's been done to death.

K on Jun 16, 2009


I'm happy to see plenty more Friday the 13th flix, as long as they don't humanize him anymore then they have (it was cool NOT knowing where he lived etc). And please please please keep comedy out of it.

B.Armitage on Jun 19, 2009


I've seen the final destination movie in 3D and although it was pretty cool, I really did give me a headache.

Catastrophic health insurance on Sep 17, 2009


This got me thinking, what is the most amount of sequels any movie has had? It seems like Friday would have to be pretty close to the top? Does anyone have this information?

Indiana Heart on Sep 29, 2009


#4 your annoying the crap out of me gosh and i agree with #1 he needs to just die

Justin on Oct 21, 2009


Sounds awesome!

Chewbaccawakka on Dec 22, 2009

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