Jeff Bridges Getting Cloned in Canada for Tron 2.0

February 3, 2009
Source: io9

Jeff Bridges - Tron 2.0

This is a very odd story, but as I've said before, anything that involves Tron 2.0, I'll usually write about. The sci-fi geeks at io9 are reporting that Jeff Bridges is heading up to Canada to be digitized. Bridges will be scanned with a very high resolution scanner, a plaster cast will be created in his likeness, then that 3D model will be digitized in order to make him look younger. That digital Jeff Bridges will later replace a body double that was used to shoot the scenes. They speculate that this means we could see both an old and a "cloned" younger Bridges in the same shot together, which doesn't make sense for the story anyway.

I love reporting this kind of news because it just shows that Joseph Kosinski and Disney really are going all out with Tron 2.0. I obviously don't expect anything less. I'm excited to see them push the boundaries of technical filmmaking again this time just as they did back in 1982 with the first Tron. This kind of digital scanning is probably only just one tiny part of the technology that they're using for the movie and I can only begin to imagine what it will all look like in the end. If that small teaser footage that we've all seen is any indication, Tron 2.0 is certain to be visually groundbreaking and mind blowing all at the same time.

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Ok... Very exited for this one!!!!

Atg2040 on Feb 3, 2009


There was an old and young Flynn in that teaser/short. How do you know if it makes sense if you don't even know the plot yet?

Fuelbot on Feb 3, 2009


Did they ever release a high quality vid of that teaser? Looking at the related articles, there's no mention and I'm guessing it's something they'd have featured on FS but, you know, ever hopeful.

Chris on Feb 3, 2009


I'm still so jealous that you comic-conners got to see that footage!

michael sean on Feb 3, 2009


Agree with Fuelbot ... remember the main story of tron takes place in a digital world so a digitsed version makes perfect sense and why not a younger pre digitised version ??

Fenris on Feb 3, 2009


Alex, you're jumping to conclusions. It COULD very well make sense.

Quanah on Feb 4, 2009


ha, avatar will kick tron 2.0's digitized butt. ^^

memyselfandi on Feb 4, 2009


You can see what it will look like, just watch Benjamin Button. For the first half of the movie all shots of Brad Pitt's face are completely computer generated.

Pdorwick on Feb 4, 2009


" old and a "cloned" younger Bridges in the same shot together, which doesn't make sense for the story anyway..." How do you know what makes sense for the story?

ballyhoo on Feb 4, 2009


I am so looking forward to this movie, moreso now that I hear Jeff Bridges character is involved in it somehow!

Dan Walimaa on Feb 4, 2009


Well if he had a "computer" copy made years ago, no sense in having it grow older inside the computer world. And who knows, maybe he gets re-digitalized and he gets to meet his virtual clone. Or something.

Luis M on Feb 4, 2009


Wow #11... you know I think I like that story idea.

dRailer on Feb 4, 2009


"They speculate that this means we could see both an old and a "cloned" younger Bridges in the same shot together, which doesn't make sense for the story anyway." Makes perfect sense. Master Control Program has Kevin's original physical record stored somewhere, otherwise it couldn't have "re-rezzed" him. And since the computer breaks down material to atoms or energy, and restores material out of atoms or energy, then MCP could make as many young Kevins (clones not at a cellular level, but at an atomic level) as it wanted, provided it had enough matter in its supply. Maybe a young Kevin will fight inside the computer while the old Kevin watches from outside. Who knows? Have a little imagination, Alex.

Feo Amante on Feb 4, 2009


Well that's a little bit weird but we are gonna have to wait and see.

Fisherr on Feb 5, 2009


Still hoping that Cindy Morgan will also be in this movie!!!

Randy Waage on Feb 5, 2009


what is the budget for this movie that almost nobody has heard of lol on another note I want to see a tv spot for a re-released Tron on during House 🙂

Silver on Feb 5, 2009


Hopefully they may make a STARMAN sequel too. I love Jeff Bridges. I even wrote a script for this back in 1998. BH

brad hansen on Jul 23, 2009

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