Jeremy Renner Might Be Playing Hawkeye in Marvel's Thor?

November 26, 2009
Source: The Playlist

Jeremy Renner / Hawkeye

Man there's been a lot of Thor news recently. And it doesn't stop, even though it's a holiday! The Playlist is reporting that in the latest issue of Empire (the article isn't online), actor Jeremy Renner (last seen in The Hurt Locker) says he has been talking with Marvel about playing the character of Hawkeye in Kenneth Branagh's Thor. He simply says: "Hawkeye could be interesting. They're going to send me some stuff on it, see what it is. But I think they're pretty awesome, trying to make superhero movies almost plausible and not just some fantasy thing." Not very revealing, but this isn't the first time we've heard Hawkeye mentioned.

Nearly a year ago, last December, we reported a rumor from Latino Review that both Hawkeye and Black Widow would show up in Iron Man 2, but not just as cameos. The Black Widow side of that scoop turned out true, as we know that Scarlett Johansson is playing Natasha Romanoff and has a big role in that sequel (see a photo of her here). And if that was true, then maybe the Hawkeye bit was legit as well. Word is (from The Playlist at least) that Hawkeye will appear in Thor and later join The Avengers in that movie as well. Sounds like Marvel is trying to introduce more characters that will be part of that bigger Avengers team later on.

As for Renner, if you've seen The Hurt Locker, you know he's a fantastic actor (he may even get nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars). He's had other supporting roles in The Assassination of Jesse James and 28 Weeks Later, so I've been familiar with him for a while. I've been waiting for him to break out and become a mainstream actor and if that means playing a superhero, then bring it on. Hawkeye is an archer who ran away to become a carnival performer as a kid. He later sees Iron Man in action (hint, hint) and is inspired to become a "costumed hero." He also falls in love with Black Widow and they're initially mistaken for villains.

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Hi, though i really appreciate seeing new stuff, please enufff of Thor updates until the trailer comes up...its killing me!

dex on Nov 26, 2009


Jeremy Renner? absoulte WIN in the casting game, if it proves true. Renner is a great actor, I first say him in S.W.A.T and he was the only shining light in that film, then I saw him in 28 Weeks Later and he was awesome in that (that whole movie is awesome) then I saw him in Take opposite Minnie Driver and he stole the show, then The Hurt Locker which was amazing, so if he is indeed Hawkeye then Thor will be the best comic book superhero movie EVER!

xerxex on Nov 26, 2009


#1- Firstshowing wouldn't be doing their job if they didn't update us on this kind of news lol And I also think Renner would be great as Hawkeye but I'd rather have the character show up in Avengers. I'd prefer for the Thor movie to feature just Nick Fury ala his cameo at the end of Iron Man and then we jump into the Avengers. I just pray Thor, Avengers, and Cap don't end up being shitty simple-minded action movies. Well, in Branagh I trust.

Andy on Nov 26, 2009


Agreed! I like Renner in everything I've seen him in thus far. Great performance in 28 Weeks Later and carried The Hurt Locker well. Hawkeye's an intelligent character but has some grit to him. I think it might just work and even be a nice transitioning character that could act as a guide for Thor going from Asgard to Earth. Just a thought...

Evo on Nov 27, 2009


uhhh #2 28 weeks later awesome? wtf are you smoking that film was utter trash and compared nothing to 28 days later. But Renner in the hurt locker was astounding, he drove the whole film many say that his performance was overrated I think exact the opposite.

Cody on Nov 27, 2009


#5 wtf are YOU smoking? 28 weeks later was great!

Nate on Nov 27, 2009


hawkeye in the thor film this team is shaping up to look like the team featured in the ultimate avengers animated film which i seen on dvd,personally i'd prefer they had kept to the original comic iron man,thor,hulk,wasp & captain america.he joined issue 4 so i let him in the film & would of kept hawkeye for the sequel with the vision & scarlett witch.IF YOU'RE GOING TO FUCK AROUND WITH THE TEAM PLEASE PUT IN MS.MARVEL.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Nov 27, 2009


Hawkeye is a very cool character. I hope he's in it.

JakeTheSnake on Nov 27, 2009


Cool news - good to see the Avengers starting to take shape! PS @Dex seeing as shooting hasn't started I don't think we'll see a trailer any time soon. I am predicting late May for the first official production shots i.e. Hemsworth in costume and then the first trailer Dec 2010 and probably a Comic Con trailer in summer

Sumit on Nov 27, 2009


i want that sawyer guy from lost for hawkeye. the picture next to the hawkeye pic is not a good one because he doesnt look like the character

yojoe on Nov 27, 2009


Great choice for Hawkeye! As awsome as it is that Hawkeye will actually be included in the Marvel movies, I dont think Thor is the right one for him to appear in. The film already has a huge cast and is creating a whole universere surrounding the character Thor. I just feel like Hawkeye being introduced in Thor would break that universe. Maybe save Hawkeye for Captain America (that would be awsome!). Iron Man 2 would have been perfect to introduce him (while, I am not too familiar with the character, I believe that Iron Man inspired Hawkeye to become a hero). But unless if Renner isnt Hawkeye (or he is keeping it uber secret) or if they only show a younger Hawkeye with the intention of introducing Renner as the elder Hawkeye, I doubt we will see Hawkeye in Iron Man 2.

Zach Shaw on Nov 27, 2009


#10- Isn't that a slightly shallow point of view to have? As for the 28 Weeks vs. Days, I think both are good and are very different films in terms of their narratives and style but I thought both were excellent. Days is IMO the better of the two if I had to rank them.

Andy on Nov 27, 2009


I agree with 1# Enough on Thor lets wait to see a trailer and more about thor when there actuely start film. 😉

Cineprog on Nov 27, 2009


This guy was also great in ABC's the Unusuals. I was bummed when that got canceled because I thought it was a pretty great show. One thing is tho, why does this movie need anything other then Thor, like that's not enough to make a great movie?!

Richard on Nov 27, 2009


Sumit: Actually, since filming begins in mid-January and supposedly wraps in April, we could have a teaser with Iron Man 2. Unlikely, yes, but possible. I, for one, can't wait to see how everyone looks in costume, especially Hemsworth and Hiddleston. Seeing as how I know next to nothing about the Avengers universe apart from what I read here and on other film forums, I can't say whether or not Renner would be a good Hawkeye. He'd be a great addition, but I want to see THE HURT LOCKER before I weigh in. That said, I agree with Zach Shaw that Hawkeye would fit better with Captain America than with Thor. He just doesn't mesh too well with Thor's world, in my judgement.

Corran Horn on Nov 27, 2009


#5 Cody I'm npt comparing, nothing beats out 28 Days Later, but in terms of a sequel 28 Weeks Later is awesome, it was a good way to continue the story.

xerxex on Nov 27, 2009


its kinda cool that hawkeye could potentially be in thor, but I think it would have made more sense for him to be in Iron Man 2, hmm I suppose favreau had enuff characters on his plate as it was

Mario G. on Nov 27, 2009


weeks was better than days. and he was excellent in Assassination of Jessie James, truly a great actor.

Colt on Nov 27, 2009


"...But I think they're pretty awesome, trying to make superhero movies almost plausible and not just some fantasy thing." Pardon me but I am confused now. If they are making them "plausible" and not a fantasy thing then why the hell is this movie about Thor ? Time for a reality check dude.

baloney pancakes on Nov 27, 2009


Definitely. This guy should get a lot of parts from now on. He shines in The Hurt Locker.

[A] on Nov 27, 2009


uGh cant believe people actually think 28 weeks was a good movie it was a US slaughter sequel of an amazing foreign film.

Cody on Nov 28, 2009


Technically #21, the second film was still "foreign." A lot of the British crew and producers returned just under a different director.

Andy on Nov 28, 2009


Bring Renner for Hawkeye you will never regret it, Kenneth. They guy is saw awesome i have seen it he got the potentials. Hopefully this is true, we'll see.

Fisherr on Nov 28, 2009


Wow!!! Keep up with these updates man. It seems like everyday when i come on here, there is a new update. It keeps me grounded until it finally comes out.

Efrain on Nov 28, 2009


Cody it was a good sequel, and there was only a handful of Americans, i.e. Renner.

xerxex on Nov 28, 2009

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