J.J. Abrams Still Unsure About Directing the Star Trek Sequel

November 17, 2009
Source: ComingSoon

J.J. Abrams - Star Trek

And he's not directing Mission: Impossible 4 either! So what will J.J. Abrams be directing next (that's not a TV show)? Last night, Paramount held a party for the premiere of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek on DVD and Blu-Ray (Amazon). ComingSoon caught up with Abrams briefly and asked him about a couple of projects currently in the works. As usual, he didn't reveal much about any of the projects, but did reply with a rather interesting answer when asked if he'd decided whether he'd return to direct the Star Trek sequel. Everyone still believes he'll return, but his answer wasn't a definite yes, and it sounds like we won't know for a while.

"The truth is, the idea of anyone else directing the next Star Trek film breaks my heart. I had the most fun ever with these people. But, it's impossible to know when the script is done. That's the time to look at it and ask, 'Is this the right thing for the movie? Is it the right thing for me? My family?' and all that stuff. It's so hard to know a year out with no script in existence if I should direct the movie. I look forward to making that decision when the time comes."

He's right about one thing - there's no one else that I want to direct the next Star Trek sequel than J.J. Abrams. Although, if I have to bring this up as well, I thought the same about Michael Bay directing Transformers 2 and, well, look how that turned out. However, it would be wrong to compare Abrams and Bay, especially because I think Abrams would do an amazing job directing a sequel. We've heard plenty of ideas about where the story might go, but just knowing Abrams is on-board I'd feel completely confident again. Who knows when we'll know if he's back? And who would be a suitable replacement (if anyone)?

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why'd you have to go and mention michael bay? im about to have to dinner... now my stomachs all like 'blaaaarrrggghhhsssskk'

ben on Nov 17, 2009



Flrsi on Nov 17, 2009


He will do it.

Solo Dolo Polo on Nov 17, 2009


Gore Verbinski

Syphous on Nov 17, 2009


Even if he produces it, it will have the same feel, I'll bet. But honestly, a billion fan boys can go fuck themselves if his (family) life suffers from doing a sequel, and he's smart enough to state so and act on it, so if he doesn't return, he'll have good reasons and I wont fault him....unless its to direct off-Broadway's "Lost: The Musical"

Voice of Reason on Nov 17, 2009


What I like about Abrams is that he isn't one of these franchise directors who sign on for a bazillion sequels just to cash in while they can. He's very smart to avoid agreeing to anything until he can see a script. If the script for Star Trek 2 (or would that be Star Trek 2 2?) sucks, I know that Abrams will pass on it because he's a director with integrity. I think he'd rather walk away from a bad film and risk pissing off fanboys than direct a crappy sequel and risk his career.

Pete the Geek on Nov 17, 2009


Anyone besides him!

Tra la la la la di da on Nov 17, 2009


Hm...I just had my interest in Star Trek re-emerge, I hope JJ has something to do with the next ST movies. He did just 'destroy' 10 films and all tv-series with making Star Trek XI(timetravel, everything changed, 99.9% of all Vulcans murdered, ect),'s a bit daring to leave that now; if he does, then he's made a grand mess!

David Banner on Nov 17, 2009


someones competing for 1st in the pole position for abrams, i think you will be first place too him.

doesntlikeyoueither on Nov 17, 2009


He NEEDS to come back. If he can recreate the vibe of the first film then it will be amazing. All you can talk about how District 9 is the best scifi film of the decade. Well i say its a three way tie between minority report, serenity, and STAR TREK! and i never watched the show or any of the other movies. It was the most fun i've had watching a movie in years.

Joey Jay on Nov 17, 2009


While I'm sure that a script and family is part of the reason ole J.J's hinging on whether or not to direct the sequel, it's the "all that stuff" that can be found in this old Beatle song that's the main reason: The best things in life are free But you can keep them for the birds and bees Now give me money That's what I want That's what I want, yeah That's what I want (and I'll direct the sequel)

Hattori Hanzo on Nov 17, 2009


Nicholas Meyer The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country were both VASTLY SUPERIOR ST movies.

Brian Becker on Nov 17, 2009


These are the people I definity do NOT want directing it Michael Bay Paul W.S Anderson Stephen Sommers Roland Emmerich

chad on Nov 17, 2009


#3 - You know that for sure? #13 - We're safe on all of those, except Stephen Sommers... Aw hell nah!

Alex Billington on Nov 17, 2009


He's developing Stephen King's DARK TOWER. That is his next directing project. Bummer about him not doing MI:4...

MontanaHans on Nov 17, 2009


#13: and NOT Kurt Wimmer too

Fox on Nov 17, 2009


Man F J.J. Abraham!!! All he does is do a movie once and runs off! If he gets on another project they need to make him commit to the sequel if there will be one.

Black Dynamite on Nov 17, 2009


well... he'd originally said he wasn't going to direct the first one (STAR TREK) and just produce, but he said when he read the script, that it was so good he didn't like the idea of someone else directing it instead of him -- so he did it. my thought is, he'll do it, but he's "afraid" to commit to even saying it right now, because he knows the pressure and expectation will be even greater than it was for the first movie. I think the pressure to out do the first film is high, and if they can't top it on the page (first) he won't take it to screen (himself), and just kinda say it's cause he's busy, family, etc. (*remember also that J.J. Abrams models himself after a few of the greats, like Spielberg, who said that he regretted NOT doing the sequel to JAWS and watching that franchise tank, and so, firmly committed to doing the INDY movies...) (we won't talk about Jurassic Park...) if the media and everyone just kinda lays off him, and they pull off a great script (which could happen, LOST will be done, and all those guys working on it will be pretty focused on doing something cool already), there's no doubt he will return to the director's chair for Star Trek's sequel.

daveseligman on Nov 17, 2009


#17 - The man has children. No one wants to be away from their family for months at a time. Films take literally 4-5 years to make on average from initial pitch to what you see on the screen. The great thing about JJ Abrams is that whether he directs or not, even the projects he's associated with are good. I'm fairly confident that he'll do the second film, but I don't think he'd do another beyond that.

Fuelbot on Nov 17, 2009


LOL @13

FlaWiio on Nov 17, 2009


LET HIM GO!!!!!!! he ruined the enitire concept of Star Trek. He is hack obsessed with young men...

bananamana on Nov 17, 2009


I really don't blame JJ if he says no. His Star Trek film was great, and I'm sure he had fun with it, but it takes so much work and so much time, and if he has the short resume I think he'll have (considering he directs about 1 film every 3 years) then he might not want to use up 1 of those films on a sequel of any kind. Not that it wouldn't be good, its just always nice to have some variety.

Al on Nov 17, 2009


antonio banderas is......Kaaaaaaaahn! how about it? maybe let nimoy direct sequel?

nacho on Nov 17, 2009


I don't mind JJ directing, but for chrissakes get some decent writers for the sequel.

snickers on Nov 18, 2009


@12 - Agreed. Nicholas Meyer ftw.

bozo on Nov 18, 2009


Brett Ratner or Uwe Boll

box86rowh on Nov 20, 2009


IMO Abrams was a good choice despite initial negative reactions to his involvement with the reboot movie. I think the best choice would be Leonard Nimoy to direct the next movie. He did an excellent job with Star Trek III and Star Trek IV. The other choice would be one of the actors turned director from TNG, VOY and DS9. Avery Brooks, Michael Dorn, Robert Picardo, Roxann Dawson, Robert Duncan MacNeil, Levar Burton, Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Gates McFadden and Jonathan Frakes to name just a few of the talents that just might become available if the timing is right. There are more than enough talents from these series to fill Abrams' role if he decide not to return to the director's chair for the next movie. I like to see the return of Robert Hewett Wolfe and Ira Steven Behr as producers for the next Star Trek movie. They did a fantastic job with DS9. I am fairly certain they will pull another miracle just for us as well.

Paul K. on Nov 23, 2009


plz dont let jj abrams direct another star trek movie, he ruined star trek plzzzzzz ppl petion or boycott if ever makes another star trek

chirag on May 13, 2010

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