Jodie Foster to Direct and Mel Gibson to Star in The Beaver?!

July 9, 2009

Jodie Foster / Mel Gibson

Forget Steve Carell, this is all about The Colonel! THR reports tonight that Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson are in talks to join the indie comedy The Beaver about a man who wears a beaver puppet on his hand that he treats as a real person. Additionally, Foster, who last directed Home for the Holidays in 1995, is in negotiations to direct this as well. Last year it was announced that Carell was interested in the project, but he eventually passed; same with Jim Carrey who showed interested in May. Now it looks like Gibson, who is making quite a return to acting, might land the role. Gibson and Foster last starred together in Maverick.

The Beaver is the highly buzzed about script from first-time writer Kyle Killen that landed in the #1 spot on the Black List last year. Anonymous Content, the company that is developing the project, has been trying to get this pushed into production quickly but has been struggling to find the right selection of actors and director. They're eager to make the movie this year and could finance it independently if no studio picks it up. This is a very zany project that I was looking forward to seeing, but I never would've thought someone like Gibson would've been interested in a comedy like this! Is he trying to pull a Tom Cruise comeback?

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Wow...this totally sounds like a Mel Gibson character. Although Carell and Carrey could pull it off, something about Mel. reminds of Man without a Face and What Women Want combined. That's just picturing it off hand, no pun intended. Serious 'cause he thinks it's real but as such, it's funny.

He tries so hard... on Jul 9, 2009


Mel Gibson is so cool =)

Paul on Jul 9, 2009


I've read the script, and initially it felt very safe and light... but then it goes off the deep end. Some crazy stuff. Really fun read, should make a great film.

Shane on Jul 9, 2009


i totally want that mustache...

Otacon on Jul 10, 2009


that's the sweetest picture of Gibson ever

DoomCanoe on Jul 10, 2009


Mel is awesome

hmm on Jul 10, 2009


Mel is still full of surprises and that is what fans love about him. He is predictably unpredictable as an artist. Am looking forward to the result of their collaboration! Good luck Mel and Jodi!

EM on Jul 10, 2009


Mel will work it into his character being tortured at some point. He gets tortured in every movie. I certainly "get" the concept, thought Carrell would have done a better job. But with Mel, it could work. At long as the script is top-notch. Foster's a capable director. Little Man Tate was good.

Greedo on Jul 10, 2009


I wonder if they got the idea from South Park with Mr. Hat.

TheManWithNoName on Jul 10, 2009


I love Mel Gibson. I know we're not supposed to anymore, but I just can't help it. He's so charismatic and interesting.

Mindy on Jul 10, 2009


Its NOT a comedy!!

leeb on Jul 10, 2009


Mindy (comment 10): There is no need to apologize for liking Mel Gibson. Here is an interesting comment (and there are ever more to be found on the internet): “People should stop misrepresenting their personal opinion that MG is a lightly inflammable bigot as a rational and established fact. It is a wrongful and prejudiced presumption. First, you have to believe that people are never unfair, or that drunk people are never unfair, to consider the type of incident that took place in 2006 proof that a person is a bigot, and that level of naivety would make you unfit to judge in the first place. Secondly, this incident was in reality a once in a lifetime event in over 50 years of life that shouldn't be misrepresented as the opposite, a characteristic trait. Some people keep abusing it that way despite that. However, when people have to twist a point to make a point not only do they not have a point, they have also cast doubt on their own motives and/or ability to reason in a balanced way. And if being unreasonable and making hurtful remarks at one moment in our lives, in an extreme and unusual set of circumstances, would make us nasty, hateful human beings who do not care about other people, not a lot of us could consider ourselves decent people anymore. Including the majority of those condemning MG. These people are a least great at applying double standards. Is it an unlikely scenario that a person would take cheap shots under the circumstances MG was in at the time? No, quite the contrary, it is actually a very likely one. Who could honestly claim that they wouldn't feel attacked and bullied if ever arrested, it is just an instinctive and natural reaction to having your freedom taken away. And when are we all most likely to take a cheap shot; when we feel bullied ourselves. Additionally, when is it most likely that we give into that type of emotion instead of stopping ourselves and letting our sense of fairness rule the way; when our defenses are down, for instance because we have been drinking. That is what MG meant when he said it was the stupid ramblings of a drunkard. That is what he apologized for. More and more people, fans and non-fans alike, are becoming increasingly alarmed by the amount of hatred and condescension that keeps coming MG's way. Contrary to MG, who became unreasonable and hostile on one occasion and apologized for it later, these people go on and on and show no remorse at all. The time that we are willing to take these continual attacks seriously is over. Whether MG is a bigot remains to be seen, one thing is clear though, many of those attacking him are at least themselves infected with the disease they accuse him of having: a hateful attitude with no respect for or interest in balancing facts and emotions”.

Sam on Jul 11, 2009


#9 Lol, my thoughts exactly. "Omg, Mr. Garrison made it on to the big screen!"

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 11, 2009


I agree with #8. I think Steve Carrell would have done a better job. To me he seems more charismatic and whimsical, which sounds fitting to a role like this. I don't doubt that Mel Gibson will do a fine job, as he is a talented actor, but I think the ending product will end being much darker.

Monster! on Jul 12, 2009


Holy shit, a live action Mr. Garrison movie with Mr. Hat and Mr. Slave? Box office GOLD!

Roberto Dinamite on Jul 12, 2009

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