Joe Johnston Planning to Shoot Captain America Next June

December 28, 2009
Source: Fangoria

Captain America / Joe Johnston

We haven't heard much from Marvel recently about The First Avenger: Captain America, which is still slated for release in July of 2011. What we do know, though, is that Joe Johnston (The Rocketeer, Jurassic Park III, The Wolfman) is directing and the screenplay is being written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (of all three Chronicles of Narnia movies). Fangoria (via ComingSoon) just published a teaser piece for their upcoming issue that has an interview with Joe Johnston talking about Wolfman. However, near the end of the article they drop a little tidbit about Johnston's plans to start shooting Captain America in June.

Here's the key quote: "… recalls Johnston, speaking from the art department of The First Avenger: Captain America, which he's readying for a June start." Marvel is preparing to start shooting Kenneth Branagh's Thor in January (as reported here), which I'm sure will shoot at least until April. Then they'll probably take a break to support Iron Man 2's release in May before prepping a June start for Captain America. It's great to hear that this is moving along smoothly, now we just need casting. Who will be playing Cap, that's what I want to know! So which of Marvel's 2011 movies are you more excited about - Thor or Captain America?

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Definitely Thor. I like the character of Captain America better but I'm very worried about Joe Johnston helming this one. All the problems Wolfman is having don't bode well for the Cap'n. I hope for the best but at this point, Kenneth Branagh's Thor seems to have a much better shot at being as good as we all want it to be.

Jake on Dec 28, 2009



Robbie on Dec 28, 2009



tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Dec 28, 2009


i cant wait for either. but as of today my biggest query is who will be cap.

AC on Dec 28, 2009


Damn. I'm betting on Thor. I love Branagh's directing style, it'll work very well. Capt America-- god damn this has got to be Perfect. You hear me? Perfect. If it's anything less... well fuck.

Ozzie Davis on Dec 28, 2009


cast Sam Worthington as the Captain!

bltzie on Dec 28, 2009


I'm definitely looking forward to Cap more. Johnston directed Rocketeer and a little movie called October Sky that proves he can make a complex, exciting, and fun movie in an earlier era of American history. He has a great sense of nostalgia, which is perfect for a Cap origin movie. Thor is going to blow it out of the water though. There's less hype about it, and I think fans are going to accept a little variance in the story here and there because he's not as well known. People are more apt to hate on the Cap movie if they try something new or don't live up to their expectations.

Pete the Geek on Dec 28, 2009


Like Kevin Smith said on Comic Con: "Don't cheer yet! It could suck!" I just hope it doesn't

Victor on Dec 28, 2009


Alex I'm sorry but the fanboy in me is coming out and calling you an idiot. Reason being: In the picture you posted of Joe J and Captain America. You used the wrong Captain America. That's bucky, not Steve. Change it, for God sakes man change it.

Corey on Dec 28, 2009


@9 Lol, Awwwwwww shit.

Ozzie Davis on Dec 28, 2009


Comic book movies simply ruin the comic books for me. There hasn't been a single one, ever, (including any Batman, Spider Man, or Superman film), that hasn't mangled the comic book or graphic novel experience. Thor is certain to be an abomination, and Captain America will be campy retro. I'm finished with comic book movies. I hate them all.

Phantom on Dec 28, 2009


im more excited about Thor but we dont know whos been casted in Captain America

tazz on Dec 28, 2009


Heh, Alax should just keep posting the Bucky picture to annoy nerds. And I'm much more excited about Cap.

Staatz on Dec 28, 2009


they should get aaron eckhart hes the perfect cap hes got the chiseled chin and a good build, if he works out enough he can get the bulk and i dont know he just looks like a perfect steve rogers to me...

cesking on Dec 28, 2009


Phantom then leave this board and post on something you do like, simple as that. one thing only: Casting, casting, casting.

Xerxex on Dec 28, 2009


#9, How can a film ruin a comic book? Are you saying that after watching a comic-book movie you cannot go back, read a comic book and enjoy it because the movie was different? Are you really that dumb that you can't separate 2 different forms of media and enjoy each of them for what they are?

notatard on Dec 28, 2009


Oops, meant to flame #11

notatard on Dec 28, 2009


I know it's just an idea but people keep saying Sam Worthington as Captain America, and Right now it seems like a pretty good idea. He has potential to be a star and I think he can hold his own against RDJ and Sam Jackson.

The_Kid on Dec 28, 2009


You people need to stop using that photo, that is NOT the original Captain America.

AlphaEden on Dec 28, 2009


We need casting news.

M-Cat on Dec 28, 2009


#16 Bad movie renditions tend to color the original source material. Consider 300. Whether or not you consider that a good movie, let's say you go back and read the graphic novel. How can you not be influenced negatively by seeing that film? I couldn't get the abomination that was Lynch's Dune out of my head, even after I'd read the novel three times prior. Maybe that's just me being "dumb," but that is how it is. All too rarely does a movie do justice to the written source, and comic book movies never do. Seeing crap like Electra, you can't not be distracted if you happen upon the original Daredevil source. With comics, this is all too true. Disagree? Sure, you may like the source better, but you were better off never seeing that garbage on the screen first or after. Comic book adaptations tend to upset me. Nearly all of them are trash. Too many kids only know Christopher Reeve as Superman. Is that a good thing? The only way that is a good thing is if the kids are inspired to read comics. How often does that happen? Vomit like the Daredevil movie would poison anyone off the idea of reading Daredevil. There are times, it's true, that seeing the movie inspires you to read the source. If they are both good then that's not a problem. My problem is with comic book adaptations. In this particular case, they seem to always bastardize the source. So I've given up on them and feel it necessary to state that case. #15 Does my dissing comic book movies in general disqualify me for saying so? Do I have to be a fanboy? Since comic book movies generally trash the source material, shouldn't I be permitted to state that opinion? Do I have to gush over every subject to be allowed to post? Look, I get it that casting is a big issue here (BTW, how in the hell can you cast Thor?), but I maintain that it doesn't matter. Like it or not, I'll post anything I want, anywhere I like. Tough.

Phantom on Dec 28, 2009


#9 CHILLLLLLLLLL You're putting your fanboy traits towards the wrong target. Stop being that kid in class that corrects the teacher for sake of being annoying.

Nick Sears on Dec 28, 2009


If they're gonna do Captain America, do CAPTAIN AMERICA! You know, the one in the red, white and blue suit that throws his shield around fighting the Red Skull, not some guy whose costume is half GI issue combat fatigues, like the idiotic so-called "ultimate" or "extreme" or whatever version. No shiny armor-like outfit, (god forbid) black leather or rubber, either. "But, that won't be realistic!" Hate to tell ya, fanboys--super heroes ain't real OR realistic! A guy in stars and stripes running around a combat zone? A guy in a rubber suit flying down from a skyscraper using his batcape? A guy who swings around Manhattan on threads of indeterminate origin? Think about it... The transformation from skinny 4F Steve Rogers to the buff Sentinel of Liberty has to be done right. If necessary, hire a skinny guy with a resemblance for a couple of minutes of screen time. They can probably do it with CGI though. I'd like to see a little WWII action also before he falls into the ice. That would be true to the character. Bucky--OK with me if he shows up or not, unless they do the Bucky gets blown up scene. 'Course, for all I know, that's been retconned out of history.

zubzwank on Dec 28, 2009


#22, it's not really even that because I tweeted Alex and he knew what he did and didn't care because "he liked the design".

Corey on Dec 28, 2009


#9 & #24 - It's just a photo to represent the concept of the movie and show that Joe Johnston (seen next to him) is directing it. I like the look of it because of how he's posed next to Johnston. I haven't used a Bucky photo in the last year because people complained about this before. I know the difference but this is just for representation only. When they actually cast an actor, I'll be using real Rogers photos as well! It's not that big of a deal, it's just a photo come on guys...

Alex Billington on Dec 28, 2009


Wow, this looks like it might be fun! RT

John woods on Dec 29, 2009


I'd rather see Captain America. As a kid, I didn't think anyone cared about Thor. Also, I remember enjoying the 1990 Alber Pyun direct to video release of Captain America. Then again, I was 12 at the time.

tomas on Dec 29, 2009


Neither. Prediction: they're both going to be turkeys, and could possibly put Marvel back in the dark ages, if only for a short while. Neither character will translate well to the big screen. Captain America is a douche, who is loathed outside of his (very) small circle of fans, and Thor is just embarrassing. A muscular Aryan who wears a cape, carries a hammer and talks in Ye Old Speake, in modern times? Yeah, that's going to go down well with modern audiences. They're both very much a product of the silver age of comics, and unlike other Marvel characters still seem trapped within it. And rightfully so. To be honest, I'd rather see a feature-length movie of The Justice Friends. At least they made Thor moderately interesting. I say give both a cameo in the Avengers film and have them killed in the opening credits by The Hulk, who barely breaks a sweat.

Sheamus on Dec 29, 2009


#28, I'm going to guess that you're a fan of characters like Spawn and other--as they used to call 'em--grim and gritty heroes(?), right? Cause they're more "realistic?" Hey, I love Watchmen (book and film) myself! You may as well stay home for these movies, though. I think CA has bigger than a (very) small circle of fans. He IS going to be difficult to do on the modern screen, but if they're doing a movie of him, do HIM. Thor- He's so different that, again, done right, he can go over big. I wanna see the hammer smashing stuff! I don't think they should try an "offbeat" Michael Keaton/Robert Downey-type casting except maybe for Don Blake. Some wrestler-size guy is needed for Thor. Thor has some of the same stuff Superman's got. Yeah, I know about the last SM movie, a money-maker, btw. The first and greatest superhero will survive one mildly performing film. He'll always be back. By the way, Captain America as a "product" started in 1940, wayyyy before the silver age of comics. Re: the 1990 CA movie--they got the costume right.

zubzwank on Dec 29, 2009


Nope - not a fan of Spawn at all. Not sure I especially favour gritty characters, either, as I like Spidey as much as I like John Constantine. But I don't like Cap, or Thor. The fact that everyone (here, and elsewhere) is scratching their heads over casting, as well as how the movie is going to be made (but it must be PERFECT!!1!!) illustrates perfectly how it's going to be a mess. Here's the thing: some comic book characters suck, and others don't translate well to the big screen. If, as you say, you need a wrestler-sized guy to play Thor, then that means a wrestler-sized guy is playing Thor, i.e., a wrestler. Or a bodybuilder. Which means morons, which means suck. If you get some skinny actor to beef up to play Thor, it's going to suck, as he won't be big enough. Up until now you've been able to get away with it, as Spider, Stark etc, are not beefcakes. The Hulk (very much) is, but he's been all CGI (and pretty poorly at that). Which makes me think a CGI Thor might be the only way to do it, which of course is going to suck. I said Cap was still trapped in the silver age, which he is, and that's when he became popular, as well as being the Captain America most people know (and think of). It's worth noting that thus far the 'lesser' Marvel characters have produced some piss-poor movies. For every Spider-Man and X2 there's a Daredevil, Electra, and even a Fantastic Four 1-2. And the FF are amongst Marvel's biggest icons, and they still screwed that one up completely. I'd guess they're about 50-50 on hits to misses, and they're very much due a miss after the stellar work in Iron Man 2. And I enjoyed Wolverine, although most think of it as average at best. But it's certainly not a turkey, and I think Captain America or Thor, or more likely both, will fill that void.

Sheamus on Dec 29, 2009


Well being a fan of the marvel universe id have to say i am looking forward to the movie that gradually come together making the avengers. Captain America has been one of my favorite superhero's f all time simply because of the way he i written and it may sound to comic fan boy but coming from someone who believes in the flag i enjoy that captain America holds to a code of conduct most have forgotten. needless to say we enjoy these characters because we relate to them on some level which then translates into why we care whether or not about these movies. Sheamus- although i can agree with you on most of what you said your living in the past non of these movies will be enjoyable to you because of the cgi , which is fine i would like to see more live action rather than looking at computerized images. however you have no perception when it comes to cinematic's. yes some marvel movie's have bad but overall i found points which made them really enjoyable where it comes to character design and carrying you basic line up, your protagonist, secondin command, comic relief etc.. yeah the story may fail but if the character can then carry the film well hell that's a horse of a different color. i think we got a glimpse of how captain will move in watching hulk ( with ed norton) when blonsiki was fighting the hulk as a soldier. now if that how we get to see the captain move well dam i will be entertained. speaking as someone who is going into this industry and learning the ropes you have no idea what goes into them but its natural for you to complain, it works out for me because i get my daily chuckle whenever i read them. overall in the end i am just happy to see my favorite characters come to life on the big screen.

splinter on Dec 30, 2009


Being a fan of the Marvel Universe doesn't mean you have to automatically like everything therein. That said, if you're a 'fan of the flag', then of course Captain America is going to appeal. It's that same patriotic nonsense that makes him a loathable character to everybody else, dare I say those in their right mind. I'm not living in the past regarding CGI. I enjoy good CGI as much as the next person. What I don't enjoy is bad CGI, and that's what we've seen up until now when it's been overused in Marvel films, notably The Hulk, who while well animated, wasn't convincing, even for a moment. That's a fair point made about what they did with Tim Roth in the second Hulk film, but I think he looked more convincing and real because the Hulk looked so false. When he started flipping about and stuff he looked decidedly animated. That said, Captain America is far easier to pull off than Thor, which is a project so chock-full of folly that it can only fail (or perhaps be ‘so bad, it’s good’). Of course, Cap will only have any chance of working if it’s set during WW2, perhaps working in a similar vein and feel to Inglourious Basterds. "Speaking as someone who is going into this industry"... which means, not actually *in* the industry, means that your opinion (which of course is all this is) is no more expert or valid than my own or anybody else's. It's ALL opinion at this stage, as so little is known. And it's my opinion that these movies neither need to be made, nor will the fans be happy that they were in a few years time.

Sheamus on Dec 30, 2009


Phantom, you can post whatever you want, but from your previous comment you apparently hate comic book films, understandable there have been more failures then successes in that medium, but wouldn't you rather post on topics you agree with? Well...shit, I guess I in the wrong...damn.

Xerxex on Dec 30, 2009


what my opinion is based on is someone who understands the inner workings more than someone who wants to bash and think they know what there talking about. it is one thing to sound like you know what your talking about it is another to know and understand, i am sorry my friend your points will hold no value. and i may be a fan of the cap because of my love for the flag, but you obviously don't know how character design nor writing works. you observe and make what you see subject o your personal preference. as does everyone. but in the end nothing we say or do will change what is to come. but i will be in the seat enjoying it non the less simply because i have not seen it yet.

splinter on Dec 30, 2009


I have yet to see a single shred of evidence that you know anything about the 'inner workings' of the movie industry, so unless you're going to be gracing us with that, best to stop mentioning it. Saying you know about something is not the same as actually knowing about it, and hardly proves that you do. I am not 'someone who wants to bash', I just think both of these movies are a bad idea. I'm excited about the Avengers film, and that's where we should have seen Cap and Thor for the first time, not in their own flicks. They're just not worthy or credible enough characters. I'm really not sure why they didn't do it this way - it worked for the X-Men films. Introduce the team and the characters first, then have the spin-offs. See what the public thinks of those characters before investing in solo projects. I have a pretty good idea how character design works, and as you can likely tell from my prose I'm hardly a shabby writer, so unless you're going to pick it up at your end and run it all the way to the end zone, we're kinda going round in circles here. Bottom line: as said, it's all opinion, and with so little information to work with everybody's at this stage is essentially equal.

Sheamus on Dec 30, 2009


Lets Cast a American for Captain America

Frightened Inmate #2 on Dec 31, 2009


Lol well hear we go small fry, when it comes down to is it is all about time and dealines. Instead of finding a place to shoo we can spend less money creating it. A typical landscape or background can be done with a high poly count 3d model then it is given nomal maps and texturs to the best of our skill to make it seem like we are there. In other word mr sunshine of the writing edge instead of paying to fly the actors, co cast etc.... we just film in front of one of those pretty little green screens. It is half the cost and somtimes less because we can send it to some button pusher out in the middle east who will take less that someone hear. It quick its easy and more cost effective. Now if you think u may think oh these movies are not needed my pencil pushing friend, ur opinion and to each his own. Fact is ur just another writer who thinks he knows what should and shouldn't be done but sorry to say leave it to the profetionals to figure that out. Oh and ur " pretty good idea" on character designe. Makes white noise in my world. U can post anything u would like after the point is , in the entertainment industry key is time and money fol lowed by deadlines . Not to mention its not compleatly cgi most of what we do now is done in motion capture so it will better simulate human body function. Happy new year

splinter on Dec 31, 2009


Sorry, I lost interest in anything remotely credible you might have had to say when you used and began your response with "lol". Tip: if you want anybody to take you seriously, learn to use and spell real words. (For example, "Ur" is not a word. Neither is "U".) Take the time to add proper punctuation. Correct use of grammar will at least ensure people make the effort to see what you're trying to say. As it is, and picking through the pieces, I'm not sure why you've felt it necessary to offer some hackneyed definition of CGI, because that was never the point. And nothing you've attempted to say has made any difference to the points I raised above. Go back and read the words I used previously, try and understand the things I've been saying, pick up a dictionary, and then attempt to formulate a response that is actually legible to the human eye. Cheers.

Sheamus on Jan 1, 2010


Hear is somthin u can read lol ur a moron . I've lost intrest in this if going to pick on the writing that's all u have left. You have become boring now. And the cgi thing is pretty much what I do thus what I do in the industry. Adios sir pencil pusher I have a beer that needs more attention then you.

splinter on Jan 1, 2010


Very big of you to concede defeat. Cheers.

Sheamus on Jan 1, 2010


Not a massive Captain America fan or anything, although a big fan of comic books and comic book movies (the good ones), but for some reason been thinking who could play Captain America as I think that needs to be right to hold the whole film, cause it could be REALLY terrible. Sam Worthington's not a bad choice, but I've been thinking Patrick Wilson is the man for the job, once you've got a believable Cap the rest should fall in place around him. Thoughts?

Al on Jan 4, 2010


Wow people get crazy on hear, but I am stoked for the upcomming movies hell yeah! @sheamus duuuuude you and splinter gatta chillax

avenger on Jan 4, 2010


I, unfortunately, am old enough to remember the comic origin of Thor. Crippled doctor Don Blake gets trapped in cave and tries to use old stick to dislodge rocks...strikes stick on ground and becomes Thor. He did NOT speak in olde worlde talk initially. The whole sword and sorcery version of the origin and persona of Thor developed over a long period. Cant we have the "proper" origin and have Thor as a superhero who gets into costume by hitting a stick instead of searching for somewhere quiet to don the long johns? Personally I hate the whole dungeons-and-dragons/gods and mythology school of entertainment with a vengance! Captain America all the way for me...WITH the bright red white and blue uniform if you please...and a faithful telling of the origin story!

FOOM on Jan 4, 2010


I like the idea of Sam Worthington as Captain America. With Terminator Salvation, Avatar, and Clash of the Titans under his belt, he's quickly earning a place in Hollywood as a go-to guy for all things "geek". He's also young enough to grow with the franchise. I understand the concern that Cap should be American, but when has that ever mattered? Morgan Freeman isn't African, but he played Mandela. Liam Neeson certainly isn't American, but he's been attached to play "Lincoln" for years. I used to be a die-hard Christian Bale fan, but felt let down by Terminator Salvation. I liked the movie, but hated John Connor, and wanted Worthington's character to live at the end. He's a good actor. His performances are understated, and you can get a lot from him by his facial expressions alone. He would be perfect to play Captain America.

TCox on Jan 5, 2010


How well do you see Captain America playing overseas? I think it could struggle to get bums on seats especially if it goes all Stars and Stripes.

NEONINJA007 on Jan 5, 2010


I do not know what you think but for me, Captain America ventilation may be only one, the actor of the show, David Boreanaz.

maria teresa on Jan 7, 2010


Sorry, hera go again: I do not know what you think but for me, Captain America ventilation may be only one, the actor of the TV Show "Bones", David Boreanaz.

Maria Teresa on Jan 7, 2010


Cap should be played by Matt Damon. He has shown in the Bourne movies to be a great close up hand to hand type fighting actor. That's what Cap is, hand to hand fighter.

Bill on Jan 8, 2010


I liked the first Hulk, and really liked the 2nd. Just wanted to let everyone know 🙂

Mark D on Jan 10, 2010


The only and only choice for Cap would be Mark Valley.West Point Graduate,U.S. Army Officer,decorated Gulf War veteran and damn fine actor with the chops to handle the dramatic stuff and the physicality to handle the action scenes.The main,(and only),knock I have heard about Mr. Valley is his age.How about using CGI to take a line or two off the man's forehead if it's that much of an issue.But seriously,look at Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,or Ray Winstone in Beowulf and you can see the possiblities.Take the right actor and have CGI fill in whatever cosmetic changes are needed.I would like to see America's Hero played by an American Hero.This is not jingoism,there are nuances to American speech and American gestures that actors from overseas are not able to master easily.There is also an unmistakeable command presence that Mr. Valley radiates that other actors try to emulate by adopting a raspy voice or a "military" haircut.(Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds comes to mind)For once Hollywood,let's get it right.

JohnnyBleys on Jan 12, 2010


I will only watch it if Nathan Fillion gets to play Captain Canuck.

Pix Place on Jan 16, 2010


I wonder if they will use any of the truth storyline?

LEE337 on Jan 17, 2010


No effing flavor of the month Worthington for Cap. He can't hide his aussie accent for more than 30 min for God's sake. Jensen Ackles from the show Supernatural for Capt. America

Timbus on Jan 18, 2010


Damn. I'm betting on Thor. I love Branagh's directing style, it'll work very well. whatever it is a good film

led display on Jan 19, 2010


What was Captain America's super power? I only have a vague recollection of the old cartoon from when i was a kid. Did he use his shield for flying?

Sean Jacobs on Aug 23, 2010


@pix place Ill give you a 2nd on Nathan Fillion.

Sean Jacobs on Aug 23, 2010


Literally hundreds. Mainstream characters? Dozens.

buy profile blast on Nov 1, 2010

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