Johansson In, Blunt Out of Iron Man 2; Rourke is Whiplash

March 12, 2009
Source: Deadline Hollywood

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

Apparently Mickey Rourke wasn't the only actor who finally signed a deal with Marvel today. Nikki Finke also confirmed that Scarlett Johansson will be indeed stepping in to replace the originally announced Emily Blunt in Iron Man 2. Blunt was initially chosen to play Black Widow, but then Fox required her to star in Gulliver's Travels instead, due to a contract she had signed with them during The Devil Wears Prada. Finke says that, "Scarlett actually screen-tested for the role and didn't get it," but is the replacement that Favreau and Marvel chose, primarily because her agent signed her on for a very low pay out.

As fun as it'd be to talk about the inner workings of Hollywood agencies, let's stick to the topic at hand. I still feel the same way as I did when we first reported this rumor - this is terrible! I guess I've just lost all interest in Scarlett Johansson. I'm really sorry, but big boobs and a sexy body don't also mean good acting. I'll admit that Johansson was great back in Lost in Translation, but now she's lost her touch. And above all else, she's really not the right fit for this role. Black Widow is sleek and athletic and Russian, and Johansson is voluptuous. Emily Blunt would've been a much better fit, but damn you Fox for taking her away!

In other news, it was confirmed by Variety that Mickey Rourke will be playing the villain Whiplash. They say that the version in Iron Man 2 "includes elements from that comicbook villain and Crimson Dynamo, another Russian baddie." Whiplash is a villain who wears leather and has three retractable steel whips on each arm. My guess is that Rourke's character will not only build a nuclear powered suit of armor like Crimson Dynamo, but will also use whips as mentioned before. Whatever the case, he'll make make for quite a formidable villain. Even with Johansson on board, Iron Man 2 is shaping up to be one hell of a sequel!

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Let's hope Johansson's Russian accent is better than her English one because she was awful in The Prestige, nothing but eye-candy. I have to say that I don't think she's lost her touch, she was great in Lost In Translation - yes, but also in Vicki Cristina Barcelona. Saying that, she's definitely a poor-fit for Black Widow. Emily Blunt would have been far better.

Dan on Mar 12, 2009


Blunt is any day better but FOx has ruined that. The good news is that the confirmed cast now includes - RDJ, Cheadle, Paltrow, Rourke, Rockwell, SLJ and a cameo by Tim Robbins. Guess how much screen time that leaves Scar Jo, not much. She wont be required to test her acting chops all that much - just get the accent right.

Vineeth on Mar 12, 2009


I'll trust that Favreau doesn't let her suck too bad. I do think it is funny they casted her, because she was "on sale" heh.

L on Mar 12, 2009


It's gonna be one hell of a ride.....

Trey on Mar 12, 2009


Agreed that Blunt would have been more appropriate (or given she's Eastern European Olga Kurylenko) but I am sure Favreau will get a good performance out of Scarlett - he is definitely an actors director. With RDJ, Paltrow, Jackson, Cheadle, Rourke, Rockwell & Johansen it looks like the cast is complete! (wonder if Hawkeye has been cast?) Roll on shooting and then roll on May 2010!

Sumit on Mar 12, 2009


Not to be sexist, but I see the importance of having Scarlett Johannsen in Iron Man roughly on part with having Katie Holmes in Batman Begins. When the rest of the cast is full of astonishing actors, people aren't buying tickets to see Johannsen exclusively. So who do you go with? The unknown actress who is maybe the better fit or the fashion plate with the big boobs that fanboys already drool over? Which one is going to put more butts in seats? From a business perspective, it makes sense. Granted, if the movie was called THE ADVENTURES OF BLACK WIDOW! I would question the choice a little bit. But for a movie called IRON MAN where Black Widow is a *supporting* character - it makes sense.

Tom Brazelton on Mar 12, 2009


I sort of see Tom's point. As much as I can't stand her and think her presence lowers the overall stature of the movie, her role will be relatively insignificant. I think Mickey Rourke will be a sweet addition to the cast. I thought he dosn't get the props he deserves for his portrayal of Marv in Sin City.

Chickenbone Robinson on Mar 12, 2009


she will be crap spot on alex as always horrible casting

jono on Mar 12, 2009


Anyone else confused about Whiplash played by Rourke? The Marvel Whiplash I remember was a chick. I never remember a guy Whiplash. I have to do some investigating.

Stevo on Mar 12, 2009


Whiplash was a dude in the the Ultimate universe I think.

melvis316 on Mar 12, 2009


I can see how great the on screen chemistry/battling between Rourke and RDJ - IR2 is going to kick some asss!

Nick Sears on Mar 12, 2009


There are a couple of Whiplash's running around the Marvel Universe. One was female and a Spider-Man villain. I believe there was another one that was also a woman and a member of the Thunderbolts. But the original was a man and a Iron Man villain. Reference links:

Tom Brazelton on Mar 12, 2009


Wow I never knew there was this much internet hatred for Scarlett Johansson. I would have prefered Emily Blunt too just because she seems perfect for the role, but Johansson is more than capable. I think she will do a good job. What's interesting is that Black Widow is a long time Avenger...I wonder if she will be part of the team come 2012....

Daas on Mar 12, 2009


And why the hell is Rourke Whiplash and not Crimson Dynamo?? I'm a loooong time Marvel comic fan and know basically nothing about Whiplash. It doesn't make any sense...

Daas on Mar 12, 2009


Rourke looks like the perfect mix of Joan Rivers and Jocelyn Wildenstein. Perfect for the role because he's just so scary!! Maybe they'll be a hot love scene with Stark riding Whiplash's distorted face!

Ironcrotch on Mar 12, 2009


@ Daas Apparently its a multi film deal so she should be in the Avengers and IM3 as well!

Sumit on Mar 12, 2009


Nice! Thanks Sumit. I figured she would be in it but wasn't sure if it was confirmed. I wonder how many supporting characters from the solo films will be included in Avengers, they can't really include everyone right? Like say War Machine. It would be great to see him in an Avengers movie, but he's not really necessary cuz he's not really an Avenger...

Daas on Mar 12, 2009


Gotta agree with Tom and Chickenbone. ScarJo will put fanboy asses in the seats if it means she's in skin-tight black leather with the zipper down way too low. And Rourke does not get enough credit for portraying a picture perfect Marv. Seeing as how he's worked comic characters before, and with Favreau at the helm to help give him the direction he'll crave I think he's gonna put in another hell of a performance. And hey, at least Rourke and RDJ will have some things in common to talk about between scenes. Might make for some more intense banter on screen. Who knows?

DarkRaven18599 on Mar 12, 2009


I don't know. I think Scarlett will do pretty good. I liked her in The Island. And with the right direction from the director, she will make a pretty bad ass Black Widow.

The_Phantom on Mar 12, 2009


since she is so different I feel she needs to make the character her own... but can her acting chops and low pay be enough to allow for that?

dave13 on Mar 12, 2009


Sam Rockwell...Check Mickey Rourke...Check Scarlett Johansson...Check NOT! Come on Fox what the hell is going on? It's not Marvel this time but they should be blamed for agreeing on her. Scarlett performance has been failing a lot lately, Emily Blunt should have got the move.

Fisherr on Mar 12, 2009


this is bad why shes in this movie this is not The Spirit 2. she already acted with Samuel L. Jackson in The Spirit now shes acting next to him again in Iron Man 2.

movieboy1 on Mar 12, 2009


It may just be me, but I smell an overblown sequel. It's already got a Batman Begins feel to it, with adding a female character like Black Widow. Not that I'm opposed to it, but it also appears to have more than one villain...which is one of the main things that kills super hero sequels. Villain overkill. I still think they're a long way from giving the Ironman suit some iron nipples....but from the looks of it they're going to try to cram too many plot devices into one movie.

ImaginaryVisionary on Mar 12, 2009


@6 I gotta agree, and I'm a girl. Setting aside my total dislike for Johansson, Paltrow was enough for IM1; she'd be enough for IM2, as well. Bringing my bias back into it, she's a horrible, horrible actress, proven by, like, everything she's ever done, so I hope Favreau severely reduces her (speaking) role. They really, really should have stuck with Emily Blunt.

Jess on Mar 12, 2009


A very good casting call bringing in Johansson. Granted, she's not a very good actress, but for comic book bubble bum like the Iron Man franchise, she's perfect.

Gina on Mar 12, 2009


Jess, how do you stick with Emily Blunt when she can't because of a contract deal? Doesn't make any sense....

Jun on Mar 12, 2009


I don't mind Scarlett that much (crap though she was in the prestige) but am seriously worried by wiplash... Mickey Rourke's great and all but the characters a terrible choice. I wanted the Crimson Dynamo...

Will on Mar 13, 2009


i think scarlett johansson fit as fuck,but the right choice for black widow i think not,reason do you think she is even going to bother with learning russian or even putting on the accent they didn't even bother doing it with tim roth in the hulk,now viggo mortensen as the crimson dynamo(he did learn russian and the accent in eastern promises top fucking actor.)why don't they just cast a hot russian woman simple. .

zetsu on Mar 13, 2009


Lets see, she can't act. She has the wrong physical shape and she's looks like she's been drug 10 miles behind the ugly train. Should be a great picture. Almost as good as the Island.

Mike on Mar 14, 2009


augh i know! I am going to have to learn to like Scarlett Johansson a little better, because I want to enjoy Iron Man 2 as best as I can.

Susana on Mar 28, 2009


Let's be honest the problem is Favreau couldn't direct his way out of a paper bag. And you are worried about scarlett johansson and her acting yet Favreau casts himself. he stinks

Martin C on Jul 20, 2009


Wait a minute, wait a minute...are they f-ing crazy letting Emily Blunt not do this? She would have been PERFECT!!! God these people ARE SO STUPID IN HOLLYWOOD! They don't call it LA LA LAND for nothing. So if Blunt wasn't "available" for this...THEN CAST THIS WOMAN AS CAT WOMAN FOR THE NEW BATMAN. She will be purrrrfect!!! Even better than Angelina Jolie. Make your schedule available girl!

Bluzulu on Jan 1, 2010

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