John Woo's Hard Boiled Getting a Big Screen Sequel

March 8, 2009


We haven't seen much from Hong Kong director John Woo since he directed Paycheck in 2003, and that's because he's been developing his two-part epic Red Cliff in China for the last few years. However, hidden in a THR article (via SlashFilm) was a tidbit about Woo's Lion Rock Entertainment developing a sequel to Hard Boiled and/or adaptation of the video game Stranglehold. The game was created as a continuation of Woo's original Hard Boiled, which hit theaters in 1992, so it's the same thing as a sequel. While Woo isn't directing, he has hired budding writers Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizio to pen the adaptation.

Stranglehold is billed as "The Only Authentic John Woo Video Game Experience," although it wasn't as big of a hit as expected, with only a 77 rating on Metacritic. I haven't played the game, and sadly I haven't even seen Hard Boiled either, though I've now added it to my must watch list. Stranglehold sees Chow Yun-Fat reprise his signature role as Inspector Tequila, pitting gamers as a take-no-prisoners cop waging a personal war with Hong Kong crime lords. Tequila's loyalties to the force are tested when his ex-wife is kidnapped by the Russian mob in Chicago. We're not sure if that story will be translated to the big screen.

It's no secret that I really hate John Woo (read some of past articles on him), but I'm actually not opposed to this sequel. Why? First off, because Hard Boiled is one of the films that Woo made before he came to America and started churning out crap; and secondly, because Woo isn't directing this, which means another better director can come in an experiment with Woo-style action. That said, I'm kind of an outlier, considering I'm not a Woo fan, so I'll let those of you who are fans of Hard Boiled respond to this instead. Is a sequel to Hard Boiled / adaptation of Stranglehold really necessary? Could it be any good at all?

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The game was ok. But Hard Boiled is one of my all time favorite movies when it comes to action. I could definitely see myself watching this.

jfc3po on Mar 8, 2009


i never saw hard boiled or played that game. im hoping it has somthing to do with eggs though

pj on Mar 8, 2009


i was a fan of the movie and the definatly will be looking out for this

Carlemile on Mar 8, 2009


pj what the hell is wrong with you of course it is going to be about eggs the movie is called Hard Boiled 2: attack of the mutant eggs from space

Tom W on Mar 8, 2009


A movie critic who hasn't seen Hard Boiled? Isn't that against the law or something?

Chris on Mar 8, 2009


Game was ok, but mind numbingly fun for some reason.

Johnny Crow on Mar 8, 2009


I'm a HUGE fan of the movie and the game. And as an added bonus, if you buy the special edition of the video game for PS3, you get a Blu-Ray copy of Hard Boiled to boot. Can't beat that!

Boxoffice Marco on Mar 9, 2009


dude ,for one thing i havent written anything about your critics being off but this i gotta make a stand 😀 first of all for some one who does critiques -and from what i have seen so far is a fair one- you should have seen "Hard Boiled", "Killer" even if you hate the guts of Mr Woo. he is after all a guy who has taught some of todays so called best directors more than he himself has forgotten about how to shoot action scenes. ok i agree he was way much better in his old movies his signature ones and not so good with his hollywood flicks but gotta pay the devil his dues and at least acknowledge his awesomeness 😀 just give it a shot and see those two flicks they may look cheesy low budget low tech but they deliver the intent the scenes speak louder than the effects anyways, thats IMO 😀 cheers keep it up Alex

burak "daequitas" on Mar 9, 2009


The game was really good, but got old after a while. Hard Boiled is one of my favorite action flicks. I'd be excited to see a sequel, or whatever they call it, as long as it stays true to the original film's Asian noir style.

RC on Mar 9, 2009


Alex trust me after you see Hard Boiled you will totally change your opinion of Woo and realise his American movies were crap (apart from Face/Off) cos his hands were tied by the restrictive & cowardly US film system. Hard Boiled IS the best action film ever and will never be topped for pure REAL action and all true movie fans agree.

Sumit on Mar 9, 2009


If you like action movies then you need to see Hardboiled now! John Woo should be directing this, he needs to get his balls back and do some more authentic HK action flicks imo. Nobody does John Woo action except John Woo. Unfortunately the endless hollywood attempts (including most of Woo's OWN films) have largely spoilt and diluted the original style and power of the style of action in films like Hard Boiled, to the point that people (like Alex for example) write them off as being well, rubbish. Hardboiled is awesome and imo is one of the best action films of all time. If you prefer a bit more story and character driven action then you should also check out: The Killer (original hitman with a consceince classic) Bullet in The Head (epic tale of childhood friends growing up) A Better Tommorrow (classic!) I'm not sure if a film like Hardboiled could get re-made in these times, it's ultra violent and pretty dark and gritty, and has some stunning set peices.

chris on Mar 9, 2009


It's sort of funny, I watched Hard Boiled this weekend, and it's amazing how much influence it has had on all the action films of the last decade. I forgot how much pull John Woo had until I saw it again. Not a fan of Stranglehold though, it had it's moments but the controls sucked. No doubt I'd check out a film adaptation though. A film adaptation of a video game? Has that ever happened before?

melvis316 on Mar 9, 2009


Dude you haven't watched Hard Boiled, that like saying you haven't watched The Matrix as yet. That movie made men into killers.

NeoSlyfer on Mar 9, 2009


Yes, but forget the video game. They would have to make this sequel several years after Hard Boiled because the actors have aged somewhat in almost 20 years. If they don't just do a thinly veiled remake and actually come up with a decent storyline, it should be a good movie. Unfortunately its influence could never approach the level of the original because there have been about a million copycats since Hard Boiled, so it will hardly look innovative. As long as Woo demands a quality movie, and it doesn't just fall into the 2nd class of inferior Hard Boiled imitations, I'll be excited to see it.

Bumbaclot on Mar 9, 2009


Woo used to co-write or write and direct some really ground breaking stuff in China. As mentioned above, Better Off Tomorrow 1 and 2, Bullet in the Head, The Killer, Hard Boiled, and even Once a Thief. There was a perfect balance of storytelling and revolutionary action in all. So yeah, to really appreciate Jon Woo one must see that stuff, rather than Paycheck or Broken Arrow. Face Off I feel was his best thing here, because it had a good story with emotion, but nowhere near like the Chinese stuff. No one lately combines characterization and storytelling and amazing action like he did. CGI ruined everything, like the crap from Wanted. His action was real, not slow motion bullet crap.

Ken on Mar 9, 2009


is this movie about eggs or not!

pj on Mar 9, 2009


Frankly this story doesn't have a sunny side. bazing

Tumblebones on Mar 9, 2009


"Haven't seen hard boiled"? lol wdf. It set the mold for what an action flick should be and has oft been imitated here in the US....

9mm on Mar 10, 2009


I loved this movie. Tony Leung and hope they don't mess it up with a weird sequel. Do it justice.

Bry from Chi on Mar 10, 2009


John Woo blew up the bar so far ahead...its taken hollywood years plus tons of CGI development to catch up to his caliber of action...its harder to judge it now that everyones been influeced by mr woo's classic hong kong flics...but hits like HB still rock!! a non john woo sequel doesnt sound appealing at all!!!! it sounds like it would just suck.

lando on Mar 10, 2009


ahem.....FUCK JOHN WOO (with 2 guns).

Voice of Reason on Mar 11, 2009

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