Jon Landau Hints at What We Might See in the Avatar Sequel

September 29, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

Jon Landau

This isn't a huge update, because we've known for a while that James Cameron is planning for an Avatar sequel, obviously depending on how big of success of the film is this December. However, it's an interesting concept, and I love that they've already though about this in such depth. SlashFilm has a few small quotes from Cameron's producer Jon Landau via an article in the French magazine Le Film (read it here). Before we get to that Avatar bit, though, Landau did also confirm this: "We'll go on to Battle Angel (Alita) and The Dive, a love story in the middle of a dive. James is directing both projects." Read on for Landau's big tease.

In regards to the Avatar sequel, here's what Landau apparently said (via a translation) in the magazine:

"If the public likes Avatar, it's a possibility. After all, here we are exploring the surface of the planet Pandora. The interior remains to be seen."

Whoa! We've heard time and time again (e.g. in this recent video) that Cameron and his creative team put in endless amounts of research and development into the flora and fauna of Pandora. We're talking about a lot of development, down to every plant and every animal on the entire planet. One can just imagine that they've probably thought about what's below the surface, too. I hate to make this comparison, but just think about the dynamic between the Gungans and Humans on Naboo. Though I think Cameron is definitely smarter than Lucas at this point, so I don't think we have to be worried about a Jar Jar Binks showing up.

In regards to those other projects, we've heard about both Battle Angel and The Dive before (both of them are 3D projects), but their exact future is still unknown. Everything hinges on how December 18th plays out.

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Ahhh man...too fucking soon to be talking this shit! Hollywood needs to get over themselves for Christsake!!

esophus on Sep 29, 2009


i like avatars

ben on Sep 29, 2009


dude its a figure of speech.

Tarnish on Sep 29, 2009


Avatar - Battle Angel - FUCKING PLEASE?

m4st4 on Sep 29, 2009


Oh wow!!! The interior!!! LIKE ZOMG!!!

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 29, 2009


I think you mean "Landau Hints at What We Might See in the Avatar Sequel." Otherwise, John Landau is teasing what? The interior of the Planet Pandora? I hope he doesn't call it "introverted." It's sensitive about that.

Bobby on Sep 30, 2009


maybe there's a portal there which connects the 10 dimensions of consciousness leading to the secret of Xenu's mind. then who'll be laughing? hmm, probably quite a few people.

kalladin on Sep 30, 2009


I hope it's as good as Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. I'm quite looking forward to seeing the first film before casting judgement on the sequel.

Crapola on Sep 30, 2009


I think the idea of the underwater society on naboo was pretty Awesome regardless of jar jar and the whole prequel trilogy sucking. I can't wait to see if Cameron can pull this off where Lucas and countless Japanese have failed. Avatar could end up being the first hard sci fi fantasy film. Not even the original star wars could achieve that(still just fantasy not sci fi) but we will see, I have my midnight showing tickets already.

Linkfx on Sep 30, 2009


Why do they always do that? The movie hasn't come out yet and they are saying there will be a sequel. I'm tired of this bs marketing. If there's a sequel you can verify this on IMDP pro. If the movie makes over 400million world-wide then they might do another one but i think this will be his biggest bomb (cameron). This movie has to make transformer numbers to be a hit and it doesn't seem like it's going to happen.

nl on Sep 30, 2009


When I read "here we are exploring the surface of planet pandora, the interior remains to be seen", I actually interpreted that as something like this: "We've only tapped the tip of the iceberg. The planet has a lot to offer. We can absolutely go deeper into this world." And deeper/"interior", here, at least in my view, doesn't mean down, as in, underground, but...deeper into the world in terms of exploration of the environments, not necessairily the espeleological scenery, which I'm sure the planet could have. Whatever they come up with I'm sure it'll be a treat. I can absolutely see insects being a major threat to the characters in such an environment. But to me it just isn't clear. Unless they come out and say "Yes a sequel could be in caves, actually underground", I won't assume the sequels will be underground. Or maybe Landau said that pretty simply and I'm the one just thinking too hard and speculating too much on how to interpret what they say.

JPCaetano on Sep 30, 2009


they're just showing confidence, that's all. you need to be confident when you take on a project of this magnitude. i'm not gonna hate on Avatar without even seeing it because that would be like hating on the notion of taking on a huge personal risk so that millions of people can be made happy by employing the most all encompassing genre ever conceived. world peace.

Kalladin on Sep 30, 2009


I'll be really, really disappointed if Cameron decides to shoot Battle Angel AFTER "The Dive" and AFTER Avatar 2. The fans for Alita have waited long enough!

Kenneth on Oct 18, 2009


Memo to Hollywood. Do not think we are very interested in the filth you spew out to us! Your "must see" movies, I go out of my way NOT to see! Fuck you and all your satanic garbage. We are not fooled by your tricks. Soon, Yahweh will cast all of you foul evil demons into the fire and I LIVE for that day, in fact, I will particpate in your judgement!!! May that day come soon!! Gman

gman on Oct 19, 2009

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