Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joins Christopher Nolan's Inception

April 23, 2009

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The cast of Christopher Nolan's Inception continues to grow. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the latest to join the cast and is taking on the role that would've been played by James Franco before he left due to a scheduling conflict. Gordon-Levitt will reportedly play an associate of Leonardo DiCaprio's character, who is a "CEO-type." We still don't know anything about the story, besides that it's a contemporary sci-fi action film set within "the architecture of the mind." Starring alongside of DiCaprio and Gordon-Levitt are Cillian Murphy, Marion Cotillard as DiCaprio's wife, and Ellen Page as a grad student and DiCaprio's sidekick.

Gordon-Levitt is one of my favorite young actors who has a whole lot of potential. He next stars in 500 Days of Summer this July, which is one of my favorite movies of the year. He also plays Cobra Commander in the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, but we haven't seen much of that yet. Christopher Nolan is rounding up one hell of an awesome cast for Inception. Not that I had any doubts that he would line-up great actors, but it sounds like it'll be a great follow-up to The Dark Knight. Now just to figure out what it's about! Anyone have any ideas based on those characters? Something about grad students and CEOs and sci-fi?

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It's turning into quite an ensemble piece.

adam on Apr 24, 2009


This is his first step to play the Joker in Batman 3.

angel on Apr 24, 2009


Great point there Angel! I too am a big fan of this actor... he's come along so much and his abilities can sometimes be frighteningly good!

dom on Apr 24, 2009


he's a great actor 🙂 I'm glad, this sure will make more buzz around him

DarkPadme on Apr 24, 2009


this guy is on his way to great things... he's very depp-esque... not just the way he looks but the roles he's choosing Inception is looking better by the minute... ellen page Cillan murphy JGL and Leonardo are all terrific actors ... this movie is going to be very very interesting.

viral on Apr 24, 2009


this bloke looks exactly like heath ledger, nolan is a sly dog, he sure knows how to exploit

perry on Apr 24, 2009


Joseph Gordon-Levitt truly is an awesome actor. That being said, James Franco and Gordon Leviitt physically live in Ledger's was this role originally intended for Ledger?

theWatchtower on Apr 24, 2009


I doubt every casting in Inception is hidden message a to who he will cast/recast in TDK2.

adam on Apr 24, 2009


!!! This is going to be a film that will be hard to miss.

d1rEct on Apr 24, 2009


This is good news.

xerxex on Apr 24, 2009


Yes, this will undoubtedly push his involvement into the next Batman. For sure.

maverick on Apr 24, 2009



teyhtr on Apr 24, 2009


Man I love all the actors in this

Scott McHenry on Apr 24, 2009


True JGL does look A LOT like Heath, But I still would have a problem with a different actor playing the joker. It would be an impersonation. Inception however looks awesome. I'm thinking it has something to do with Dicaprio being the CEO of a company with a big technological breakthrough. For example something like in The Cell where JLo travels in the subconscious of d'onofrio. With Nolan behind the camera and this cast I can't wait.

theotherbluth on Apr 24, 2009


I think Nolan is well on his way of potentially becoming the next Spielberg.

teyhtr on Apr 24, 2009


@angel #2: I saw the picture and that was the first thing I thought of. He looks a lot like a younger Heath Ledger. I guess time will tell if Nolan will put the Joker back on screen again, but I do think that if anyone else had a shot at not only pulling off the Joker as well as looking like the Joker and also putting his own spin on the character as well, it would probably be Levitt. He's definitely taken some interesting roles since Third Rock.

Squiggly on Apr 24, 2009


Nothing against James Franco, but this movie got an upgrade with Gordon-Levitt taking his place.

Chuck Norris on Apr 24, 2009


I am glad that Levitt is involved in this movie the guy got the potentials to pull it off in a fantastic way.

Fisherr on Apr 24, 2009


How about having him play the riddler?

midnightlight on Apr 24, 2009


Joseph Gordon could be a great Riddler. I think that initial rumor of Johhny Depp was even more exciting however, he could put a very demonic twist on that character if the Riddler were to be in the third Batman by the master Nolan.

Nick on Apr 24, 2009


Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be the next to take on the legendary role of the Joker after the late Heath Ledger. In my oppinion, Nolan has done a genious job of casting with this one! It will almost certainly be seamless, but with respect to Gordon-Levitt's own original talent and what he as an actor in his own right, can bring to the role, being both something fresh and original. I personally, can not wait for the next chapter by Nolan and Co. Depp on the other hand has not been in the talks for the role of The Riddler or any other role in the next movie. But David Bowie has been mentioned, who'm Nolan previously worked with on the film "the Prestige". As for a certain "polar animal" inspired villian, the name Robin Williams should lead you to something...but it will be quite different than anything you've seen before...

Insider on Apr 25, 2009


Fantastic casting, Nolan really does have an eye for talent. This is already my most anticipated film for 2010 and I'm 100% confident Nolan won't disappoint me.

SlashBeast on Apr 26, 2009


I think Joseph would do a great job as the joker, i just really hope that they don't get rid of the joker cause i'll be pissed and so will thousands of joker fans. I honestly don't think Heath would want his character to disappear, all the hard work he put into that role just to be in one movie, no....i think he would want someone to try and take on the role, like he did.

Hayey on Aug 25, 2009


JGL is an awesome actor. In my opinion, he's already proven himself time and time again with his last few years of films. It will be interesting to see if he's offered the part of The Joker. Heath Ledger went to great lengths to get in the mind of that character. Would JGL do the same? Would he want to be The Joke even, knowing what Heath has accomplished? Or will people think of him as a copycat? Personally, I would love to see him take the Joker and make the character his own. In foresight, I can see his portrayal being so dead on, and remarkable, that debates will definitely arise as to which one was better. Though, heath set the standard for starters. Waiting eagerly for this to play out. It's time JGL got some starring roles, top billing and big budget style.

Mark on Sep 12, 2009


Off the topic a bit but isnt the riddler already in the dark knight, as Mr Reese - Mysteries, I think nolan will turn him into the riddler because he knows batmans true identity and the original E.Nigma name is to lame for the new franchise. JGL would be a good joker and the joker has to be in the next film for continuity.

adam on Sep 27, 2009


I completely agree with Hayey, and that is what I have been thinking ever since I stepped out of that IMAX theatre in Florida after seeing TDK. Yes, the role is legendary in what Ledger did with it and how amazingly well he got into the mind of a madman. What Heath accomplished will never be forgotten, and his work cannot be replaced... but it can still be carried on. The Joker should not just be "retired" because Heath died. Yes, it is tragic and it should not have happened, but (and this is the part that I agree with Hayey on) just completely abandoning the Joker is NOT what Heath would have wanted. I never had the pleasure of meeting or knowing Heath, but something deep down in my heart tells me that he would have wanted the next young talented actor to take up his mantle and cary on the legend that is the Joker.

Jessica on Nov 15, 2009


Please let's STOP comparing Joseph Gordan-Levitt to Heath Ledger, Joe is in a league of his own He has been in this buisness way longer then Heath Ledger. He reminds me of the classic actors of old black and white films (Gary Grant, Spencer Tracey) He brings a fresh look to all his characters. He is a hard working actor who choose's great roles. He gives great detailed interviews, you can tell he really enjoys his work not matter what the role is.

angela on Jan 1, 2010

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