Josh Peck and Adrianne Palicki Join the Red Dawn Remake

June 16, 2009

Josh Peck and Adrianne Palicki

Wolverines!! MGM's remake of Red Dawn is moving forward at full speed. Joining the cast are young actors Josh Peck and Adrianne Palicki who will star alongside of Star Trek actor Chris Hemsworth. On top of that, they've announced that Dan Bradley, a stunt coordinator and second-unit director on The Bourne Ultimatum and Quantum of Solace, will be making his directorial debut with Red Dawn. Peck will play Matt Eckert, the role originally played by Charlie Sheen, and brother of Hemsworth's Jed Eckert and quarterback of the high school football team. Palicki will play Toni, a "tough fighter" the brothers encounter.

The updated screenplay, which is supposedly set in modern day instead, was written by Jeremy Passmore and Carl Ellsworth (Disturbia, Last House on the Left). I know there are more than a few of you out there who were hoping this Red Dawn remake would die a slow a death before every getting made. Unfortunately that's not going to happen, but at least we have some bright young faces to lead the way. Don't think too hard about these three actors - just remember that in the original Red Dawn in 1984, Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen were unknowns, too. Maybe this could turn out pretty damn good in the end? Wolverines!!

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1, Well maybe. I'll give it a shot...INES!!!!!!!!!!!

xerxex on Jun 16, 2009


Josh Peck is an unknown, but he did a fantastic job in the "Wackness." I didn't enjoy the movie that much, but he performed very well.

Jordan on Jun 16, 2009


I'd rather have no names them famous assholes

wm on Jun 16, 2009


they are nobodies LOL

nelson on Jun 16, 2009


WOLVERINES! Also, I hope they don't screw this up... Avenge me!!!!

Ryan on Jun 16, 2009


Stop making remakes. Find some originality. Stop wasting money making crappy movies.

Andrew on Jun 16, 2009


I wouldn't call Josh Peck an unknown. Since I'm sure they'll be going for PG 13 with this(unlike the Wackness) it'll play right into Peck's core base of fans.

LINKFX on Jun 16, 2009


I hope they stick with the ideals that the original Red Dawn expressed, personal freedom vs. tyranny, the right to bear arms and the never say die attitude of the American People. Red Dawn to me is one of the most pro-American films I have ever witnessed. I hope they are having John Milius be an executive producer on this one. There is a hunger out there in Amercia for stories that reaffirm the traditional values this country was founded on. To all you out there who think people should not own a firearm should watch the original Red Dawn. And by the way, at the end when Swayze and Sheen are in the park with both of them dying, it makes me cry every time. If you have a little brother you know what I'm talking about. Passmore and Ellsworth don't cock this one up.

Brad on Jun 16, 2009


#7 - He's not an unknown completely, but not everyone saw The Wacknes... I think he's definitely very underrated though. And putting him in this might help him become a big star?

Alex Billington on Jun 16, 2009


Josh Peck was in Drillbit Taylor too, he played the main bullies sidekick. He was pretty good in that one.

Dan Walimaa on Jun 16, 2009


Is that Josh from Drake and Josh on Nickolodeon? lol wth?!!?1

danielvutran on Jun 16, 2009



smacky63 on Jun 16, 2009


I absolutely hate remakes and loved this movie because of how honestly bad and good it was. but this is a remake i support fully and i think will watch and love. I just think since the original was so ridiculously low budget that a money filled take would be awesome to see. now that pretty much goes against everything i say and believe in but for some reason this one gets the ok by me

DoomCanoe on Jun 16, 2009


i just saw red dawn for the first time a couple days ago......... honestly, what a total poop of a movie.

brian barajas on Jun 17, 2009


I liked Josh Peck in the Wackness, but he completely ruined Mean Creek. But those movies I guess are completely different to this. Could be interesting and its good to see another Aussie, Hemsworth, going places in Hollywood.

Ben on Jun 17, 2009


RED DAWN was watchable, but there is no need for a remake. i hope it goes away.

dan on Jun 17, 2009


Surely it'll be the Chinese invading this time? Those Cold War films were funny, paranoid propaganda, whilst being a bit racist. - I like that the way the quarterback becomes the hero, why not the kids in the trenchcoats? They train harder and listen to heavy metal, that would have been a better story. Like Columbine with Commies.

Crapola on Jun 17, 2009


this movie most likely have Islamic extremists as the invaders instead here comes hollywood attacking middle eastern people once again on film

Jazz on Jun 17, 2009


#7 LINKFX 1984 Red Dawn was an PG-13 anyway

Mace on Jun 17, 2009


Will it be called Red Dawn, seeing as the cold war is over?

John J on Jun 17, 2009


Maybe theyll make it badass and R then ill see it if not its just another crappy remake.

cody on Jun 17, 2009


WTF? Why? I loved this movie as a kid and I don't see it's relevance now to be made? The cold war is over!!!!!

Johnny Neat on Jun 17, 2009


To #17, from a poli sci major; it wouldn't make much sense for the Chinese to be invading, unless it was some alternative history stuff (then again this is Hollywood). China may have one of the largest armed forces in the world but they don't have the logistical means of ever invading the United States. Even if they tried, they'd never get across the Pacific in one piece. I'm thinking this movie will be somewhat similar to this game that came out for the PS2 and PC awhile back called Freedom Fighters (which took the lead from the old Red Dawn).

James on Jun 17, 2009


Red Dawn... what is the film industry doing... Let's just remake Land Before Time with live action instead of animation. Such a random movie to remake.

Tim Proby on Jun 17, 2009



Ted on Aug 2, 2009


I am sure this film will be a piece of shit laced with subtle racism and propaganda, just like the first film, First off i think i would laugh, their choices of actors are horrible, like can you imagine those two baby faced pretty actors above, standing up to the iron men red army, this film is going to be the most inaccurate piece of shit ever, oh and i heard an Asian cheerleader, black freedom fighter, please give me a break, hollywood trying hard to be multiculturalist, yet they deem it reasonable to come out with inappropriate shit like this all the time.

crapdawn on Aug 11, 2009


Its about time!! If they do this movie right it will make the new Rambo look like the movie Toy Story.

Redalpha on Aug 21, 2009


Red dawn getting remade..has the world gone mad!!!.(YES) actually this is not all that of a bad idea I think this film will be good, especially with Tony Gilroy involved. and who shall be the invader, ah yes our good friends in Red China and Russia(still Soviets even though they wont admit it) perfect choice, because we all know that Russia and China would never do such a thing being that they are such good friends of ours.HA HA..Russia and China would invade if they could. They both have the military forces to do it, but they know it would go nuclear and that would be it for all sides. For the fictional movie though China and Russia teaming up is the way to go, not North Korea,not Iran, Chinas manpower with Russias naval and airforce makes for an intimidating foe. Since China doesnt have a navy large enough to transport troops, the Russians help them out. China does have a navy, but they do not have any aircraft carriers(for now), the movie will most likley have China use cyberwarfare to shut down the US defense and powergrids, should be an interesting plot for the invasion. so many think that China and Russia could never invade the US, that its an impossible feat. Im one of those who having served in the US armed forces can say without a doubt that the US armed forces is tough as nails and ready for any type of engagement involving the Russians and Chinese. But i will never underestimate any foe be it Russian,Chinese or any one else. Never Say Never. But be on guard and be ready to defend against any foreign army.

Steve on Sep 4, 2009


Also we have 80,000,000. unregistered guns in the good old U S A it would get real messy. That's why the gov. needs to take our guns to do so they have to take over our leadership... ? Looks whos watching te hen house.

Kid on Jan 13, 2011

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