Joshua Jackson Set to Fight Off Aliens in 'UFO' Adaptation

November 22, 2009

UFO / Joshua Jackson

Though my inner-child still knows him as Charlie Conway, captain of The Mighty Ducks, actor Joshua Jackson made an impressive leap from hockey and a certain titular creek into sci-fi. On the Fox TV series "Fringe," Jackson has investigated cases that would make Mulder and Scully blush. Now he's sticking with sci-fi as Variety reports he is set to star in UFO, an adaptation of a 70's British television series about a test pilot, Paul Foster, who joins S.H.A.D.O. (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization), a covert org built under a Hollywood studio that defends Earth against aliens who are abducting humans for body parts.

Visual effects supervisor Matthew Gratzner (who worked on Iron Man and most recently Shutter Island) will make his directorial debut with UFO, aiming for a spring start in the United Kingdom. Gratzner seems pretty pumped to have Jackson on-board as he tells Variety: "Character development is the most critical part of UFO, and Joshua's terrific talent and range is exactly what I need to convey the inner conflict of the character of Paul Foster." Sounds kind of like a less comedic version of Men in Black, and secret government organizations as well as fighting aliens are always something I can get excited about. What about you?

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The original was a little before my time, but I really like the idea behind this! And I love Joshua Jackson on Fringe, so this could be a good film.

Scotty97 on Nov 23, 2009


One of his other cast members took the scifi thing way too far and actually got involved in cult based on some really shoddy scifi. Joshua Jackson is pretty good in Fringe it's one of my favourite shows,

Crapola on Nov 23, 2009


UFO is still on repeats here in the UK. It was one of those shows that most people of my age group watched as a youngster. Created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Space 1999). Thankfully the only models etc: in UFO were the ufo's, spacecraft and the like. The premise of the story sounds good, and I for one would be interested to see it brought up to date. Good choice with Jackson, as Paul Foster I think.

Marty on Nov 23, 2009


Cool! I'm like totally in love with Fringe and Jackson's performance on that show is great so, yeah. I'm all up for this!

Tra la la la la di da on Nov 23, 2009


This is totally off topic, but don't you think Joshua Jackson would make a great Peter Parker/Spider-man?

Victor on Nov 23, 2009


Hey look another not original conept.

Cody on Nov 23, 2009


As Cody has pointed out; No, it's not an original concept. Though this time there's a slight change as this is a Film based on a TV series and not the other-way-around, or, based on a Marvel comic or some such, which is often the case nowadays. However, (& like the original series) it would have been nicer to have it set in England instead of Hollywood, (just for a change), especially as so many blockbuster movies are already shot over here (Star Wars, Indiana Jones & Full Metal Jacket to name but three off the top of my head). I just hope they don't change the look of most of the original vehicles too much. If they ever decide to do a feature film based on Gerry Anderson's 'Space 1999', then I for one would be queuing for my ticket right now!

Galaxysurfer on Nov 23, 2009

8 For those unaware of the original, and I for one do hope they update the vehicles!

cinemabandit on Nov 23, 2009


Joshua got the potentials for every role he is in, i really like this guy and he is doing a great job in Fringe.

Fisherr on Nov 23, 2009


Well ok cinemabandit, just maybe not updating the SHADO mobiles, Skydiver and the interceptors...everything else has already become reality since it's first showing. Change it too much and it will be unrecognisable to any of the original fans...and then what would be the point in calling it (and basing it on) ''UFO'', you might as well just make another 'any-old-Sci-Fi- movie'.

Galaxysurfer on Nov 23, 2009


Well, Galaxysurfer, there is updating and updating. The Star Trek reboot is an example of doing it well. The Thunderbirds movie with Bill Paxton? That is another matter entirely.

cinemabandit on Nov 23, 2009


this might be good. he's a fairly decent actor in my opinion so good luck to him.

Buggy166 on Nov 23, 2009


Good point CinemaBandit, in fact, it's prolly the way Thunderbirds was treated that makes me wary ( I saw it with my kids and was slight put out by it LOL). The new Star Trek remake was excellent, and I have to hand it to JJ, I thought he'd make a hash of it, but I stand corrected....I just hope he makes some more of them now! If anyone ever DOES do a feature film of Space 1999 though, I really hope they DON'T play with the design of the Eagle Transporter, which is a classic (and there's even some websites dedicated to it's, really LOL)!

Galaxysurfer on Nov 24, 2009


heard a rumour this was on it's way back as movie i'd be watching some the UFO repeats when i was back in UK during some down time over past couple of months i'd fond menories of the programe when i was 7-8 years of age i even got a sit in strakers and fosters cars courtsey of my uncle but watching them now i'm surprised how dark the feel of the programmes were i suppose i was taken in by purple wigs and silver suits and the inteceptors i look forwards to seeing it and pray it's not a lame dodo like thunderbirds turned out to be

3dp on Nov 29, 2009


I have to say bringing back U.F.O with Joshua Jackson was excellent. I would love to see this new updated version, But who in the world will play Straker? that's the question. Straker was the star until later in the series where other new characters were introduced. I was about nine when I first saw U.F.O. my mother was the one who approached me and said, 'Hey want to see a good show? Of course I said yes without even realizing on what kind of a show it was. But when I watched it, I was a hooked sci-fi buff ever since thanks to her. Which is why it is a good idea to have this show revamped. I wonder what kind of tech we'll get to see this time around. Especially with the submersible jet - submarine. And of course, the legendary UFO's that keep on coming trying to take the earth as their own.

chris on Feb 4, 2010

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