Julia Stiles Tossed into the Spider-Man 4 Rumor Mill, Too

November 18, 2009
Source: UGO

Julia Stiles

Just yesterday, our friends at SlashFilm reported that Rachel McAdams denied the rumors that said she was up for Black Cat in Spider-Man 4, and while they seem pretty confident that she's just keeping secrets, her genuine surprise at the thought says otherwise, on top of the fact that we have it on good authority that McAdams has not even met with casting directors, producers or even Sam Raimi for any role in Spider-Man 4. So what of this new Julia Stiles casting meeting rumor (as discovered by UGO) that says she's also in the running for the villainous vixen Black Cat? Well, I don't think it's as cut and dry as that, and here's why.

Yes, there is word going around from Hey U Guys saying that Felicia Hardy (Black Cat's alter ego) is indeed the new female role Sam Raimi and Co. are looking to cast, and that apparently, "she is the daughter of the new editor of The Daily Bugle" who also has some villainous tendencies for Spider-Man. But going from what we're hearing from some inside sources, this role of the daughter is not at all what we think it is, and the more important one to look out for is that sparsely heard about male villain who will be the as-yet-to-be announced primary and sole villain in Spider-Man 4. But maybe you're thinking to yourself, why can't there be two villains? Wouldn't that still jive with this news?

I don't think so for a couple different reasons. First, I'm going to stand firm on the idea that this new role that actresses are lining up for is that of one similar to Bryce Dallas Howard's in Spider-Man 3. Significant sure, but villainous just doesn't feel right, at least not yet. If anything this could be a set-up for a sure-to-follow fifth Spider-Man chapter where Felicia Hardy is introduced to become the Black Cat much like Harry Osborn becoming the new Green Goblin: Snowboard Champion. Second, if Black Cat is indeed the daughter of this supposed other villain who runs the Daily Bugle for a short time, would it really be all that great to have that father-daughter team as Spidey's villains? No thanks. Reiterating Raimi's talk of getting back to basics it just doesn't seem smart, or even anywhere near Raimi's style.

No, I'm not saying the idea should be completely thrown out the window, but it's just not adding up neatly enough to make sense. I would go so far as to say that this seriously messes with Spider-Man's comic canon, but then again, Gwen Stacy (Howard's role from Spider-Man 3) was Peter Parker/Spider-Man's first love who perished before he met Mary Jane, so anything is possible. Of course, as usual, we can speculate all we want, but until we get an official announcement, we're never going to actually know anything, no matter how much we think we know. So until then, all this discussion is just torturous fun for all. What do you think?

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Sweet. I can dig it. Just so long as she keeps her Fall '010 open for shooting Boune 4, that is.

whomever on Nov 18, 2009


I think Raimi is gonna make another shitty Spiderman movie that only Harry Knowles will like.

Fuelbot on Nov 18, 2009


Stiles would make a HOT Black Cat. Skin tight leather/plastic coating with some fur accents around the tid bits that matter... I'll go to Spider-Man 4 just for that. Personally still think they should have started to reboot the series with #4 but I can work with #5 being the reboot, hope this movie blows in all ways PURELY so I can see a new Peter Parker..

Hedgehog on Nov 18, 2009


Nooooooooo! She should stick to the teenie bopper dance movies, or the feel good drama. But please stay away! In the Bourne films, she sticks out like a sore thumb and just doesn't belong. Next.

birddog on Nov 18, 2009


Regardless of if Julia Styles is cast in the new Spiderman, I still think they can pick a better villian then the Black Cat

Chris on Nov 18, 2009


Please, no - she is terrible

Antioch on Nov 18, 2009


i don't know if she's the right choice,i wouldn't mind seeing that fit bird from smallville who plays lois lane in the role.who are going to the villains of the film ?lizard,kraven the hunter,vulture,carnage,venom,shocker,electro,rhino WHO'S IT GOING TO BE ? are we going to see SPIDER-MAN & THE BLACK CAT VS LIZARD & KRAVEN THE HUNTER.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Nov 18, 2009


I agree 100% with #4. She is terrible in every way.

GG on Nov 18, 2009


she's a great choice for any part. much better then anyone else that has auditioned.

jake the snake on Nov 18, 2009


"she is the daughter of the new editor of The Daily Bugle" So does this mean that Jameson isn't going to be in the 4th film?! JK Simmons played him so well too, I don't see much comic relief without him...

peloquin on Nov 18, 2009


It's amazing how few people actually read the article and comment anyways. Either way, more importantly than Stiles was this father of hers that is possibly the villain. Who could that be? Maybe Vulture? If it was me, I would have liked the villain to be Smythe and his Spider Slayers.

Audioout on Nov 18, 2009


Yeah i reckon she would make a hot Black Cat, only thing, she would need a boob job tho, too flat to play a super hero movie villain

Matte Blac on Nov 18, 2009


@ #11, Too true, Audioout. Thanks for paying attention.

Ethan Anderton on Nov 18, 2009


Sam Raimi, I need you to do me a favor, and bring me into the writing process... I have been brainstorming Spidey 4 and 5 for quite some time, and have some marvelous ideas. If anyone influential in the Spider-man series is reading my comment, please ask the editors of this website for my e-mail address. I am certain I will contribute pure gold.

Man With No Name on Nov 18, 2009


P.S. why do I get the feeling that Vincent Cassel will be playing the vulture?

Man With No Name on Nov 18, 2009


A better choice than Hathaway, but she's just not sultry enough. They're getting closer, though.

NadaNuff on Nov 19, 2009


I agree with alot of folks....I don't really like the idea of the Black Cat even entering the Spidey franchise. I thought they were only going to stick with at least one villian this time around? Either way, I hope that the 4th movie might serve as an INTRODUCTION to the Black Cat and not adding her as a villian. Besides what can the Black Cat really do in terms of fighting? Im so sick of scantily clad women in black leather. ScarJo is already the Black Widow in IM2, does Marvel really need another femme fatale?

bilbo baggins on Nov 19, 2009


tobey, kirsten and julia? helloo 90s!

Chips on Nov 19, 2009


Please no, don't give us the Black Cat. Just coz she's a popular character in the comics doesn't mean she will translate well in the movies. No, no, no, no, no...etc...

griff on Dec 10, 2009

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