Kate Mara Joins and Clark Gregg Returns for Iron Man 2

April 22, 2009

Clark Gregg and Kate Mara

Two minor casting updates for Jon Favreau's Iron Man 2. We Are Marshall actress Kate Mara has joined the cast, and Choke writer/director/actor Clark Gregg has officially returned to reprise his role as Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. We know who Gregg is set to play, but Mara's role is "being kept under wraps." That's a bit odd, considering Favreau and company are already shooting in Manhattan Beach. No hints as to who she might play, but I'm intrigued by her casting. We already know that Scarlett Johansson is playing Black Widow and Gwyneth Paltrow is back as Pepper Potts, so what other female characters are there?

If you haven't been following Jon Favreau's Twitter, you should be, as he updates it quite often and occasionally posts cool photos like this one of his director's chair. So far it sounds like everything has been going great. On the same day he posted two great updates: "Wrapped. Heading home. Robert was on fire. We're hitting our stride," as well as, "Scarlett's first day. Very exciting." In addition, if you didn't hear previously, small cameo roles have been shot featuring actors Garry Shandling and Gary Oldman, but no one really knows much about who they play. Those are all the latest updates from the set of Iron Man 2.

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Scarlett Johansson. They really know how to screw something up don't they? They can't just keep a good thing going. Has she ever even acted before?

Hey Ya on Apr 22, 2009


I wish Scarlett Johansson would just do a porno already. She's awful at acting and is only worth looking at.

Chris H. on Apr 22, 2009


maybe Kate Mara is going to be Black Widow... anyone who dont know that look it up on wikipedia.. but the long and short is that she was a russian agent that joined the avengers

Sean Michelin on Apr 22, 2009


Other female characters - Sharon Carter, Bethany Cabe, Madame Mask, Maria Hill, etc

John McClane on Apr 22, 2009


Wow kate mara is beautiful. I remember her from shooter

Dan W on Apr 22, 2009


Gary Oldman? shit (in a good way)

Scott McHenry on Apr 22, 2009


I like #2's idea. I'd gladly be her co-star. They wouldn't even have to pay me.

Chuck Norris on Apr 22, 2009


Kate Mara is welcome to play anything she likes. Just rewatched Shooter last week and was reminded how well she holds her own.

Devon Shaw on Apr 23, 2009


Commander Hill, has to be.

Corey on Apr 23, 2009


Holly God! I can't wait for the movie with a huge list of amazing stars.Kate Mara i like, want to know what role she is playing.

Fisherr on Apr 23, 2009


i believe Kate Mara going to play another reporter or most likely Sharon Carter alias Agent 13 of S.H.I.E.L.D.

movieboy on Apr 23, 2009


Kate Mara looks like Bethany Cabe to me. She's not butch enough to play Maria Hill. Makes sense if they want to draw out the romantic tension between Pepper and Tony.

Tom Brazelton on Apr 23, 2009


I really hope we don't find out the roles of Gary Schandling and Kate Mara. I like being surprised at the movies, so its hard to dodge spoilers(even if it's character roles) before seeing the movie. I'd only assume its the start of what's to come. These characters will help drive this story further into additional movies.

Nick Sears on Apr 23, 2009


What about Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel for Kate Mara? This is could be possible with the fact that not only has Carol Danvers been in (depending on which Marvel Universe) the US Air Force, and she has also been a agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and she was also a member of the Avengers and has shown up in various issues of Iron Man comics. This character has ties to everything that they are trying to bring together. Air Force ties her to James Rhoades, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. ties her to Nick Fury, as Ms. Marvel ties her to the Avengers. And if you want to stretch it more, you can tie her to the X-Men, as Rogue permanently absorbed Ms. Marvel's strength. No matter what, I can't wait for Iron Man 2!

DJ LoKi on Apr 23, 2009


The Scarlett-haters around here need to get a life, or at least a better hobby. She actually has done some solid work (Lost in Translation, for starters), and I trust Favreau to know what he's doing. Glad to see Gregg back. I can't imagine his character will be too happy with Tony in the next film. I believe Shandling is playing either a journalist or a senator. I've read some conflicting accounts of his role.

elessar on Apr 23, 2009


who is gary oldman playing>?

JNYCE on Apr 23, 2009


Kate Mara is like my perfect female, I love everything about her, this news is the shit!

Richard on Apr 23, 2009


@16: Gary Oldman isn't in this. That was only a rumor.

elessar on Apr 23, 2009


Might be a stretch, but what about Scarlet Witch for Kate Mara, she fits the bill for Wanda Maximof looks wise.

CB Robinson on Apr 24, 2009

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