Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall Remaking Fathers and Guns

November 10, 2009

Fathers and Guns

This sounds like one of those terribly unfunny Hollywood comedies like Daddy Day Camp or Old Dogs. But knowing that producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall (of Indiana Jones) are behind this, I actually think it might be good. THR announces that Kennedy and Marshall are remaking Fathers and Guns, a French-Canadian film that beat out Bruno at the box office when it was released in Quebec this year. The film is an action-comedy about two cops, father and son, who can't stand each other. They are assigned to an investigation to infiltrate an outdoor adventure group-therapy camp for fathers and sons.

Sony Pictures has picked up the remake rights with Kennedy and Marshall attached. They don't have a writer or director yet for the remake, however the writer and director of the original, Emile Gaudreault, will also produce. "Fathers and Guns is a fantastically funny film, and we're excited to be part of the process of getting this story out to as many people as possible," said Kennedy. I'll need to check out the original first and see who they attach as a writer or director before I'm sold on this. I'd say it has some promise, but I don't know if that's accurate, it's too cheesy of a story to have me fully convinced. We'll see soon enough!

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I've actually seen this film and it's actually really good. It's funny and surprisingly moving. I'm not sure how successful a remake will be since a lot of the humour came out of the chemistry of the leads together. It's definitely better than the horrible English title. I'll check it out if when it's released.

ETP on Nov 10, 2009


Ahhhhhhhhhhh TABARNACLE!!!!! Non non non, y faut pas que ce film soit faite câlice!!! Thank you, that was my comment of the day! and yes i speak french & québécois (le jouale) Deuces!!!!

Lazarus from Sparta!!!! on Nov 10, 2009


Et Mautadit de Calvert D'ostie de Viarge... they're running out of ideas allright!!!

Louis on Nov 10, 2009


Actually Alex, this movie made more than 11 millions $ here in Quebec. So I would say.. it ain't a "one terribly unfunny Hollywood comedies like Daddy Day Camp or Old Dogs." I think it's the second movie here in Quebec to have come up with a box-office like that, Bon Cop Bad Cop been the first one. This was one hell of a movie and everyone here is pretty happy that it has made that much money.

Gab on Nov 11, 2009


c weird javais jamais entendu de ce film. it has whatshisface who talks really fast, that guy is fucking hilarious. well done quebec! yet another quality movie has come out of that province

tw on Nov 11, 2009


Hey Hey People! First, its good to see has quite the following in Quebec... i myself am from Montreal and i check this site daily! I think this project has potential , the french movie mainly worked because of the casting. The 2 main roles were written specifically for the 2 actors ( the son actually being a very popular comedian here). I think, if properly cast ( i heard rumors of Shia leboeuf... ) it could work. the concept of a father and son buddy comedy while not entirely original does open up a lot of comedy possibilities. I also have to point out that the movie is funnier than its terribly bland Poster... French Canadians make very good movies but terrible posters...go figure.... Cant be worst than the last french canadian remake i can think of ... Ed guys remember that... ?

Maxwell on Nov 11, 2009


I don't get it... Just take the movie, give it subtitles or something and publish it! Why the f*** do americans always have to remake everything according to their standards and practices? From Japanese to Quebecer, they're remaking every single thing... What is it? You people can't stand the sight of other nations? You can't read subtitles? You're to stubborn about your patriotism that you don't want anything from out of your country? Worst thing is, they'll probably never know the original was made in Quebec (just like no one knows about Ringu and Chakushin Ari). I hate the rotten guts of the remakers of a foreign movie (for old movies, it is still understandable as technology evolves... But this movie JUST CAME OUT on DVD and BD...)

SasQ on Nov 11, 2009


can someone please upload the english subs for this will be helpful for many..thnx do mail me the subs to

arya on Dec 26, 2009

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