Kevin Smith Responds to A Couple of Dicks Criticism

March 13, 2009
Source: Lee Stranahan, SlashFilm

Kevin Smith

Apparently when it was first reported last week that Kevin Smith was hired by Warner Brothers to direct a comedy called A Couple of Dicks, a few people were saying that he had finally sold out and decided to make something that wasn't his own for a boat load of cash. Well guess what, that's not the case, sorry to burst your bubble. Smith did an interview with Lee Stranahan on YouTube (via SlashFilm) and answered some questions about the project. "The budget of the movie is NOT huge," Smith said. "It meant a lot of us had to give up a bunch of our salary to make this movie, that’s how passionate we are about the flick."

Before we get any further, the project is actually called A Couple of Dicks, and not A Couple of Cops, which was what Variety reported. The plot involves two veteran LAPD detectives who attempt to track down a stolen, mint-condition, 1952 baseball card. Smith promises it will be "definitely an R-rated film" with "salty language" but nothing that makes it hard R. He was hired because it's about "two dudes talking to each other" and Warner Brothers' Jeff Robinov thought his visual chops were now "up to snuff." This should be more than enough to convince you that this isn't just a paycheck job, but if not, Smith has more to say.

For anyone that claims he has sold out, Smith says that he's "making less to make this movie than I did on Dogma, which is a movie I made 10 years ago and didn't make a lot of money." He goes on to add that, "[this is] the way I think the business should be run. Everyone should take the risk and then if it pans out, we all get rich." Which means he's not taking a big paycheck, but if this ends up a success, he'll make money. So in essence, it's a passion project for everyone involved, even the actors - Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. So there you have it. A Couple of Dicks is already slated for release on January 29th, 2010.

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Could be pretty awesome.

Shane on Mar 13, 2009


Sounds funny, but will Bruce Willis be the funny cop w/ salty language? I can't see that.... i said funny, so don't bring up Die Hard....

stevedawg on Mar 13, 2009


Holy Shit - Bruce Willis under Kevin Smith's direction = GOLD. Willis is known for taking on experimental roles/movies that turn out to be really successful, and I don't see this to be any different. Its has the potential, I'll give it that. The chemistry between Willis and Morgan is something I'm eager to see. Jersey Represent!

Nick Sears on Mar 13, 2009


"Hudson Hawk, LAPD"?

Luis M on Mar 13, 2009


hahaha, Hudson Hawk is just rediculous. I'm focusing more on 5th element and Die Hard. Concerning Die Hard, before/during the movie, his reputation as an actor was actually pretty hated due some lame movie he did previously. Willis was actually very unsure on how it would do. He thought it would just blow over but as you know turned out pretty well. I'm just saying the guy's not afraid of taking on new and different roles, and since most of Smith's films include pretty colorful characters with some wild range, I'd say its going to be pretty intriguing to see what they come up with.

Nick Sears on Mar 13, 2009


If the dialogue is half as good as anything by Shane Black, then this might be as fun as The Last Boy Scout, Lethal Weapon, or KK, BB.

Travis on Mar 13, 2009


I was impressed with Zach and Mirri because it seems like Smith is really coming into his element now. I have total faith that this movie could be a good thing, and it is a bold career move for Smith. I think he can handle it.

John Aaron Powers on Mar 13, 2009


You guys are for some reason neglecting to mention Willis' incredible performance in The Whole 9(10) Yards movies. I hope he brings that side of him out again.

BLaZE on Mar 13, 2009


I have complete faith in this movie after reading the script. It is hilarious. Smith will only add to that.

joe on Mar 13, 2009


I'm looking forward to this. I am a HUGE Kevin Smith fan and think that anything that he does is absolute gold. So I think that he's going to take a good script and turn it into an excellent movie.

ClerksFan on Mar 13, 2009


I can't believe it took this long for Smith to realize that his writing wasn't going to get any better. But better late than never, I guess. His inevitable, nay, destined descent into hackdom (The prophecy has been fulfilled!) actually happened some time ago, but this is the official birth announcement. It'll be interesting to see if the only guy to direct Seth Rogen in a bomb can accomplish the same thing with Bruce (Psst! Act!) Willis. I have faith that he can make a Willis/Morgan buddy flick that'll sink like a stone. Not everybody could do that. Of course, Smith's rewrites here and there will help: BW: Hey! Penis! TM: Yo! Doody! RG

Count Screwloose on Mar 14, 2009


Kevin Smith is the best! This Flick is going to be AWESOME!

Eric on Mar 14, 2009


wow 11, you are seriously butthurt. Kevin Smith is a fantastic writer, the way he started out with film on such a low budget like Clerks, was brilliant and that has become a cult classic. Stop being a jackass and appreciate genius.

Movieraider321 on Mar 14, 2009


Oh dear. No one's questioning your youthful enthusiasm, Movieraider321 (more like "Fridgeraider," I'm guessing, if you're a Smith fan), but if Kevin Smith is a genius, I'm Charlie freakin' Kaufman. RG

Count Screwloose on Mar 15, 2009


kevin smith made a couple of good films dogma,jay & silent bob strike back(apart from the mark hamil bit)clerks 2 haven't seen the one about making a porno.the thing i hate about kevin smith is how far his up george lucas arse don't get me wrong i love the original star wars they are fucking great but kevin why don't just unzip george pull his cock out & run your tongue up & down his shaft before deep throating him testing if you got a gag reflex.couple of dicks should be changed to three dicks.

zetsu on Mar 15, 2009


@ 15. I have no idea what that comment came from, but what on earth are you ranting about. And learn how to write sentences. And couple of good films. I would say Clerks 1 and 2 are better than Dogma and J & S B, strike back. But i enjoy them all. You sir should get a smacking for just beeing stupid.

Slohegre on Mar 15, 2009


I, for one, welcome Smith to do something he didnt write. His writing has gotten pretty stale, formulaic and pretty dull. We all want to coin new catchphrases, be witty, comment on the going's on of today, but Smith does it with a clumsy, heavy hand. Or maybe that's him being a mediocre director. Either/or.

Voice of Reason on Mar 16, 2009


I am excited for this film, I enjoy Kevin Smith movies though I recognize people usually love them or hate him. I dig the characters, the writing, and the man himself (he's hilarious in his stand up Q&A). I think this will be a great project because of the cast involved - even though he's a smaller name Adam Brody is going to be in this which is wonderful. I can't wait.

Lilah on Jun 6, 2009

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