Kevin Smith Wants Wil Wheaton in His New Hockey Drama?

October 5, 2009
Source: Huffington Post, Twitter

Wil Wheaton

Back in May of this year, Kevin Smith revealed that he wants to make a hockey drama/comedy based on a song called "Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song)" by Warren Zevon (listen here). As time has passed since May, he's started to talk about it more and more in Q&As and online, and it may end up becoming his very next project following the buddy cop comedy A Couple of Dicks which he's now editing for Warner Brothers. Our friends at Collider recently dug up two updates on Hit Somebody, the first from a Huffington Post profile on Smith, the other from a random Twitter update from Smith as well. Read on for details on both!

In the Huffington Post feature, when asked about what's next, Smith said that while he's got other stuff in the works, "now I just want to make a hockey movie." Good news, because I want to see Smith make a sports comedy, and hockey is his forte, so why not! Hit Somebody tells the story of a guy who wants more than anything to be in the NHL, but is only good at one thing: beating people up on the ice. Smith told them that "the tone he's going after is akin to a Forrest Gump of sports movies, but not as ambitious." Bring it on!

"It's not like my normal shit. Some people heard of it and were like 'Oh, you're gonna do a 'Slapshot” and I'm like 'No,'" Smith said. "I mean it's set in that era [The 70's] but I'm going for something a little else, a little different on this one."

"Hit Somebody" will be one of Smith's more serious movies, although he admits he can never do something completely seriously. When he describes the main character's dream of being in the NHL only to find he's not playing the role he wants to, one is reminded of the recent shift in Smith's career.

"The great irony is that he's out there doing the thing he's always dreamed about and loves but not in the way he thought he'd be doing it," Smith said. "It's definitely right up my alley and that's where my head is right now. I think its gonna be kick-ass because when I hear that song… Ah, it reminds me of me."

Based off of that little quote from Smith, I'm very excited to see this, probably even more than A Couple of Dicks. In terms of casting and other details, Smith hasn't revealed anything major yet, but hidden in a Twitter update that Smith wrote back on October 1st is a potential reveal. A fan asked him: "Mister Smith - your thoughts about Wil Wheaton?" And this was Smith's response: "@wilw is my hockey brother from another mother. He's gonna HIT SOMEBODY." For those confused, the Wil Wheaton (seen above) we're talking about is the same actor who played Wesley Crusher on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and has gone on to become a geek sensation and internet celebrity. So does this mean he's potentially been cast?

I won't jump the gun and go so far as to say that he'll be playing the lead or anything like that, but it's a sign that he's probably involved at the least. If Smith does make Hit Somebody, he will need to fill up his hockey team with good actors, so why not bring in Wil Wheaton, who's a big geek and a hockey fan (just like Kevin Smith). As long as he can skate well, he should be good. Let's not forgot he is/was an actor. Anyway, we'll keep you updated on anything Kevin Smith does, especially the latest on Hit Somebody and its progress.

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I like Whoooooill Whoooooeaton 🙂

gplongwood on Oct 5, 2009


... I'm a big old school Star Trek: TNG fan, and a pretty big Kev Smith fan... so this news (if true) sounds good to me... I can see Wil Wheaton in a Hockey Jersey, maybe not as the main character (no offense to Wil, but he looks more like a scorer then a hitter) but either way, when Kevin Smith stops by my town for his Q&A I'm hoping to ask him about this... .. Thanks for the Update Alex... ...

Mondo Jay on Oct 5, 2009


If you can't be arsed to sign up to that website Alex linked to, you can hear the song on YouTube: It's great! I love Warren Zevon. Not a big Smith fan, but I like his casting choice on this, so I'll wait and see.

Mathieu on Oct 5, 2009



Cmurder on Oct 5, 2009



Xerxex on Oct 5, 2009


Do it up LeChance!! I agree #2 he probably won't be a bruiser.

theotherbluth on Oct 5, 2009


Will Wheaton recently a guest star on Leverage. I think he's still got the chops to lead a movie. If anyone can do it, K-Smith can.

Juan on Oct 6, 2009


I knew Wil YEARS ago...actually gave him a couple of rides to hockey practices. He's perfect for a hockey movie...hope it happens!

optic junkie on Jan 2, 2010

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