Kodi Smit-McPhee Might Be Oskar in the 'Let Me In' Remake

July 12, 2009
Source: Moviehole

Kåre Hedebrant (Left) - Kodi Smit-McPhee (Right)

In our most recent update on the Let the Right One In remake from Cloverfield director Matt Reeves, which is to be retitled just Let Me In, I ended by saying, "we'll definitely let you know once Reeves finds his Oskar and Eli." Early word coming from Moviehole is that Reeves has found his Oskar - 12-year-old Australian actor Kodi Smit-McPhee. He is set to break out in the indie thriller The Road and is currently shooting an Aussie comedy titled Love and Mortar. The news comes from an interview in The Herald Sun (which isn't online yet) in which he says that he's up for the role, but the deal isn't done yet, although "it's looking good."

The first time I ever heard about Kodi Smit-McPhee was when I first wrote about The Road a year ago, as his performance was apparently so good that it caused people on-set to tear up while filming. "Days after the filming of a climactic, emotional scene, people on the set were still marveling at Kodi's performance." If that's the kind of incredible response coming from that film this early, then it sounds like he's definitely a good choice for Let Me In, if not perfect. It's very tough to find really impressive child actors these days, but Kåre Hedebrant did a great job in the original, and I think Smit-McPhee has a chance of living up that.

We'll certainly keep you updated on this casting and if Kodi does indeed get the role. Though I'll say that I'd actually be quite satisfied if he gets it, because there's not many actors I'd be happy to see cast in this, but Kodi Smit-McPhee I think could do a great job. Now Reeves just needs to find the right actor to play Eli.

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🙁 i still dont know how i feel about this. i love Matt Reeves but Let the right one in Is one of my favorite movies ever. Im torn.

erik on Jul 12, 2009


Watch Smit-McPhee in Romulas, My Father. It's an Aussie film with Eric Bana and was released a couple of years ago. Its brilliant and that was the reason Smit-McPhee got The Road gig.

Ben on Jul 12, 2009


Seriously,WHY REmake something that is already perfect? Is it the subtitles? The cultural differences? THE MONEY? I just feel sad.Hollywood has run out of ideas, and the public seems not to care if what they are seeing are mere copies of great works of art.All this money and effort could be used to make new, original films. Really sad...

Patricia Gold on Jul 13, 2009


this movie doesn't need remade.

dan on Jul 13, 2009


That's America, you Guys don't just dub Movies, like we in Germany, instead you make a Remake. xD

Six on Jul 13, 2009


@5: Actually, dubbing movies like we do in Germany is a crime of its own. It robs the actors of the very soul their performance and comes out silly most of the times. Subtitling is the only way to handle foreign film properly. That most people don't care for subtitled films (wether it's Americans or Germans) is the the product of a lazy and uneducated society. You don't fix that anymore.

captain subtext on Jul 13, 2009


We as audience definitely can do something about hollywood remake, we vote via our the tickets (or DVD), if we do not want any more unneccessary remake, we do not go see it in theatre. Those movie studio will know the drill if their (often inferior) remakes flop in box office. They are not stupid, as long as there are demands, they will keep churning out those trash remakes! am I right?

SowYau on Jul 13, 2009


Again, In no way will I support this movie.

Curtis G on Jul 13, 2009


what't the point of making a remake on "Låt den rätte komma in"? Is it so hard to read the subs? cuz you know that there is no way the remake's gonna be better.

lööven on Jul 13, 2009


Loved the original movies, curious to see how the American version turns out or if they will just bank off the Twilight success and make it more of a teeny bopper type of movie.

Craig on Jul 13, 2009


Why make a remake of a brilliant movie? Why, because most American movie watchers hate foreign movies. They have the movie in English dub if anything. I personally couldn't stand it but I'm down with subtitles. Very rare to find a movie that has a good English dub like Waltz with Bashir does. Plus how are they going to capture how good the girl was. The boy wasn't bad, but nothing out of this world. I just don't see how they can out do the girl. Anyhow again, WHY?

Johnny Neat on Jul 13, 2009


*sigh*.... shit

DoomCanoe on Jul 13, 2009


There used to be a time when movies were based on books and people would groan. I find it ironic that people are ready to bash this remake in particular before there is even a teaser or trailer. Being an American, I almost find it offensive some of the comments regarding how "uneducated" some of our movie goers are. Generalities show more ignorance than people not wanting to read subtitles. The original film was a masterpiece in it's own right. Very atmospheric and an intimate terror that most movies just cannot convey. After seeing it in theaters, I was pleased to learn of the original book that the film was based on. Imagine my surprise when I found out there was more to the overall story. Giant pieces that were left out of the film for no other reason than to make a more streamlined film. The book and the movie are two different animals. I thoroughly enjoyed both and look forward to Matt Reeves version. It's funny to think I would have never seen this because it received little to no publicity. Will it be close to the original film in regards to the acting or atmosphere? Probably not. A remake doesn't make the original disappear, but it may introduce a lot of the American movie goers to the original works (book and film).

Tether on Jul 13, 2009


Thank you Tether. I have been conveying that in alot of the forums. I loved the original film and enjoyed the book throughly. If anything the re-adaptation will bring more attention to the Swedish take. I look forward to seeing the Matt Reeves take and there are a number of things I hope will be included. Such as Virginia's transformation, the book version of the pool scene (The film one was absolutely fantastic), the playful side of the two leads interacting. I think it will be very good.

Whoopknacker on Jul 13, 2009


It so pisses me off. I hope it fails miserably.

JimD on Jul 13, 2009


Sometimes, I get really pissed off at my country...this is one of those times. Why the FUCK are they Americanizing this awesome movie?

Kevin on Jul 13, 2009


Hers something out the about casting native american kids?

esophus on Jul 14, 2009


The original cast (the boy and the vampire girl) was so perfect. It's going to be hard to pull this off. It's like once you see Heath Ledger's Joker, you can't imagine any other actor playing the same Joker. Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow also comes to mind.

AprilCoolsDay on Jul 15, 2009

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