Korean Pop Star Rain Set to Star in Awaken the Dragon

August 5, 2009
Source: Latino Review


A few years ago, it was announced that Warner Brothers was remaking Enter the Dragon. This updated version, being directed by "The Shield" producer Kurt Sutter, will be called Awaken the Dragon and is be a contemporized drama about a lone FBI agent who pursues a rogue Shaolin monk into the bloody world of underground martial arts fight clubs. Sutter has been looking an established American actor to play the FBI agent and to discover a "fight star" for the role of the monk. Well, according to Latino Review, they've found their monk - Rain - the Korean pop star and actor who stars in Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin.

"I'm a huge noir fan, and this plot lends itself to the film I want to make," Sutter said of Awaken the Dragon. "I wanted to set it in these underground fight clubs where the action is really raw and expose the brutality of Shaolin kung fu. This will be more Raging Bull than Crouching Tiger in its viciousness." Having seen Ninja Assassin, I can tell you that Rain is definitely a great martial artist. I'm right there with all his Korean fans - I love this guy. I loved him in Speed Racer, I loved him in Ninja Assassin, and I'm sure I'll love him in this, too. As it for being another remake, who really cares, I'll just let Sutter do his thing.

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Hellyeah... I have a man crush on Rain. The dude is no doubt a superstar...

teyhtr on Aug 5, 2009


If you want to know him more, watch this.

amy on Aug 5, 2009


i personally cant wait to see Ninja Assassin starring Rain but this is crazy why they didnt cast a Chinese person for the role instead of Korean popstar/actor if this movie is based on Enter the Dragon why couldnt WB cast a Chinese martial artist instead. Donnie Yen would of been a better choice then Rain you got to remember Enter the Dragon was close to everyones heart having Bruce Lee a real Chinese martial artist kicking ass on the big screen. anyway i did mention before on another thread "Kwon Sang-woo cast to play Kato" that i have notice only Korean actors has been playing Chinese and Japanese characters on the big screen i.e. -Rain who is Korean going to play a Japanese character in Ninja Assassin now his going to play chinese character in Awaken the Dragon. -John Cho a Korean actor played Hikaru Sulu a Japanese character in Star Trek -James Kyson Lee Korean actor play as a Japanese character in Heroes -Lee Byung-hun playing Storm Shadow who is Japanese in GI Joe -Kwon Sang-woo who going to play a Chinese character Kato -Jamie Chung a Korean played a Japanese character Chi Chi from Dragonball Evolution -Joon Park a played Yamcha in Dragonball Evolution -Will Yun Lee playing Iori Yagami a Japanese character from The King of Fighters -Rick Yune who is also Korean playing Takeshi a Japanese character in Ninja Assassin

darkone on Aug 5, 2009


I am glad to see Rain is blowing up right now. I am actually a fan of the his music, even though I don't understand a word. He has a great appeal and judging from his Korean dramas is a pretty solid actor, so I look forward to seeing this and how high this guy can potentially go!!

Jay on Aug 5, 2009


dang #3... i just realized that too! well, i'm going to say that maybe it's because korea's the lesser known of the 3 pacific asian nations. shoot, we, as in koreans, should be grateful at all that our fellow koreans get a shot at hollywood. anyway, i use to be a big Rain fangirl 😡 i find it funny how he's famous in america for acting while in korea he was more known as a singer. i think i've only seen Rain act in korea only once... in a drama...

giraffic on Aug 5, 2009


#4 yes its good that koreans making it in hollywood but its strange that hollywood casting koreans to play japanese and chinese characters from the list i shown you The Last Samurai was basically the only film that had a all japanese cast

darkone on Aug 5, 2009


I think it's just a pop-art/visual style thing. Rain just looks.. smooth... clean... athletic..... I think Michael Ryan (Donnie Yen) also fits, but he is quite a ways older than Rain. Depends on the story, but I was sold on Yen's character in "Dragon Tiger Gate". But it depends on Story and Character.. maybe they needed someone younger. They ALWAYS need someone younger. 😛 And most of the younger Chinese actors... tend to look a but "thuggish" like Nicolas Tze.... So I guess Rain fits the more "universal hero" image right now for Young Asian guy. He looks like a cartoon character... an idealized Asian person.

SS on Aug 5, 2009


How did a pop singer became this "great" martial artist? I actually do not mind his role in speed racer or Ninja Assasin because it fits the style of the movie, quick fights/ jumping in and out etc. But if they want to reboot Enter the Dragon, you have to get a real martial artist to live up the legacy that Bruce Lee left behind in the movie. Donnie Yen is the perfect choice!!! What is hollywood thinking these days?

Joe C. on Aug 5, 2009


Hollywood thinks money. Rain is a big star in Asia and Hollywood wants to cash in. The Korean movie market has been performing well in Asia for the past few years allowing their stars to attract attention from Hollywood. The studios believe (maybe) that some of this celeb will rub off on their merchandise. But, it does have its risks. The characters played by Korean actors, up to now, have tended to be the support in Hollywood movies. Moving native-born Koreans into the leading role is likely to alienate mainstream audiences in the USA and, thus, a fall in profits bacause the actors English is often poor and their acting can appear a little wooden (Daniel Henney). If the big Korean experiment works, fine. Otherwise, don't be suprised when it precipitates on your box office earnings. Good luck to Bi and friends with their time in the sun. Other Hollywood movies pushing the Korean stars: Blood: The Last Vampire with Gianna Jun (playing a Japanese school girl) The Warrior's Way with Dong-Kun Gang (playing with himself) Wolverine with Daniel Henney (playing a German)

N on Aug 6, 2009


@9 Blood: The Last Vampire is not a Hollywood movie it was produce by Korean company Edko and French company Pathé

darkone on Aug 6, 2009


@3 While it's true that Korea actors have a stronger presence these days in American movies and television, and they most often are cast in Asian roles that are non-Korean, I don't see what's wrong with that. The same way I don't see what's so painfully wrong with casting a Chinese actor in Japanese role or vice versa. For the same logic that I wouldn't find anything weird about an African-American actor playing an African in a movie. I think a lot of Korean actors are playing non-Korean Asian roles because the Korean and Korean-American acting communities are growing, but American movies and t.v. shows are still, for the most part, making parts for Chinese and Japanese characters, if at all.

patiegrasshop on Aug 9, 2009


I think this role should be cast by a Chinese actor. I mean Enter the Dragon was a Bruce Lee film and I know for a fact that there are a lot of aspiring martial artists/actors who'd model themselves after him. Finding a talented actor fitting to the role should not be hard. If the movie is to be authentic quality movie I believe the "Shaolin monk" role should be played by a Chinese. I mean it may be going a bit far but the example David Carradine who played a wondering Chinese monk in "Kung Fu." It's the principle of it. If any Asian that can do Kung Fu and looks Asian person can play a Chinese role why not a white person w/ those traits like David Carradine. I think Hollywood is just trying to milk money off of Bruce Lee's Legacy. They've been saying for years that they were going to make another Bruce Lee movie like "Dragon" from 1993. All in all I think its just what they think sells. Right now Korean is big so Hollywood is into that for now. Also on another note. Why can't any of the actors be Asian-Americans. Why is Hollywood always importing from outside the US. Bruce Lee was a Chinese-American. Asians are the only ones where the majority of actors/actresses are imported from overseas. I know there are quality Asian-American actors/actresses in the states

Joe on Aug 10, 2009


Rain is perfect for the role of Dragon movie. He is so popular, a great actor (see out his Korean dramas/movie) and he is extremely athletic. He surpassed all the expectations of the trainers behind Ninja Assassin. What's wrong with Koreans playing Japanese/Chinese roles? Don't forget. In the past, Chinese and Japanese actors always played roles that were Korean in it's time for the Koreans. I am just glad to see that Asian men are being recognized on screen for all their humanity and energetic sexuality as opposed to being nerdy wimps. I had to turn to Korean dramas to realize that Asian men have been dehumanized and desexualized by white American media. Thanks Rain and others for showing Asian men as they should be shown -- as strong and smart and sexy men.

ska on Aug 12, 2009


why can't they cast a real martial artist like me, Tony Jaa!!!??

tonyjaa on Aug 18, 2009


Ahn young ha sae yo BI (RAIN)! I am Korean living in Migook for a long time and I found you yesterday just searching in the internet. Who knew you were this famous! I miss Hangook very much and most importantly my Hangook friends! JeonMin from New York

Jeon Min on Oct 19, 2009


Been meaning to comment on this for a while but forgot. Anyway I'm sold!!! I've been a fan of Rain for years and I wish him nothing but great success. He his incredibly athletic and he can be hilarious if the role called for it. I am eagerly waiting now

Nuika on Feb 20, 2010


I realy hope he does this move. Every one in my family Loves karte movie so I'm excited to see what great stutes

Your fan. on Aug 31, 2010

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