Kyle Newman's Fanboys Hit Theaters Today - Go See It!

February 6, 2009

Fanboys Movie

I don't really want to support The Weinstein Company, but I do really want to support Kyle Newman. It's taken almost two full years for his movie to finally get out from under the wrath of Darth Weinstein, and it's finally arrived! Originally slated for release on August 17th of 2007, Kyle Newman's Fanboys is just hitting theaters today. We've pulled together a list of the movie theaters and cities showing the movie this weekend, so be sure to find the nearest location to you and go see it! It's rare that I do some heavy promotion like this, but it's a final reminder that after a nearly endless studio battle, Fanboys is finally out in the wild!

What do we need to do to convince you to go see Fanboys? First off, if you are a Star Wars fan at all, you should be there without question, or you can't call yourself a Star Wars fan. Additionally, you can read my review, for which I gave this a 7 out of 10, and also watch the trailer again. I think that should be enough! Below is the complete list of cities and theaters where Fanboys is showing this weekend.

Alamo Drafthouse Ritz

AMC River East
AMC Pipers Alley
AMC South Barrington 30

AMC Gulf Pointe 30 Theatres
AMC Studio 30 Theatres
Angelika Film Center

AMC Century City 15
Mann Chinese 6
AMC Broadway Cinemas
Pacific Beach Cities All Stadium 16
AMC Rolling Hills 20
Regal Long Beach Stadium 26
AMC Burbank 16
AMC Promenade 16
Pacific Winnetka All Stadium 21
AMC Block 30
Pacific Culver City

AMC Empire 25
AMC Lincoln Square 13
AMC 34th Street 14
Regal Union Square Stadium 14
AMC Raceway 10
Regal Farmingdale Stadium 10
National Amusements Commack Multiplex 15
Regal New Roc City 18
AMC Palisades Center 21
AMC New Brunswick Theatre 18

Landmark Ritz at the Bourse 5
AMC Neshaminy 24
Regal Marketplace at Oaks 24
Regal Warrington Crossing 22
AMC Cherry Hill 24

AMC Metreon 15
Century 16 Mountain View
Century 20 Daly City
AMC Bay Street 16
AMC Mercado 20
Century Northgate 15 Cinemas

AMC Cinerama
AMC Pacific Place 11
Regal Alderwood 7 Theatres
Lincoln Square Stadium 16
Regal Parkway Plaza 12

If anyone ends up catching Fanboys this weekend, be sure to come back here and let us know what you thought! There's a lot to love, and potentially a lot to hate, about it, but I'm pretty damn sure that real Star Wars fanboys will love it in the end. I know I'm already excited to see it again myself. Enjoy!

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uhhh... does anybody care?

Bronco Billy on Feb 6, 2009


No Florida?! What gives Alex? jeeeze... haha j/k

Nick Sears on Feb 6, 2009


I saw it and thought it was okay. It came off like a typical buddy/sex/journey/nerd comedy. Nothing that great about it. I really preferred Coraline over this.

BahHumbug on Feb 6, 2009


i live in georgia.and i really want to see it but i can't. This blows!!

mike on Feb 6, 2009


i really want to see this! 😀 Sounds like a very funny movie! Kristen Bell in it, so its a must to see. Will have to wait for a while for it in Finland..... :/

max on Feb 6, 2009


don't worry about canada.

luke on Feb 6, 2009


I am not travelling to another fricken state to see this movie! I'm close to doing it because this movie looks fricken funny as hell...but no...this movie can come to me.

Jeep-Fu on Feb 6, 2009


This movie won't have a very long shelf-life in theaters, but I imagine it'll find a home on DVD. The whole thing kind of comes off like a Kevin Smith diatribe come to life, anyway.

Tom Brazelton on Feb 6, 2009

9's not that great. 8 cities, w00h00. Seriously, I want to see it, on HBO. Why would people pay $8 for these type of movies? Wait, watch it at home with friends and save your money in these times. Wanna watch something blow up then go to the movies.

Emma Watson is so f***able on Feb 6, 2009


Live close to all the Philly theatres and not one of them has advertised it and in the Phialdelphia Inquirer it has the smallest ad possible. This is being set up to fail.

Ryan on Feb 6, 2009


it's not going into wide release, is it? i'd love to see it. but i don't thin my friends are willing to drive 1 hour or more to see this movie. i'll most likely get it on dvd.

craziemutant on Feb 6, 2009


"if you are a Star Wars fan at all, you should be there without question, or you can't call yourself a Star Wars fan." Yeah, that makes sense.

Niko on Feb 6, 2009


That movie fucking sucked shit. You can't convey your horrible taste any louder than by endorsing this film, ugh.

Fred on Feb 6, 2009


Take AMC Broadway Cinemas(LA) off that list! Bastards turned me away saying something was wrong with the film and it needed fixing...

Mitch on Feb 6, 2009


just saw it. fuckin awesome. final answer. thank you ;D

Nick S. on Feb 7, 2009


To address all of you who are complaining... I know this film isn't perfect! It's fun, but I didn't love it, hence my review. This article was to show support because of all the crap that its director and the film have gone through over the last 2 years. Even if it's not a great film in the end, I'm supporting it for those reasons!

Alex Billington on Feb 8, 2009


I just saw it and the Metreon in downtown San Fran. Do not let the lack of promotion fool you this was an awesome movie even if you know nothing about starwars

Kulasstar on Feb 8, 2009


why the hell was it only released for 1 day what the freak is going on can they show the movie regular like ?? you know leave it out for a week or 2 i mean who the hell got so anal about this movie? jesus christmas the 1st movie i wanted to actually pay 2 see and they screwed the whole thing up ! i gotta tell ya "the movies" is a dying thing these days and they totaly didnt help this movie has a cult following ready to explode if they would have realeased it normally wtf was that and they show these crap movies at my local theater noname crap that i wouldnt spend 1.50 on and they cant let me see my movie the 1 i'm ready to see 5 times at night they freakin blew it i dont know if i even want to see it anymore that could be it for the movies to when you have 5.1 hd digital surround or close the theater is a dying breed they needed to just release it like a normal movie not this select theater crap i'm fed up with the whole thing and never got to see it what a disaster! THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED

brett trygar on Apr 25, 2009

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