Legendary Actor Patrick Swayze Has Passed Away Today

September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze

This has been a tough year of great losses for the entertainment industry. There's no need to recap every single one, but of course many of you, I'm sure know those close to your heart who are no longer with us. Unfortunately, today Hollywood lost another legend in actor Patrick Swayze who passed away at the age of 57 today, as reported by THR. A statement from his publicist said the Dirty Dancing actor "passed away peacefully today with family at his side after facing the challenges of his illness for the last 20 months."  Swayze was truly a cinematic treasure and he will be missed.  Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Recently Swayze made waves on A&E in his dramatic police series "The Beast," but many of us came to love Swayze for his now iconic roles in films like Red Dawn, Road House, Point Break, Ghost, Donnie Darko and many more. Personally, my most vivid and permanent memory of Swayze will live on in the form of a sketch on Saturday Night Live in which he competed with the late Chris Farley for a job at a Chippendale's club.  The dude was ripped and hilarious all at the same time.  In this sketch alone you can see the genuine charisma and charm that Swayze had on screen.

Fittingly, if you're in the Los Angeles area, next week at The New Beverly at midnight on September 19th there will be a screening of Swayze's last starring role in the big rig action film Black Dog. But knowing The New Beverly, they might just set up some sort of extended special tribute screening as they've done many times before for fallen icons.  How will you remember Patrick Swayze?

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I agree with you on the SNL Chris Farley sketch. I was laughing so hard the first time I saw that. :] RIP Mr. Swayze.

Toucmyinfection on Sep 14, 2009


you did good Mr. Swayze, Rest in Peace

Eric on Sep 14, 2009


RIP Patrick....

MotherBoy on Sep 14, 2009


So crazy to think that both of them are dead. RIP

Nick Sears on Sep 14, 2009


R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

tazz on Sep 14, 2009


Will miss you Bodhi. A very sad day. R.I.P Patrick

Roundhouse on Sep 14, 2009


Man did this guy fight hard. Seriously, he even started a new series, which wasn't too shabby, till now. RIP man! Dirty Dancing marathon time. I really like that movie.

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 14, 2009


R.I.P Patrick Swayze. You were a screen legend and will be truly missed. My thoughts and prayers go to his family and hope they can make it through this tough time.

Joe on Sep 14, 2009


Aww, and for a short time it looked like he was getting better. =( There goes another one of the stars of my childhood. What a sad year.

SuicidalOptimist on Sep 14, 2009


R.I.P. man. I think my favorite movie of his was Red Dawn. I had just got through reading about the remake and then this popped up 🙁 I remember back in the day being stuck in a boring day in high school, wishing the commies would invade and I could spend my time fighting them off in the hills instead of do Algebra.

bracomadar on Sep 14, 2009


R.I.P he was an amazing performer.

Fisherr on Sep 14, 2009


My prayer are with his family and friends. This truely is a sad day. Rest in peace Patrick you faught bravely.

Valeta on Sep 14, 2009


I thought he was actually gonna pull through...shame a really talented actor. I'll always remember him for his great performances in Black Dog, Point Break, The Outsiders, Red Dawn, and Ghost. Swayze man I love YOU!

xerxex on Sep 14, 2009


My heart gos out to his family. He will be missed by all of us. I loved hearing him sing as much as i liked watching him. My heart is breaking tonight.

sheila ivy on Sep 14, 2009


To Patrick Swayze, thanks for everything, Julie Newmar

Daniel Mace on Sep 14, 2009


I'll always remember him as "Sam" from Ghost... RIP Patrick Swayze

bltzie on Sep 14, 2009


Such a sad day! 🙁 I remember growing up watching Swayze kick-ass in "Roadhouse" and "Point Break". RIP Patrick. Thank you for all the flicks you gave us. You will surely never be forgotten. You were one my favorites and an all time great! My condolences to Patrick's family and his wife Lisa!

Spider on Sep 14, 2009


Man that is too sad. RIP Patrick.

JimD on Sep 14, 2009


My Mom was soooo in love with Swayze that she thought I looked like him. I don't look like Patrick Swayze....................RIP

gplongwood on Sep 14, 2009


Three words.... Road...House...Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

tommyturner on Sep 14, 2009


Good night, Swayze. Thanks for Roadhouse.

Angry Chief on Sep 14, 2009


I wonder if they'll edit ZOMBIELAND?

crumb on Sep 14, 2009


Loved him in The Outsiders

Alex W on Sep 14, 2009


How will I remember The Swayze? As he should be remembered: ripping a grown man's throat out with his bare hands. RIP Patrick Swayze

Brandon Lee Tenney on Sep 14, 2009


RIP I hope he had the time of his life.

TTEX on Sep 14, 2009


God bless Mr. Patrick Swayze; We loved all his movies. I liked Road House. Michael liked Black Dog. Michael was an OTR( over the road) driver. We both loved him in Dirty Dancing. We are sorry that Patrick died. He was a great actor.

Melody and Michael Kling on Sep 14, 2009


R.I.P. Patrick Swayze... ''GHOST'', ''DIRTY DANCING'', ''POINT BREAK'', ''RED DAWN'', ''ROAD HOUSE''... Legend...

m4st4 on Sep 15, 2009


Steel Dawn was a good one, my sister watched Dirty Dancing every day after school til the video wore out, he was cool in Road House. That was a bit of a shocker. RIP the Swayzak.

Crapola on Sep 15, 2009


Today is a day of big lost, i'm really sad! but i know that you finally get your peace. I grow up watching your movies, dirty dancing had a big influence in my live, some of the great moments that i had with my grandma was when we watched together go with the sturm, i had so beautiful and so great moments watching and hearing you, you are my favorit actor and You will always be in my heart. God be with you in this journey where you will radiate the most beautiful of glare and the purest essence of a beautiful soul. God Bless your family. My special love to Lisa,

Patricia Lienard on Sep 15, 2009


I loved him in Roadhouse and Youngblood. He was a great acto and will be missed. One good thing to be learned from his passing is how his doctors were able to get him to survive Pancreatic Cancer for so long. Usually it takes everyone so quick. Hopefully they will be able to use what they learned from Patrick to help other people with this disease.

Tyler on Sep 15, 2009


R.I.P Mr. Swayze Thanks for Point Break & Ghost.

JoeG on Sep 15, 2009


Roadhouse,ghost,North and south and meany other my condolances to is family R.I.P patrick swayzak

Allen Reeve on Sep 15, 2009


RIP Patrick Swayze Was a great human being/actor, may he rest in peace. One of the most Coolest person peace ;D

agentX on Sep 15, 2009


"The name is Dalton" "I thought you would have been bigger" "Nobody puts baby in a corner" "Dido" "If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic to die doing what you love" Rest In Peace...

K on Sep 15, 2009


That's very sad. R.I.P. Patrick.

me on Sep 15, 2009



Trey on Sep 15, 2009


RIP Patrick. Sad day.

Vold on Sep 15, 2009


It's girlfriend and I watched the DVD of Dirty Dancing last night, which I haven't seen in a long time. When the movie got done I made a comment that I hoped he was doing ok...finding out that he probly passed around the same time is a little nuts. R.I.P. - at least you could go knowing that you were a freaking legend

Shane on Sep 15, 2009


I got a text from Patrick Swayze's funeral...interupted by Kanye..."Michel Jackson was the biggest death of the year".

TCox on Sep 15, 2009


@ # 38 TCOX!

xerxex on Sep 15, 2009


Road House was the shit, and he was damn good in Point Break. Terrible way to go. Sad indeed. RIP.

Sleepykid on Sep 15, 2009


time for a sequel to ghost?

Devon on Sep 15, 2009


well... dang

DoomCanoe on Sep 15, 2009


I am really surprised that he lasted as long as he did. In these pictures from April he looked like he had only days to live In comparison to the pictures there too from days past - it really shows what this horrible disease does to a person. What a shame! RIP Patrick

bOBBY eWING on Sep 15, 2009


@ 16 Are you suggesting your mom was in love with you? RIP Patrick

Rod Tidwell on Sep 15, 2009


Guess I'm the only one who liked To Wong Fu 🙁 Epic Swayze, though opposite of all your epics.

Daniel Mace on Sep 15, 2009


RIP Patrick Swayze - Legend!!!

Mark.E on Sep 15, 2009


I am sooo glad you mentioned him in Donnie Darko....Rest in peace Mr. Swayze you were truly a legend and will never be forgotten... TCOXs post was fucking hilarious BTW.

Cody on Sep 15, 2009


Patrick Swayze was a great actor. I first saw him in Dirty Dancing when I was about 8!! I had a tape of the soundtrack that I played until it absolutely wouldn't play anymore!! He will be missed!! Rest in Peace "Johnny"!!!

Kate on Sep 15, 2009


RIP Patrick!

debt relief on Sep 15, 2009


RoadHouse, Outsiders , Point Break , Donnie Darko, and Black Dog.thats how i will remember him. Such a shoker to hear this. " it'll get worse, before it gets better" and if you dont know that quote then you aint a "Swayze" fan!

Shelby on Sep 15, 2009


Unfortunately, right now I most remember him for the battle with cancer. I just lost my great aunt to the same disease only days ago. It saddens me that it is diagnosed at such a late stage. But the fact that Swayze and people like my aunt who are able to outlive their prognosis is somewhat uplifting. When they died, it was more of an acceptance of the disease. But for those loved ones around having to watch, it has to be one of the hardest things to witness. Knowing that they are suffering and even with the care of a nurse, it is just fearing that their days are coming to an end that makes it so hard. Prayers go out to his family.

Erin on Sep 16, 2009


Job well done... You´ll be missed greatly...

Pretorian on Sep 22, 2009


Patrick was a good actor. He will be remembered for a long time...

Translator Chicago on Dec 4, 2009

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