Legendary Pictures Preparing for Superman Unleashed?

February 20, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

Superman Unleashed

We've been hearing a lot of Superman buzz recently, and although the news about the Wachowski Brothers directing a trilogy was debunked, we have some real news to report today. A reader on SlashFilm sent over a screenshot from the Legendary Pictures website that contained a listing for a project called Superman Unleashed and a basic plot synopsis that describes it as a sequel to Superman Returns. While I was initially kind of unsure, SlashFilm did confirm with another source that this is indeed a working title and that Warner Brothers is still hearing pitches from different writers, meaning it's not official just yet.

This is plot synopsis from the website: "Ramping up the action of its esteemed predecessor, the sequel to Superman Returns promises to raise the stakes and take the audience to heights of action that no other superhero movie can achieve." The synopsis is actually what made me unsure of this to begin with. Production companies take forever to update their websites, and this could've been listed on the Legendary Pictures site since 2006 when Superman Returns came out. Because we know that they wanted to do a sequel, it just never happened, and they've since decided to go back to the drawing board. Thoughts?

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I wouldn't bothered if they never made another Superman movie... Ever.

nate on Feb 20, 2009


i dont believe this i wont a reboot of Superman and The Man of Steel is a better title. i dont believe this is true until Warner Bros say something this is just an rumor. if they do a reboot or sequel superman needs a new design of his outfit something cooler and make the "S" big on his chest what they did for Superman Return "S" was way to small. plus even Christopher Reeve son Matthew even said the next superman should be based on the story heres an article i got. Christopher Reeve's Son On How To Make The Next Superman Movie: 'Just Be Original' Many fans agree that there were a lot of things wrong with "Superman Returns" — but the filmmakers did manage to find an actor with an uncanny resemblance to the late Christopher Reeve. Was casting Brandon Routh a good thing? Does that honor Reeve’s memory? Not necessarily, said Reeve’s son Matthew, during a recent fundraising event to benefit the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. "As far as we’re concerned, there’s only ever going to be one Superman," Matthew laughed. So instead of worrying whether they should keep Routh or try to cast yet another actor who looks like Christopher Reeve in the upcoming reboot, Matthew suggested that Warner Bros focus more on the story this next time around. "There were lots of plot lines established, and it was very faithful to the original Donner films and sequels. I’d be curious to know how some of those plot lines in the last one will be continued or abandoned. If you look at 'The Dark Knight,' that was a phenomenal movie, and hopefully they can do something as good with the next version of this one." Matthew’s advice, then, was this: "There are lots of fans of the comics and the films my dad did and the new one, and you can never please everyone. So just be original and creative and exciting, and I’m sure it will be successful."

filmkid on Feb 20, 2009


@2 filmkid thanks for the input, but please use necessary punctuation. it's still cool these days to use commas and periods.

Matt Suhu on Feb 20, 2009


I don't trust this info after last weeks bogus rumor.

D-9 on Feb 20, 2009


@Matt Suhu most of the text was taken from a website i just copy and paste it

filmkid on Feb 20, 2009


how bout they really kill superman this time and he stays dead! i cant stand this fucker now. Everyone keeps messing him up. A freakin moran can make a better superman movie than the idiots that have made them so far. Wait! i forgot...The studios are in charge. Thats why that last one sucked so much!

Ray on Feb 20, 2009


How is this REAL NEWS exactly? Wachowski Brothers directing a trilogy was debunked, by WHO? A BLOG site? Give me a freaking break. Get some real confirmation. Have you every thought that THE READER on SlashFilm could have just done that on his just to get some sort of BUZZ. UNLEASHED sounds like a working title. Get the real title and then its REAL NEWS.

Josh on Feb 20, 2009


Make it. But no Brandon Routh.

TRAILER- Not BROKEN on Feb 20, 2009


As long as it is a reboot with a new cast and no relation to the last pic, I'll be happy. Then they can name it whatever they want. But good catch Alex on the hint that it was written up pre-TDK. Nobody else has mentioned that boo boo.

Cindy on Feb 20, 2009


All b it Superman Returns was not the man of steel we have read nor seen, I do like that he has a son. With a few fixes Super Man may yet rise up as the hero he once was beleived 2 b.

R.V. on Feb 20, 2009


As long as it is a reboot with a completely new cast and has nothing to do with the last pic, then I'm happy. They can name it anything they want then.

Cindy on Feb 20, 2009


what an awful title and synopsis...I'm all for a reboot but hopefully this is wrong

Janet on Feb 20, 2009


Who gives a goddamn how big the S is as long as the movie is good?

Fuelbot on Feb 20, 2009



Nick Sears on Feb 20, 2009


Ditch the "Unleashed" title (really? How do you "leash" Superman in the first place?), cast Jon Hamm as Clark Kent/Superman, Rashida Jones as Lois Lane, get one of the good comic book writers to work on the script (or at least consult), don't do the origin story, don't have Lex Luthor be the villain, and stop trying to make it anything like The Dark Knight, and I think we'll have a winner.

Pete the Geek on Feb 20, 2009


I say re-boot the franchise! We need a Superman/ Clark Kent not a carbon copy of Christopher Reeve's take on Superman. Real Villians, if you absolutley must use Lex Luthor, then use him as a second villian. If I made a trilogy of Superman I'd use 1 super villian, With an introduction of Lux Luthor. The sequel, Another super villian with Lex Luthor, perhaps have the two work together or seperate. The Third, bring in Doomsday Sorry not a huge fan of Superman so I don't know the villians, but if it was set up something like this, I might be interested.

The_Phantom on Feb 20, 2009


i agree with everyone on the unleashed title it sucks and they should use man of steel instead also i hope if they make a sequel i hope they can continue to use superman's theme music like they did in superman returns and in superman the movie

Gregory on Feb 20, 2009


Superman is for babies

Crapola on Feb 21, 2009


I have been a Huge Superman fan ever since I first seen “Superman the Movie” when I was 3. I will agree that “Superman Returns” was not what I was expecting, to much taken straight from the original and not enough new ideas on how to show his strength. I did whoever like that it took off after the second Chris Reeve’s movie and forgot about Superman 3 & 4.Showd us Supes thinking that maybe the world got on without him. There were a lot of good things in “Returns” to work on for a follow on sequel. He’s BACK! He has a kid, Lex is Pissed off with him. Maybe it’s time for Bizzaro or ever Doomsday. I loved the title “Man of Steel” I say, lets see what Warner’s can do to redeem themselves after a poor but not terrible last instalment.

Dougie Rankin on Feb 21, 2009


I think Jon Hamm as Superman (if we have to have a Superman movie at all) is a great idea. He's got a little grit which Superman needs. Brandon Routh was too white bread, and I understand that's a lot of what Superman man is, but that's also what makes Superman boring.

ebbie on Feb 21, 2009


4 things, just my opinion: 1) Brandon Routh is a perfect Superman. I never thought I would accept anybody in the suit other than Christopher Reeve. 2) Superman Returns was not perfect, but it is exactly what Singer wanted and I loved it. I do think Singer should be given a chance to make a kick ass sequel. 3) I am almost as sick of the term "reboot" as I am "jumped the shark". They are both stupid and used by people who only wish they were in the movie/TV business. 4) You really should have to use spell and grammar check before being allowed to post in a public forum. At the very least you should have attended middle school. Brian

brian on Feb 21, 2009


#7 Josh - Did you even READ the article? I know for a fact that Peter of SlashFilm has very high up sources inside WB, DC, and Legendary and confirmed with them specifically that this is NOT just fake news. The Superman rumor was fake, but this is not, and I know that because Peter is a good friend and I know he has very good sources.

Alex Billington on Feb 21, 2009


They need to re start. Because of 2 reasons: 1- Returns gave Superman a son. That's reason enough to kill it with fire. 2- The Donner approach, and the whole world, and the incredibly stupid clark kent, are outdated. If they make a sequel, it's just gonna be the final nail in the coffin.

Darunia on Feb 21, 2009


I'm completely in agreement with #21.

MBD on Feb 21, 2009


I agree with Darunia and Cindy. A reboot is the only way forward. I also agree with Ebbie. Jon Hamm has gravitas and Routh is too white bread bland to be a leading man.

Sanrio on Feb 21, 2009


I dont think that the industry gets that Superman is NOT AN INTERESTING CHARACTER. The guy has no flaws and is BORING. That is why his movies will never work unless you throw in batman in there.

Barnaby Barrilla on Feb 21, 2009


if this is fucking true, i don't think superman unleashed is a good title, a sequel not a good idea.i think they should just do a reboot i don't want to see another fucking origin story (superman meant to be household name we all know his origin) with brandon routh,new lois lane(not sure who)no lex luther (fuck me five superman films)needs a proper hardcore villain for each of the bad ass films first brainac,second bizzaro(maybe created by lex luthor) & third doomsday(must kill superman in the movie at some point,watch animated superman doomsday dvd/blu ray thats how to do a doomsday story.)then bring him back in maybe for example justice league superman's ressurection film would be cool.superman unleashed, no let's get superman released.

zetsu on Feb 21, 2009


I read the comic books when I was a kid..............nobody to date has done anything for any of the Marvel characters except waste them and that not only goes for Superman, but for Batman and I won't even comment on Wonder Woman...... I don't care how much this latest Batman film grossed, it was not reflective of the characters I remember.........and especially when it comes to what Ledger did to Joker. I finally zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz out in the last 20 minutes of Dark Knight...... Too many special effects, gadgets and unbelievable insanity radiating from Ledger..........Joker was not like that. He was cunning and elusive but not the over the top, manic personality Ledger reflected in his 'performance' I was relieved he was not in every scene....... It is obvious Ledger never read a page of the comics....... No wonder he needed something to calm him down when he was not on the set. I personally hope they do not award him an Oscar for this ridiculous display. There are many other noteworthy performances which are much more deserving....

Rosalee on Feb 21, 2009


I wish superman would have just stayed dead. If they do another superman movie, just bring in doomsday, having him rip Supes apart, and then quarter his body and bury each piece on another planet. I'm sick of superman.

Icarus on Feb 21, 2009


Sounds like a porno title. Man Of Steel is waaaaaay better.

discojellyfish on Feb 21, 2009


How do we know that Superman Unleashed wasn't an idea WB had when Superman Returns was released?

James on Feb 22, 2009


Somehow, for a character that: has existed for 70 years; has had 1000's of stories in every media; has been and always will be the original and greatest super-hero, somewhere in all that, there must be a way to come up with a good modern Superman movie. No, Superman is not "dark." I wish all these 20-somethings who grew up on Image comics would realize that not all characters have to be "dark." Make the bad guys "dark." That's an old-fashioned idea that still works. If you have to give Superman flaws, how about depicting what it would really be like to be an alien, albeit human-looking? A Stranger in a Strange Land. Bag Luthor for a while. Batman and Spidey have both fought other villains. The Routh guy was OK. maybe he'd do better with a good script. How about Brainiac stealing all the cities? Lots of chances to see aliens, other civilizations, different adventure scenes, etc. Brainiac was originally a scary guy in the comics. Make him really "alien."

zubzwank on Feb 22, 2009


Do a sequel to Returns but do something (or somethings) to push Superman over the kill off the kid!? Bring in Brainiac to fuck with his head and threaten to expose Clark Kent to the world or something.

Seth on Feb 23, 2009


Rosalee.....shut up.

Knight Rider on Feb 23, 2009


I also completely agree with #21.

chrishaley on Feb 24, 2009


I agree with others that Routh is too white bread to be a leading man. Maybe directors and studios feel that way too, since he hasn't gotten a lead in 3 years. The next Superman will definitely have to deliver something to the role. The Superman film franchise is in such trouble. So many people keep saying Superman is too boring or uninteresting. The new films need an exciting leading man to help overcome this.

Kate on Feb 24, 2009


i liked the original superman films and i think superman returns was a good film so i hope there is a second one with same cast lets give it another go.

tucker on Feb 25, 2009


The illegitimate child storyline of Superman Returns was stupid and mopey Superman was boring. The Donnerverse is so old and tiresome now. People are restless for a new start a reboot could bring.

Jake on Feb 25, 2009


I hope the next series of Superman films has nothing to do with the last films. I want to see an awesome Transformers, Spiderman or Ironman type of Superman film. It's got to be upbeat, fast, and FUN.

Carrie on Feb 25, 2009


I agree with Tucker. i liked all the past superman films, even Superman 3 and 4 because i grew up lovin the character more than i did the movies. I thought Superman Returns was good but not great. mostly because i liked the idea of it takin place after Superman & Superman 2 and ignoring parts 3 & 4. and i agree with brian from page 1 # 21 and filmkid #2 from page 1. No reboot really got me more impressed more than its previous franchise like Batman Begins , The Dark Kight, Friday the 13th etc. many more on the way. like other people who agreed, i thought Nolan's batman franchise isnt as dark as alot of people makes it sound to be. and I remember people complaining Tim Burton's first 2 batman films were too dark. anyways. i didnt like the design of supe's costume and cape. id like to see the same design of Christopher Reeve's superman costume but made outta the same material as superman returns costume. but in future films sequel or not i hope to see more familiar and hardcore villains like Darkseid, Brainiac or Bizarro etc.

the punisher on Mar 4, 2009


I think they should just ban the whole comics to movie idea. Its obvious that movie makers have never even seen a comic book. (X-men 1,2,3) I liked the first few Superman movie's, but really Hollywood is just out to make a buck. There really isnt 1 single superhero movie made where the continuity hasn't been butchered to death, before they slap the hero's title on it. I'd rather see a movie based on Doomsday's point of view, maybe wreaking havoc across the WB parking lot. Lots of explosions, get Micheal Bay on it... a few pounds of C-4...some the toys via yer happy meal from McDonalds.

Ash on Mar 6, 2009


If the director or anybody who is in charge of the new superman movie is reading this... read carefully. IF YOU WANT TO DO ANYTHING AS GOOD AS THE DARK KNIGHT, YOU NEED DARKSEID. The superman returns was an upset, i wont lie, but so was the first hulk, and the second one kicked ass. I'm not tryin to tell you how to do your job, I'm just giving you the facts. If you want to make more than $533,345,358, you need a legendary villain bent on nothing but destruction.

Brian on Mar 20, 2009


Not just having darkseid will do the job, everyone knows that doomsday, his ultimate villianry rival will be the one to test his powers past his and our known bounds. So arrogantly saying that just darkseid will be the only one to do it is purely immature. Im not dogging on you in any way shape or form but you have to understand that if they go this route, its going to be a very long sequence of movies and they only have soo much budgeting to continue them. Me being a huge superman fan, loved the laten movie Superman Returns, and i personally thought that it was a great success in my mind. But instead of demanding that they do this Darkseid thing alone, maybe it would be better if you give a larger list of options for them to work with, like perhaps, JLA? Every one of these movies that come out so far have always had happy endings, where the problem therein lies is always the question, What If? What if Superman did die, entirely so that he could no longer exist, where this time it was final? Even though he may save the world and universe from destruction but he had to be destroyed to do it. How about that for a final film, there are soo many possibilities that you just cant one-track your mind on one focus topic. Be more creative with your questions if these film directors and writers do see your side and take some of your advice. V/R CM3 Chase USN NMCB 40

jason on Mar 30, 2009


Two words Michael Bay

Morty on Apr 20, 2009


Im all for another Superman Movie!!! And I agree somewhat with Brian you cant just throw characters in a movie just to have action. But personally Id like to see Brainiac.

Jonmark on Jul 8, 2009


To keep up with the changing times and new style of superhero movies, such as Batman, the character of Superman needs to be edgier and more aggressive. I personally didn't mind Routh as Superman but kind of felt he didn't capture the character of Clark Kent very well. That may be hard to do because Christopher Reeves really pulled that off well. I know it will never happen but I feel Tom Welling plays the character of Clark Kent very well. It's a more modern version and simply more believable. Unfortunately, I doubt he'll ever be given that role either from contract restrictions or other hold ups. Any future Superman movies need to be action packed. That's the world we're in today and that's the type of movie we want to see. Superman needs to be seriously challenged with a villan such as Doomsday. A battle between those two could make the whole movie. I wasn't a fan of Superman having a son in Superman Returns. I felt it created difficulties for future movies to work that storyline into play. It's a shame that after waiting years for Superman Returns, we're having to wait all this time just for a descent sequel. Maybe what I read earlier is true. Maybe they letting contracts lapse and time pass before starting over......yet again.....with a new cast, new Superman, etc. Perhaps a fresh start/clean slate is for the best. Personally, to me it doesn't seem that difficult. I've heard several potential storylines from amateurs/fans who just simply "get it". Instead of having some creative agenda to put their mark on the franchise, I feel they should stick with the basics and be true to the story. Superman protects and punishes evil. I think a lot of fans would love to see just that. Superman.....kicking some ass!

Joe Anderson on Sep 12, 2009


I agree pay Tom Welling whatever it takes for him, cancel smallville after season 9 or 10. Have a good plot with lois, and Brainiac , Brainiac is lead villian and Doomsday briefly at the end, Which would set up a good sequel opportunity. More or less a good lead from what happened in smallville with "Davis Bloom", and "Milton Fine". Have "Lex Luthor" a little younger than "Kevin Spacey"...someone around 38, and someone a little darker, smarter, and good looking. Also Kate Bosworth could be cast again as "Lois Lane", but they should look at someone like "Erica Durance"...she could pull off looking 33-35. even cast a "Chloe Sullivan", forget about Jimmy Olson if possible for this movie, make the "Chloe" scene short or brief to lead more into the next movie. the villian in the second movie shouldn't be "Doomsday" Just hints of him still to come, It should be "Bizzaro" and "Lex luthor" Possibly in a krypto- Robotic Suit And Chloe who helps in a minimal role and Being reffered to "Watchtower" refering to "Smallville" and for a future "Justice League" movie. as well as "Bruce Wayne" being introduced to make a good movie, and hype for a prequel. that movie can be called "Superman Legends". You can lead into a movie called "Superman: Justice: where the "justice league" is formed at or near the end, and a really good chance for a great fight/action movie where in this case "Superman" does not die. This movie than should have "Doomsday" as the villian since it's been in anticipation throughout the last movies. The plot can be the death of "Superman" RELOADED whereas "Doomsday" doesn't kill him but his body was switched with Dead "Bizarro's" by "Lex Luthor" who than clones a replica "Superman"...which would be at the end of the awesome fight with "Superman" in which Doomsday is killed, and "Superman" believed dead. There is eventually a scene of "Superman" in a tube of green krypto-water by the middle of the movie....after a possible funeral with "Bizzarro's" body. The plot from that point is "Lois Lane" figures out he is not dead from "Oliver Queen" sent from "Batman/Bruce Wayne" who discovered the switch. "Lois Lane", "Green Arrow", And "Batman" Rescue him and discover there is a "Clone Superman" and it must be destroyed but is too strong for them. "Superman" heals and defeats the "Clone" The "Justice League" is formed at the end with "Bruce Wayne" saying "We all need friends "Superman", and a shot out of "Supeman", "Batman", "Flash", "Green Arrow", "Aquaman", "Cyborg", and possibly a few others. As well as "Chloe Sullivan" Actually Becoming an energy computer like on "Smallville" but actually like a glowing entity "Watchtower" from contact again with "Brainiac" from the first movie. The franchise can than after establishing really good and high grocing "Superman/Batman" movies those prequels will lead perfectly into a "X-men Origins: Wolverine" type Franchise, and then do a a "Justice League" movie with Superman/Batman as the main heroes against Darkseid and his army. The Only members of the newly formed Justice League at the start of this movie are: Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Cyborg, Flash . During the movie and by the end additions will be Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern....They come in somehow after tracking Darkseid together and help. Other than Batman and Superman the other characters get minimal time, and are in select scenes. great way for storyline specifically for "Clark Kent/ Lois Lane", and there relationship, and more of a focus on there futures and the beginning of the league, also a pefect setup for the next "Justice League" movie with a Starting of everyone together at the newly built "Watchtower" on the moon. And a focus of Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and there pasts and a battle they discover on Krandoria and have to battle some king or something. "Wonder Womans" Planet, possibly adding her to the League or for yet another "Justice League" movie with "Wonder Woman", "Superman", "Green Lantern", Martian Manhunter, "Batman" mostly Batplane, "Flash" Somewhat, and a few additions. Possibly Superman goes to the fortress with Batman, and Cyborg and has Jor-El transport them to Krandoria to help the main plot of "Green Lantern" and "Martian Manhunters" dilema. There is a big final Battle with an addition of "Princess Diana" "Wonder Woman", Although she is refered to as Diana. Movie Ideas Name, Characters, Villians, Year?: 1. Superman: Man Of Steel-(2011) Superman, Brainiac/Milton Fine, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Chloe Sullivan, Doomsday 2. Superman: Legends-(2014) Superman, Bizzarro, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Bruce Wayne, Chloe Sullivan, Doomsday 3. Superman: Justice/Doomsday-(2018) Superman, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Doomsday, Batman, Green Arrow/Oliver Queen, Chloe Sullivan, Bizarro.......Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg(1 scene at end) 4. Justice League-(2020) 5. Justice League 2: Rise Of Krandoria-(2023) 6. Justice League 3:-(2025)? IF YOU WORK FOR OR ARE AFFILIATED WITH A PRODUCTION COMPANY AND LIKE MY IDEA...PLEASE CONTACT ME!!

brandonpalmer on Nov 2, 2009


Since Warner Bros. own DC comics heroes etc. Id think it would be a great idea if the studio would ask Bruce W. Timm and his fellow workers to make the jump from makin animated shows & movies to live-action films that would all excist in the same universe as Marvel Studios is doin. Unlike Marvel, WB/DC Comics could easy make films of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc etc. Think of it as all Batman:TAS, Superman:TAS, JLU animated series all combined but in live-action. They can from great stories, Death of Superman, to using Project Cadmus, to Crime Syndicate storyline. It makes sense because they can put all these heroes together without worries of different characters belonging to different studios like Spider-Man, X-Men etc. For Spider-Man or Wolverine to join Avengers on film would be hard since theres three different studios who own rights to them. They should atleast give it a shot and if it doesnt work out they still have superhero solo franchises to fall back on.

the punisher on Nov 2, 2009


I think the Superman Returns movie wasn't all they made it out to be. First of all, Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor? OMG what a mistake. I'm a fan of Kevin Spacey don't get me wrong,but he just didn't play Lex that well. I think they should've used Tom Welling for the role. I love him on Smallville,he plays Clark Kent to a T. I also agree with the idea of maybe bringing in a different villain this time instead of always using Lex. Even the idea of Lex and another villain working together was a good idea.

sylvia on Apr 13, 2010

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