Leonardo DiCaprio Set to Voice Jack Frost in The Guardians

December 3, 2009

Jack Frost / Leonardo DiCaprio

Though Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in more than his fair share of diverse and unique films, the actor has never before been cast in an animated movie. However, all that changes as DreamWorks Animation has officially announced that he is the first actor to join the voice cast of the recently announced movie The Guardians, which focuses on an Avengers-like assembly of imaginary icons like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny who protect children from the forces of evil. DiCaprio will voice Jack Frost (as seen above) who truly looks like him if he were thrown into an animated winter Tim Burton-esque universe. Read on for the plot.

The film, which isn't due out until 2012, is based on a series of highly anticipated yet-to-be published books written by William Joyce. Here's the skinny on the story that we'll see play out over the course of the movie:

"When an evil spirit called Pitch becomes bent upon taking over the world by inspiring fear in the hearts of kids everywhere, a group of our greatest heroes—Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman and Jack Frost—band together for the first time, determined to stand in Pitch's way. More than a collection of storybook subjects, 'The Guardians' are also a band of superheroes, who possess their own special powers. Now joined in opposition of a common foe, the Guardians heed the call and combine their powers to defeat Pitch and protect the world from his campaign of fear.

Despite DreamWorks Animation's recent track record of sub-par computer animated films, I have to say that I'm pretty stoked about this one. The fact that they're taking familiar childhood icons and turning them into superheroes is quite interesting, to say the least, and I can't wait to see how it turns out. DreamWorks also has to cast the voices of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and plenty of other characters, so I'm sure we'll see more announcements over time for the voice cast in this movie. Will they be aiming to attach a handful of other actors who haven't done animation yet? We'll see soon enough!

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this sounds great. cant wait to hear more

samuel j on Dec 3, 2009



Xerxex on Dec 3, 2009


this sounds cool! i'm looking forward to a trailer.

beavis on Dec 3, 2009


Dreamworks Animaton track record definitely leaves a lot to be desired though I'd say Kung Fu Panda would be an exception rather than the rule. The concept for me is only mildly interesting. It really sounds more like another gimmick to me. I can just imagine them selling this one to the studio...."Ok...what do kids love....Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, Superheroes...I smell money!" I do like the Jack Frost concept and render though....

Evo on Dec 3, 2009


It's actually based on an upcoming book, the same author as A Day With Wilbur Robinson wich became the movie Meet the Robinsons. I think the idea of the Avengers/Justice League childhood style can be really interesting. And the animation and character design looks promising

Karine on Mar 9, 2011


jake frost looks like a teenager and 3# the movie is not coming out till 2012

mike on Dec 3, 2009


Exited! If It's a little Dark /Tim Burtinish and I'll be wet in the pants!

I am Ron Burgundy? on Dec 3, 2009


The Easter Bunny needs to be Bun Bun with a switchblade!!!!!

harm on Dec 3, 2009


Dwayne Johnson's the Easter Bunny? Would've been funny if he played two tooth fairies in as many movies, but in this one it's Natalie Portman.

Jaf on Dec 3, 2009


Where the fuck did you see Dwayne Johnson being the Easter Bunny? Movie sounds like it'll be entertaining.

atoj on Dec 3, 2009


Great image. Love Jack Frost's impish mug! Leo's aint too bad either.

cyn on Dec 3, 2009


santa clause and the easter bunny teaming up to fight evil... sounds pretty horrible actually.

Richard on Dec 3, 2009


oh hell yeah i cant wait to see this. all we need to add is the Pumpkin King him self and this movie would be perfect!

DoomCanoe on Dec 3, 2009


could be a cool concept. i hope they don't go all cornball comedy and pop culture reference-y like shrek. could be a timeless classic if they go at it with a touch dark with some sprinkles of comedy. what kind of powers or skills do u imagine these characters?

CL on Dec 4, 2009


Apparently they have the cast listed on Wikipedia. Is it weird to think that Jack Frost is kind of cute? Yeah, I thought so too. Anyway, I'm excited for this concept to flesh itself out!

giraffic on Dec 4, 2009


I really think that leonard Dicaprio is really cute. What do you think?

Katrina webb on Dec 4, 2009


Dwayne Johnson is going to play as a tooth-fairy.

Katrina webb on Dec 4, 2009


Who the hell likes the easter bunny?

Katrina webb on Dec 4, 2009


@ #16, Dwayne Johnson is not playing the Tooth Fairy in this film. That is an entirely different awful looking film aptly titled The Tooth Fairy.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 4, 2009


I can see the appeal if your under the age of 12.

Richard on Dec 4, 2009


mike at #5 : thanks for the info, but i did read that in the description above......... it's possible that a trailer may show up next year. i saw a "paranormal activity" trailer 1 1/2 years before it was out. same for "poughkeepsie tapes" - saw a trailer for it way before the movie was the way- does anyone know when PT is being released on dvd/BR?

beavis on Dec 4, 2009

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