Leonardo DiCaprio Starring in Christopher Nolan's Inception

March 4, 2009

Leonardo DiCaprio

We first announced back in February that the next project from Christopher Nolan would be a "sci-fi action film" called Inception. We don't know anything else about the plot, besides that it's a contemporary sci-fi set within "the architecture of the mind," but that's enough to hook me, especially with Nolan directing. Warner Brothers announced last night that Leonardo DiCaprio is in talks to star in the film as the lead character (is there more than one?), but that's the only major update we've got, which may be enough for me to already start proclaiming that Inception might be as big of a hit as we're all hoping.

So here's the thing, as much as I love Leonardo DiCaprio, he's been in some fairly mediocre films as of late - Blood Diamond, Body of Lies, and also Revolutionary Road, of which I didn't think he was the strong point. I've been waiting for him to stretch his legs yet again aand get into another role where he has to really push himself to another new level, and Inception might just be it. As we all know, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale really pushed themselves with The Prestige. It could be the same thing for DiCaprio this time, or so I hope! Inception will start shooting this summer in time for a July 16th, 2010 release next summer.

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this is great news and i love chris nolan!

shirley on Mar 4, 2009


He'll do fine, I think. And this means that Inception will be a big deal - plus, if Nolan got a great performance out of Hugh Jackman DiCaprio should be a piece of cake.

Timothy on Mar 4, 2009


Blood Diamond and Revolutionary Road were excellent Leo films - the effort he puts into his performances was bar none. I think its when he does conventional thrillers that we loose track of his abilities.

dom on Mar 4, 2009


What the hell is with you and Ed Zwick? Blood Diamond was a great movie and DiCaprio was first-rate in it. He got nominated for an Oscar for it!

Cameron Cubbison on Mar 4, 2009


The next Leo film to really watch for is Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Mar 4, 2009


Blood Diamond was a great movie! What didn't you like about it Alex? Was it the accent? lol

Curtis G on Mar 4, 2009


yeah I second that. Blood Diamond was awesome, that wasn't mediocre at all.

Steven on Mar 4, 2009


Blood Diamond was awesome. DiCaprio carried that film, without him it wouldn't have been nearly as good. and he got a best actor nomination for it. moving on... One of my favorite directors teaming up with one of my favorite actors in a sci-fi flick. how great is that!

Keith on Mar 4, 2009


DiCaprio wil do great in this type of role.

Ryan on Mar 4, 2009


This is definitely good news. Inception is already on my top "must-see" list of 2010. DiCaprio is a great actor despite many people writing him off as chick-bait. Nolan may be able to pull a top-notch performance out of him. It's also good to see Nolan expanding his borders to other actors. Blood Diamond was also a very good film, DiCaprio was especially good in it.

SlashBeast on Mar 4, 2009


sounds like the right kind of role for DiCaprio. and i must say i have a love/hate relationship with him, as I don't always enjoy his movies, but others I have adored.

dave13 on Mar 4, 2009


wow, Alex. Leo did an excellent job in Blood Diamond. I was very impressed by his South African accent and the physicality of the role he took. Once again, you're in the minority.

Matt Suhu on Mar 4, 2009


Okay, I TRIED to explain this in the post, but obviously I didn't do a good enough job... So, I LOVE Leo, I think he still is one of the best actors out there, I guess I'm just saying he will be even better in Inception. Out of the three movies I mention, Leo is one of the best parts of each (give or take Revolutionary Road). He's a strong actor and did a good job in all of them, they just weren't great movies overall. That's not Leo's fault, I guess I'm just saying I want to see a movie that is not only awesome and praised by critics, but also forces him to push his acting abilities even further...

Alex Billington on Mar 4, 2009


I get ya alex, If we get leo from either The Departed/Aviator/Gangs of New York then I will be satisfied.

Curtis G on Mar 4, 2009


Leo is great in almost everything he does. I definitely thought he equaled Winslet in Revolutionary Road. And while it wasn't the movie I had hoped, it was still a very good film.

Zach D. on Mar 4, 2009


Wow, Alex... I respect your opinion for finding Blood Diamond mediocre. But man sometimes you've got some very questionable taste.

Sam on Mar 5, 2009


Why am I not surprised Alex Billington failed to see the brilliance of Revolutionary Road, a film that just so happens to lack any guns, explosions, loud music, or cataclysmic visual effects?

SS on Mar 5, 2009


Uh, no, SS, I actually saw it and thought it was a rather lackluster story with some mediocre directing and only halfhearted performances. Not every movie needs to have effects, but at the same time, I don't have to love every indie that gets nominated at the Oscars. Just my personal opinion, nothing wrong with that.

Alex Billington on Mar 5, 2009


This is some of the best news I've ever read. Nolan and DiCaprio?! Sweetness

Conrad on Mar 5, 2009


Point taken Alex. I guess it wasn't for everyone. The film kind of tries to point out how depressing and unravelling suburban life was for people of the time. Cause it was like a trap full of cliches people lived by. I can understand some people get turned off by messages like that. As long as it was not the lack of effects then you are justified in your opinion against it. And yes, you don't have to love every indie that gets nominated for awards. 😉

SS on Mar 6, 2009

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