Lorenzo di Bonaventura is Talking About Transformers 3 Already

July 23, 2009
Source: IGN


Well, given its been a month, I suppose it's time to talk about Transformers 3. As you all know, I wasn't too thrilled with Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, but my opinions and the scathing critical response haven't changed the fact that the "film" has made over three-quarters of a billion dollars worldwide. IGN recently sat down with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura to discuss just what's to come of Transformers 3 and, as expected, he didn't reveal a whole lot since they're still stuffing their pockets with the box office earnings. Even still, Transformers 3 is coming whether you like it or not - it's just a question of when.

Bonaventura said that he'd "love to see [Michael Bay] back" and that he "couldn't imagine Transformers without him." But it seems that it's all up in the air right now. Bonaventura says that "the timing is the big question for him, not whether he is going to do it not." Well, of course. Why wouldn't he do it? Did I mention it's made over three-quarters of a billion dollars?! As to what we might see in the next installment, Bonaventura expressed some reservation when asked about the inclusion of the fan-favorite Transformer, Unicron. "Unicron worries me because it's so big that it dwarves emotion. It's so hard because when you're working to that scale, it sort of becomes outside any kind of human reality you have. That one scares me… it becomes sort of impersonal when it gets to that scale." Well, it's good that he wants to retain that element of human reality and emotion that the first two films have been so good at-- uh wait, did I just black out?

Bonaventura goes on to talk about the problems Fantastic Four 2 had with its introduction of Galactus, which for all intents and purposes is a pretty good analogy, but come on -- if the past is any indicator of the future, it wouldn't surprise me if we see even more racist depictions of even bigger Transformers playing dice with our planets. As far as when we'll see this monstrosity, Bonaventura says, "We've started talking about it now. We're debating the right time for it." I'd say the right time would be right after I finish building my fallout shelter - ’cause when (not if) Transformers 3 drops, you all better have a place to hide.

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Fuelbot on Jul 23, 2009



bo on Jul 23, 2009


I want me some more Megan fox!! and if they can make the whole movie like the Forrest fight scene that would be cool too.

Sancho on Jul 23, 2009


Oh Unicron makes more sense.. I was picturing a giant transformer that turns into a unicorn.

Jay on Jul 23, 2009


Leave it to Alex to make that mistake. I've almost become accustomed to this and I jsut read the news part and blinded myself to his personal statements. Almost. So...they want to ruin Unicron like The Fallen. At least they're sticking to the pattern of not knowing how to bring out characters from the comics/cartoon to live action.

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 23, 2009


WTF!? I hope you didn't ask him about a giant creature of myth.

Denver on Jul 23, 2009


I can't wait to see a unicorn in the next movie

skcussf on Jul 23, 2009


Ok ok...I feel bad now. Alex is right and I apologize. So I guess we will be seeing this guy?

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 23, 2009


Haha...while I was reading this I noticed the mis-spelling of Unicron and knew the fanboys would be crucifying you in the first few comments... I don't know how you can stand the constant barading by the super nerds no matter what you say... A simple "Hey Alex, just a heads up that you mis-spelled Unicron" would suffice...

peloquin on Jul 23, 2009


Transformers 3 will have a mexican robot

tazz on Jul 23, 2009


oh hell, why not? I mean they have to waste $$$ on something....maybe it will at least be a good boost for underwear sales if nothing else....

cornholio_by_the_sea on Jul 23, 2009


Brandon, you may not have been thrilled with RotF but I just saw it in Imax yesterday and it was fricking sick! Can't wait for the third one!

Cat on Jul 23, 2009


Honestly I hope another director picks it up. I understand that he started it and all but his style sucks...they had some of the sickest FX and fight scenes in that movie and the only reason I couldnt soak them up was because of bays bullshit zoomy in your face camera angles. But I wouldnt mind a 3rd one with him at the reigns especially with unicron. How awesome would it be to see something on IMAX on the scale of a city being covered by a machines hand. Also I dont get why critics hated it so much what were they expecting really? Bay said he has more robots fighting and he delivered on it. No one shouldve been expecting oscar worthy script and acting. But one of the problems I did have with it...Did anyone notice when they were waking up that decepticon Starbird old guy robot, they walked out the back of the smithsonian into a desert airfield junkyard I mean WTF?!?

Cody on Jul 23, 2009


@Cody they talked about that in an interview. They knew people would notice but they did it for plot reasons. It's weird I know.

Cat on Jul 23, 2009


Because 2 crappy movies aren't enough...let's make it a nice, easily packagable trilogy of shitty-ass movies.

Kevin on Jul 23, 2009


The problems I see so far with the films are that the filmmakers are relying too much on Human characters to keep the story personal to the audience, which is all well and good, but there are just way too many human characters in the film. Most of which are pointless characters with just a few one liners or they just stretch the plot with them. It's not whether the characters are human or not, it should simply be about CHARACTERS in general and the journey they take throughout the film. This is why the movie would be more plausible if they made it about the actual transformers rather than meaningless human characters that just wear the movie out. Make Optimus and the Autobots the main characters, as well as whatever decepticons that didn't get thrashed and then you can have a couple human characters for good measure. People can relate to any characters as long as they can feel the emotion behind the story. The feelings that would drive anybody to do what is necessary to succeed. Which is why Unicron could be a great character to add. His unbelievable size and power would cause Humans to have to rely on the transformers of earth to defeat the beast, which is no easy task for even a whole lot of autubots and even decepticons if they were to team up. I could write this movie. I could have written two better transformers movies. I have a way better wolverine movie in my head. A new and better Xmen trilogy. A better series of Cowboy Bebop movies than whatever they'll eventually make. And endless amounts of original ideas and universes in my head. Tons of Franchises and long term projects. so.... I'm working at it... I'm right here Hollywood.

Shaun on Jul 23, 2009


to reinforce my point just look at Wall-E. That film is brilliant. The robots convey so much emotion and the humans are more just side characters.

Shaun on Jul 23, 2009


what about hotrod

sean on Jul 23, 2009


.."the human reality"??? I think they over shot that one by a huge margin with "...the Fallen"! Please Bonaventura--stick to the darn source material. No more filmmaker 'bot inventions There are so many in the "Transformers" universe to choose from! A really good story with no stupid "twin" bots and less human inclusions (Sam's parents, annoying sidekick, John Turturro) would be a hell of a start!

Spider on Jul 23, 2009


I said it before and I'll say it again: Michael Bay is an incredible action director but cannot do a single scene of true drama or witty comedy to save his life. They have to have a far better (and hopefully shorter) script to make it good.

Ajax on Jul 23, 2009


#17 get off your thrown for 10min and smell the shit world will ya. I mean really... way to gloat about your phenomenal movie making skill. but listen... No one wants to hear about your "endless amounts of original ideas and universes". No one wants to see the movies in your head. and no one wants to see anyone redo the X-man trilogy no matter how bad it was. we don't need you thinking about the movies you could have improved on. If you are so damn good then we need you to start writing something original. so that way we don't have to sit through another ass holes take on the movies we have already seen. PEACE!

DoomCanoe on Jul 23, 2009


@22 actually my man just to let you know I don't plan on adapting any of the creative works that I would love to adapt. That's not what I'm about. I'm already penning my first original works that is a three piece saga. That is if the first one is successful enough. I'm not naive enough to really think that I could REALLY do anything better than anyone who is already hard at work in Hollywood already simply for the fact that I'm not yet there. I apologized if I came across as gloating, but my whole point was really that if you open your mind a little more to the possibilities, then it isn't hard for ANYONE to creative a beautiful piece of filmmaking that anyone can enjoy. I do have planned a long career of films, ALL original ideas based on original characters and stories. I'm very ambitious and optimistic to the idea of being a great film maker so I can make features that hopefully you, your friends and family and everybody around the globe can enjoy. And just maybe, maybe I can inspire at least one other person the way the films I love have inspired me. Your criticism is much appreciated.

Shaun on Jul 23, 2009


Hey all you idiots saying Alex Billington wrote this....why dont you read, Brandon wrote this article, Billington actually likes Transformers for you Brandon, maybe you like movies about Unicorns, but Unicron is the planet destroyer from the cartoon movie....but I agree using him would be a mistake....bring in more Autobots and Decepticons ....HotRod, Ultra Magnus, Kupp, actually use Soundwave instead of having him floating in space spying on shit, Master Blaster, and more interaction from Jolt and Sideswipe this time.....and please, please ,please...NO god Damn twins, that was my only beef with the movie !!! But all in all Transformers 2 was an awesome fucking movie in which they finally made Optimus a badass that the first film so sorely was lacking....all you haters eat shit, because no matter what, this movie made bank, and you all still were born from the vagina of a skank...NUFF SAID NUKKA !!!

CORNBOY on Jul 23, 2009


Less humans, more robots, please. And make the Autobots, especially Optimus and Bumblebee, the badasses they were in the comics. Transformers 2 was a good start with that. I loved the fight in the forest!

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 23, 2009


Hey How bout they make unicron that aircraft carrier idea they had for the first one.. I mean at the end of ROTF did u see how small optimus was standing on that thing.... shit !!!! itll be big Intense and fucking ridiculusly awesome.... just asuggestion =oP

Ish-Ash on Jul 23, 2009


ha ha ha hha ha ah hah ah ah ah ahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Transformers 3 seriously.

Crapola on Jul 24, 2009


To be fair, Alex didn't make the typo; Brandon did.

Fuelbot on Jul 24, 2009


The reason the films have been relying on the humans so much as a "connection" to the audience is because Bay and co. can't elevate their on-screen Transformers above stereotypes and cliches. Give the robots some actual personalities and we may actually care for them instead of pointless and annoying humans. You know what? Throw in Unicron. If you can spend shitloads of money making robots who cry, urinate, hump, swear and have testicles then you can spend shitloads of money creating Unicron.

SlashBeast on Jul 24, 2009


I agree with #10

Torti on Jul 24, 2009


lol, this article and comments made my day, lmao

Blue & Orange NY on Jul 24, 2009


i will see transformers 3 it's good i saw transformers revenge of the fallen it's was a good movie and awsome i will see transformers 3 my favorite chracaters is optimus prime and the others so i will see transformers revenge of the fallen again because it's the bomb so next year i will see transformers 3 in 2012 see ya.

andries price on Aug 8, 2009


I would love to see more interaction with Jolt and Sideswipe. I mean seriously if you're gonna introduce a new robot - give them some decent screentime! I'd have liked to see more jolt and sideswipe and less humping and crying and testicles. I mean seriously - what was the point of the dogs humping?

Mirage on May 4, 2010

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