Louis Leterrier's Awesome Idea for a Summer of The Avengers

August 9, 2009
Source: Hero Complex

Ultimate Avengers

Now this you need to hear! Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex recently talked with director Louis Leterrier on the set of Clash of the Titans recently. As you hopefully already know, Leterrier last directed the newest Incredible Hulk movie, which was much more well-received than Ang Lee's Hulk. Although he doesn't know yet if he'll be back for another Hulk sequel, he does want to work with Marvel again (and is contracted to do another movie for them anyway). "I would love to do the Avengers film. I’d love to work with Marvel again. I loved working with them." There's a lot more to it than that, just listen to this idea, it might be brilliant.

I’ll tell you my real dream: To work with Joe Johnston and ["Thor" director] Kenneth Branagh and Jon Favreau and make like a triptych. We do four movies. We release them one a month for the summer. Or even every two weeks or three weeks. And the whole summer would be Avengers summer. So we do it the way they make television shows. One story arc but told in installments by different directors. So all of the directors that touch part of the Avengers world would do a part; we could make the movies shorter, maybe less than an hour and a half, and we use the same sets and save Marvel money. I would love to sit around a table with all of them a kick around the story. That’s my dream.

Now wouldn't that be awesome to see? I doubt it'll ever happen, not only because the cost is just way too much for Marvel, but I don't know if Paramount (who releases their movies) can handle a distribution pattern like that. Plus, if each movie isn't at least 90 minutes long, I think audiences would hate paying for four tickets when they're not getting a full movie each time at that price. But man, if they could pull this off, it would just be incredible. This is the kind of future of comic book movies I'm very excited to see, not 3D, not hybrid CGI, but movies that are just like comic books themselves, a truly cinematic representations.

This reminds me about something Kevin Feige once said (though I can't remember exactly where/when he said this) about how he hoped that comic book movies would one day mirror comics as well. His examples were crossovers, where you never know who might show up in the next issue that's out this week, and that other superheros could just pop up in movies that weren't their own. And if you apply that to what Leterrier said, well, we get new comics every month, wouldn't it be cool if we also got new movies every month? At least for one summer at a time, that is. This would take a lot of time and effort, but it would be awesome.

"People will get bored seeing the same superhero movie every summer. If we change the concept and package it differently, then we do something really original then people get excited." I think Leterrier is on to something here. What do you think? Could this work? Would you go see four Avengers movies?

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Heaven on earth, hell for my wallet

Jaf on Aug 9, 2009



whomever on Aug 9, 2009


I was on-board until he mentioned the movies could be less than an hour and a half. Movie theaters aren't going to charge you any less for a shorter movie. If I'm going to pay the outrageous movie prices, I'm going to see an entire movie. I like the idea of releasing one movie a month. Two weeks is entirely too soon. I know people who wait at least two weeks before going to see a movie, out of fear of hitting crowds and (therefore) running the risk of sitting in a theater with some assholes who make the movie experience less than satisfactory. One month, minimum. Kick off May with a movie, then end in August with the finale. It would be like a comic story arc. If more movies are required to make a huge project like Avengers work then so be it. Don't ruin a possible blockbuster franchise by trying to squeeze too much into one movie.

Chris H. on Aug 9, 2009


Holy shit. This is a great idea. A film lover's wet dream.

Angry Chief on Aug 9, 2009


its not a bad idea

cat on Aug 9, 2009


although it sounds like no one is buying it with the way he's talking about "his dream".

cat on Aug 9, 2009


OH MY GOD!!! This is an excellent idea!! I think this could work if each movie was like 1 hr 25 mins to 1 hr 40 mins. Movies are getting shorter and comic books are not as long actual novels so i would make sense for the movies to be shorter if they were all focused on a single story. I really hopes this happens but have some doubts. CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!

Jake Sully on Aug 9, 2009


I'm sorry, but from a completely practical viewpoint, this could end up being a complete disaster, and a financial fiasco for both Marvel and Paramount. It's too risky. What happens if they put out the first chapter and it's huge in its first weekend because of all the hype about this 4-part story arc, but then people go to see it and it's crap? Then we have a huge drop-off in the second weekend, and forget about the other three films. Four parts is just too much, especially over a 4-month span. Sure, the hardcore fans of the comics and superheroes will probably go to see all four, but as for the general moviegoing public? It's a tough sell. It's a tough sell for both the audience and the studio, because a level of quality has to be set with the first film and maintained through the other three that will get people in theaters to generate a healthy revenue stream for the life of this arc. And that consistent quality becomes even harder to achieve when you have four different directors on the project. It's an innovative idea, and it's good to see people in the industry thinking outside the box. At the same time, I fear it's one that is just too financially risky, especially in today's economy.

inspiredefined on Aug 9, 2009


This wouldnt work You would have to see the first to see the 2nd and so on and so on. This would be a nightmare for the casual movie goer. say someone just wants to go see a movie and they decide on the 3rd installment not knowing that its part 3 of a story. they would be so confused. Plus the only people who are gunna see all 4 of them are gunna be fanboys which means big opening weekend than you fall off the radar.

PJ H on Aug 9, 2009


Sounds enticing, but ultimately terrible. I don't know why, it just sounds bad to me.

Marty Martin on Aug 9, 2009


pretty much news reels but with movies. Sounds good on paper but terrible overall. I'll have to consider this a stupid idea in general.

teyhtr on Aug 9, 2009


I'm down for this, but only if the movies were all full length movies. This should really happen. I'm loving all this progressive thinking towards movies these days.

Dan W on Aug 9, 2009


It's a great idea... provided Louis Leterrier isn't one of the directors involved.

simple simon on Aug 9, 2009


I agree with Chris (#3) two parts at the ends of summer is more feasable to the audience. If he wants 4 shorter movies by four directors make em both double-features like Grindhouse. No need fake trailers. Batman and watchmen were 2 1/2 hours so 3 is not unreasonable for two well-paced movies. If you must make 4 movies tack on a 20-30 minute short film featuring minor characters or whatnot AND make it 2 summers of Avengers... or the whole year! If a film is great it the box office will follow. Look at Harry Potter, they waited for summer and it's barely doing as good as the Fall potters. (BTW it would've made more cause there was no huge movie last Nov-Dec and this summer was too busy)

Akirakorn on Aug 9, 2009


Sounds amazing! Too bad DC is better.

Nick on Aug 9, 2009


I am sorry but no movie should be shorter then 2 hours it gives enough information about the characters, and their motives and also leaves room for minor characters to develop with the main one. I don't think i have seen a good hour and thirty min. movie lately. look at XMen3 and Wolverine.

Movieguy on Aug 9, 2009


screw that. Just put them all together and have 1 movie that's 7 hours long! Marvel blows, DC 4 life!!! haha.

In_rainbows on Aug 9, 2009


Great idea but it would have to be 1 movie every summer. There is no other way it would happen.

Kevin on Aug 9, 2009


So much win!

JT on Aug 9, 2009


Not a bad idea... I'd rather see one epic 3 hour movie though.

Syphous on Aug 9, 2009


This is exactly what the movies were way back when. There were multi-part serials that told one story in many parts. Though it would be risky considering people dropping off if they didn't like the first. The idea is stellar and in a more conventional world it could work. I just hope more ideas like this are brought up in the future, and just maybe we could have a plethora of things worth going to see at the movies as opposed to remake after remake. We'll see...

Thinking Man on Aug 9, 2009


Yes, I would definitely see all of the films. A brilliant idea indeed, however. If the running time is shorter than 90 minutes for each film, Paramount should try to seal a distribution deal where each ticket is a max of $8 or something like that, or set up a system where you can pay $30 to see all four films - a type of all-access pass if you will. If this goes through, it could really change (improve?) the entire summer movie sequel formula.

Keith on Aug 9, 2009


What they should do is release the normally planned Avengers movie and then a 2nd movie straight to dvd about a month later. It would let you test the waters on this kind of idea w/o committing as much capital and would be an industry first to get everyone excited.

Zac on Aug 9, 2009


i say go the way of The Matrix: Reloaded and Revolutions each a little over 2 hours long and released 5 months apart this would save people a lot of money, make the length of the films great and leave you open and wanting the second. Plus you can always switch up the director... if that is a good idea.

DoomCanoe on Aug 9, 2009


The idea sounds like superhero movie overkill to me.

Leo on Aug 9, 2009


Great idea. It'll never happen though.

1001 on Aug 9, 2009


Wow, that is a genius idea for Hollywood to make more money!!! You'll have to pay FOUR TIMES the normal amount for short movies!!! *rolls eyes*

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 9, 2009


This is the kind of thing that should have been done for Watchmen - 3x 2hour films. Would be great to see if it could be pulled off, give some leeway for comic book films in the future. .....However, I doubt they (the studios) will allow this. I believe they release one film of a series a year (usually 2 years), so that by the time the next one comes out, you'll have forgotten how bad the last one was, and be tempted to see the sequel. It also gives them time to see how well box office reception was and see if they need to sign a new contract with someone else, or keep everyone from the last piece of CGI-IN-YOUR-FACE-NO-STORYLINE-HYPED-UP-CRAP. just my opinion...

chris on Aug 10, 2009


This idea is quite similar to on paper, but....

Scagginsvolley on Aug 10, 2009


They should make a movie with all the heroes and comics shit, i'm talking about superman+hulk+spider-man+thor+batman+all the rest coz i can't remember the others, give it a budget of 700-800 mils, 3 directors like cameron+bay+aranofsky,plus 2 brilliant screenwriters, make it 3hr long and that's it. it.

qweqwu on Aug 10, 2009


Keep Dreaming alex

Sancho on Aug 10, 2009


I like the idea, as long as the movies are 90 minutes and are good!

Stuart Mellor on Aug 10, 2009


the latest hulk had obvious flaws so bad its not been mentioned in this avengers has it?? and why come out and say this which implies going to the theatre 4 x for essentially the same movie, peoples concentration spans are getting shorter. ill go to 1 or 2 then watch the rest on dvd myself- for me it doesnt work as a theory.

muggins on Aug 10, 2009


It can be possible if they use similar technology as in "Beowulf" (2007) or the upcoming "TinTin".!!!!

Lucky on Aug 10, 2009


Yeah.... triptych is 3 movies (TRIcycle, TRIangle) and he talked about 4....

Josh on Aug 10, 2009


wow, it's different, it's risky and everything has a high lvl of risk also has high rewards

Blue & Orange NY on Aug 10, 2009


great idea, but with the long lead times needed and the risk involved it will never happen. two movies that are related to each other in some way - but not necessarily integral to each other or two parts of the same story - is all we can hope for. Each film has to stand on its own to pull in the average person - non fanboy - so this won't happen. I give Louis props for dreaming big.

Matt on Aug 10, 2009


as amazing as it sounds i dont think this will work, hell i am all for it but it seems like a big idea but wrong time. but we will see

splinter on Aug 10, 2009


I'm with #29... If ya'll remember Band of Brothers, it was a great show, but in my opinion severely flawed by having so many different directors trying to tell the same story. I think a directors POV is ultimately the most important thing to making a story flow and in the end I really hope that one of these Marvel movie directors gets the Avenger movie and is able to make it how he sees fit. It'd be awesome if the other guys got to contribute in respect to their superheroes, but we really only need one movie for now by a director that has the chops cough*John Favreau*cough to see this powerhouse franchise through with all of these big name actors in one movie (and hopefully many sequels). Also on a sidenote, have you seen the five minutes of Iron Man on youtube and how awkward does Samuel L look as Nick Fury when he actually has to act for more than 30 secs at the end of the credits. I'm worried about him (Cheadle looked awesome though IMO).

nawwww on Aug 10, 2009


It sounds crazy but I think producers may give the whole idea a chance... maybe one or two meetings to talk mostly about costs... if they find a way to make it "budget smart", we might just get our Avengers Summer...

Dreckent on Aug 10, 2009


not an awesome idea for me. 4 films will make it too episodic. and lets face it, some directors are better than others. you'll likely love some but end up loathing the others since you can't help but compare them to each other. i rather have a 3 hour epic or a matrix reloaded/revolution style 2 parter

CL on Aug 10, 2009


and #39 i agree a little bit. Samuel with the eye patch is fine but does he always have to wear a black leather trench coat?

CL on Aug 10, 2009


@9 correct me if I'm wrong, didn't Lord of the rings do this? just a year apart. Why not this?

John Knox on Aug 10, 2009


Wow that would be so awesome. I am tiring of the superhero movie in general, but recently have been enjoying the cross-over stuff in Marvel movies, namely Iron Man and Increditble Hulk. This is one great idea.

Mark Drennan on Aug 10, 2009


Kwel idea but I would want them to be 2hrs. I hate the 90 min movies. It isn't TV so make it long. Plus if I am paying $15 fucking dollars to see it. Yea That movie best be longer then 90 mins. *Plink Plink*

AllmightyKeim on Aug 10, 2009


#8 & #9 You guys are so off it is unbelievable!!!!! #8 - Haven't the success of G.I. Joe and Transformers 2 and Wolverine this summer alone taught us that people will go see ANYTHING if it A) Is a big budget blockbuster B) Has a proper hype machine behind it. You are talking about drop - offs...most blockbusters make all their money in the first weekend anyway so if there are major drops in the following weeks that is NORMAL. And also let's not worry about quality....with these directors and talents and characters attached to these films do we really think that ay of them would honestly be CRAP!!!!?? Even if the fanboys didn't like we never do...the general public would accept them....see the aforementioned films above for proof! #9 - Oh #43 said, we did have a little movie series called Lord of the Rings that has already covered this...and what about another little movie series called Star Wars!!!! Series can make their moeny just fine and can get people to see them without being in the fanboy loops I say these studios should at least go for having characters make, at least cameo, appearances in the films of others....NOT ALL THE TIME...but sometimes would be very cool. The Marvel film world is getting huge and to do something like this would be fun and interesting for all of us

Jay on Aug 10, 2009


My opinion is this should only be done in two parts. Part one maybe in late May. Part two maybe in July or August. (You can change exact dates to dodge or exploit other studios' releases). If the Part 1 is great, at least it will have most of the summer to make money. If the Part 1 is bad, at least Marvel will have most of the summer to regroup. If the Part 2 is great, then fantastic. Because it will also bump up interest for the Part 1. If Part 1 was great, Part 2 will benefit. This means it is feasible that Part 1 is pulled back into the Top 6 the weekend Part 2 opens. If the Part 2 is bad, then, what the hell, it's at the tail end of the chain anyway, at least the risk is over and Marvel would probably still make it because it's like a one-and-a-half-budget-movie getting two opening weekends. Of course if Marvel botches it all up then both will tank, but at least it would have only spent enough money for "one and a half" movie... Think about cutting a 198-200 minute movie down the middle. So I say... Might be OK idea but only in 2 parts.

SS on Aug 10, 2009


Oh and the gap is also necessary so that trailers for Part 1 can air 3 months before May... and then you kind of surprise people by airing trailers for Part 2 starting around mid-June. The official web-sites and posters can all be "flipped" starting Mid-June or so and you can count on sites like this one to ring all the bells.

SS on Aug 10, 2009


I think the only way this would work is if they release part four before part one, part three before part two, and the super secret double director's cut release before the regular dvd/blu-ray... If they did it this way it would play like a Tarantino movie, and thus would be AWESOME. IN FACT, AWESOME WOULD THINK THIS IS AWESOME!

Frank N. Stein on Aug 10, 2009


yeah this is the future of those comic characters from the pages , then the silver screen, maybe influence the realization of man kinds ultimate realty. this has to happen and it has to not suck otherwise it will al be ruined . MAKE IT HAPPEN !!!!

sure winner on Aug 11, 2009


I think this is a great idea, but there's no need for it to all be summer movies. Start out at the beginning of the year, or even the beginning of the summer, and have the last one at Christmas. I would expect all of them to be at LEAST 90 minutes, but really, longer. There's SO MUCH story to these characters, that to really get them right, with the backstory and the action and the development, you HAVE to allow each character/movie's arc to be long enough to develop an entire story. They should be episodic, BUT they should also be stand-alone. If novelist can do it, screen writers can too. I would LOVE to see something like this, and the requisite games and toys and other revenue streams this would generate, along with a reviatalizing of the comic industry, should motivate Marvel (and DC) to really take a look at this concept and see how they can make it work. I'd LOVE these movies to be "grown-up" comic movies, too, like TDK. I'm tired of everything being watered down "for the children".

RStewie on Aug 12, 2009


I think it would be cool if they make the thor and captin america movie 1st and end it in a way that it conects and matches with the Hulk and IronMan movie. Like how the hulk when robert apporch the general about forming a team and Ironman movie starks keep making way to get richer lol. Have a simalur but different end for Thor and C.A. Then come out with the AVENGER's MOVIE.

Orlando Cotto on Nov 3, 2009

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